A New Group for Fans Who Love This One

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A New Group for Fans Who Love This One

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kesäkuu 16, 2008, 8:00 pm

In keeping with a discussion about groups other LT members were starting for some of the smaller presses I enjoy (Virago, NYRB Classics), I began a group for Felony and Mayhem Press, a small mystery/espionage imprint which rescues worthy but obscure or neglected works, quirky titles (Peter Dickinson's King and Joker a notable find), past classics. Some of you probably own them? Most of their reprints are, indeed, British & Irish.

Unusual creativity and quality seem privileged. They reprint several genres - historical mystery and espionage among them - use an emblem to distinguish each, and usually include recommendations or type descriptions on the back of the book. (For appealing Anglophilic cozies, they began by republishing Edmund Crispin, Elizabeth Daly, etc.) I have one or two more unusual books, (by Peter Dickinson; Robert Barnard's (Out of the Blackout); and a longing for others (as, The Smoke, by Tony Broadbent). Unfortunately, I don't have many.... in actual Felony & Mayhem editions!

The group is here:


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