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Muistelmat (2012)

Tekijä: Neil Young

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An iconic figure in the history of rock and pop culture (inducted not once but twice into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame), Neil Young has written his eagerly awaited memoir.

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Fascinating read, especially if you're a fan. His writing is just as elusive as his music. I found myself thinking how much he really needed an editor! But there are some beautiful moments along the way. ( )
  roguelike | Feb 4, 2024 |
I am a huge fan of Neil Young I think he is one of the most versatile and prolific songwriters with the span of 50 years. Unfortunately being a great musician and a great songwriter doesn’t always translate into being a great narrative writer. Of the different rock memoirs I’ve read, I consider Keith Richards book, Life, the gold standard. I was excited to read Neil Young’s Waging Heavy Peace but quickly lost my enthusiasm soon into the book. It seemed very uneven and disorganized with some moments where he’s about to go into some understanding of his life for writing and then veers away. There are other times it seems like he’s reading into a tape recorder trying to fill up space talking about going to Costco in Hawaii and buying an electric toothbrush. He makes a remark 3/4 of the way into the book about writing being very easy. I think that’s a telling, because good writing takes time and so much of the book seems to be his stream of consciousness for that moment of his day. The acknowledgments may offer some clues as he never names anyone— an editor or other person who might have helped read and organize the book. It’s almost as if he wanted to have it untouched by an editor when having input clearly would have strengthened the book. I wish I could give a stronger recommendation but I don’t feel it’s worth the 500 page read. ( )
  kropferama | Jan 1, 2023 |

As a huge fanboy of Neil Young, I was looking forward to this book much in the same way I look forward to a new Neil Young release. And like most Neil Young releases of late, I was disappointed.

Waging Heavy Peace is long-winded, disconnected, and more than anything reads like an advertisement for whatever crazy scheme Uncle Neil has coming down the pipeline, whether it be PureTone or the electric car. There is little emphasis on the man's actual music hisotry, and important events like Danny Whitten's death, or Neil's battle with Geffen are given so little ink you wonder whether they really had the impact on him that he has stated in other interviews.

In the end, Waging Heavy Peace was a quick but tedious read for someone for whom Neil's music means so much. ( )
  JeremyBrashaw | May 30, 2021 |
> IL ÉTAIT TEMPS... — On l'attendait vainement cette autobiographie de Neil Young. A force d'entendre le Loner dire qu'il était hors de question pour lui de publier ses mémoires, le doute était permis de ne jamais en voir la couleur. Mais le canadien qui ne raisonne pas comme tout le monde, a changé d'avis, et a profité d'une immobilisation due à un orteil cassé pour s'y coller une fois pour toutes. En trois mois, chapitre après chapitre, d'une manière pas toujours très ordonnée pour le lecteur mais correspondant à la logique de son auteur, Neil laisse libre cours à ses souvenirs compilés dans Waging Heavy Peace (2012). Il y a dans ce livre de Young autant de rythme que de désordre, un peu à l'image du surnom de Moulin A Vent dont son père l'avait affublé. On s'y habitue vite à ce fouillis qui n'altère pas ni la lecture ni l'intérêt pour le retour sur lui-même qu'il s'impose. Mais ça a du lui en coûter de s'épancher sur sa vie, lui le timide par excellence, l'avare de sensationnel qui, contrairement au Keith Richards de Life qui n'hésite pas à balancer, la joue relativement discret. Est-ce pour autant à bailler d'ennui ? Pas le moins du monde, car Neil, même s'il reste une énigme au sortir de ce livre, n'en est pas moins un personnage attachant et très actif (voitures, nature, films...). Il revisite l'enfant de l'Ontario, revient sur l'artiste prolifique en confessant quelques anecdotes quant à son parcours décontenançant et s'attarde quelques moments sur l'extraordinaire vie de star sous LSD qui a vu ses potes disparaître les uns derrière les autres. L'auteur la joue instinctif, simple, spontané, sincère, parfois superficiel. Il ne manque cependant ni d'humour ni de finesse, mais fait parfois preuve de naïveté et à tendance à radoter aussi. Le bucheron est naturel et s'appuie sur l'affectif pour avancer : sa femme Pegi, ses enfants, ses potes. Son esprit est clair : il a arrêté le tarpé et la lichette. Il s'est défoncé pour le reste de sa vie, dit-il. Enfin, c'est ce qu'il raconte... (PLO54).
jean-claude, le 9 novembre 2012, (Sur Amazon.fr)

> Alors qu'il ne cesse de faire paraître des albums et des archives musicaux inédits, Neil Young avait entrepris depuis quelques années d'écrire son autobiographie. Ici Neil Young parle pèle mêle de sa passion pour les trains miniatures électriques, de son projet de fichiers et lecteur numériques haute qualité (le pono), de l’handicap de son fils, et bien évidemment de ses différents albums, de ses tournées et de ses musiciens.
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> DISCOGRAPHIE (LibraryThing)

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- Live at The Cellar Door (2013) [Livre]
- Une autobiographie (2013)
- A Letter Home (2014)
- Storytone (2014)
  Joop-le-philosophe | Feb 2, 2019 |
Biography. Music. Neil Young is a singular figure in the history of rock and pop culture generally in the last four decades. Reflective, insightful and disarmingly honest, in Waging Heavy Peace he writes about his life and career. HARD
  JRCornell | Jan 29, 2019 |
Näyttää 1-5 (yhteensä 40) (seuraava | näytä kaikki)
If this is starting to sound random and a little irritating, that’s because it is. But as the book rolls on, it gathers heft and builds toward a vivid but disjointed picture of Young’s life.
Not many authors explain their reasons for writing books as bluntly as Neil Young does in “Waging Heavy Peace.” First of all there’s the thing now known as the Keith Richards phenomenon: there turns out to be a large and lucrative market for memoirs from rock stars. In a two-page chapter called “Why This Book Exists” Mr. Young explains that his book will be a goose that lays a golden egg. He’s writing it because it will earn him enough money to stay off the stage for a while, which he badly needs to do for mental and physical reasons. “It all started when I broke my toe at the pool,” he explains.....
His distinctly unplugged prose can plod along in an artless, ruminative sort of way, or it can – very occasionally – take wing. The style turns out to be as unpredictable a combination of awkwardness and grace as his music, lurching from sudden insights – "the muse has no conscience", he notes, meditating on his readiness to do the dirty work of firing colleagues who fail to meet his standards – to the occasional aside of such startling banality that the reader pauses, searching in vain for a redeeming irony: "California really is beautiful if you've never been there. It's worth a visit for sure." There are lots of exclamation marks, and even an "OMG", which sounds odd coming from the pen of a 66-year-old man.
That a musical shape-shifter like Neil Young would take an unorthodox approach to his memoirs is to be expected. Indeed, this charming, poignant volume is much like Young’s oeuvre: sustained periods of pure delight punctuated by sudden, unexpected turns. The stream in Young’s stream-of-consciousness is more like a river that’s burst its banks.

Seemingly unfettered by editors, and certainly not by chronology, Young tells us what he can remember in the manner and order he remembers it and – as he frequently informs his readers – has a blast doing so. We get a cursory tour of his upbringing in Winnipeg and the Ontario town of Omemee, and his early days in Toronto’s Yorkville music scene. A good portion of the book deals with the 1970s, and Young writes with passionate nostalgia about his work with bands such as Buffalo Springfield, CSNY, and Crazy Horse. Inevitably, the book is in part a paean to the many people Young has lost over the years, including David Briggs, his long-time producer and best friend.

Young is an avid collector of guitars, model railways, and vintage cars (he cannot describe a journey without telling us what he was driving). He also has an entrepreneurial streak, and allots a considerable – some might say inordinate – amount of space to his current pet projects: a hybrid electric car and a master-quality digital music format.

Fans are bound to feel frustrated by the book’s many omissions. For example, we never find out when Young first picked up a guitar. And though he speaks lovingly of both parents, he fails to mention his mother’s death. Young’s sons Ben and Zeke both have cerebral palsy, despite being born to different mothers. Although Young devotes a good number of pages to Ben, more insight into his personality and the challenges of raising him would have helped round out the picture.

Young’s relative lack of attention to his personal life feels less like self-editing than simple honesty: he often describes his life as being “dedicated to the muse.” Drugs and alcohol form an integral part of that muse. Young explains that he hasn’t written a single song since going sober in 2011. He may, however, have found a different outlet for his creative side: Young credits sobriety with unleashing his inner author, and we can apparently look forward not only to another instalment in his memoirs, but a book of fiction as well.
lisäsi VivienneR | muokkaaQuill & Quire, Emily Donaldson (Jan 27, 2013)
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Katso lisäohjeita Common Knowledge -sivuilta (englanniksi).
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For Ben Young, my Hero, my Warrior.

And his mother, brother, and sister.
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I pulled back the plastic sticky tape from the cardboard box.
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An iconic figure in the history of rock and pop culture (inducted not once but twice into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame), Neil Young has written his eagerly awaited memoir.

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