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Kiss the Bride (There Goes the Bride / Once Smitten Twice Shy)

– tekijä: Lori Wilde

Sarjat: Wedding Veil Wishes (Omnibus 1 & 2)

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321617,395 (3.5)-
Two Wedding Veil Wishes novels, together for the first time in print! Legend claims this antique Irish wedding veil can grant your heart's deepest desire. But be careful what you wish for...

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Kiss the Bride by Lori Wilde
ISBN: 9781455512676
Two books in this novel. both about brides and weddings. These two books are linked together by the 300 hundred year old wedding veil.
There Goes the Bride by Lori Wilde
Delaney Cartwright had postponed her marriage twice now. Now it was August, so hot and she was getting the fear it was all wrong. She couldn't marry him. She had paid a man to kidnap her from the wedding but when he turned to look at her from the front seat of the car, it was not the man she had hired.
Wedding was all set, orchestra, 500 guests, brides maids, groomsmen and Dr. Evan Van Zandt, the groom.
A few months prior she had found a special veil with a legend and she agreed to not wish upon it and paid for it.
She went to go kidnap her husband to be dressed in lingerie and a dildo but he wasn't him she put the tarp over, it was the man she had a vision of when she first saw the veil. Her dead sister, Skylar she talks to often to sort things out. She dares her to be the ever so right daughter, who can't do a thing wrong.
She's got a lead on a condo for sale, she's a house stager, that she hopes to sell for the seller after she fixes it up. Works perfect cuz Evan will be in Guatemala with other doctors for 6 weeks. The grandson who's to help the woman fix up the house is Nick, the one she ran into when she wanted to kidnap Evan. Nick had hurt his leg and would be off work for quite some time. He still kept in shape at the gym and was always available for his nana.
Book follows many romances but they are easy to keep separate. Some parts are hilarious and some are sad.
Lot of action and everybody has something going on: kidnapping, blackmail,
Lots of mysteries and secrets of things that happened in the past are slowly coming to light....
The whammy just like the owners house she is renovating has come out, time stops and electric forces can't keep you away from one another.
kidnapping takes place but because of it other secrets come out so everybody hears of what's occurred in the past...
Loved new places this book took me to along with the whole book, very enjoyable.
Once Smitten, Twice Shy by Lori Wilde
Secret Services Agent Shane Tremont was on the lookout for anybody that wanted to harm the President's daughter: Elysse
He gets between her and a backhoe and saves her life, destroying his chances of recovering fully after a 13 week in a coma hospital stay. He
recuperates at her father's ranch.
Tish, Shanes ex wife is on the job hunt and is much overdrawn her accounts at the bank.
Tish saw Shane pleading for her to help him after she wished for a lot of things.
Tish is a videographer and does weddings.
When Elysee agrees to marry Shane, they've spent a year together every day talking to one another about everything,
she decides to hire Tish to video tape their wedding. She wants them all to get along knowing Tish is Shanes ex.
Her girlfriends stand behind her, get on with her life, settle her finances after she's been paid to videotape the wedding but she's still in love with her ex.
Lots of scenes with hot steamy sex are included. More problems when Elysee has her own secrets that she doesn't want others to know about.
Other excerpts from other books of Lori's and the next in the series: Addicted to Love and The Dish. ( )
  jbarr5 | Jul 25, 2013 |
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Wedding Veil Wishes (Omnibus 1 & 2)

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Two Wedding Veil Wishes novels, together for the first time in print! Legend claims this antique Irish wedding veil can grant your heart's deepest desire. But be careful what you wish for...

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