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A story of a nineteen-year-old woman who disguised herself as a man to avoid an unwanted marriage and who distinguished herself as a male nurse during the Civil War, and later as a spy for the Union Army.
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Nurse, Soldier, Spy: The Story of Sarah Edmonds, a Civil War Hero (tekijä: Marissa Moss)

Viimeisimmät tallentajatLeeKern, Sarahjboehringer, yksityinen kirjasto, eyelevelbooks, jadeterry, davenportfamily, ruthemhuntley



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An inspiring story about Sarah Edmonds also know as Frank Thompson. A young woman who dresses as a man to escape an arranged marriage; who later joins the Union army where she has many jobs and disguises. The illustrations are caricature-esque and 'Frank' is drawn very masculine; when first looking at the cover, I would have not thought the book was about a woman who impersonated a man. Overall this historical non-fiction book is a must read about the first female civil war hero. ( )
  jadeterry | Sep 15, 2020 |
Entertaining and unique! The story is so interesting and made even more incredible by the fact that it is true. What stands out so much is the way the text interacts with the illustration. It's very cool and coincides with the "larger-than-life" nature of the story. I think the text and illustration make this a very fun story to read. Also love that it shows that woman were capable of just as much as men during a time when no one thought so. ( )
  afogg | Oct 14, 2019 |
Nurse, solider, spy was an incredible book. Sarah Emma had been living on the run since she was a teenager. Not only has she been on the run but she had also been dressing in men attire, Hoping to escape a marriage. Emma's willingness to enlist in the Army while disguising herself took great bravery. The book showed the heart of a woman that was equally tough and heroic as any one else. Emma chose to put herself and life on the line for her country and that's a very commendable act. ( )
  jkl900 | Feb 1, 2018 |
This picture book is based on the real story of Sarah Emma Edmonds, also known as Frank Thompson. Running away to avoid an arranged marriage, Sarah dresses up as a man named Frank for three years and enjoys the freedoms that come with it. To repay the country that gave her freedom, she joined the Michigan infantry regiment to fight in the Civil War. She beats out all the soldiers at shooting and never flinches from wounds as a nurse. She is eventually asked to Spy on the Confederate army. She disguises herself once again and gains valuable information to help the Union troops win the war.

The author's notes afterward explain that Sarah got sick and went into town dressed as a woman, then "Frank" got declared a deserter and Sarah had to live as a woman until she died. Overall a good biography, though it felt a bit like speculation at times. ( )
  kvedros | Jan 28, 2018 |
This is a great book to teach about war and what different spies did to gain information. This story was about a woman who wanted to fight as a soldier in the war. Her parents set her up a marriage but she did not want to get married so she chopped off her hair, changed her clothes, and ran away. Along the way she meant many new friends and even laughed at many jokes that were about her. She fit right in with the men and they made jokes saying she was a woman not knowing she really was. Sarah Emma Edmonds showed courage and bravery by wanting to help fight for her country. She had many jobs throughout the book that many men could not stomach. This would be a great book when learning about biographies of famous people involved in the war. This book also highlights the value of being persistent, she went to sign the papers to go to war again after being turned down the first time. I learned from the authors note that even when Sarah "Frank" got sick she refused treatment because she did not want anyone to find out she was really a woman. There was also some things from the authors note that I think should have been in the book like she dressed herself in woman's clothes and saw a doctor and the army thought she deserted them and they had "Wanted" signs posted all over the city to shot her if you see her. Biographies are hard to make into picture books without leaving many events out. ( )
  Gsmith0930 | Oct 27, 2017 |
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A story of a nineteen-year-old woman who disguised herself as a man to avoid an unwanted marriage and who distinguished herself as a male nurse during the Civil War, and later as a spy for the Union Army.

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