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45 Pounds (More or Less)

– tekijä: Kelly Barson

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16515128,682 (3.69)-
"When Ann decides that she is going to lose 45 pounds in time for her aunt's wedding, she discovers that what she looks like is not all that matters"--

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Ann has struggled with weight all her life and been on tons of diets that never worked. But this time she is determined to lose 45 pounds (more or less) before her Aunt's wedding which is just 10 weeks away!

I would rate this book 3 to 3.5 stars. I like that the book addressed issues of obesity and self image that many teens face, but I did get annoyed with the main character's mother in the story. The mom did not set good examples for healthy eating for her daughter. I did enjoy the end of the book because it was nice to see that once Ann adopted healthy eating habits and an exercise routine she was able to build more confidence and a better self image. -SB ( )
  WhitneyYPL | Feb 9, 2016 |
I loved this book. I requested it at 2:30 (from my library) and got it at 4:30. I started reading it when I got home at 6:30 and finished it at 11. I love Ann and understand the love/hate relationship she has with food at the beginning of the book. I get the way she struggles with her mom. I love that the thing that changes her idea about food and dieting is her desire to set a good example for her little sister. ( )
  mlake | Apr 28, 2015 |
I wanted to read this one because I am overweight myself and figured that I would connect with Ann. I was right, I understood her battles with self-control, letting food control my thinking and schedule, as well as wanting to be thin but not being able to stick with the dieting.

Ann's character growth, realizing she wants to be healthy rather than striving for skinny. Her relationship with her mom and her little sister, and how their body image issues and food talk was effecting her at age 4. Ann's mom is thin but feels fat and talks about how she can't eat another bite. Further family relationships including feeling left out from her father (parents are seperated), her brother going off to college and not staying in touch, to feeling like both families have started over with another spouse and smaller children. It is so realistic and easy to relate to if you have any sort of similar issues.

It is pretty gritty and Ann's internal dialogue is true to life. I am overweight and can connect with how much she waivers, and how it isn't glossed over. The issues with eating are handled well and fleshed out.

I also felt a kinship with Ann because of how close she is with her grandma. I lived with my grandmother a lot when I was a kid, when my mom was busy, moving or having her own issues. This made us so close, she shared my love of reading and always was a safe place. Ann's grandma was more hip and louder than mine, but that just added some humor and wisdom to the book.

Ann and her friendships were also a little dysfunctional. She was semi manipulated by Cassie who used to be her best friend. Not only that, but when she gets a job she is working with some of the "cool kids" from school. One of them is more different and actually liked Ann for who she was, not worried about body image, etc. Raynee was so sweet and glad that she was in the book and was accepting. But I like that she wasn't a complete outcast, and she made it worse for herself because of self-doubt. A lot of people were nice to her and talked to her, and I think that she could have been more popular if she would, because she has a funny, real personality and easy to like.

There was some romance and although it didn't take the front seat, it was sweet. I like that he didn't care about her size, he cared about her personality. He was also understanding, he pursued her, and a generally good guy.

I liked the ending and the place where Ann left off. She had a better understanding of health and although she didn't meet her goal, she made progress.

Bottom Line: Realistic look at an overweight girl dealing with self image and trying to lose weight. ( )
1 ääni brandileigh2003 | Dec 9, 2014 |
45 Pounds is a realistic fiction novel about a girl who just wants to lose weight.

Ann is overweight. Her mother is thin and athletic and constantly seems to judge Ann every time she eats. She'll comment, "Are you eating again?" and even offer to "help" by being her trainer and food nazi. While Ann wears a 17, her mother will bring her size 8 while shopping for clothes, refusing to believe Ann wears a larger size. Dealing with her mother, Ann feels the least amount of time she can spend with her judgement and "Im fat" comments, the better. When she sees an infomercial for Secrets 2 Success Weight Loss System, Ann wants to order it. She's determined that she'll lose weight successfully this time despite all the previous failures. In forty-five pounds, she'll look great for her aunt's wedding.

In order to pay the monthly fees for S2S, Ann gets a job, working with the "Knees," Courtney and Raynee at the pretzil place in the mall. Courtney is a mean girl, but Raynee is very nice. Ann begins to learn things about her former best friend, her step-sister, her father and his new family, as well as Raynee, changing her life completely.

I had a hard time relating to this book because weight has never been an issue for me. Ann was very whiny and was her own worst enemy. The epiphany she finally has was a little forced but maybe that's how someone changes her life to be healthier. There are a lot of really good things about the book--it's got some funny parts, especially Ann trying on clothes, and it has a great message by the end. ( )
  acargile | Aug 21, 2014 |
Very sweet. Bittersweet at times.

Review to come.
  JennyJen | Aug 14, 2014 |
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"When Ann decides that she is going to lose 45 pounds in time for her aunt's wedding, she discovers that what she looks like is not all that matters"--

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