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Suggested Viewing Style

Tämä viestiketju on "uinuva" —viimeisin viesti on vanhempi kuin 90 päivää. Ryhmä "virkoaa", kun lähetät vastauksen.

syyskuu 15, 2008, 9:59am

I always edit using style A because I tweaked it to contain private comments and entry date for ease of amendment and sorting but this wasn't the best viewing style for others (private comments being a wasted field and entry date not really relevant..)

I've set style B as a preferred viewing style so that it's recommended to people viewing the library. I've left off the cover picture option because I thought the bigger the library, the slower the load and anything that cuts that down would be good. I've included 'Comments' so that the additional info is included in library view but I've kept other fields to minimum so there's more space for comments to show.

If you guys don't like it, change it with pleasure!

syyskuu 15, 2008, 10:30am

Looks great klarusu. I was thinking we probably should set a suggested view, so you win! Have an awesome prize. :-)

syyskuu 15, 2008, 11:07am

Yay me! I win the prize of knowledge as I've learnt loads by inputting data today (got to go into the lab tomorrow though so I have to do my real job!)

We should get some BannedBook related photo for the profile...