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Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later…

Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later (vuoden 2011 painos)

– tekijä: Francine Pascal

JäseniäKirja-arvostelujaSuosituimmuussijaKeskimääräinen arvioMaininnat
3114264,760 (2.12)24
After she betrays her identical twin, Jessica Wakefield longs for forgiveness, but Elizabeth moves from Sweet Valley, California, to New York City and searches for the perfect revenge.
Teoksen nimi:Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later
Kirjailijat:Francine Pascal
Info:St. Martin's Press, Kindle Edition, 304 pages
Kokoelmat:Oma kirjasto
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Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later (tekijä: Francine Pascal)


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Näyttää 1-5 (yhteensä 42) (seuraava | näytä kaikki)
The literary equivalent of junk food: tastes good with little nutritional value. ( )
  mbellucci | Apr 10, 2021 |
"shades of cream highlighted by subtle threads of beige" AKA the entirety of Sweet Valley and everyone in it ( )
  Menshevixen | Oct 13, 2020 |
Ahhh, the Sweet Valley High books. I read them religiously as a preteen/teenager. Now we follow the Wakefield twins into adulthood and their distinctly different lives.

I think this series started me on my fondness for twins. Sure, the stories and characters were idealized and a little fanciful. But that's what makes good fiction. Best of all, the characters had identifiable flaws.

Personality-wise I identified more with Elizabeth (except the flawless beauty of course) than with her twin Jessica. But I was engrossed by their many adventures and day to day lives. The books were a nice escape.


Well, it's strange to see how the truth is masked by nostalgia. I think my fondness for the series was tempered by the fact I was a teenager and teenagers tend to not have the greatest taste in literature (the Twilight series being a prime example).

Basically, what I'm saying is the SVH series was the literary equivalent of Beverly Hills 90210. Your basic cheesy High School drama series.

In any case, in this particular book, we revisit the pretty, perfect California Wakefield twins ten years after they graduate High School. Elizabeth has moved away from Sweet valley, California and is a struggling writer in New York (is there any other kind?) writing for a small Off-Broadway review blog and living in a tiny apartment. Her once close relationship with her identical twin Jessica has been seemingly irreparably damaged after it was revealed that Jessica had been involved in a secret relationship with Elizabeth's fiance, the staid, stalwart Todd Wilkins.

This is the very same Todd Wilkins that Elizabeth has had a relationship with throughout almost the entire series and also with-whom she's had the warm fuzzies for since KINDERGARTEN. We find out later in a flashback (and there are a LOT of flashbacks in this book), that Jessica and Todd had sex once during their senior year of college five years prior. Granted they had secret meetings with one another over a period of one month in an out of the way diner.

So Liz leaves the two in a fury and flees to New York, stewing in her hate and disgust. Meanwhile, Jessica and Todd have moved in together and are planning to wed. Jessica is feeling tremendous amounts of guilt, not only for her betrayal eight months before the start of the story (which led to Liz moving to New York), but also for the initial affair five years previous.

The story is told mostly in the third person, but when we get to a particular plot point, the perspective shifts to the first person narrative and it can be a little confusing as to who's talking at first since it's used for several different characters throughout the book.

Also, we find out that the twins' older brother Steven is gay (which came out of the blue. I think because in order to be relevant to the times, there needed to be at least one gay character).

I don't know if Ms. Pascal wrote this book herself or had one of her ghostwriters do it. But the style seems uneven from the previous series. Jessica's vocabulary is very off in that she uses 'teenage' slang frequently when she never did in the book. It seems especially odd since she's now in her late twenties.

Also, is no one physically flawed in this book. Everyone has perfect hair, perfect breasts (well, the women do) and perfect teeth. They all have interesting jobs and impeccable fashion sense.

There's also swearing in this book when there never was in the original series. It seems very out of place. I guess it's to show this is a more 'mature' story. That and the sex (which is always fabulous, btw).

In the end, after a major fiasco at the twins' grandmother's 80th birthday party, they eventually make up when Liz realizes she fell out of love with Todd a long time ago but due to her committed personality, she never thought of leaving. Then, Liz hooks up with Bruce Patman (rich, gorgeous and a former jerkass), and they have awesome sex and they go to the wedding and things are fine.

I know this series is far from realistic, but I may be a little cynical anymore. I just hoped to have a little more depth to it is all. ( )
  DanielleBates | Sep 16, 2020 |
This is the spoiler-free version of my review of Sweet Valley Confidential: I hate it. I don't care about the poor quality of writing and the grammatical errors that should've been picked up by an editor. I don't even care that it's ridiculously trashy. I do, however, care that there is no respect at all shown for the characters that so many people out there love, often against their better judgement.

The twins are all wrong. Bruce is unrecognisable. Lila is barely present. Cara makes me want to cry. Enid has a serious case of the WTFs. Todd doesn't make me want to punch him, so he must be the most OOC of them all :D Seriously, this wasn't a ten-years-on affair, it was a complete AU, in which all of the characters are replaced by doppelgangers with the same names but completely different personalities.

We're told about a thousand times that Elizabeth is perfect in this book, but I found her even more obnoxious than she was in the Senior Year and Elizabeth series.

Oh, and Pascal should be banned from writing about gay relationships. I've read slash fanfic written by 13yo straight girls that felt more authentic than this. I actually have much greater reservations than that, but due to spoilers, they'll be restricted to my blog.

Finally, the continuity errors in this book were many and inexcusable. If you want to ignore all canon other than SVH canon, that's fine – and is what happened in several of the series. But getting the actual SVH canon wrong is just plain lazy. Steven is not a year older than the twins. Bruce is. IT'S NOT THAT HARD.

  Tara_Calaby | Jun 22, 2020 |
Beautiful blonde twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield are now 27 years old. Something has happened so that Elizabeth is furious with Jessica, and she will not speak to her sister. Elizabeth is now living in New York and working as a writer for a small newspaper, whereas Jess is still in Sweet Valley.

I know the book has had a lot of negative reviews, but I’m still rating it “ok”. It’s been 30+ years since I read about these characters (and even then, I only read some of the original series, Sweet Valley High – I was a bit older and had lost interest by the time the Sweet Valley Twins came out when they were younger and I’m not even sure when Sweet Valley University came out!), and I enjoyed reading about them again and seeing what had happened (even if there was a lot of crap that had happened). I still remembered the majority of the characters.

The story jumps between Elizabeth and Jessica and back and forth in time. This book, I thought was not far off from a lot of chick lit – very soap opera-like. I didn’t like some of the outcomes of the characters I read so much of when I was younger, but I didn’t think the story was really so terrible (again, in comparison to other chick lit). Though some of the characters really didn’t seem to have grown up much, I still found it somewhat entertaining, and it was a fast read. ( )
  LibraryCin | Feb 3, 2019 |
Näyttää 1-5 (yhteensä 42) (seuraava | näytä kaikki)
How excited was I when I first learned of this book coming out? OVERJOYED!! The original Sweet Valley series (Sweet Valley Twins) was the very first series that I ever read. I truly believe that this series started my love of reading... the desire to get more information, read further. These two were my friends while I was moving all over the place through my tweens.

After reading a number of reviews from like-minded individuals; others who were excited to read the 'where are they now' novel, I was so worried about it. Let's just say, they weren't overly kind. However, I was pleasantly surprised and actually found myself enjoying the book.

Now, it wasn't perfect. Seeing Elizabeth, the perfect, do-no-wrong sister, in a completely different setting/light - in the fight of her life with her sister, Jessica; having moved across the country; and dealing with a break-up with her long-time boyfriend, Todd - I felt a little violated. Elizabeth doesn't swear; Elizabeth doesn't hate; Elizabeth doesn't drink, sleep around or even think of it. That's just not the 'down-home' girl that I grew up admiring. It was so strange. Jessica, yes; Elizabeth, NO WAY! But, that's who she was now and as I got into the heart of the matter, it made sense.

The back and forth between current and past (high school/college) was great. Having not read all of the Sweet Valley High books, it was nice to have the reminder of what was going on 'back in the day'. In fact, my favourite part of the book was the recap at the end... finding out where all the characters, that I knew and loved, were and how they were fairing in the current world.

One change that I would make, the pictures on the inside front & back of the book. Really, these two use Twitter and Facebook... nope, can't see it. Some updated pics would have gone a loooooong way for me. But, then again, these are the girls as we remember them.

Overall, the book was worth the read. Would I recommend it to anyone... no, but if you were a Sweet Valley fan, you'll want to read it.
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For my darling daughter, Jaime Stewart
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Elizabeth had turned the key in the Fox lock, releasing a heavy metal bar that scraped across the inside of the front door with an impressive prison-gate sound, and was about to attack the Segal lock when the phone in the apartment started to ring.
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Then he kissed her. Bruce Patman kissed her! That had never happened before. Not while she was conscious anyway, but that's a long story.
Besides, the possibility of Elizabeth Wakefield cheating on anything or anyone was near impossible. That was her reputation and, truth is, it was deserved.
It continued with no sign of letup until Alice Wakefield threw down her napkin and louder than anyone, in a voice few had ever heard, stunned them all into silence.

Ned, she shouted. Bring out the fucking cake!
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After she betrays her identical twin, Jessica Wakefield longs for forgiveness, but Elizabeth moves from Sweet Valley, California, to New York City and searches for the perfect revenge.

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