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– tekijä: Andrew Clements

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When his older brother gets in serious trouble, sixth-grader Clay decides to change his own mischief-making ways, but he cannot seem to shake his reputation as a troublemaker.

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Näyttää 1-5 (yhteensä 12) (seuraava | näytä kaikki)
  lcslibrarian | Aug 13, 2020 |

It's hard to believe that I've read and loved one of my top favorite books, A Week in the Woods, but I've never read any of Andrew Clements other books. I think it's because his books are plentiful with the signature image of a kid holding something for the reader to see. I guess I thought it would be generic and childish. I must be losing my mind. A Week in the Woods was hardly that and Troublemaker proved me all kinds of wrong. I have decided it's my mission to read as many Andrew Clements books I can get my hands on. It could even lead to him being one of my favorite authors. It only fits since he wrote one of my favorite books of all time.

Clay is a troublemaker and so is his older brother Mitchell who came back from serving time in jail. Mitchell doesn't want that for his brother so he makes him promise to turn a new leaf. Clay looks up to his big brother so he agrees. I feel like Clay and Mitchell have any obvious difference between them. Clay's troublemaking is doing silly things that may hurt others feelings but he never knows it. He just does things to be funny or get a rise out of people. He may draw a picture of the principal as a jackass and get in trouble for that. He loves drawing. I love how with this book and in Okay for Now the main character is perceived to be these bad, troubled kids but they are really great people who love to draw. Mitchell is more of the angry kid. His troubles revolve around fist fights. Clay may want to be like his older brother and make him proud of his shenanigans but he's never been that bad. Clay is a great kid who just doesn't understand that what he does sometimes can hurt other people's feelings.

Mitchell goes a little too far. After Clay promises him that he won't do anything wrong he makes him over in the most hilarious way. He looks all goody two shoes and his friends don't like the change. Still no one really trusts him. I loved how Clay's promise endured through almost everything. There was some seriousness to the story with cops and his brother formerly being in jail. Clay's a great kid and I enjoyed reading about him. We need more Clay's in the world. He deserved to be trusted and he will always be known as the character that kept me reading Andrew Clements. ( )
  AdrianaGarcia | Jul 10, 2018 |
I have very mixed feelings about this book. At the beginning of the book, it seems like Clay is only acting out to impress his older brother. Initially, Clay turns himself around for his brother also, but he soon realizes that the change is a positive one for him as well. On one hand, I love that this is a story of living for you and not to impress others. On the other hand, this also seems like a story intended to scare kids into behaving, which I do not really like. This books shows that some school rules are silly, but that kids must suck it up and endure them or end up a delinquent. I like books that advocate creativity, not blind obedience. ( )
  alaina.loescher | Jul 21, 2015 |
Great school story told about a wise-crack who is compelled by his older brother to change his ways, before it's too late. Boys in the 5th and 6th grades who think that there aren't any books to appeal to them will devour this newest offering from the author of Frindle.

This book also marks #30 out of #30 for me on Vermont's DCF list 2012-13. Goal to read all 30 ... completed! ( )
  Mad.River.Librarian | Apr 23, 2014 |
Ahhh, first[a:Lane Smith|23573|Lane Smith|http://www.goodreads.com/images/nophoto/nophoto-U-50x66.jpg], now [a:Andrew Clements|63095|Andrew Clements|http://photo.goodreads.com/authors/1209495851p2/63095.jpg]... we are bound and determined to get the word jackass beyond the would-be censors of children's literature.
Clements is in top form with this story of Clay Hensley, a sixth-grader who enjoys the challenge of seeing how many times he can be sent to the principal's office during his elementary career. Why? Because his brother was a prankster who was not afraid to get in trouble, and Clay wants to be just like Mitch. So when Clay draws a picture of a jackass with the unmistakeable features of the principal, he is so proud of his work that he makes sure that everyone in class sees it and that the art teacher has no choice but to send him to Mr. Kelling. Clay can't wait to tell Mitch about it. But Mitch, just home from spending 30 days in prison, is determined to keep his little brother from the mistakes he made. This new side of Mitch is a culture shock for Clay, but he slowly comes to respect the lessons Mitch is trying to teach him. While some of Clay's exchanges with friends ring a little too good to be true, Clements shows again that he is a master of life in the elementary school. The story is entertaining enough that kids won't mind a bit of a moral along with it. ( )
  KimJD | Apr 8, 2013 |
Näyttää 1-5 (yhteensä 12) (seuraava | näytä kaikki)
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When his older brother gets in serious trouble, sixth-grader Clay decides to change his own mischief-making ways, but he cannot seem to shake his reputation as a troublemaker.

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