Dilemma - what to do about 200+ copied reviews by one person (maybe)


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Dilemma - what to do about 200+ copied reviews by one person (maybe)

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heinäkuu 17, 2008, 8:18 pm

While browsing a library I clicked on a book that sounded interesting and read the reviews. One had been given a red abuse flag but didn't seem abusive.

I considered Green Flagging it but wondered if it might be a copied review or the description from the back of the book, so before taking any action I went to the persons profile to check the rest of their reviews.

They have between 200 - 300 books reviewed, a handful with both red and blue flags.

The reason seems to be that nearly every single review they have appears to be copied from elsewhere. They are giving credit to the places they have taken them from (publishers weekly, amazon) and are quoting the praise that appears on the book jackets (for example Stephen King praising a Peter Struab book).

A few reviews appear to be genuine but as I got further down their list they had even written No Review For This Found Yet, which seemed pretty clear to me that they were looking for one to copy. Some reviews were marked to indicate they were taken from the book jacket blurb.

I don't know what to do. Should I contact the person and suggest they change all their copied reviews? Am I confused and are copied reviews allowed if credit is given. Should I flag all 200+ reviews myself or at least the ones that give indications they are copied.

I'm kind of a reluctant review flagger and don't want to get into a discussion with someone about how they should be managing their review system but if I am right and unauthorised copied reviews are not allowed then this person has the biggest collection of them I have come across. If I am wrong and it's okay, sorry for wasting time asking.


heinäkuu 17, 2008, 10:20 pm

Either send them a note telling them they are violating the TOS (nicely, assume they don't know it, maybe suggest moving them to the private comments) or flag them or both. It is not allowed. Flagging them into oblivion will NOT remove them from their catalog just remove them from view and if they remove the reviews the flags will go away. (in theory)

heinäkuu 18, 2008, 4:38 pm


Of course unauthorized copied reviews aren't allowed! Let us know the offending library and we can help red-flag them.

(There have been a few instances before of massive review-copying, all of children's and YA books, which appear to have been done as part of a college class!)