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The Roots of Obama's Rage – tekijä:…

The Roots of Obama's Rage (alkuperäinen julkaisuvuosi 2010; vuoden 2011 painos)

– tekijä: Dinesh D'Souza

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Bestselling author D'Souza exposes how Obama's Hobbesian philosophy towards government is threatening not only economic and personal freedom, but America's national sovereignty as well.
Teoksen nimi:The Roots of Obama's Rage
Kirjailijat:Dinesh D'Souza
Info:Regnery Publishing (2011), Edition: Reprint, Paperback, 258 pages
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The Roots of Obama's Rage (tekijä: Dinesh D'Souza) (2010)


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näyttää 5/5
This book was a quick read that makes me now want to read Dreams From My Father by Barack Obama. I found the history of Obama to be interesting and I wonder why I did not learn any of this until reading this book? I would have to say that more than 75% of the book is factual while Mr. D'Souza does give a few opinions. It's hard to keep your opinions to yourself especially if you want this book to be readable by many people across many ages.

I recommend this book to people who did not vote for Obama and especially to those who did vote for him. It's never a bad thing to gain knowledge about something or someone you are for or against. ( )
  ericadrayton | Jan 8, 2015 |
In a mass of anti-Obama books, Dinesh D'Souza has clearly done the best job of getting to his real motivation. I'd be surprised if anyone could finish this book and not be convinced of the anti-colonial Obama agenda. D'Souza's theory is based on Obama's own words and stories about his past. Anti-colonialism holds the explanatory and predictive power that other critics have lacked by citing Marxism, Islam, or any other motivator. Obama didn't become president to help people live the American dream. He became president to execute HIS FATHER'S dream ("Dreams FROM My Father") of vastly reducing the power and influence of the big bad colonial United States. His policies haven't failed to make us a stronger country because that is not his goal. His policies have succeeded in weakening the U.S. in defense and economics, while beginning a transfer of wealth from the American rich to those less well-off (skyrocketing food-stamp recipients, etc), and from globally from richer to developing countries.

This book is thoroughly researched, footnoted, and documented. I'm looking forward to reading D'Souza's new book, Obama's America.
  BubbaCoop | Aug 27, 2012 |
To read this book, you must first decide to keep an open mind and accept the premises presented by D’Souza. As you read, or after you finish, you can decide for yourself if he is right or wrong, but if you completely reject his theory, from the get go, you are wasting your time even attempting to read this. You must think about the book’s premise that Obama is, and has been, guided by the father he didn’t know, the father who very much believed in the theory of anti-colonialism. Then, afterwards, decide for yourself if his theories hold any water. You may agree with some and reject others, but I don’t think you will reject all of them if you are indeed someone of independent thought who wants to learn more about the enigma currently “occupying” the White House.
If you accept, as D’Souza does, that Obama thinks of America as a colonial or imperialist power, it is easy to understand what motivates him. I found fault in the connection of some dots of today, to the dots of the past, since there is no real proof of their connection, although, there is a trend and a history of involvement with friends, religious advisors, professors and other mentors, who have decidedly anti-American views and who believe America needs to repent for the plunder of third world countries and is no longer, nor should it be, a superpower. Obama has made friends with our enemies and alienated our friends, he agrees with many of the precepts of the Arab nations and Islam, will not openly support Israel as other Presidents have, believes America is the villain, and he often offers apologies in his speeches for the past behavior of this country which has given him its highest honor.
Obama, according to the author, is the man to bring about the changes that will bring America out of its era of neo-colonialism, and probably, if his assumptions are correct, transform America, removing it from its position of dominance in the world. After seeing the movie 2016, based on two books by D’Souza, which present strong evidence for these assumptions by using Obama’s own words and voice in previous speeches, I am more inclined to give the theories additional credence.
Listening to Juan Williams, 8/23/12, on The Five, a Fox News program, justifying Obama’s lack of action in the Middle East, as not only acceptable but preferable, coupled with Obama’s attempt to reduce America’s military might and strength as a world power, lends even further credence to D’Souza’s theory that Obama wants to create an atmosphere in which people think America is wrong, has robbed the countries it has been involved with, of their natural resources, and owes them some kind of reparations. After all, they are the fat cats who have gotten rich on the backs of others, and that sure is Obama’s philosophy, in his own words, in his books and his speeches.
His hypocrisy is in clear evidence when you think of how he has curtailed energy production in our own country, while at the same time; he has encouraged it in Brazil, instead, granting them billions in aid to help them drill. Obama is hell-bent on making the rich fork over their hard earned money to those he deems less fortunate, whether or not they are deserving; he believes they are deserving because they have been abused by us, the “Ugly American” and “The Rich”. These are the policies of a flawed president. Try doing that in any other country that is in the free world and you will fail. If George Bush had tried these same tactics, these very same liberals who now bow at “the altar of Obama”, would be marching in the street. No longer are the Code Pink Ladies active; now there are Occupiers. Both were and are nothing more than political tools.
Still, there are many facts in this book which truly stretch the imagination and require the reader to make a giant leap of faith. Yet, there are probably more than an equal number that have their foundation in truth, and are provable,...i.e.: Obama obfuscates and misdirects; he presents an argument by presenting two extremes, the reality of which may be meaningless, and then he takes a middle road approach to the fantasy he himself has just created, setting forth a theory that has no foundation in reality. Since Obama is completely adored by the media, print and TV, he is in the enviable position of saying anything and walking on water, although there are times he should probably sink into the morass he has created.
His comments such as, if I had a son he would look like Trayvon Martin, or when he stuck up for an arrogant Harvard professor and berated the policeman with an impeccable reputation, are divisive, because unlike what he says, he has not risen above race at all. He overreacts and inserts himself into the fray when there is white on black crime, only for political purposes of race-baiting. He does not care about the facts, just the injustice he perceives where there is none. Yet, he remains silent when an obviously corrupt Justice Department throws out a case concerning the New Black Panther’s and voter fraud, even though there is video proof of their guilt. That case does not suit his purpose.
While I find some of the links between the people he has known, and his stepfather and father, to be interesting, I think they may stretch the reader’s imagination. However, it is obvious that he has been influenced by radicals for most of his life and these radicals have not been on the side of America. He seems to be a supporter of Black Liberation Theology and Anti-Colonialism. His actions show a proclivity to weakening America.
The reader can take these facts where they want them after they finish reading the book or after they see the movie “2016”, and they should check them out for themselves. However, if they are steeped in the liberal philosophy of the progressive and Democrat, regardless of the consequences, without a desire to educate themselves about both sides of the aisle, they should simply walk away and not even bother reading the book or seeing the movie.
Obama's truth appears to be whatever he says it is, regardless of whether or not it is true. The media will cover up his embellishments and downright lies, and a lie told often enough will become the truth to those who don’t check out the facts. This President has embellished his background; he has made statements which are fabricated and so have his surrogates, but no one will shout liar, they simply make excuses for him.
Essentially, D’Souza is trying to discover, who is this man sitting on the throne which heretofore never existed? He has the qualities of a chameleon, changing at will to please whatever audience he is addressing, and his gift of gab, rather than his qualifications, often propel him to success. D’Souza is trying to find out how the man who has assumed the mantle of a “godlike entity” was formed by his background and society. From the start, you realize that Obama is the product of rather left-leaning philosophies which, if exercised, would propel America into a spiral of a very different kind from which it spins in now. Radical ideas of radical philosophers affected him most in his early life and D’Souza gives examples of such men as Ayers, Davis, Nkruma, Marx, Reverend Wright, and of course, his biological father who abandoned him. It is almost as if he is asking the real Barack to please stand up, but will he? Does he even know who he really is?
His heroes do not come from the mainstream of American thought. The face Obama presented to America, during his campaign, is vastly different than the radical leftist he has become, the narcissist that believes he alone has the one right way for all of us, and he intends to drag us into his worldview, kicking and screaming if need be. D’Souza is hoping to find a way to stop him by exposing him. ( )
2 ääni thewanderingjew | Aug 25, 2012 |
After reading this book, it seems to now make sense on why this president is trying to destroy the leadership role of this country. ( )
2 ääni virg144 | Aug 23, 2011 |
Amazon: The Roots of Obama’s Rage reveals Obama for who he really is: a man driven by the anti-colonial ideology of his father and the first American president to actually seek to reduce America's strength, influence, and standard of living. Controversial and compelling, The Roots of Obama’s Rage is poised to be the one book that truly defines Obama and his presidency. A fantastic book that explains Obama's behavior and decisions. ( )
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2 ääni | caroren | Dec 11, 2010 |
näyttää 5/5
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Bestselling author D'Souza exposes how Obama's Hobbesian philosophy towards government is threatening not only economic and personal freedom, but America's national sovereignty as well.

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