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Book Depot is one of North America's largest sellers of Bargain Books. Our prices can't be beat! We try to stock a bit of everything but if you can't find what you're looking for head over to our website to place an order.

We also carry a wide variety of Melissa & Doug products for Kids, bookmarks, greeting cards, maps, and the Ministry of Transportation handbooks.
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A large warehouse style retail store which was previously called Book Depot and has now re-branded under the name Book Outlet. The re-branding took place in Sept of 2013.

The store is quite large but does feature a ton of categories with signs placed over the bays of product. There are also hanging signs from the ceiling that help guide you through the maze of books.

Lots of deals to be had in their Scratch & Dent section where the books are laid out by category and include items that are dinged up or have some tears on the covers. These books are less than $10. The favoured price points seem to be $1, $2, $3, $5 and $10.

Their Box Sales which take place in the back warehouse are a huge event that is essentially books on tables and quickly becomes a free for all as you fill a box of books for $30. The sale usually happens twice a year.

Since the re-branding they have made a number of large improvements including paving the parking lot, new signage, painting, landscaping, new layout within the store, and ordering a ton of new product. They've also begun carrying other items that they didn't previously including maps, Ministry of Transportation guides, stickers, posters, journals, etc.

The previous comment made mention of the annual Boxing Week sale -- I don't believe they do it at 50% off anymore.
elokuu 2013 (tekijä: EnemyOne)
A warehouse store for remaindered books. This isn't the place to do if you're only looking for one or two specific books, because chances are they won't have what you're looking for. Instead, set aside a few hours to browse the huge space, and if you're lucky, you'll find some great books at discount prices.

Trade paperbacks and hardcovers alike generally retail for $7-$10, while mass market paperbacks go for even less. The store also has lots of non-fiction of all kinds, and even audiobooks.

The scratch-and-dent section is a disorganized mess where, with some perseverance, you may find a damaged (ripped cover, dented spine, etc.) book for $1-$2.

At least once a year, there is a sale at the warehouse in nearby Thorold, where you can fill a large cardboard box full of box for $30, which usually works out to about $1/book or less.

Every year, between Boxing Day and New Year's, everything in the store is lowered to half price during the Christmas sale.
maaliskuu 2008 (tekijä: Enyonam)