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(BRINGING ADAM HOME BY Standiford, Les(Author))Bringing Adam Home: The… (vuoden 2010 painos)

– tekijä: Les Standiford (Tekijä)

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2142097,583 (3.71)4
Relates the full, twenty-seven-year story behind the abduction and murder of Adam Walsh, the six-year-old son of "America's Most Wanted" host John Walsh, as well as the decades-long search for the boy's elusive killer.
Teoksen nimi:(BRINGING ADAM HOME BY Standiford, Les(Author))Bringing Adam Home: The Abduction That Changed America[Hardcover]Ecco(Publisher)
Kirjailijat:Les Standiford (Tekijä)
Info:Ecco (2010), Edition: First Edition
Kokoelmat:Oma kirjasto
Arvio (tähdet):
Avainsanoja:kindle, true-crime, non-fiction

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Bringing Adam Home is the result of extensive research on the Walsh family, the investigation into six-year-old Adam Walsh's 1981 disappearance, and Ottis Toole, the alleged murderer. This book is written by a writer of popular detective stories and the investigator who finally "closed" the Adam Walsh case, Joe Matthews. It is, as you can imagine, anything but unbiased.

Standiford and Matthews have so much they want to tell you about Ottis Toole. He is a bad, bad, man, who told everyone who would listen that he murdered Adam Walsh, but the Hollywood police department bungled the case because they are incapable, bumbling cops who should never have been on the case in the first place. The best thing that ever happened to the Hollywood police department was Joe Matthews... now that guy is cool. To illustrate just how cool he is, Standiford has included several stories about Matthews, including how he dared to write a parking citation for a fellow police officer. Now that takes daring! It doesn't matter that Matthews had no new evidence when he finally got the case or that Ottis Toole was long dead... he closed it, because he is the best cop ever.

As much as Standiford, Matthews, the Walshes, and Toole himself wanted Ottis Toole to be the villain behind Adam Walsh's disappearance... the truth is that there isn't much evidence at all to support his guilt. This book inspired me to dive head first into a rabbit hole that revealed many interesting tidbits, such as the original transcripts of Toole's confession, released 20 years, where it is very apparent that he had little to no knowledge of the specifics of Adam's kidnapping, the improbability of Toole's confession, and the bizarre theories that the decomposed head found didn't even belong to Adam. I definitely recommend scrolling through Reddit, including this thread and the Bizarrepedia page.

Please don't let this book be your introduction to the Adam Walsh case. ( )
  bookishblond | Oct 24, 2018 |
This is most likely the most difficult book I've read. When six year old Adam Walsh was abducted and murdered in July of 1981, America changed. As a child, my sisters and I could let the screen door slam and tole our mother that we would be back later. There was no fear that something could happen to us, no fear that a pedophile, and very sick man by the name of Ottis Toole would lure us into his vehicle and violently rape, chop our heads off, and partake of some of our bones while he burned and buried thee remains.

But, since this occurrence, nationwide, parents learned of just what could happen if children weren't kept by their sides and kept close.

ReVee Walsh took six year old Adam to a local Hollywood, Florida Sears store. While she looked at lamps for a few minutes, Adam was left with other children who were playing video games at the Sears store. When she returned, he was gone. As she panicked and continued to call for Adam, seeking help from mangers, little did she know he was already headed ten miles away where he was tortured and murdered.

Another travesty occured when the detectives time and time again missed or buried the truth that a man on their radar was indeed the killer. Toole had bragged to numerous sources what he did to little Adam. But, the men in charge, simply refused to take Toole at his word.

When Adam's 34th birthday occurred, finally, under the direction of Detective Sergeant Joe Matthews, who painstakingly spent countless hours going over each and every document, tracing the dots and all the errors that were made and was finally, without a doubt, able to prove that Ottis Toole was indeed the man who killed Adam.

By then, Toole had died, a victim of liver failure, he cried on his death bed to God that he was so very sorry about that little boy. However, the Walsh family finally had the legal team on their side and the state attorney's office made the decision once and for all the Toole was the murderer.

Through their grief and pain, the Walsh's worked to host a TV show, America's Most Wanted, which advocated for missing children.

The crime was horrifying, the written description of what happened to Adam was very difficult to read. But, I was reminded why to this day when my granddaughter is ten minutes later than she said she would be, I try not to panic. But, still my mind wonders What IF!

While I rate this five stars, it was indeed incredibly hard to learn the details. ( )
  Whisper1 | Oct 6, 2018 |
This story - about the investigation into Adam Walsh's murder, not exactly what the title seems to imply - has the potential to be interesting, but the author is so adamantly against the Hollywood PD that it becomes tedious to read about their incompetence. (Moreso given that the book doesn't address the over-confessions of Henry Lee Lucas, at least not in the 300+ pages I read of it. And moreso again given that the author seems convinced that one good polygraph would have solved everything, given what we know about the reliability of polygraphs.) I had to give up on it. ( )
  jen.e.moore | Dec 6, 2016 |
The Adam Walsh story has changed America whether you know him or not. The abduction and death of this little boy was a tragedy that facilitated the change in how our laws protect our children. The book itself is well written and the story is compelling, not to mention educational. ( )
  jlsimon7 | Mar 1, 2015 |
This abduction was one of the memorable events of my young life. I remember listening for every piece of information I could get and was terribly sad when Adam was found dead - later I watched AMW week after week, considering it almost like a duty to watch just in case there'd be one case for which I might have info. Given all that, after he was found this story drifted away from my life and AMW went away (well, I guess *I* went away, not watching TV at all since about age 35)... and I never heard if the perpetrator was ever caught. After all these years... now I know. I could barely put this book down, it was so good. Easy to follow. Great narrator. Interesting clues with lots of little foreshadow moments. I'm sad to read the story but happy to know that John and Reve found some closure. ( )
  marshapetry | Aug 16, 2014 |
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Relates the full, twenty-seven-year story behind the abduction and murder of Adam Walsh, the six-year-old son of "America's Most Wanted" host John Walsh, as well as the decades-long search for the boy's elusive killer.

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