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Shaman King, Vol. 29 – tekijä: Hiroyuki…

Shaman King, Vol. 29 (vuoden 2010 painos)

– tekijä: Hiroyuki Takei (Tekijä)

Sarjat: Shaman King (29)

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291649,532 (3.83)-
Finally, the shaman slugfest we've all been waiting for: Yoh Asakura vs. Tao Ren! Yoh wants to keep the contest clean, but Ren has other ideas. His crew strikes hard and fast and quickly has Team Yoh on the ropes. Get ready for the biggest Shaman King shocker of them all!
Teoksen nimi:Shaman King, Vol. 29
Kirjailijat:Hiroyuki Takei (Tekijä)
Info:VIZ Media LLC (2010), 192 pages
Kokoelmat:Oma kirjasto
Arvio (tähdet):

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Shaman King, Volume 29: The Shaman Fight Shakedown (tekijä: Hiroyuki Takei)


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Title: The Shaman Fight Shakedown
Series: Shaman King #29
Author: Hiroyuki Takei
Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars
Genre: Manga
Pages: 192
Format: Digital Copy


Some guy on the beach gets a call from Mr Oyamada and he tells him that all of Hao's minions on the beach, who were going to destroy them, have destroyed themselves. Oyamada makes it clear that he is after the Great Spirit itself, for all the power it contains.

We then flashback to the Oyamada minion taking down all of Hao's minions with modern weaponry. He, and by extension, Mr Oyamada, don't believe in souls and so the Shaman's powers simply don't work against him. A few of Hao's minions survive and warn him of his minion's demise. Hao simply shrugs, says he needs more mana and tells the survivors to sacrifice themselves so he can devour their souls.

Anna begins to fight Hao but Hao reveals his powered up (yet again) Oversoul and begins taunting Anna. If she can't save herself, how is she supposed to save Hao's minions, who might not even want to be saved? Yoh shows up and tells Hao that Anna is simply Anna.

Anna brings the minions back to their place and Yoh and Hao have coffee at a Patch coffee shop. Hao seems to revel in the fact that he's destroying anyone to become stronger while Yoh acts like a stoner.

Mikihisa, Yoh's dad, comes across the massacre on the beach and starts doing some kind of ceremony. Sati revives Lady Jeanne so that together they can resurrect the rest of their allies.

Yoh and Ren have a little talk and Ren shows that he thinks the only way to stop Hao is to kill him. Yoh doesn't believe it is that simple and that Hao still has a heart. The next shaman fight is between Team Ren and Yoh's team and they're fighting for their belief in how to deal with Hao.

Horohoro and Ren immediately take out Faust and Ryu, so as to isolate Yoh. Yoh reveals his mana neutralizing powers and Ren answers with his own power of nature using lightning. Both sides are going all out but only Yoh is completely certain in his mind. Suddeny Lyserg appears and stops the fight and Sati pulls out all of her teams, thus ensuring that both Team Ren and Yoh advance.

The Asakura's and the Tao's get together to figure out how their collective families can taken down Hao and deal with whatever Mr Oyamada is trying to do.

Despite the shenanigans pulled by Sati and her Gandala teams, Team Ren makes it clear they are going to finish their fight against Yoh. Lyserg steps in to cover for Ryu and Faust. The fight WILL continue.

The volume ends with a shot of the ship owned by Mr Oyamada and something going overboard.

My Thoughts:

This was a really twisty, turny volume. The idea that non-shamans are getting involved ratchets this up even more but in a way that I fully support. It is different from the shamans just endlessly powering up and pulling new powers out of their butts.

In the last review I was talking about how I missed Manta and in this volume, he plays a very small part but it is extremely pertinent. He's asking himself why he is even there. I'm really hoping that his friendship with Yoh will be one of the deciding factors in the final battle. Especially given that everyone now knows just how powerful Hao truly is. He is unbeatable and no one has the raw power to defeat him. I doubt even the 5 Warriors with a spirit ally could do it.

The Patch continue to sit on the sidelines and have their own little behind the scenes game and I still hate them. Sati and Gandala manipulating the fight seems a bit amateur to me. If the Shaman Fight has been going on for thousands of years, someone of a tactical mind would have already done something like it and I'm sure the bloody Patch would then institute rules to prevent such manipulation. You know, people were still pretty smart even 500 years ago. Technology doesn't equal intelligence.

With only 3 volumes to go, I suspect this is going to end extremely fast. And that the Power of Friendship will solve everything. I mean, you can't have a fighting shonen manga without that trope!

★★★☆½ ( )
  BookstoogeLT | Jul 16, 2019 |
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Finally, the shaman slugfest we've all been waiting for: Yoh Asakura vs. Tao Ren! Yoh wants to keep the contest clean, but Ren has other ideas. His crew strikes hard and fast and quickly has Team Yoh on the ropes. Get ready for the biggest Shaman King shocker of them all!

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