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How Huge the Night: A Novel – tekijä:…

How Huge the Night: A Novel (alkuperäinen julkaisuvuosi 2011; vuoden 2011 painos)

– tekijä: Heather Munn (Tekijä)

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866251,545 (4.44)3
In 1940, fifteen-year-old Julien Losier moves with his family from Paris to a small rural town in France to live with his grandfather, where he becomes involved in matters of life and death when they shelter a Jewish boy in their home.
Teoksen nimi:How Huge the Night: A Novel
Kirjailijat:Heather Munn (Tekijä)
Info:Kregel Publications (2011), 304 pages
Kokoelmat:Oma kirjasto
Arvio (tähdet):

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How Huge the Night: A Novel (tekijä: Heather Munn) (2011)


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Whenever I read a historical fiction story that is based on true events I always love the fact that I am learning a bit about history that perhaps I might never really know alot about otherwise. With How Huge The Night the authors do an amazing job of weaving together fact and fiction, to transport us back to the days of WWII, seeing the events of the time thru the eyes of two teenagers Nina and Julian, while I knew at some point their stories would meld I wasn't sure how they would connect.

The characters in this story are completely believable and it is very easy to imagine the things that they are going thru. Julian is your typical teenager, he isn't a man but neither is he really a boy. He isn't really happy that his family left their home in Paris to move to the farm in southern France with his grandfather, he is dealing with issues such as trying to fit in at school, not to mention trying to get along with Benjamin the Jewish boy who has also moved in with his grandfather.
As Nina's father is lying on his deathbed he makes Nina promise that she will take her brother and leave Austria.For me their parts of their story was heart wrenching, and I found myself praying that they would be all right.

I found this to be a compelling story that has many lessons woven in. A coming of age story during a difficult time period where the characters display great courage faith and hope. While this book is geared toward young adults I would easily recommend it to older adults as well.

A complimentary copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. ( )
  kittycrochettwo | Jun 24, 2011 |
"How Huge the Night" fits well in this category of living history. It is beautifully written and is filled with facts and events that come alive through the eyes of children. To hear how France was taken over by Germany from an adult's point of view is usually what one hears about, but the Munn's take it to another level by seeing it as the children did.

To say this book is amazing, is an understatement. It tore at my heart, and I found myself in tears more than once. From a parent's point of view, it broke my heart knowing that the children dealt with the horrors they did, but putting names and faces to those horrors makes this book unforgettable. This book is profound and should be in the hands of EVERY teen. This story brings to light not only the horrors of war, but the pain of being different and not accepted and how people can change things and make a difference.

I could continue on and on how fantastic this book is, but won't for fear of writing a spoiler or two. My advice? Quit reading this review and run to the bookstore and get a copy of this book! You won't be same after reading it.

A HUGE thank you to Kregel Publishers for sending me a review copy of this book. In return, they have asked me to post my honest opinion and thoughts about it. ( )
  tweezle | Jun 23, 2011 |
Mother and daughter writing team Heather and Lydia Munn put together a very compelling story that will appeal to teenagers and adults alike. (Read exert) Julien is believable as an ordinary teenager caught up in extraordinary circumstances. I became engrossed in the dramatic struggles that his family faced as well as the parallel story of Nina and Gustav. I liked the honesty of this book in how it dealt with faith. Real people struggle with their faith especially in horrible circumstances like those of war. It is all too easy to lose hope. The authors met those issues head-on. The reader can relate to the characters because they are not portrayed as perfect beings (a flaw that I've sometimes encountered when reading other Christian fiction). Having read Sarah's Key and Suite Francaise, I was familiar with the German occupation of France and how the Vichy government treated the Jews. But, I did not know that there was a town that stood up for what was right and protected many refugees during the war. Ultimately, How Huge the Night is a story about hope, faith and courage in the face of unimaginable hardship and atrocity, and I was profoundly moved by it. ( )
  TheLoopyLibrarian | Jun 20, 2011 |
Holy moly, this was a FANTASTIC book! It's a light read by any means. With a subject line of Nazi's and WWII, it is FAR from light. In fact, it has more of a slower, dark feel to it. But, with that said, Heather and Lydia Munn have put their talented authoring skills together and created one captivating, emotional read!!!

This book was written in a way that EVERYONE, young readers and old, can fully grasp the knowledge of the happenings during WWII. It truly amazes me that that time in history was as bad as it was. When I read a book like this, I can completely engross myself so that I feel the actual turmoil of each and every character. They become real to me.

Julien and Nina's characters were both so compelling. I loved how their stories unfolded in an incredibly deep way. I watched both of these young people grow to understand the deeper meaning of kindness and acceptance. I watched how they learned right from wrong, how they help onto the faith and over came the many horrific obstacles of unkind intentions from those around them, in a time when the world was so filled with hatred and cruelty. It was truly amazing.

I recommend this based on true events book with the highest 5 star praise. I warn you, though. This book is not a LIGHT read. It is a wonderful novel if you are looking for that historical book filled with wonderful characters and deep meaning. It is a book that will be with me for a long, long time to come, and one that I will pass along to my friends and family. These talented ladies have taken a horrific piece of history and turned it into a meaningful, emotional, and fully gripping novel. Well done, ladies! ( )
  ReviewsbyMolly | Jun 18, 2011 |
How Huge the Night is easily one of my favorite books this year. The historical aspect of the story is amazing and the book was very engrossing from the very first page on. The book itself was written for 14-17 year olds but definitely goes beyond that age group.

Julien is a 15 year old boy, uprooted from his home and forced to share his family with an "outsider". Benjamin is Jewish, stand-offish, smart, rich and not friendly. The boys of the village Julien's family has moved to are unfriendly, consider HIM an outsider (even though his family had lived in that region for generations) and not only that Julien's father is a teacher at his new school and planning on opening a new Christian school the following year which Julien blames for the move. You see the anger filling Julien and he has a choice - is it going to consume him or is he going to sweep it away?

The main story is about how Julien learns about prejudice and how he can support and encourage those being treated wrongly and stand up to the community for what is right. It begins with Julien learning how his own family escaped from persecution and helps to build this town they are know living in and continues with a challenge: his Grandfather challenges him to pray that God would show him what He wants Julien to do. In return his Grandfather would pray that the boys at school would "see the light".

Julien accepts this challenge and you begin to see Julien slowly change, his eyes are opened to what Benjamin must be feeling ~ his loneliness and anger to what is happening to his people. He sees France fall to Hitler and you see Julien's prayer change "that God would show him the road he wants him to go on". And then Julien begins to pray that God will help him learn to "love and forgive" his enemies. He learns to pray and speak with out pride and hate.

Parent's I strongly encourage you to read this book with your teens. Extremely well written, engrossing and challenging ~ This book will open the gates to conversation about prejudice and persecution giving you the opportunity to teach your children to stand up for what's right:

"...resist with the weapons of the Spirit; without fear, without pride, and without hate."
  tiinaj1 | Jun 7, 2011 |
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In 1940, fifteen-year-old Julien Losier moves with his family from Paris to a small rural town in France to live with his grandfather, where he becomes involved in matters of life and death when they shelter a Jewish boy in their home.

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