Mythology, inspiration and parallels

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Mythology, inspiration and parallels

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kesäkuu 9, 2010, 5:03 pm

We all know Faulkner loved to entwine ancient mythology, be it Greek or Hebrew or Christian, into the core of his stories. Was there a pattern to it? Did his interests evolve between 1929 and his last works?

I became well-versed in how he incorporated these stories into Absalom, Absalom! and As I Lay Dying, but I'm not too familiar in their use (if any) in the Sound & the Fury and Sanctuary. Could anyone share?

If anyone knows enough that they could somehow amass all of Faulkner's uses of classical mythology in one single place book by book, I'd love to see something of the sort here...which is asking too much, I knowwwwww. :(