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Elämän mittainen lukupiiri (2013)

– tekijä: Will Schwalbe

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2,0481746,106 (3.92)213
The inspiring story of a son and his dying mother, who form a "book club" that brings them together as her life comes to a close.

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This book gave me a different perspective of reading and changed my view of how I should treat reading. I usually look at a book's themes, writing and I like books that touched me. But Will and his mother delved into the lives of characters and discussed if they would take the same action, and how the characters are affected, as if they are real people. It's a belief that books are about our lives. Up till her death, Will's mother continued to read. It's a blessing to be able to read. ( )
  siok | Aug 24, 2021 |
I'm conflicted about this book. I'll leave summarizing it to others, and just note a few things. [*s in lieu of bullets]

On one hand:

*It's well-written.
*The author is engaging, interesting, and thoughtful.
*It is a loving homage to the value and importance of reading, ideas with which, of course, I wholeheartedly agree!
*Although I'd read several of the books Will Schwalbe and his mother read and discussed during her treatment for pancreatic cancer, I've come away with quite a few books and authors I'd like to investigate.

On the other:

*Nagging irritants like the author's choice to repeatedly refer to books discussed by "the" and the author's name, ie: the Irving, the Stegner, etc. I'm not sure how else he could have handled this more smoothly, but it was annoying.
*Mary Anne Schwalbe was a pretty fascinating and admirable woman who seems to care about and be cared about by so many people. And yet, I kept feeling like I really wouldn't have liked her. It was still interesting to read about her perspective on life and books, but the feeling that she'd always been a little overly earnest and humorless got in the way a little for me.
*The Schwalbes are a very 1% crowd. While the author is humble and frank about all that goes with that, and they are very charitable (and politically liberal) as a family, it's not something, reading about their lives, that I could ever quite forget. The Preppy Handbook moniker NOKD (Not Our Kind, Dear) popped into my head for the first time in years. As in: NOKD is what I would be to the Schwalbes, should I ever happen to meet them!

So, a mixed bag, but worthwhile. If Schwalbe writes another book, I would like to read it. ( )
  CaitlinMcC | Jul 11, 2021 |
Memoir of Will Scwalbe's last year or so with his mother after her pancreatic cancer diagnosis. It is rich in detail about the books they read together and discussed during her chemo sessions -- and a testament to their beautiful relationship, not to mention his mother's impressive life. When my time comes, I definitely want to go out reading! Includes complete list of books/authors in an appendix ( )
  CarrieWuj | Oct 24, 2020 |
A unique, intimate and personal biography of Will and his amazing mother, Mary Ann, as they travel from her cancer diagnosis, treatment, trials, and to her death. Along the way they read and discuss many interesting books, not in great depth, but enough to give you an idea if you want to read it.
The mother son relationship is explored by their reading and discussions, covering many areas of life.
Mary Ann had a tremendously fulfilling life, achieving so much in helping those in need.
One standout passage for me was when he was discussing The Etiquette of Illness, by Susan Halpern:
[Halpern wants the reader to think about the difference between asking "How are you feeling?" and "Do you want me to ask how you're feeling?" Even if it’s your mother whom you’re questioning, the first approach is more intrusive, insistent, demanding. The second is much gentler and allows the person simply to say no on those days when she’s doing well and doesn’t want to be the “sick person,” or is doing badly but wants a distraction, or has simply answered the question too many times that day to want to answer it again, even to someone as close as a son.] ( )
  GeoffSC | Jul 25, 2020 |
Will Schwalbe has managed to write a book that not only commemorates his late mothers life, but celebrates it as well. Following her diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, they start an informal book club together, hence the title. Throughout the book they read and discuss a large number of books as her treatments take place and her health deteriorates over a couple of years.

Mary Ann Schwalbe comes across as a remarkable woman; she spent time in Afghanistan and Thailand working with refugees and vulnerable people who society had abandoned and sought to bring them small simple pleasures. Not only does she has a big, generous heart, she has insight, sharp political nous and compassion. Whilst the ending is ultimately known, and expected, the way that she grabs hold of life is inspiring. Through the book the pancreatic cancer advances and retreats and she accepts the necessary pain and steady deterioration in health with humility and decorum. She also realises her privileged position, and seeks a political solution to the lack of heath care to these at the very bottom of the American health care system.

Schwalbe wears his emotions on his sleeve. And that is understandable, it is his mother after all. The books that they read together act as a comfort blanket at times; sometimes as a prism revealing their anxieties and fears, and sometimes as a mirror that shows things as they are. The book is punctuated with passages and quotes that has significance at that time. What Mary Ann Schwalbe leaves is a legacy of an immensely strong family unit and she shows an ability to look beyond where you are. The books that her and Will read add punctuation and relief to the end of her life.
( )
  PDCRead | Apr 6, 2020 |
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This book is dedicated with love and gratitude to Nina, Doug, and Dad —
and David.
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We were nuts about the mocha in the waiting room at Memorial Sloan-Kettering's outpatient care center.
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The inspiring story of a son and his dying mother, who form a "book club" that brings them together as her life comes to a close.

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