Squeaky is puzzling in 2024 - 3rd Quarter

Keskustelu75 Books Challenge for 2024

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Squeaky is puzzling in 2024 - 3rd Quarter

Muokkaaja: Eilen, 10:43 am

(Continued from here.)

This year I've been dedicating my threads to a fun pastime that I started doing more often during the pandemic...jigsaw puzzles! I'm posting on this thread pictures of puzzles that I've completed with my family and friends.

When I'm not puzzling, I'm either trying out new recipes, reading, playing Pokemon GO, walking to fight my newly diagnosed osteoporosis, visiting with family or friends, gardening, or working on my TIOLI challenges.

Here are my 2024 stats so far:

Pages Read YTD: 2,795
Pages Read per Day: stable at 14
Books in My To Read list: increased to 403
Bookcrossing Books in My Home (to eventually be released elsewhere): increased to 2,054

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"Beyond Calm Waters" by Schmidt, 1000 pieces

1. BookCrossing meetup at Park Potomac, Maryland. It was fun as always.

12. Grandma, Grandpa, and Me - Stuart Hample & Eric Marshall - TIOLI #6: Read a book by an author any of whose names begin or end with either J, U, L, or Y (L) - 96 pages
13. They Were Good Germans Once - Evelyn Toynton - TIOLI #13: Read a book for the Zodiac challenge (Cancer), having an emotion in the title (good) - 161 pages
14. Salvador Dali A-Z for Children - Belinda Hollyer - TIOLI #10: The first word of the book's title is longer than the second word - 58 pages

15. My Seven Black Fathers - Will Jawando - TIOLI #1: Read a biography or autobiography about a person of multi-racial identity- 14/228 pages = 6%

16. Of Mice and Men - in memory of Anita Meulstee
17. Four Fish - Paul Greenberg - 5/256 pages = 2%
18. In Praise of Shadows - 51/73 pages = 70%
19. If You Can't Say Anything Nice, Say it in Yiddish - Lita Epstein - 5/198 pages = 2%

Muokkaaja: Eilen, 10:40 am


C. Monet - Monet's Garden" by Eurographics, 1,000 pieces

1. BookCrossing meetup in Virginia somewhere :D

Not yet



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"Van Gogh Cafe Terrace at Night" by Eurographics, 1,000 pieces


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kesäkuu 23, 9:35 pm

Happy new thread dear lady. x

kesäkuu 23, 9:36 pm

>4 SqueakyChu: That was quick, Paul! LOL! Thanks! :)

kesäkuu 23, 10:12 pm

>6 SqueakyChu: Yes, I am caffeine fueled this morning and waiting news on the arrival of my daughter and granddaughter. They were delayed by a power outage in Manchester and have missed their connecting flight from Doha. There is a strong possibility that they will be on the flight arriving at about 9 pm here (six hours late).

kesäkuu 23, 10:18 pm

>7 PaulCranswick: I wish them safe travels....and may they both get to you soon!

kesäkuu 23, 10:23 pm

Happy new thread, Madeline. For what it's worth, none of the pictures you posted (of puzzles, I am guessing) are showing for me. Your pictures have always been viewable before so not sure what's up but thought I would mention it.

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>9 jessibud2: Oh, no! I'll have to go back and fix it all. Thanks for letting me know. The reason they didn't show up is because I had not first posted them to this website. I was trying to do a quicker version (which did not work, obviously).

kesäkuu 23, 10:39 pm

Happy new thread, Madeline. And what beautiful puzzles! I'm not familiar with Eurographics, I'll have to go look for those.

kesäkuu 23, 10:51 pm

>11 atozgrl: Thank you, Irene. Eurographics is a wonderful brand. Since we joined the puzzle rental service, Completing The Puzzle, I have been introduced to some very fine puzzle brands which I had not even heard of before.

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The puzzles are showing up for me now by the way.

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>13 PaulCranswick: I discovered what I did wrong and fixed it. Thanks for letting me know, Paul.

kesäkuu 24, 12:49 am

Happy New Thread, Madeline. Lovely puzzles! Monet's Garden and Van Gogh Cafe Terrace at Night look very challenging! Bravo to you and Jose.

kesäkuu 24, 1:31 am

>15 vancouverdeb: Thanks, Deb. Monet’s Garden was impossible! I promised my husband he didn’t have to do it again, but I loved the challenge of it.

kesäkuu 25, 1:02 pm

Happy new thread, Madeline!

kesäkuu 25, 2:30 pm

>17 drneutron: Thanks, Jim. Stay cool in this sizzling weather!

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12. Grandma, Grandpa and Me: Stuff Kids Tell Us - Stuart Hample & Eric Marshall


TIOLI #6: Read a book by an author any of whose names begin or end with either J, U, L, or Y (L)

This is such a beautiful book with pearls of wisdom about grandparents from school age-children. I love what each of them says. This is a very special collection. I also loved the introduction which brought me, being a grandma (savta) myself, to tears.

Rating: 5

The comments and observations here were collected over a number of years. They reveal certain things children know or feel about their grandparents. They also remind us that grandparents, connecting time past and time present are a vital part of our history and of who we are. And they are one of God's great gifts.

Muokkaaja: heinäkuu 11, 10:09 pm

13. They Were Good Germans Once - Evelyn Toynton

TIOLI #13:
Read a book for the Zodiac challenge (Cancer), having an emotion in the title (good)

The author takes us on a tour of her family, those German Jews closest to her who survived the Nazi era of WWII and immigrated to the United States. It was not particularly the individuals she describes in this book, but the moving nostalgia of being a child and relative of a German Jewish survivor that particularly appealed to me. Many of the descriptions she used in telling about her relatives I also experienced being the American daughter of a German Jewish survivor of Nazi Germany who immigrated to the United States. A few things I remembered from my dad, such as not knowing Yiddish, reading the Aufbau, having German as a mother tongue…all of those made me pause and remember him, whom I loved so much and who had quite a few of the attributes of the author’s family.

This was a lovely read. I was not before familiar with this author, but I find her writing excellent and would love to read more of her works.

Rating - 4.5

She may have read the New York Times occasionally, but more often it was the Aufbau, the newspaper for German Jews published in upper Manhattan from the '30s right through the beginning of this century.