Would you like to review a green book?

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Would you like to review a green book?

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Muokkaaja: lokakuu 12, 2009, 4:17pm

Hi All,

There is a a campaign running on the Eco-Libris blog, entitled "It's Time for a Green Book": 1 Day, 100 bloggers, 100 green books, 100 reviews.

The idea is to have 100 bloggers, who review books on regular basis, simultaneously publish on Tuesday, November 10 2009, their book review of a "green book" of their choice. Green books are printed sustainably using recycled or FSC certified paper. We want to use the power of the internet and social media to promote "green" books and increase the awareness of both publishers and readers to the way books can be printed responsibly and sustainably.

We already have about 80 bloggers that will take part in the campaign, but we still have great green books that are available and are waiting for a blogger that will take them home for review such as:

No Such Thing as a Free Ride?: A Collection of Hitchhiking Tales by Simon and Tom Sykes (travel)

The Players by Margaret Sweatman (fiction)

Merchant Kings by Stephen Bown (history)

Sacred Commerce: Business as a Path of Awakening by Matthew Engelhart and Terces Engelhart (business)

The War in the Country - How the Fight to Save Rural Life will Shape Our Future by Thomas Pawlick (Environment)

The Horned Viper by Gill Harvey (Children's books)

You can find the full and updated list of available books at http://www.ecolibris.net/greenbookscampaign.pdf - just look at the books the books not colored (yet) in green.

So if you're a blogger and you wish to review one of these books that would be great! Just email Eco-Libris at raz@ecolibris.net or contact me here on LT.