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Lori (thornton37814) reads and stitches in 2024 - thread 2

toukokuu 3, 7:07 pm

Welcome to my second thread of the year.

I'm Lori Thornton, a librarian, genealogist, and cross-stitcher, residing in beautiful East Tennessee. My favorite genre is the mystery. I also enjoy historical fiction, although I'm not a huge fan of dual timelines which seem to be overused. I sing in my church choir. I usually manage to read over 100 books/year. I'm a little behind at the moment, but I'm hoping I can make up for lost ground.

I also participate in the category challenge so you may see the categories listed in my posts. I always include them in the opening thread for your reference. My categories are cross stitch design companies.

My 2024 categories are:

1. Country Cottage Needleworks - Cozy mysteries
2. Plum Street Samplers - Police & Detective mysteries
3. Rosewood Manor - History & Genealogy (or historical fiction)
4. Shakespeare's Peddler - Classics
5. Prairie Schooler - Children's Literature
6. Shepherd's Bush - Christmas books
7. Heartstring Samplery - Amish & Christian Fiction
8. Praiseworthy Stitches - Christian Non-Fiction
9. Blue Flower - Food & Garden
10. Sweet Wing Studio - Needle Arts
11. Blackbird Designs - Other fiction & literature
12. Ink Circles - Other non-fiction

Abandoned reads will go in the "My Big Toe" category.

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Books 1-10

1. The Girls Who Fought Crime: The Untold True Story of the Country's First Female Investigator and Crime-Fighting Squads by Mari K. Eder - completed 6 January 2024
2. Penny for Your Secrets by Anna Lee Huber - completed 12 January 2024
3. A World of Curiosities by Louise Penny - completed 14 January 2024
4. The English Village: History and Traditions by Martin Wainwright - completed 14 January 2024
5. Lucy by the Sea by Elizabeth Strout - completed 17 January 2024
6. A Sampler View of Colonial Life by Mary Cobb; illustrated by Jan Davey Ellis - completed 23 January 2024
7. The Quilting Bee by Gail Gibbons - completed 23 January 2024
8. Canary Girls by Jennifer Chiaverini - completed 25 January 2024
9. Vanishing Cornwall by Daphne DuMaurier - completed 26 January 2024
10. Praying God's Will for Your Life by Stormie Omartian - completed 28 January 2024

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Books 11-20

11. Cold Threat by Nancy Mehl - completed 30 January 2024
12. Painful Passage, Joyful Journey: A Memoir, the Story of God and Me by Susan A. Cooper - completed 1 February 2024
13. Murder at Half Moon Gate by Andrea Penrose - completed 3 February 2024
14. A Love Discovered by Tracie Peterson - completed 8 February 2024
15. The Forgotten Recipe by Amy Clipston - completed 13 February 2024
16. Cat's Paw by Roger Scarlett - completed 13 February 2024
17. Hidden Scars by Mark De Castrique - completed 21 February 2024
18. Balladz by Sharon Olds - completed 26 February 2024
19. The Great Disappearance: 31 Ways to Be Rapture Ready by David Jeremiah - completed 28 February 2024
20. Murder, Simply Stitched by Isabella Alan - completed 29 February 2024

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Muokkaaja: toukokuu 3, 7:28 pm

Book 31. Chapter and Curse by Elizabeth Penney - completed 15 April 2024

toukokuu 3, 7:08 pm

Book 32. Vera Wong's Unsolicited Advice for Murderers by Jesse Q. Sutanto

Date Completed: 30 April 2024 (It may have been a few days earlier; I don't remember.)

Rating: 4 stars

Category: Country Cottage Needleworks

Source: Knox County Public Library audiobook

Review: This is perhaps the most fun mystery I've read in a long time. Vera Wong, proprietor of "Vera Wang's World Famous Teahouse" in Chinatown, only has one regular customer these days. The place is run-down and a bit grimy. She's lonley, and her son doesn't seem to spend much time with her. She's surprised when she goes down one morning and finds a corpse in her tea room. Before the police arrive, she very helpful outlines the corpse's body in Sharpie and takes the only piece of evidence that might make the police think it is murder. She has watched this on TV. How hard can it be? The perpetrator is likely to revisit the scene of the crime. She immediately comes up with suspects--a man saying he is a reporter, a woman saying she has a true crime podcast, the man's brother, and the man's widow who was accompanied by their small daughter. She begins her process of elimination. Readers (and listeners) will be amused by the story as it unfolds. As Vera gets to know her suspects, she doesn't really want it to be any of them. I figured it out early on even though I knew the solution might be a bit of a stretch. Turns out that was exactly what happened. I even figured out she broke into her own teashop when that happened. Even though the mystery itself may fall a little shorter than the rating I'm giving, the enjoyment pushed it up. It's one I'm unlikely to forget in the future.

toukokuu 3, 8:11 pm

Book 33. Song of the Closing Doors: Poems by Patrick Phillips

Date Completed: 30 April 2024

Rating: 3.5 stars

Category: Blackbird Designs

Source: University library book

Review: I enjoyed many of the author's poems, but several featured a little more booze, cigarettes, and cursing than my comfort level tolerates.

toukokuu 3, 8:20 pm

Happy new thread, Lori!

toukokuu 3, 8:21 pm

Happy new thread, Lori. Must be the latest in the year that you have gotten to before renewing your thread.

toukokuu 3, 8:22 pm

Happy new thread Lori!

toukokuu 3, 8:22 pm

HAppy new one!

toukokuu 3, 8:39 pm

>8 drneutron: Thanks.

>9 PaulCranswick: It's the latest in a long time! I'm behind on things because life is just busy right now. I started a chunkster in April, and I'm about halfway through it, I suspect, if that far. (It's over 1000 pages.) I have a few others in progress so I may have some completions soon.

>10 quondame: Thanks.

>11 figsfromthistle: Thank you.

toukokuu 3, 9:23 pm

>6 thornton37814: I am going to have to see if I can find a copy of that one! It sounds fun! Thanks for the review and recommendation, Lori.

Happy new thread! Have a wonderful weekend!

toukokuu 3, 10:48 pm

Happy New Thread!

toukokuu 3, 11:09 pm

Happy new thread, Lori!

toukokuu 4, 1:24 am

Happy new thread, Lori. Good to see that you enjoyed Vera Wong's Unsolicited Advice for Murders. That caught my eye in an airport bookshop and came home with me but I haven't cracked the covers yet.

toukokuu 4, 5:46 am

Happy new thread, Lori!

toukokuu 4, 7:31 am

>13 alcottacre: I hope you locate a copy and that you enjoy it as much as I did. Vera amused me. I listened to the audiobook, and I often found myself laughing out loud at her.

>14 SilverWolf28: >15 atozgrl: >17 FAMeulstee: Thanks everyone!

>16 Familyhistorian: I hope you get to it soon. It's not your typical mystery, but it is fun! I was telling a colleague about it, and she decided she wants to read it too.

toukokuu 4, 12:01 pm

Happy new thread, Lori! Have a wonderful Sunday!

toukokuu 4, 10:28 pm

>6 thornton37814: This does sound fun, Lori.

Happy new thread.

toukokuu 7, 12:41 pm

Happy new thread! Glad you enjoyed Vera Wong -- like you, I enjoyed it more for the characters than the mystery.

toukokuu 7, 8:32 pm

>19 SirThomas: Thanks

>20 BLBera: Several people who've already read it commented that they liked it!

>21 foggidawn: It was just a refreshing change from so many.

toukokuu 7, 9:05 pm

Book 34. The Coffee Corner by Amy Clipston

Date completed: 7 May 2024

Category: Heartstring Samplery

Source: Tennessee Reads digital audiobook

Rating: 4 stars

Review: Bethany operates the coffee corner in Bird-in-Hand's marketplace. Each Saturday morning Micah Zook and his grandfather Enos pay her a visit to sample her flavors. Two of her cousins married. One is temporarily on leave from the market; the other who just had a small child will be setting up her baking business at a stand at her home when the child is old enough for her to do so. Bethany's feeling that all the guys like her cousins but that she's just not the type they choose to wed. She's attracted to Micah, but Micah's running from his past--a bad relationship with his father and an engagement that ended with his beloved dying. Can he open up his heart to Bethany? I enjoyed this story. Clipston is quickly becoming one of my favorite Amish fiction authors because of her interesting stories.

toukokuu 8, 5:16 pm

>6 thornton37814: That one sounds fun!

toukokuu 8, 5:28 pm

>24 cbl_tn: I think you'll like it. It's different enough to make it entertaining.

toukokuu 9, 7:53 pm

Book 35. The White Lady by Jacqueline Winspear

Date Completed: 8 May 2024

Category: Rosewood Manor

Source: Morristown-Hamblen library book

Rating: 3 stars

Review: Elinor DeWitt, aka MIss White, lives in a village in Kent. When her neighbor experiences threats from his family which is involved in organized crime, she wants to take action for his small daughter's sake. Although Dutch, she assisted in the English in espionage during the war, receiving a special "grace and favor" property for her assistance. She has the connections to provide help and the skills to help the family. This is one of those dual timeline stories, and it really doesn't work very well. The ending fell flat for me. This is not Winspear's best work.

Muokkaaja: toukokuu 9, 8:37 pm

Back on April 1, I reported the first few books of my Thingaversary haul. It was my 17th Thingaversary, so I am entitled to 18 titles. The first six were:

1. Bramton Wick by Elizabeth Fair (Kindle) - I read it last month.
2. Amish Houses and Barns by Stephen Scott - Library sale
3. The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett - Kindle
4. Above the Fire by Michael O'Donnell- Kindle
5. The Night Before Christmas by Clement C. Moore - Library craft exchange
6. All the Women of the Bible by Herbert Lockyer - Kindle

I've added a few since that time.

7. Edinburgh: A Traveller's Reader by David Daiches - Kindle
8. 2 Peter, 2 & 3 John, Jude: Beware of the Religious Impostors by Warren W. Wiersbe- Amazon purchase for upcoming Bible study
9. 2 John, 3 John and Jude by J. Vernon McGee - Amazon purchase for upcoming Bible study
10. 1, 2, 3 John & Jude: The Battle for Love and Truth by David Jeremiah - Amazon purchase for upcoming Bible study
11. Commentary on 1 & 2 Peter and Jude by Charles Spurgeon - Kindle purchase for upcoming Bible study

I didn't add touchstones for some of these because there are combination problems or problems with the way titles have been entered. Sometimes LT can be a headache, and this is one of them. As a cataloger, I want to follow the cataloging rules and not the way someone who doesn't know what they are doing combined something or decided to enter a title. I just didn't have time to do all the work right now.

toukokuu 9, 11:01 pm

Here's the next readathon: https://www.librarything.com/topic/360644

toukokuu 9, 11:09 pm

>27 thornton37814: When I don't agree with LibraryThings version of the title or author I edit my own copy's entry to what I like. It doesn't change the title on the work, of course, but it makes me feel better.

toukokuu 10, 9:25 am

>28 SilverWolf28: Thanks

>29 quondame: I know how to separate them, but it will take some time to do. Someone carelessly combined the Wiersbe book with his "Be series" book, Be Alert, just because the subtitle was what this one is. The Be Series book is more of a commentary. This is more of a study guide that one works through on their own. Two completely different works. I just can't live with it that way. There were problems with the next one too. I'll have more time next week to deal with that type of problem. My title imported properly from the library catalog I used in adding it to my collection. It's just that someone else's carelessness earlier made it frustrating. I could post the problem in the combining/separating group/thread (or whatever it is). I'm sure someone would do it for me if I asked.

toukokuu 10, 9:29 am

Book 36. The Polite Penguin by Margaret Wise Brown; illustrated by H. A. Rey

Date Completed: 9 May 2024

Category: Prairie Schooler

Source: donated collection of books at the library (one we are not keeping because of poor condition)

Rating: 3.5 stars

Review: A well-known children's author and well-known illustrator team up to tell and illustrate the story of Little Penguin's education in manners and politeness taught to him by Raccoon with the help of an ostrich, cat, and skunk. It's a cute book. The illustrations are mostly black and white with a few of the older type of color illustrations thrown in. The artwork is very reminiscent of the illustrator's style in the Curious George books.

toukokuu 10, 9:58 am

Book 37. The Fiddler of High Lonesome by Brinton Turkle

Date Completed: 10 May 2024

Category: Prairie Schooler

Source: donate collection of books at the library (undetermined fate)

Rating: 4 stars

Review: The Fogle family lives atop High Lonesome. They make moonshine and like to hunt. One day a young distant relative whose parents died comes calling and is greeted by having his hat shot off. Because the boy doesn't know how to make moonshine and dislikes hunting, they declare he's no kin of theirs until they spot the fiddle he brought along. They decide he can stay. His music entertains crowds at the Saturday dances. Then one Saturday rumors that a neighboring still was busted up cause concern. The boy is left alone to find his way back up the mountain. He hears something in the woods and soon he has all the forest animals dancing. The Fogles make fun of him. What will happen next? I'm not giving away the rest of the plot. I loved this little picture book that has a very Appalachian flavor. The black and white illustrations are well done. It has aged well.

toukokuu 15, 2:16 pm

Too far behind here! LOL. Dropping a quick "Hello" and I'll try to keep up (if RL permits). Happy Wednesday!!

toukokuu 16, 12:04 pm

>33 Berly: I understand. I'm behind too.

toukokuu 16, 12:04 pm

Book 38. Two Wars and a Wedding by Lauren Willig

Date Completed: 15 May 2024

Category: Rosewood Manor

Source: University library book

Rating: 4 stars

Review: Smith College graduate Betsy Hayes aspires to be an archaeologist. She travels to Greece but discovers the men in charge of the digs do not want to allow women to do actual excavation work. They want her to perform a role more like a librarian or such. She fails the Red Cross course to become a nurse in the Greco-Turkish War of 1897, but they need people so badly that she is able to work anyway. Her best friend now wants to enlist in the Spanish-American War as a Red Cross nurse to Cuba, but Betsy tries to take her place. She travels from Greece to Tampa, Florida where she talks her way into a Red Cross unit about to depart for Cuba. She finds the conditions deplorable and the treatment of injured soldiers abominable. There's a little romance thrown in. We see what a difference Betsy was able to make. I'll let you read the novel to see if she is able to achiever her dream of becoming an archaeologist. Willig's book is based on a true story, but she does take liberties which she outlines at the end. I've come to love Willig's books because she does a good bit of research about the topic.

toukokuu 16, 11:19 pm

Here's the next readathon: https://www.librarything.com/topic/360905

toukokuu 17, 12:50 am

Congrats on your Thingaversary, Lori. I find it harder to fill the additional books requirement as the numbers grow.

>35 thornton37814: I don't think I've ever read anything by Lauren Willig. Two Wars and a Wedding looks interesting.

toukokuu 17, 1:13 am

Thingaversary? Congratulations!! How many? : )

toukokuu 19, 1:46 pm

>36 SilverWolf28: Thanks!

>37 Familyhistorian: It is hard to fill them. It gets pretty expensive too. I suspect you'll see a few more on Jude for that Bible study coming up. I've got to purchase the book we'll actually be using as well as the others I want. I would like to see if I can find them at McKays or Mr. K's before purchasing elsewhere.

>38 Berly: The Thingaversary was at the end of March--almost 2 months ago. I still haven't managed to purchase the requisite 17 + 1 for it. (17 years)

toukokuu 22, 7:47 am

Book 39. Murder in a Teacup by Vicki Delany

Date Completed: 20 May 2024

Category: Country Cottage Needleworks

Source: Tennessee Reads audiobook

Rating: 3.5 stars

Review: Lily Roberts operates a tea shop on her grandmother Rose's bed and breakfast grounds. Rose's old friend Sandra and the entire family comes for a family reunion, mostly at the expense of Heather who has the money in the family. It's clear some family members don't get along that well with one another. One man (Ed) brings his own tea, purchased from a health store. He drinks some after an outside disturbance, and it become clear that someone tampered with his tea. With family dynamics as they are, almost any member of the family could be responsible. I enjoy the regular cast of characters--Lily, Rose, Bernie (Bernadette), and Simon (the gardener). There are plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader interested in the outcome. The audiobook's narrator did an AWFUL job. If I could have made it to the library to get a copy of the book soon enough, I would not have kept listening and read it instead.

toukokuu 22, 8:07 am

Book 40. Blackberry Beach by Irene Hannon

Date Completed: 20 May 2024

Category: Heartstring Samplery

Source: Morristown-Hamblen Library book

Rating: 3.5 stars

Review: Katherine needs a break from the fame and lack of privacy her rising stardom brought with it. She goes to Hope Harbor along the Oregon Coast to re-evaluate her career options. Zach quit his corporate job and now owns and operates a coffee shop in Hope Harbor with two part-time employees. Zach's father's criticism of his son's decision hurts. Zach instantly feels an attraction to Katherine, but she just withdraws more when he tries to approach her. Zach's aunt Stephanie, recently retired, comes for a visit and is attracted to Frank, one of Zach's employees. Will she be willing to give up her New York City life to make it work? This was my first time reading this author. I look forward to reading others in the Hope Harbor series.

toukokuu 22, 8:17 am

Book 41. The Adventures of the Missing Sock by Lizzie Lange; illustrated by Sally Elford

Date Completed: 21 May 2024

Category: Prairie Schooler

Source: University library book

Rating: 4 stars

Review: Did you ever wonder happened to all your missing socks? They are just enjoying their own adventures. This is a cute and nicely illustrated picture book.

toukokuu 22, 4:18 pm

Hi Lori my dear, a belated Happy New Thread dear friend.

toukokuu 22, 9:43 pm

>Lori, Happy Belated Birthday.

>26 thornton37814: Thanks for the heads up regarding this book: The White Lady by Jacqueline Winspear. I've been tempted to order a copy to read. I have many other books to read, so based on your thoughts, I'll keep this one on the back burner for awhile.

toukokuu 23, 7:17 pm

>43 johnsimpson: Not a problem. Glad to see you making the rounds again with your new computer!

>44 Whisper1: You might like it better than I did. I'm not as big a fan of espionage as some people, but the ending really did fall flat for me.

toukokuu 23, 10:34 pm

Here's the Memorial Day readathon: https://www.librarything.com/topic/361025

toukokuu 24, 1:28 pm

toukokuu 26, 8:18 am

Abandoned Book #1: The Seaside Library by Brenda Novak

Date Abandoned: 23 May 2024

Category: My Big Toe Designs

Source: University library book

Comments/Thoughts: Abandoned. I really tried to push on through with this one, but after 150 pages, I had not connected with the characters or the story enough to tackle the remaining 250 or so pages. The story involves friends reuniting after a girl's body was recovered years after she went missing. One had been the chief suspect at the time, but the others lied to give him an alibi because they were sure he didn't do it. Now the family has hired a private investigator with the help of an online funding campaign. Everyone is being questioned again. I expected a library to be more central to the story than it seemed to be--at least in the first 37.5% of the book. I did cheat and look at the ending to see "whodunit." I concluded I made a good choice, because I don't even remember that person's name as someone to whom we'd been introduced.

toukokuu 27, 11:53 pm

Hi, Lori!

I've never read anything by Lauren Willig. I'm not familiar with her at all -- I don't think we have any of her books in our library. I'll need to look one of hers up.

toukokuu 28, 8:39 am

>49 tymfos: I've enjoyed all the books by her that I've read. (I have lots more to enjoy. I was motivated to get to that one because it's near the top of the list of things that will likely be returned via the leased books program later in the summer. I decided I'd better get around to it now!

toukokuu 30, 11:01 pm

Here's the next readathon: https://www.librarything.com/topic/361148

toukokuu 31, 1:17 pm

Book 42. Morning Coffee and Time Alone: Bright Promise for a New Day compiled by Alice Gray; illustrated by Susan Mink Colclough

Date Completed: 27 May 2024

Category: Praiseworthy Stitches

Source: Gift book to the library that will go into the book sale

Rating: 4 stars

Review: This was a very nicely illustrated devotional book for women that included devotions, poems, Scripture verses, inspirational stories, and prayers. I enjoyed the devotions very much.

toukokuu 31, 1:32 pm

Book 43. A Likely Story by Jenn McKinlay

Date Completed: 30 May 2024

Category: Country Cottage Needleworks

Source: Tennessee Reads digital audiobook

Rating: 3.5 stars

Review: Sully takes Lindsay out to an island to deliver books to Stewart Rosen, a somewhat reclusive island resident, but he fails to meet them at the dock, which is unusual. When they go to the house to investigate, they find his brother Peter murdered and call in the local law enforcement. The home and island are booby-trapped and full of clutter. Robbie is out of town through most of this book. (I'd be happy if he'd just pack up and move back to England.) Meanwhile a lady is buying up a lot of island properties. I enjoyed this installment, and I liked the way Lindsay alerted the police chief much of the time. She's beginning to learn her lesson about the dangers of amateur sleuthing. I listened to the audiobook, and I've come to expect Allyson Ryan to do a good job with the series.

toukokuu 31, 1:47 pm

Book 44. The Swiss Nurse by Mario Escobar

Date Completed 31 May 2024

Category: Rosewood Manor

Source: University library book

Rating: 4 stars

Review: Inspired by true stories, Mario Escobar tells the story of a Spanish woman wed to an American helping fight in the Spanish Civil War who sought refuge in France and the story of Elisabeth Eidenbenz, a Swiss woman who went to teach Spanish children and established hospitals to help pregnant Spanish women give birth in sanitary conditions. Later these same hospitals helped Jewish women as long as they could. The author rotated between the stories of Isabel, Peter, and Elisabeth (and those with whom they came in contact), usually with multiple story-lines per chapter. I knew very little about the Spanish Civil War and really did not realize how close it was to the start of World War II. I really enjoyed this story, and I love the way the author incorporated the faith of her characters when appropriate. I learned a lot about the refugee situation in France during and after the Spanish Civil War. I am glad the author told these women's stories.

toukokuu 31, 1:55 pm

toukokuu 31, 4:30 pm

Book 45. An Unlikely Meeting by Jenn McKinlay

Date Completed: 31 May 2024

Category: Country Cottage Needleworks

Source: Tennessee Reads digital audiobook

Rating: 4 stars

Review: Lindsay is waiting for a tardy interviewee to arrive. The opening came because of the library clerk's promotion. A call to the city's human resources office found they must wait 30 minutes past the scheduled start. Lindsay's dogwalker came in to report that her dog Heathcliff had broken free and gotten away from him. Lindsay, children's librarian Beth, the crafternooners, Sully, and Robbie all go out hunting for the escaped dog. A resident saw the dog lay down in front of a motorcycle. The cyclist picked the dog up. Lindsay continued to look. I won't say much more so as not to give away the plot of the book. This is a great bonus short story at the end of A Likely Story.

kesäkuu 3, 8:55 am

Book 46. Clear by Carys Davies

Date Completed: 3 June 2024

Category: Rosewood Manor

Source: University library book

Rating: 4 stars

Review: Beautifully written, it tells the story of the Scottish Clearances and particularly the story of John, a clergyman of the new church, who is sent to a remote Scottish island to evict its last resident. John suffers an injury, and Ivar, the man he is sent to evict, comes to his aid. Meanwhile John's wife Mary learns the factor who sent John on the errand likely expected him to fail in his mission. The book was on track to be a 5 star read until the last 40 pages or so when it took what I consider an inappropriate direction. If I had not started reading it at night, I could easily have read it in a single sitting.

kesäkuu 3, 2:30 pm

Book 47. Stark Decency: German Prisoners of War in a New England Village by Allen V. Koop

Date Completed: 3 June 2024

Category: Rosewood Manor

Rating: 3.5 stars

Source: University library donated book

Review: Relying mainly on interviews because of the lack of records available to researchers, the author discusses the prisoner-of-war camp in Stark, New Hampshire, for German soldiers. Many soldiers placed there were captured in Africa, often willingly surrendering to the Allied Forces. The camp was housed in an abandoned CCC camp, and the soldiers mainly worked in the forest. They got along better with the local people than many did, and they were generally well-treated with a few exceptions, especially when Americans were inclined to treat Germans less kindly. While this is intended as an academic treatment, I think a work of historical fiction or a more popular volume on this topic would serve the public well.

Note: I brought the book home to read before adding it to the book sale stack. While I could have read the ebook, I'd rather read a print copy!

kesäkuu 3, 4:51 pm

>57 thornton37814: I've seen so many good things about Clear. I really enjoyed West.

kesäkuu 3, 5:08 pm

I liked the Pillars of the Earth book and also the movie.

kesäkuu 3, 8:33 pm

>59 SandDune: It really was very well written. I haven't read others by Davies, but I might give something else a try.

>60 mnleona: I will eventually get through it! I just needed a little break from it.

kesäkuu 3, 9:54 pm

Making a note of Clear. I also enjoyed Davies' West.

kesäkuu 4, 3:07 pm

>62 laytonwoman3rd: I had not heard of her earlier book, so you all are hitting me with another book bullet too!

kesäkuu 5, 1:27 pm

>54 thornton37814: that must have been a fascinating story. There is an interesting entry for Eidenbenz in the hls (historical lexicon of Switzerland). There was a Spanish TV movie La llum d'Elna (The light of Elne, or The light of hope) about her part in trying to save the maternité and the refugees from the Nazis.

Just came to say hello :)

kesäkuu 5, 8:03 pm

>64 paulstalder: That does sound interesting, and I'm glad she got some recognition in the encyclopedia. Her work was truly outstanding.

kesäkuu 6, 11:10 pm

Here's the next readathon: https://www.librarything.com/topic/361299

kesäkuu 7, 8:04 am

>66 SilverWolf28: Thanks. I'll probably only get about 4-5 hours of audiobook listening in and a few pages of an ebook. I might read a little bit on the library book later today between packing and trying to finish a cross-stitch project before I leave.

kesäkuu 7, 1:28 pm

>57 thornton37814: Clear is on my hold list but I didn't remember what it was about (it's a long list). Thanks for the review. Sounds like one I will enjoy.

kesäkuu 14, 7:49 am

Here's the next readathon: https://www.librarything.com/topic/361415

kesäkuu 14, 2:13 pm

kesäkuu 16, 5:22 pm

Book 48. Criminally Cocoa by Amanda Flower

Date Completed: 8 June 2024

Category: Country Cottage Needleworks

Source: Knox County digital audiobook

Rating: 3 stars

Review: This novella is told from the perspective of Charlotte, a young Amish woman on her rumspringa who is Bailey's assistant. Charlotte accompanies Bailey to New York to help on the set of Bailey's new television program. Someone is trying to sabotage Bailey and her candy dishes and the chances of the show's success. When Juliet shows up with her pot-bellied pig Jethro in tow, we know the star will not be Bailey, but Jethro. It's a nice "filler" for between stories.

kesäkuu 16, 5:40 pm

Book 49. The Moth Catcher by Ann Cleeves

Date Completed: 15 June 2024

Category: Plum Street Samplers

Source: Knox County digital audiobook

Rating: 4 stars

Review: A man discovers the body of a young man housesitting for a couple gone to Australia. His body's recovery locations was not the murder scene, but when they go to the home where he was staying to investigate, they find a second body. The two victims were linked to one another through an interest in moths. Vera and her team focus on the families residing in the quiet Northumberland hamlet where the murder. One family's daughter will soon be freed from a detention facility. On Vera's team, Holly is struggling with the stress of working with Vera. Joe, of course, wishes for more time to be with his family. Vera knows her team, and although her praise is thrifty, it is often well-timed. While the reader does not always get the full picture until the final reveal, the author provides enough hints to keep readers engaged and guessing up to the end. I listened to the audiobook, and I really enjoy the narrator for the series.

kesäkuu 18, 10:55 am

Book 50. Murder at Pawprint Creek by Cindy Bell

Date Completed: 17 June 2024

Category: Country Cottage Needleworks

Source: Kindle

Rating: 3 stars

Review: This book, labeled as a prequel to the Wagging Tail series, but possibly just a somewhat related novella, features Nikki, a dog-sitter. A friend recommended her to a dog owner in a somewhat distant location which gives Nikki a little time to wind down in a different location. Her charges are two pugs. Her neighbor, a somewhat unpopular chef, is dead, and it's clearly murder. He's damaging the economy by trying to dam up the town's creek, a source of water which provides important drought relief to all the local neighbors and their businesses, so just about everyone has a motive for wanting the man dead. Even the man for whom she is dog-sitting seems to have some holes and suspicious activity in his story as she can piece it together from afar. It was a pleasant diversion, and it makes me interested enough in what the author can do with a full length novel in this series to consider forking out the $2.99 for the first installment since it isn't available at one of my libraries.

kesäkuu 21, 10:57 am

Here's the next readathon: https://www.librarything.com/topic/361591

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 21, 11:08 am

>26 thornton37814: Too bad about that one. I am slowly making my way through Winspear's Maisie Dobbs books, a series that I really like.

>27 thornton37814: Nice! I posted about mine for my 18th Thingaversary as I got them over on the 'This Just In' thread. A belated "Happy Thingaversary," Lori!

>35 thornton37814: I will have to give that one a try. I have only read one of Willig's books, The Secret History of the Pink Carnation, and did not care for it overmuch.

>48 thornton37814: Oh, wow. 150 pages and abandoned? That is tough.

>54 thornton37814: Adding that one to the BlackHole. Thanks for the recommendation, Lori!

>57 thornton37814: Already in the BlackHole or I would be adding it again.

>72 thornton37814: I need to finish the current series by Cleeves that I am reading before starting another one, right?

Have a fantastic Friday!

kesäkuu 21, 8:20 pm

>74 SilverWolf28: Thanks

>75 alcottacre: Glad I could add to your black hole--at least a little bit. I really loved the Jimmy Perez/Shetland series, but Vera is growing on me. I think the narrator for the audiobook series does a great job capturing Vera.

kesäkuu 25, 2:10 pm

Book 51. A Deadly Cliche by Ellery Adams

Date Completed: 22 June 2024

Category: Country Cottage Needleworks

Source: Knox County Public Library digital audiobook

Rating: 3 stars

Review: Olivia Limoges discovers a body under a bucket while walking her dog along Oyster Bay's beach. There's also a series of burglaries, all of which fit a well-known cliche. One of these turns deadly. About the same time Olivia receives a blackmail letter telling her that her father who went missing when she was a child is alive. The author tries to include too much in this installment. While a link is established between the body on the beach and the burglaries, the story focusing on Olivia's father is unrelated. It perhaps should have been a novella between installments rather than a part of the cliche story. Its purpose seems to be to introduce readers to her newly found half-brother who will likely be appearing in future installments. While enjoyable, the problems mentioned in the spoiler prevent a higher rating. Olivia is not my favorite character. I read the first installment several years ago. I will try to get to the next installment a little sooner and hope the author learns to keep her novels more focused.

kesäkuu 25, 2:28 pm

Book 52. Wrong Side of the Paw by Laurie Cass

Date Completed: 24 June 2024

Category: Country Cottage Needleworks

Source: Morristown-Hamblen County Library book

Rating: 3.5 stars

Review: Minnie has a new boss who wants the library's budget, including the bookmobile budget, to be cut so she can get the same system she had at her previous place of employment that the library board had recently decided did not meet their needs. She's buttering up the board members, and Minnie feels the new director doesn't like her very much. The rest of the staff and the patrons don't really like the new library director either. While on her bookmobile route, a lady lawyer who just returned to the area visits, but Eddie the cat finds a dead body in the bed of the pickup she drove. The body belongs to her father. She didn't get along that well with her father, but Minnie is convinced she did not kill him. Lots of people had reason to want him dead. He was one of those builders that cuts corners, creating problems for the people who purchase the homes, the building inspectors, his employees, and everyone else. I really enjoy how Eddie always has his pulse on the situation and drops clues--whether or not they are recognized as such. As I read this book, I couldn't help but wonder if the author had an experience with a D. R. Horton home. D. R. Horton is a builder who is flooding our local area with a bunch of cookie-cutter shoddily-built homes. If I hear of his demise, I'll probably expect it to be murder by one of the persons who bought one of his sub-par dwellings.

kesäkuu 27, 2:27 pm

Book 53. Signs and Secrets of the Messiah: A Fresh Look at the Miracles of Jesus by Jason Sobel

Date Completed: 25 June 2024

Category: Praiseworthy Stitches

Source: University library book

Rating: 3 stars

Review: Messianic Jewish rabbi Jason Sobel examines Jesus' miracles in the Gospel of John from a Jewish perspective. He takes into account the importance of numerical values of Hebrew letters as well as cultural aspects as he gives insight into these instances. Sobel believes Jesus still performs miraculous healings through prayer, anointing, and laying on of hands. The book does not flow as well as it could, and sometimes the author seems to be more on his own agenda than on the Biblical texts. It is always interesting to examine the Bible through a Jewish or Messianic Jewish lens.

kesäkuu 28, 7:42 am

Here's the next readathon: https://www.librarything.com/topic/361699

kesäkuu 28, 1:23 pm

>80 SilverWolf28: Thanks. I always seem to forget to post on the Readathon thread although I generally do read most weekends.

kesäkuu 30, 5:51 pm

Book 54. The Pint of No Return by Ellie Alexander

Date Completed: 28 June 2024

Category: Country Cottage Needleworks

Source: Knox County e-book

Rating: 3.5 stars

Review: Leavenworth, Washington, a Bavarian-theme brewery town, is preparing for its Octoberfest. A group filming a documentary arrives, but the program's troublesome star ends up dead before much filming occurs. The microbrewery where Sloan Krause works is a bit off the beaten path, but tasting their cherry weizen seems to be among the star's last experiences. Sloan and the police begin investigating persons who'd had run-ins with the star. Is it Leavenworth local or a member of the documentary crew? This continues to be an interesting cozy series.

kesäkuu 30, 6:18 pm

I have a couple more books to add, but for some reason I don't seem to be able to get the add books search to work with any library. I guess I'll just have to wait and add them when that feature works again.

kesäkuu 30, 6:37 pm

Book 55. August Heat by Andrea Camilleri

Date Completed: 29 June 2024

Category: Plum Street Samplers

Source: Morristown-Hamblen County Library digital audiobook

Rating: 3 stars

Review: Montalbano helps Livia's friends locate a last minute rental near the sea. It seems each new day brings a new challenge . . . and another visit from an exterminator. When their son goes missing, it's the last straw, and Montalbano locates the boy under the house but realizes he needs help to avoid further collapse. The firefighters discover an underground apartment that mirrors the one above. It's fairly common for persons to build something illegally and follow a process later to recognize the validity of that construction. However, the real surprise comes when Montalbano opens a trunk in the apartment and finds a corpse. Grover Gardner's audio narration is wonderful as always. The story itself is perhaps a little too predictable.

kesäkuu 30, 6:48 pm

Book 56. A Soupçon of Poison by Jennifer Ashley

Date Completed: 29 June 2024

Category: The Blue Flower

Source: Knox County Public Library e-book

Rating: 4 stars

Review: This prequel to Death Below Stairs introduces us to Kat Holloway and to Daniel McAdam and his son, the "street urchin" James. After serving a meal for her former employer, Kat spends a night in Newgate Prison as a presumed murderer until Daniel miraculously gets her out. Although Daniel finds her a position, she insists on going through her own agency to locate a new one. Since her food had been corrupted, she's determined to find the person who made suspicion fall on her for the murder of a man no one really liked.

heinäkuu 1, 9:46 am

I'm excited! I just discovered there's a new installment in the Flavia de Luce series coming out September 3. It's the first one since 2019!

heinäkuu 1, 1:48 pm

Book 57. The Amish Teacher's Gift by Rachel J. Good

Date Completed: 1 July 2024

Category: Heartstring Samplery

Source: Morristown-Hamblen County Library print book

Rating: 4 stars

Review: 19-year-old Ada is the new teacher for a special needs school for Amish children. She takes care of her seven siblings because her Mamm died and her Daed is no longer around. We don't really find out why he's not there until the very end, but many people in the Amish community blame her for the situation. Josiah's wife died of cancer, and his son Nathan lost his hearing due to an infection contracted in Mexico while the Mom was being treated. Nathan shows fear around his father and tends to throw temper tantrums. Ada offers to teach Josiah sign language to help him communicate with his son. Josiah works for an English construction firm and is "fired" when the boss comes to visit and Josiah is not wearing a hard hat due to his religious beliefs. However, the foreman knows this cannot be done so he tells Josiah to report back to work in a couple days once he gets it sorted out. The company holds a contest for a community service project which will garner the company some recognition, and Josiah's idea for a playground at the school wins. As their feelings toward one another grow, will Ada and Josiah overcome the obstacles so both can enjoy happiness? I loved this story. The plot was different because of the special needs aspects, and it really tugged at the reader's heart.

heinäkuu 2, 8:42 am

Book 58. God's People in Transition by Dan Ivins

Date Completed: 2 July 2024

Category: Praiseworthy Stitches

Source: University library book

Rating: 3 stars

Review: While America was becoming a very transient society in the early 1980s when this book was written, it is more so today. Author Dan Ivins takes a look at some key Bible personalities and how they dealt with transition. Chapters focus on Cain, Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, Ruth, Absalom, Jeremiah, Nehemiah, Mary, Jesus, Paul, and the Hebrews. Some illustrations will likely relate only to persons of the Baby Boom or older generations. I found the book a little too light on Scripture although the author drew from the Bible to make points.

heinäkuu 3, 7:46 pm

Here's the Fourth of July readathon: https://www.librarything.com/topic/361826

heinäkuu 4, 7:15 am

heinäkuu 4, 7:16 am

Book 59. Deadfall by Sue Henry

Date Completed: 3 July 2024

Category: Plum Street Samplers

Source: Morristown-Hamblen Public Library print book

Rating: 4 stars

Review: Mysterious letters and calls, attacks on her dogs, and a tampered brake line lead Jessie Arnold to take refuge on Niqa Island with one of her dogs while her boyfriend, State Trooper Alex Jensen and his fellow officers investigate. They can figure out no one who wanted to do Jessie harm, but when they begin investigating people who promised revenge on Alex for putting them away who might be out soon, they begin turning over some leads in the investigation. Is Jessie really safe on the island, or will the person locate her? If she comes under attack and with a storm incoming, will they be able to arrive in time to save her? This suspense-driven installment keeps readers engaged from start to finish.

heinäkuu 6, 7:55 pm

Book 60. Cruel Winter by Sheila Connolly

Date Completed: 6 July 2024

Category: Country Cottage Needleworks

Source: Tennessee Reads Digital Audiobook

Rating: 3 stars

Review: A rare snowstorm strands Maura Donovan in her pub along with her staff and several visitors, both local and outsiders. One woman was accused of a murder 20 years ago that had yet to be solved. With nothing but time on their hands, Maura and the others offer to hear her side of the story to see why the garda let her remain free. Maura's fresh eyes on the case turn up some tidbits that were not uncovered in the original investigation, but will it be enough to get the garda to look at it again? While I enjoyed this installment, and especially the audiobook narrator's brogue, I found that the story seemed implausible that it would actually be occurring if this had been real life. However, it did keep me entertained. Readers are not introduced to the culprit until the very end when one last piece of information falls into place, and from there things move quickly. It kind of makes it impossible for readers to guess "whodunit" unless they were going with "person or persons unknown."

heinäkuu 10, 8:23 am

Book 61. By Evening's Light by Leslie Gould

Date Completed: 9 July 2024

Category: Heartstring Samplery

Source LibraryThing Early Reviewers

Rating: 3 stars

Review: After breaking up with her boyfriend, Treva returns to her Amish grandparents' home in Lancaster County. She intends to be there only briefly and then move to help a friend she met in Haiti as a wedding and event planner in Alaska. Circumstances prevent her from going to Alaska as quickly as planned, and she realizes her grandparents are not getting any younger and need help on the farm. As she fills in for the 90-year-old Rosene's volunteer work with an immigrant group, she finds a couple she thinks can help at least in the short term. Then Gabe returns from the war, but he's changed. Rosene begins sharing her story which involves post World War II East and West Germany. Then it's time for her to go to Alaska. Because she needs to return to Lancaster County to help with Breana's wedding, her time in Alaska is short, but she's able to do something for Rosene there--something that brings Rosene great joy. She also is able to propose a solution for her grandparents. The book has too many plots going on. As someone who was new to the series, I felt a bit lost with the characters from the beginning. The author tried to tell too many stories in the space of this book, and it didn't really work too well. While I enjoyed the stories, they just are not your typical Amish-Mennonite fare. In fact, the characters sometimes don't seem to comply with what one expects in such characters. It's still a clean book. The characters don't all seem to follow the peaceful paths. I won an advance digital review copy through LibraryThing Early Reviewers with the expectation of an honest review. The opinions are my own.

heinäkuu 12, 7:40 am

Here's the next readathon: https://www.librarything.com/topic/361941

heinäkuu 12, 7:42 am

Abandoned Book 2. Old God's Time by Sebastian Barry

Date Abandoned: 11 July 2024

Category: My Big Toe Designs

Thoughts: Abandoned. After fifty pages, I just couldn't get into the novel. I know many loved this one, but there's too much profanity, and it appears this one will be about clergy sexual abuse. It's just not for me.

heinäkuu 12, 7:43 am

>94 SilverWolf28: Thanks, Jim. I'll be finishing an audiobook today. I hope to make a little progress on a book I started last night after abandoning the one above.

Muokkaaja: heinäkuu 12, 7:59 am

>87 thornton37814: Lori, I very much like your writing style. You are crisp, clear, and always state why you did or didn't like a book. Your excellent review led me to add this to my TBR pile. Many thanks, as always for the way in which you write which entices me to add books.

I hope your day is a good one. It's been exceedingly hot. I work in the garden in the early mornings when it isn't so darn hot. But, gardening is getting in the way of reading, and this wonderful addition entices me to stay indoors and enjoy a good book. I'm checking my local library site to see if I can obtain this one.

In addition to gardening, I'm also systematically going through my books alphabetically and placing them on the shelf in the hope I can easily find a book in this manner of placing them on the shelves throughout the house.

I hope your summer is a good one. I'm heading to the primary care doctor this morning. In helping my neighbor weed out his overgrown, messy garden in the front of his house, I've now discovered poison throughout my right hand and arm...I forgot how itching and bothersome poison ivy can be.

Thanks for the excellent review of The Amish Teacher's Gift by Rachel J. Good.

heinäkuu 13, 7:55 am

>97 Whisper1: Sometimes I do better than at other times with reviews. I try to insert enough of the plot so I'll remember it without giving it away. I will use the spoiler tags if I need to do so--and it really was necessary in the Connolly book. I am glad you like them. I'm going in search of blackberries in a bit. I will do early voting this morning. If I have time to run to Red Barn Produce afterwards, I'll do that. If not, I'll probably just call Kyle Carver Orchard and see if they have any. If they don't, I'll call Red Barn. The photos Kyle Carver Orchard showed of their blackberries a couple of weeks ago were mouth-watering. If they still have some, I'd rather get theirs. Red Barn showed some, but they were too distant in the photo to see whether they looked as good. I'm wanting to take blackberries to Mississippi on Monday so I can make a cobbler for my brother's family. (If I'm there, I usually do the cooking. In fact, my sister-in-law mentioned that my brother was looking forward to home-cooked meals when I arrived.)