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– tekijä: V. C. Andrews

Muut tekijät: Katso muut tekijät -osio.

Sarjat: Dollanganger (4)

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1,899216,437 (3.41)11
Cathy and Chris, entwined with the evil that haunts their children, live with the fearful spectre of Foxworth Hall and find they are prisoners of a past they cannot escape.

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This held up well. ( )
  LoisSusan | Dec 10, 2020 |
This fourth book in the series was predictable and hard to get through. Somehow, the whole family winds up living together again—in a newly renovated Foxworth Hall complete with an attic—and a creepy old guy named Joel who claims to be Cathy's long, lost uncle. The unstable and ridiculously rude Bart has rebuilt his mother's childhood home because—I don't really know why. I guess because he's just crazy and enjoys torturing his family. Jory and his pregnant wife, Melody, who are now famous dancers, Chris and Cathy, and Cindy all come home. The entire time they do nothing but fight and insult each other. As you can guess, nothing good comes of it. The end is bittersweet; however, when Jory finally finds true love with someone new, and Cathy dies in the very attic, she fought so hard to escape from when she was a child. Just desserts. ( )
  PaulaGalvan | Aug 24, 2020 |
When I originally found these books, while cleaning out my basement, I was so excited to reread them because I remember thinking they were the best thing ever written when I read them as a teen. Now as an older adult, I hate them. I was originally planning to keep them and put them on a bookshelf to remember and reread again. Now I want to put them in the recycling bin.

I hate Bart with a passion. I hate Chris and Cathy. I hate that even after the torturous life they've had they still cling to their belief in God. WHY?! HOW!? It was belief in a God that caused all their problems and they still believe!? I don't understand!

I hate that Cathy doesn't recognize, and apparently neither does Doctor Christopher, that she was abused in her relationship with Julian. She still blames herself for his death and says, like, "If I just loved him more! But instead I loved Chris." No, that's not how it was at all. Chris is also abusing you -- Cathy, you are stuck in a constant cycle of continued abuse!

I kind of really hate these books now. I've decided to put all of them into the recycling bin.

Adrianne ( )
  Adrianne_p | Sep 25, 2018 |
This book dragged even more than the previous one, if such a thing is possible, and just felt really far fetched and poorly resolved. Bart (Cathy's younger son) has inherited the Foxworth millions (kind of - he only gets some of it until he's older) and so has decided to rebuild the Foxworth mansion. Yes, the house that his mother was held captive in and that is the scene of so much Angst and Misery, that got finally burnt to the ground, gets to come back despite the implausible unlikeliness of this for this sequel. Even more unlikely, instead of everyone Fleeing for their Lives, they decide it would be really nice to go there for Bart's birthday party. Jory gets crippled at the party, and instead of going 'this house is where all our terrible things happen, why don't we go somewhere else' everyone goes 'oh, Jory can't walk, we'll just stay here for two years, even though it makes us deeply unhappy'.

Most of the plot is that Bart is being corrupted by Joel, his evil uncle. Or is he? Maybe he is just a nice old monk and Cathy is too suspicious? Maybe he is not really Bart's uncle? A huge pile of evidence builds up that Joel is Evil - the smashed up ship, the party where no-one comes, Jory being left exposed to the elements, the accident that cripples Jory - yet no-one really ever does anything about it. And at the end, he just wanders off back to his monastery to die, without any real resolution.

I will say, it is an interesting book if you want double standards on male and female sexuality. But 'read this, it has some stupid and infuriating stuff in it' is not a recommendation. Cindy is now a horny 16 year old, who is probably having more sex slightly younger than would be ideal. But Bart's over reaction - beating her boyfriend to a pulp, and carrying her naked up to the evil uncle so they can tell her what a whore she is - is insane and abusive, and yet the vast majority of the blame comes back to Cindy, who should have kept her legs together. And this is at a time when everyone knows Bart is sleeping with his lovers and using prostitutes in the village! Oddly, when Cindy does do bizarrely cruel things - she teases and taunts ex-monk-Joel at Christmas in a way that is just really rude - that's OK, because Cathy has a Feeling that Joel is Evil.

I'd have liked more about Melody. She's so weak - her husband is crippled, and she is depressed and then runs away - but in such an impossible position - Cathy is taking over the care of Jory and the children, and giving her no space.

The ending is rushed, and sad, but sad in a way that doesn’t fit with what has gone before. Chris dies in a car accident, Cathy grieves for 9 months and then dies, poignantly in the attic with a smile on her lips. I'm glad I made it to the end of the story, but really, I think the story ended at the end of book two... ( )
  atreic | Nov 7, 2016 |
This is probably my least favorite book in the series.
While I understand Bart's personality I still cannot get the fact that he did not grow out of his jealousy the way I thought he would when he almost lost his mother in the last book.

This was not bad it just was not my favorite in the series. I do love the Dollanganger series and I love how V.C. Andrews shaped the mold with the first story in the series. I just do not feel that any of the rest could meet the brilliancy of Flowers in the Attic ( )
  Angel.Carter | Aug 11, 2016 |
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Cathy and Chris, entwined with the evil that haunts their children, live with the fearful spectre of Foxworth Hall and find they are prisoners of a past they cannot escape.

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