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Just Ride: A Radically Practical Guide to Riding Your Bike

– tekijä: Grant Petersen

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Questions and debunks over eighty myths to highlight bicycling's inherently enjoyable nature, addressing everything from clothing and accessories to health, fitness, and safety.
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    Bikenomics: how bicycling can save the economy (tekijä: Elly Blue) (Booktacular)
    Booktacular: Blue's book covers the topic of why you can and should make bicycling a much bigger part of your daily life. Petersen's book explains in clear and often entertaining terms how to go about doing that. Both are meant to apply to the majority of bicycling adults and both do a fantastic job in that regard!… (lisätietoja)

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I've recently randomly walked into a local bicycle store. I looked around and realized that I don't see any of what I call just a bicycle. All two-wheel vehicles have become specialized. They no longer have what I need. I can appreciate the low weight of a racing bike, but not for the cost of discomfort and fragility. Mountain bikes look cool, but I don't want fat tires or suspension.

In bicycles, there is so much that you don't need!

The first ~60% of the book was the most useful, talking about the basic accessories, clothing and habits. Dietary and exercise information was interesting, but I'm personally not buying the low carb diet hype, and I remained unconvinced. But as the author says, it's not that you have to agree with every point; he asks you just to consider it.

Achievement centered specialization causes weirdness, and what trickles down to regular bicycle users is not helpful. I love the Unracer. I am one. ( )
  automatthias | Jun 19, 2017 |
Em Vá de bike: um guia radicalmente prático para você andar de bicicleta, Petersen desmistifica essa e inúmeras outras pré-concepções que temos sobre o ciclismo, demonstrando por meio de suas próprias experiências que pedalar é algo fácil e prazeroso, e assim deve permanecer. Com seu know how o autor nos apresenta ao mundo dos ciclistas profissionais e amadores, poupando o leitor de firulas e indo direto ao ponto: a ordem é simplificar. Por exemplo, ele dá dicas para que você prepare seu corpo para ser saudável e aproveitar mais a sua bike. O mesmo vale para a escolha dos acessórios: priorize o conforto. Por que parecer um corredor profissional, em vez de, simplesmente apostar mais na diversão? Toda e qualquer escolha será bem feita se for baseada na simplicidade. Este é o lema de Petersen.
  Luis_Balbao | Jun 23, 2015 |
I don't understand who this book is for. The book is less a guide to cycling as a ranting manifesto on why the cycle racing industry and sport has harmed cycling. Especially cycling as a daily activity with few hurdles besides a reliable bike. I've seen many internet comment wars between the so-called Lycra brigade and everyone else, but I'm not on either side. I prefer live and let live, and I wish both sides took that approach too. I didn't learn a whole lot from this book, a few points about wooden bikes (hadn't heard this was a thing) and learning to turn with the body rather then the handlebars - which I understand the theory but not the application. Petersen describes himself and the people who he likes as unracers, people who ride for enjoyment rather then putting in long group rides in lycra trying to train for a big race. For a book that bemoans racers, I read far too much about racing and group rides; how training doesn't make you fit; how bikes (and tyres) are over designed and too expensive and don't work in real world conditions yet I wanted a guide for the average bicycle rider, a long way from the world of competitive road cycling. If I was a member of the lycra brigrade I would find this book even more divisive and off-putting. ( )
1 ääni wifilibrarian | Feb 4, 2014 |
I admit I am biased in favor of Peterson's point of view, which is that riding your bike should be fun. This short book is an outline of everything you need to know about buying, riding and maintaining a bicycle, whether you ride it for fun, to commute or, like me, to run errands. It's fun to read, practical and witty. Read the book, buy a bike! ( )
  nmele | Apr 6, 2013 |
Just a short note: Grant Petersen's book JUST RIDE is easy to read and exudes an attitude of love for cycling and cyclists of all kinds. He even makes a point of praising the masses of UNRACERS - those riders who ride for recreation or commute to work (maybe every day). No, he is not against bicycle racing.

Along the way he advocates for all kinds of little habits that can be employed by these UNRACERS. Specifically, he says we SHOULD take electrolytes to balance PH but we should avoid sports drinks because these products are weighed down by sugar; he states a rider should use a harder saddle in most cases because the sitting bones on humans do not need extra gel or squishy foam that will only spread out and compress the derriere of riders more than it adds comfort; does not default to calling gloves necessary for most riding (though they do have a place); and says cyclists who really want to get in shape should cross-fit and study other exercises in tandem with their regular miles.

Grant Petersen is the founder of Rivendell Bicycle Works, a frame builder and customization company based in California. In JUST RIDE, Petersen tells it like he thinks it is. And he does so with love for riding. Clearly, Petersen wants each rider to enjoy their time pedaling. ( )
  jltaglich | Feb 28, 2013 |
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Questions and debunks over eighty myths to highlight bicycling's inherently enjoyable nature, addressing everything from clothing and accessories to health, fitness, and safety.

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