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Words Spoken True: A Novel

Tekijä: Ann H. Gabhart

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1485181,781 (4.1)-
During a period of political unrest in 1855 Louisville, Adriane stands ready to do everything she must to keep her father's newspaper on top even if it means going toe-to-toe with a handsome rival editor.

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näyttää 5/5
Adriane Darcy has been raised in her father's newspaper offices. Their paper, the Tribune, is the leading paper in Louisville in 1855. But Blake Garrett is a young new editor from up North and now working for their rival paper, the Herald, and quickly gaining readers. Between political unrest and trying to find out who the "River Slasher" is, the papers continue to battle it out. Adriane and Blake will meet, sparks will fly and throughout much of this story Blake will try to keep Adriane from marrying a man who she is engaged to but is all wrong for her.

This was a story that was well written and showed how important the written news was back then and how much influence it had on the readers. There was a lot of unrest in the country at this time towards immigrants, and although I enjoyed the romance brewing between the two main characters, I also enjoyed learning more about how people lived during that time period. I will definitely enjoy reading more by this author. ( )
  judyg54 | Mar 30, 2018 |
Reviewed by Babs
Review copy provided by Nancy Berland Public Relations
It took me a while to get into the book. I almost put it down, but decided to preserver. The book starts out really slow. I didn't think the book was ever going to take off. The first 70 pages were rough getting through, but once you can get past it Adriane and Blake's relationship starts taking off. The book adds a little suspense with the River slasher, otherwise the verbal battles started getting humorous and I wanted to see what else was going to happen. The book has some love scenes that are tasteful and not graphic at all. The political tension and riot was fascinating to read. There is a lot of history involved and the author did well in her research.

I enjoyed the book after it picked up and the characters were well done. The plot was great loved the twists and the history. I vaguely remember the riot from high school and was fascinated to read more about it. After I got done with the book I told my two oldest sons about what happened and the time period. My 15-year-old knew some of the history and asked to read the book. I am glad I stuck it out it was nice talking to me children about and book and one wanting to actually read it. ( )
  RtB | Mar 20, 2012 |
Another fabulous novel by the extremely talented Ann H. Gabhart! She has, once again, taken deeply detailed historical elements and blended them in a beautifully written plot line, spiced it up with sweet and loving characters, and threw her fans and new readers a book that will keep the reader on edge until the last page.

Adriane Darcy is a journalist for her father's newspaper. But, it's not doing as great as the newspaper down the street, for it's newly run by a handsome new owner. Adriane's practically engaged to a handsome, rich man-arranged by her father to save the paper. Determined to help her father out, and not be forced into a loveless marriage, she sets out to capture anything news worthy. Enlisting the help of her father's young helper, she is awoken one night to find another body has been found in their quiet town. But, whose body is it? Why is someone killing the young women? She finally realizes that just maybe she has newsworthy articles and can help save her father's paper.

Blake Garret. A true competitor if ever there was one and will also capture anything newsworthy to print. After all, he's new and has to keep this paper thriving to beat the competition out down the street. But, what happens when he meets the beautiful Adriane Darcy at a benefit? She's a beauty for certain and there is a strong attraction there. But, there's a problem.....she's his competitor's daughter. Will he be able to convince her that words spoken true is the way to win? Or will it be too late when she's the next targeted victim?

An absolutely mind-blowing, head-spinning novel! I felt the transformation into a different era instantly and loved the atmosphere and suspense that surrounded these amazing characters. The romance, the messages from God, and speaking the truth speak loudly through Ms. Gabhart's words. A true talent in creating 5 Book worthy novels, Ms. Gabhart is high on my list for recommended authors, and this novel is definitely a keeper on my shelves!

This review originated at Reviews By Molly in part with a blog tour. ( )
  ReviewsbyMolly | Feb 25, 2012 |
What I really liked about this story is the rich historical detail and effort put into it. The setting is easy to picture, and as the story progresses, you certainly can feel the tension and the civil unrest there was during this particular time. So this aspect of the book was exceptionally well done.

I really liked reading the characters in this book as well. I loved Adriane! she certainly was a very strong character (although, it was also good that she displayed her vulnerabilities as well, to make her more ‘real’). However what I liked about her the most is her strong independence and her willingness to make her own proper choices despite her betrothal and her social status. I liked how she made her own decisions and was willing to accept those consequences - even to the point of disappointing her own father.

I also thought the villain in this book was very well done. He’s creepy enough while maintaining a facade and fooling others (he fooled me at first). Blake on the other hand is also well done (although he’s your typical gentleman you find in these kinds of novels) but the chemistry he has between himself and Adriane is well written and they go well together.

The plot is well written, and the mystery part of the book is all right although it was rather predictable who the culprit is. The pacing is also well done although I thought it did drag its’ feet towards the last third of the book. Despite this small shortcoming, the book was still a great read and I absolutely enjoyed it. Most definitely recommended for those who like a nice clean historical romance with a rich setting, or those who are into inspirational fiction. ( )
  sensitivemuse | Feb 23, 2012 |
WORDS SPOKEN TRUE by Ann H. Gabhart is amazing inspirational historical romance set in 1855 Louisville, Kentucky. The plot is not only fast paced,but emotional with characters that are full of life and determination. "Words Spoken True" is the story of Adrian Darcy,a newspaperman's daughter,who is unconventional but beautiful and love the newspaper business. And Blake Garrett,a newspaperman from New York City,who has re-located to Louisville, to leave his past behind and start a new life. What both Blake, and Adrian find is a continued passion to learn the truth,a desire for happiness, a need to find a serial killer,tragedy,romance and the love of a lifetime. "Words Spoken True" has suspense,drama,passion,a serial killer,loyalty,murder,political and civil unrest in the biggest city in Kentucky,during the 1850's. With political and civil unrest Blade and Adrian will find who is friend and who is foe.Who will stand together with them as they try to get the newspaper to the public even though,some would rather they did not. A nail-biting story from the very first page to the last past. A must read for anyone who enjoys inspirational,Americana,historical,and romance.What a wonderful love story weaved with drama,faith and controversy. Received for and honest review from the publisher. Details can be found at Revell, a division of Baker publishing Group, the author's website and My Book Addiction and More/My Book Addiction Reviews.

**Available in February from Revell,a division of Baker Publishing Group**



REVIEWED BY: AprilR,My Book Addiction and More/My Book Addiction Reviews ( )
  tarenn | Feb 18, 2012 |
näyttää 5/5
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During a period of political unrest in 1855 Louisville, Adriane stands ready to do everything she must to keep her father's newspaper on top even if it means going toe-to-toe with a handsome rival editor.

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