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Enchanted Night: A Novella

– tekijä: Steven Millhauser

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260680,569 (3.62)10
A fantasy novella on the happenings in a Connecticut town one moonlit night. Two people romance, a woman pines for her lover, teens break into a house, a store mannequin comes to life. By the author of Martin Dressler.

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The contrast between Millhauser's previous excellent novel, Martin Dressler, and his latest novella, Enchanted Night, is similar to the difference between a businesslike day and a very magical night. The entertaining cast of characters is large and varied: a naked girl on the grass, a gang of boys hidden in the town library, a storefront mannequin walking hand-in-hand with her longtime admirer, and a group of girls having tea with a woman after having broken into her house. Many other characters are moving about on this truly enchanted and very active night. Millhauser won the Pulitzer Prize for Martin Dressler, and now he's written something very magical about a hot summer night in Connecticut. Enchanted Night is a fine example of what special heights a short work of fiction can reach - it's a magical novella.

(5/01) ( )
  jphamilton | Jul 27, 2014 |
This strange little book contains a string of vignettes about one night in a small town. Each short chapter gives the reader a new perspective. We hear from a 39-year-old man, the head of a teenage gang of girls, the field insects, a mannequin, and more. We meander through the town with no real goal, just admiring the night and meeting a few people along the way.

BOTTOM LINE: The writing was beautiful at times, but the novella didn’t leave any lasting impression for me.

“The world, filled to the brim with stillness, suddenly overflows.” ( )
  bookworm12 | May 5, 2014 |
In short pieces of prose and arguably some poetry, Millhauser tells the story of one enchanted night in a smallish town in Connecticut sometime in the 1950s (or possibly the 60s?). All manner of activity abounds during the wee hours - some magical, some not. The story is all about desire and longing and the less glamorous 'want' and 'need'(imo). Some of it is whimsical and quite enjoyable and yet I did not enjoy the story as much as I expected to. The reader is watching the happenings of this enchanted night from some distance and it is that distance that I felt acutely. And looking back on it, with rare exception, it seemed the women in the story were objects, enchanted in a way so as to please the men of the story. The manikin comes to life to fulfill the longing in the man who gazes at her in the window. A young woman sheds her clothing privately in the moonlight but watched secretly through the bushes by a man. Still, there are a fair number of laudatory blurbs on the back of the book, so perhaps the story would enchant me more at another time. ( )
  avaland | Jan 24, 2010 |
This is a beautiful exploration of a small Connecticut town on a summer night, but calling it a novella seems a bit of a stretch to me. Verbal snapshots would be more appropriate. Some of the snapshots, if placed side by side, would give a moving picture of unfolding events... but the focus was too broad for me to feel like the story stood on its own.

If you are a reader interested in poetical movements within prose, a reader interested in building characters from different angles of views than they my commonly be seen, a reader who has a bit of time to be able to experience a setting and the characters without demanding a concise and undiluted plot, you should pick this one up. ( )
1 ääni HippieLunatic | Dec 27, 2009 |
It's a hot summer night in Connecticut, and the moon is unusually bright, and everything is magic. Millhauser takes it from there, writing about how this magic affects everyone from a 14-year-old girl who sneaks out of the house with nothing but a half a roll of Lifesavers in her pocket to a middle-aged man who has been writing the Great American Novel while living at home with his mother for almost all of his life. Pan plays his flute, a mannequin discovers the joy of holding hands, and a girl gang is more surprised than surprising. The only word for this novella is charming. It is like a dream itself; you almost don't read it, it almost floats directly into your mind, and yet the lovely language, each word chosen deliberately, registers with precision. I want to experience this night. ( )
1 ääni TerryWeyna | Mar 22, 2009 |
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A fantasy novella on the happenings in a Connecticut town one moonlit night. Two people romance, a woman pines for her lover, teens break into a house, a store mannequin comes to life. By the author of Martin Dressler.

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