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helmikuu 24, 2009, 12:10pm

I recently had an 8 month stay in Uganda and while I was there I read a lot of books about Africa, not specific travel books but narratives. My favorite was "Running with the moon" by something Bealby. It's about a guy who loses his fiance and decides to ride to South Africa from England. Along the way he has crazy adventures and once in S.A. he decides to ride back. He does it all on a motorcycle and discusses his life with his fiance throughout the book. Basically, this is the worst synopsis ever but I highly, highly, recommend it.

Another good one is "Shake hands with the devil". This discusses the problems and failures of the U.N. during the genocide in Rwanda. Fascinating but detail oriented if that's a problem for you.

The were just but two of the books amongst the many I read but let us know your Africa books!

Muokkaaja: maaliskuu 1, 2009, 12:16am

Speaking of Uganda, I'm currently reading Riding the Desert Trail by Bettina Selby, who travelled largely, though not exclusively, by bicycle from Alexandria, Egypt to the source of the Nile in Uganda a generation ago.

A good narrative on Rwanda would be Land of a Thousand Hills by Rosamond Halsey Carr, who's lived in that country almost continuously since the 1950's.

There's also Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, containing her childhood in Somalia and Kenya, and Traversa by Fran Sandham - the story of his walk from Namibia's Atlantic coast across the continent to Zanzibar.

maaliskuu 8, 2009, 7:55pm

So many really good books by any standard about Africa include:

Angry wind : through Muslim Black Africa by truck, bus, boat, and camel byJeffrey Tayler about the Sahel

Another hilarious Land Rover journey is Malaria Dreams, An African Adventure by Stuart Stevens

Blood river: journey to Africa's broken heartby Tim Butcher about the Congo is a serious look at a tragic country

Alexandra Fuller's book about growing up in Zimbabwe, Don't let's go to the dogs tonight : an African childhood and her later book Scribbling the Cat, travels wlith an African Soldier

And, of course, Paul Theroux's Dark Star Safari : overland from Cairo to Cape Town is a classic.

maaliskuu 8, 2009, 8:44pm

Alan Moorehead's The Whire Nile and The Blue Nile.
Bergeijk, Jeroen Van My Mercedes is Not for Sale: From Amsterdam to Ouagadougou...An Auto-Misadventure Across the Sahara

Bill Bryson's African Diary

Kuki Gallmann, I Dreamed of Africa and African Nights

Joan Baxter A Serious Pair of Shoes, An African Journal and Dust from our eyes: an unblinkered look at Africa. The latter is non-fiction and takes a good look at West Africa and how governments and companies are run - certainly not for the benifit of the Africans.