Books with Trollope references

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Books with Trollope references

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maaliskuu 31, 2009, 5:55 pm

Thought of y'all when I unexpectedly ran across this in my current book: Solos by Kitty Burns Florey ...

"The Trollope group meets there on the last Tuesday of each month ... This month, the group is discussing Dr. Wortle's School, Trollope's fortieth novel, which he famously wrote in two days in 1879."
Several pages of a group discussion of that story follow.
"For the next time, they decide to read Miss Mackenzie."

The protagonist does make (subsequent) reference to things Trollopean thereafter. Imagine - a group of people who get together at a place of public accommodation in Brooklyn one night a month to debate the finer points of a Trollope book!

Solos is proving better than I'd anticipated, with a palindromically-named protagonist, who lives in a palindromic zip code (11211); the chapter headings are plaindromes as well (I've just finished "Oh! cameras are macho!").

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 8, 2009, 2:40 am

HA! Just read the lone LT review of Solos " and ran across this observation: "it's not very realistic to think that one would know so many people who like to sit around and discuss Trollope. " Well, for one, here we all are online, and then it could very well happen in Brooklyn - it really is an extraordinary place. I lived in the Carroll Gardens section (south of Brooklyn Heights) while in business school and still have a soft spot for the borough. And the bagels.

I've mentioned a few books with AT references over in the Trollope Sightings thread.