The Community Book Center

2523 Bayou Rd
New Orleans, LA

United States

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I'll never forget the one time, I, a white dude, went into this militantly pro-black book store (don't let its nondescript name fool you) in a primarily-black neighborhood. This was about 2 years ago. I stopped in because it was down the block from one of the best record stores in town, Domino Sound Record Shack. I was literally not looked at, greeted or aided by any of the employees while I strolled around for a few minutes and looked at books with titles like Black Hands, White Sails, and biographies of various Black Panthers. This is coming from someone who bought Malcolm X's autobiography yesterday, and who has always been very open-minded towards black struggles and uncovering the long history of we white people being dicks to minorities. Anyway, this store might come in handy if you have to glean information on some of the more sundry aspects of race relations in America, but expect to be treated solely based on the color of skin, not the content of your character, when you walk through their door.
marraskuu 2010 (tekijä: YESterNOw)