Reviews of Obama and McCain Autobiographies

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Reviews of Obama and McCain Autobiographies

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syyskuu 7, 2008, 9:31pm

At the next meeting of our book review group, I'm reviewing Faiths of My Fathers, an autobiography by John McCain. This will be paired with a review by another member of The Audacity of Hope by Barak Obama. We are expecting a large turnout for this session where we will let each candidate speak for himself.

syyskuu 9, 2008, 7:51am

Cool! I haven't read Audacity yet, but I did read and happen to adore Dreams from my Father which Obama wrote long before he had any political aspirations. His writing style is simply amazing.

I have two of McCain's books as well, but haven't gotten around to reading them yet.

Please come back and tell us what you think of them!