Joe’s Second Book Cafe 2024

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Joe’s Second Book Cafe 2024

Muokkaaja: maaliskuu 12, 4:31 pm


January 2024

1. Last Devil to Die by Richard Osman
2. Kariba by Daniel Clarke (Thank you, Richard)*
3. Crude by Pablo Fajardo(Thank you, Mark)*
4. Cosmic Detective by Jeff Lemire*
5. The Mysteries by Bill Watterson*
6. Unfortunately Yours by Tessa Bailey
7. Last Call at the Local by Sarah Grunda Ruiz
8. Holiday in Death by J.D.Robb
9. The Emperor's Soul by Brandon Sanderson (really good)
10. Mother Daughter Murder Night by Nina Simon
11. The Door to Door Bookstore by Carsten Henn (charming; thank you, Nancy Quinn)
12. Check & Mate by Ali Hazelwood
13. Pym by Matt Johnson (did not like)
14. The Little Books of the Little Brontes by Sara O'Leary (ARC; okay)
15. Glowrushes by Roberto Piumini (lovely Italian fable - good gift book)
16. Secretly Yours by Tessa Bailey
17. Parker Girls by Terry Moore*
18. Strangers in Paradise Ever After by Terry Moore*. I love his Strangers in Paradise books with Francie and Katchoo

February 2024

19. Almost an Elegy by Linda Pastan. A very good poet that I’m just now catching up on.
20. Clementine Two by Tillie Walden* (thanks, Mark). The author is so good that I enjoyed this despite the worn-out Walking Dead context.
21. The Paris Bookseller by Kerri Maher (good novel about Sylvia Beach, James Joyce, and the Shakespeare and Company Bookstore)

22. Nettle and Bone by T. Kingfisher(Hugo winner; very good fantasy)
23. I Have Some Questions For You by Rebecca Makkai
24. Lone Wolf by Gregg Hurwitz (Orphan X thriller with interesting AI elements)
25. Wildful by Kengo Kurimoto (beautiful, quiet nature-filled graphic book reminiscent of The Secret Garden)*
26. Days at the Morisaki Bookshop by Satoya Yagisawa. (Beguiling story of a girl who learns to appreciate life while working at her uncle’s bookshop)
27. The Girl from the Other Side 11 by Nagabe*. There’s a melancholy mood to the story and drawings that very much appealed to me. But by the end the story seemed too drawn out.
28. Dirty Thirty by Janet evanovich. At least there’s a major relationship development (finally!)

March 2024

29. Murder in Reproach by Anne Cleeland (good entry in the Acton-Doyle series, with a cliffhanger)
30. Foster by Claire Keegan ( another beautiful book (long short story?) from the author of Small Things Like These).

31. Lunar New Year Love Story by Gene luan Yang.* Disappointing book from this talented GN author. Twice as long as it needed to be.

32. Babel by R.F. Kuang. Well- crafted anti- colonialism fantasy; I ended up respecting it more than liking it. A writer to watch, for sure.
33. Red Dust by Yoss. An okay sci-fi tale featuring a noir positronic android. The noir aspect was fun. I got lured in by the phrase “noir space opera”. I’m inclined toward both, particularly noir.

*Graphic novel or illustration-filled book

Muokkaaja: helmikuu 10, 1:41 pm

Art by Cathy Gendron

Muokkaaja: helmikuu 10, 1:50 pm

Grandkids Rafa and Fina

Muokkaaja: helmikuu 10, 2:04 pm

I need to take a break from constructing this one. Feel free to mingle and post.

helmikuu 10, 1:35 pm

books 3

helmikuu 10, 1:35 pm

book 4

helmikuu 10, 1:35 pm

books 5

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January 2024

1. Last Devil to Die by Richard Osman
2. Kariba by Daniel Clarke (Thank you, Richard)*
3. Crude by Pablo Fajardo(Thank you, Mark)*
4. Cosmic Detective by Jeff Lemire*
5. The Mysteries by Bill Watterson*
6. Unfortunately Yours by Tessa Bailey
7. Last Call at the Local by Sarah Grunda Ruiz
8. Holiday in Death by J.D.Robb
9. The Emperor's Soul by Brandon Sanderson (really good)
10. Mother Daughter Murder Night by Nina Simon
11. The Door to Door Bookstore by Carsten Henn (charming; thank you, Nancy Quinn)
12. Check & Mate by Ali Hazelwood
13. Pym by Matt Johnson (did not like)
14. The Little Books of the Little Brontes by Sara O'Leary (ARC; okay)
15. Glowrushes by Roberto Piumini (lovely Italian fable - good gift book)
16. Secretly Yours by Tessa Bailey
17. Parker Girls by Terry Moore*
18. Strangers in Paradise Ever After by Terry Moore*

February 2024

19. Almost an Elegy by Linda Pastan
20. Clementine Two by Tillie Walden*
21. The Paris Bookseller by Kerri Maher (good novel about Sylvia Beach, James Joyce, and the Shakespeare and Company Bookstore)

helmikuu 10, 2:14 pm

Hope I am not to early, Joe, to wish you a happy new thread.

Muokkaaja: helmikuu 10, 2:22 pm

>9 PaulCranswick:. You’re never too early, Paul, and always on time. Thanks. This year started unusually, but we’re shaping up. I’ll add a couple of photos and bits and bobs after I have some lunch. What the heck time is it where you are?

helmikuu 10, 2:25 pm

>10 jnwelch: I think its like 3:24am for him. He said he was going to go back to sleep since he has a fever.

helmikuu 10, 2:30 pm

Happy new thread!

helmikuu 10, 2:32 pm

Also Happy new thread

Muokkaaja: helmikuu 10, 2:42 pm

>11 Owltherian:. Really?! Thanks, Lily. You are a fount of good info. I hope the fever dissipates and our friend Paul feels okay.

>13 Owltherian:. Thanks!

>12 foggidawn:. Thanks, foggi!

helmikuu 10, 2:37 pm

>14 jnwelch: Mhm, he told me earlier so i told him to get some rest. I hope so as well since i know fevers suck.

helmikuu 10, 2:46 pm

>15 Owltherian: Yes, they do. Lots of viruses are trying to wreak havoc here as we’re hunkered down for winter. I hope that’s not true in Kuala Lumpur. Turns out he’s 14 hours ahead of Chicagoans. Fever or not, I wouldn’t be posting on LT at 3:30 am or so!

helmikuu 10, 2:47 pm

>16 jnwelch: I'm usually online at that time, although i usually pass out during the rest of the day.

helmikuu 10, 4:26 pm

>17 Owltherian:. Jeez, Lily. You fly with the night owls.😀

helmikuu 10, 4:54 pm

Happy new thread, Joe!

Love the pictures, but most of all that raccoon!

Muokkaaja: helmikuu 10, 5:08 pm

Happy new thread Joe.

helmikuu 10, 5:21 pm

Happy new thread Joe! May the coffee flow!

>2 jnwelch: Cathy Gendron does capture the essentials.

helmikuu 10, 5:27 pm

Happy new thread, Joe!

>2 jnwelch: As always you found a lovely artist to share, don't think I have come across Cathy Gendron before.
I like the woman with 6 arms, would be useful :-)

helmikuu 10, 5:31 pm

>18 jnwelch: Yep, i just got home from going to the park.

helmikuu 10, 5:48 pm

Happy Sunday, Joe. Happy New Thread! Have you left for vacation yet?

Muokkaaja: helmikuu 10, 6:47 pm

>22 FAMeulstee:. Hi, Anita. Thanks! Isn’t Cathy Gendron’s art lovely. I thought a lot of folks here would relate to the woman with six arms. Couldn’t we all put 4 more to good use?

Looking back, is it 6 arms or 5?

>23 Owltherian:. Good for you, Lily. I always enjoy going to a park and getting some fresh air.

>24 msf59:. Hiya, Mark. I forgot you’re in a different time zone! It’s still Saturday where we are.😀. Hope you have a good Sunday. No Super Bowl party this year, unfortunately. Too much going on. We have a matinee play tomorrow before the SB, and leave for LA Monday morning.

Muokkaaja: helmikuu 10, 6:47 pm

>19 EllaTim:. Thanks, Ella! Hee-hee. Isn’t that raccoon great? The 5 or 6-armed woman is another favorite for me.

>20 NarratorLady:. Thanks, Anne. Do you remember the last book you recommended to me? It’s coming up, but I forget the title. Did you recommend Jane’s Country Year to me?

>21 quondame:. Thanks, Susan! For me, Cathy Gendron does capture the essentials in her uncluttered style, but she also has that magical liveliness in her art that I can never really describe - it somehow jumps into the air? Off the page? Grabs us and draws us in? What is that je ne sais quoi?

helmikuu 10, 6:56 pm

>25 jnwelch: It is 6, Joe, 3 on the left and 3 on the right.
Left arms: tiny phone, paper, keyboard
Right arms: pencil, coffee and something on the right at the desk, a computer mouse?

helmikuu 10, 8:12 pm

Happy new one, Joe!

helmikuu 10, 8:39 pm

Happy new thread to you, Joe, and what a treat to get a glimpse of the grandkids!

helmikuu 10, 9:11 pm

>25 jnwelch: I swear these tights are trying to be itchy just to kill mehhhhh- its so annoying!

helmikuu 10, 9:35 pm

>27 FAMeulstee:. Gotcha, Anita, thanks. I should’ve focused more on the hands than the arms. Six it is.

>28 drneutron:. Thanks, Jim! We’re getting back to normal after that odd start to the year.

>29 AMQS:. Thanks, Anne. They’re such good kids. They bring us a lot of smiles.

>30 Owltherian:. I’m not a fan of tights, Lily. They seem to cause so much discomfort. Thank goodness we’re not in an era of men wearing them. There must be a way to make them more comfortable? Someone who figured out how could make a lot of money.

helmikuu 10, 9:37 pm

>31 jnwelch: Maybe but they are really uncomfortable and i barely wear them due to how many men and people stare at me when i wear them at school.

helmikuu 10, 11:59 pm

Happy new thread, Joe! Kindergarten already? Time flies, doesn't it? Have a great trip!

helmikuu 11, 12:37 am

>10 jnwelch: It was about 2 in the morning, Joe, when I first posted.

helmikuu 11, 5:01 am

Happy new thread Joe!

It's 6pm in our time zone now. We're usually half a day ahead of East Coast USA (depending on whether the clocks have gone forward or not.)

helmikuu 11, 8:36 am

Happy Sunday, Joe. LOL. Or is it Happy Monday? Duh! I am going over to my cousin's in St. Charles for the SB.
Enjoy the game.

helmikuu 11, 9:49 am

>32 Owltherian:. Don’t blame you, Lily.

>33 Familyhistorian:. I know, it does fly, Meg. He loves kindergarten. He finds doing math really fun. That’s a good sign, right?

>34 PaulCranswick:. I couldn’t see straight at 2 am, Paul. Impressive. Lily said you had a fever. I hope it’s gone down and you’re having a good weekend.

helmikuu 11, 9:55 am

>37 jnwelch: More worryingly swollen testicles, Joe. I have suffered from this intermittently for a number of years as I am very susceptible to infection there. Those of an Asiatic bent and I must count myself amongst those people nowadays use water instead of toilet paper and I found out recently that the pipes in the office are severely corroded with rust. I fear this has wreaked havoc with me and I spent the entire day yesterday feeling sorry for myself and struggling with high fever.

helmikuu 11, 9:56 am

>37 jnwelch: I have a few pairs for like choir concerts and that basically the only time i wear them.

helmikuu 11, 11:07 am

>35 humouress:. Did we plan it better in this part of the world, Nina? We have a lot more weekend left than you do.😀. Maybe that isn’t really the way it works? On Friday you get to the weekend quicker than we do, so maybe it’s you all who planned it better.

>36 msf59:. Happy Sunday/Not Yet Monday, Mark. Have fun at your cousin’s! I’m happy whichever team wins: I’m always a KC/Mahomes fan, and I’m also a SF/Purdy/McCaffery fan. Bring on the chips and dips!

>38 PaulCranswick:. Oh my goodness, Paul. You poor guy! You’ve got me squirming in sympathy. Sounds like you probably have found the culprit. Fingers crossed that the swelling subsides, and the fever, too. No wonder you were up at 2am! Sending lots of healing energy, buddy.

>39 Owltherian:. Choir! How great, Lily. I never had the voice for it. (A sister did). Worth the occasional tights-wearing, maybe?

helmikuu 11, 3:01 pm

>40 jnwelch: Yeah, it is worth it, although the teacher got kidney stones and was out for weeks, so we didn't practice.

One of the subs was horrible, she told me and a friend to be quiet when we weren't even talking that loud, and she called me the 'Girl In the Purple Headphones' when my name was on a sheet and being called a girl is aggravating because I'm nonbinary.

helmikuu 11, 5:35 pm

>41 Owltherian:. Sorry to hear about the kidney stones and the obnoxious sub, Lily. If someone creates a Youtube video of your Choir’s performance, please send us a link.

Muokkaaja: helmikuu 11, 5:39 pm

>42 jnwelch: Yeah! I can totally find a few links! If i can freaking find one that doesnt have silhouettes in it bc i don't do that

helmikuu 12, 7:07 am

helmikuu 12, 7:09 am

Off to LA this morning. I’ll be checking in. Kitchen’s open and available. Have fun! No keggers, okay?

helmikuu 12, 7:31 am

Safe travels, Joe. Make sure you come back healthy this time. 😁

How is I Have Some Questions? I may start that one soon.

Muokkaaja: helmikuu 12, 9:56 am

>46 msf59: Ha! Thanks, Mark. This time I won’t be with 90,000 close (-ly seated) friends watching a football game. That’s probably how I got Covid. We have our masks for the plane.

I never feel able to answer “how is it?” for a book I just started, except “good so far” or “dumped it”. Debbi and Becca tell me I Have Some Questions For You is great, so I know it will be. I commented that there seems to be a little bit of a murder mystery in it, and they both agreed that “there’s a little bit of everything in it”.

Muokkaaja: helmikuu 12, 9:55 am

Good CNN article by Debbi’s cousin Amy Bass about Taylor Swift and the Super Bowl:

helmikuu 12, 10:42 am

>48 jnwelch: Good article!

Muokkaaja: helmikuu 12, 10:51 am

>48 jnwelch:. Right, Jim? She’s really good. A lot of men get worked up that she has the audacity, without the benefit of a Y chromosome, to have an opinion about sports. Luckily, she’s smarter than all of them, and has been doing sports for ages.

Hey, thanks, buddy, for changing me back to jnwelch on the threads list. I’m starting to feel that all’s right with the (LT) world.

helmikuu 12, 12:12 pm

No worries - I hadn't even thought about it until I added your new thread, then realized it needed to go back.

helmikuu 12, 12:36 pm

Hi Joe

Your grandchildren are simply beautiful! You must be very proud of him. I see that Jim has helped you. He is remarkable. He has assisted me many times. It is always a pleasure dealing with him. He gives so much of his time to this group. I hope other members understand the amount of time he spends helping us.

helmikuu 13, 9:22 pm

>26 jnwelch: I think my last book rec was Foster by Claire Keegan. Lot of buzz about her lately but she’s been around a while.

helmikuu 13, 11:20 pm

>53 NarratorLady:. That’s it! Thanks, Anne. I need to read me some Claire Keegan. You’re right, I’ve been seeing a lot about her lately.

>52 Whisper1:. Thank you, Linda! We’re smitten with Rafa and Fina, as you can probably tell. From Day One, she was not going to let him push her around, and now they’re good friends. He’s a sweet guy but you know- older brother, younger sister.

Jim’s great, and fun to spend time with. I used to be in DC at least once a year and met up with him there. And he came to Chicago and we had a nice meetup with him, Mark and Linda Paczko. I agree with you, I think a lot of folks don’t know that he helps on the 75er underpinnings, and those that do know don’t know how much he does (I’m sure he does more than I know).

>51 drneutron:. It was a pleasant surprise, Jim, so thanks again. Your ears are probably burning - lots of fan tributes.😀

helmikuu 14, 1:47 am

Happy new one!!

helmikuu 14, 5:08 am

>38 PaulCranswick: Oh no. That's terrible. Now I know why some threads attract so much more interest than others! Hope you get well soon Paul

helmikuu 14, 8:53 am

>44 jnwelch: I cant find anyyyyy- they dont add them to ytube its only Silloutettes....not High school concert choir

helmikuu 14, 9:27 am

>55 Berly:. Thanks, Kim!

>57 Owltherian:. Too bad, Lily. Maybe it’ll happen at some point.

helmikuu 14, 9:30 am

>58 jnwelch: I know they record them, but i cant find any.

helmikuu 14, 11:21 am

Happy new thread!

>37 jnwelch: I am glad that he is enjoying math! I disliked math in elementary school because of a traumatic incident with my teacher ( long story). It wasn't until first year of university in calculus class that I truly began to enjoy it.

helmikuu 14, 11:42 am

>59 Owltherian:. ☹️

>60 figsfromthistle:. Thanks, Anita! Yeah, he’s taken to math like a duck to water. I’m impressed that calculus brought you the enjoyment. Not easy.

helmikuu 14, 11:58 am

>61 jnwelch: They always record the silhouettes of my school but never concert choir :/

Muokkaaja: helmikuu 14, 12:12 pm

>62 Owltherian:
That could be for Child Protection reasons. Kids in High School are under-age and very vulnerable to exploitation. There are laws about this and schools wouldn't want to step over those boundaries. There could also be concerns about royalties, since many musical pieces are copyrighted and therefore subject to copyright laws. This puts concerts into a different category than sports events in high school and makes it harder to put on places like YouTube. That said, it doesn't seem to stop many from doing it anyway.

There was a news story on PBS Newshour last night about the steep drop in numbers of mothers showing their children on blogs, vlogs, YouTube, Instagram, Tik-Tok, etc. All in the last year. Sponsors of products have noticed the drop in numbers and have stopped paying as much for spots on these influencers spaces as a result. The concern expressed by mothers is that many people view these kinds of influencers as exploiting their children. Public schools are very sensitive to public opinion so all of the above could be reasons why concerts aren't up on YouTube. However, if you would like to see them on YouTube perhaps you can ask the choir teacher about it. It might be something as simple as the music department doesn't have equipment to do the recording properly.

helmikuu 14, 2:22 pm

>62 Owltherian:. As a parent,I’d like to see the choir recorded.

>63 benitastrnad:. Good info, as always, Benita. Thanks.

helmikuu 14, 2:56 pm

>64 jnwelch: dad would have wanted it recorded but that never happened.

helmikuu 14, 3:49 pm

>65 Owltherian:. Hard to speak up when you’re 14, but maybe your dad could?

helmikuu 14, 5:14 pm

Hello Joe my dear friend, i cannot believe that it has taken me until now to star your thread, what sort of friend am i. I nave no idea how i missed your first thread although things are so busy for me at the moment although that is no excuse.

I hope that you, Debbi and the family are all well mate and we both send love and hugs dear friend.

helmikuu 14, 5:32 pm

>66 jnwelch: Possibly and now im freaking shaking bc someone i didn't want to know i made a group found it and prob gonna get me banned for being 'underage' when I'm 14 and the age limit is 12 and under

helmikuu 14, 11:01 pm

>67 johnsimpson:. Hiya, John buddy. No worries! Always good to see you. I understand being muy ocupado, and it happens to all of us sometimes.

Debbi and I are doing well, and we’re in Los Angeles enjoying the warmer weather.

We send hugs and love back to you and Karen. I’m still getting my act together for visiting threads, and will stop by to see you soon.

helmikuu 14, 11:03 pm

>68 Owltherian:. Too bad, Lily. I’m crossing my fingers for you. 🤞🤞

helmikuu 14, 11:04 pm

>70 jnwelch: I kinda hope she gets banned before me bc she did so much more than me and i had already flagged her

helmikuu 14, 11:10 pm

helmikuu 15, 2:27 pm

I Have Some Questions For You by Rebecca Makkai is very good so far. I’m about 2/3 of the way through. I’ve got the new Orphan X up next after that.

We’re having a relaxing time in LA. Temp in the 60s here- way better than end of winter Chitown.

helmikuu 16, 12:57 pm

Today’s Bargain: My Sister, the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite for $1.99 on e-readers. What a cool surprise this was when it came out. To paraphrase a review, it’s the wittiest and most fun murder party you’ll get invited to.

helmikuu 16, 12:59 pm

Hi Joe! How are you?

helmikuu 16, 1:44 pm

>75 Owltherian:. Hiya, Lily. I’m doing well, thanks. How about you?

My poor wife caught a 24 hour bug, but is feeling much better today. We plan to go to La Brea tarpits in LA, where dinosaur fossils are still dug out of the liquidish tar (asphalt creep a tour guide would say). They’ve got a great museum, too, with mastodons, saber tooth tigers and flying reptiles that I don’t think are pterodactyls, and lots more.

helmikuu 16, 1:48 pm

>76 jnwelch: Im not doin' too well, i feel a cold coming and my head hurts but i finally finished Long Shadows by Erin Hunter which I'm happy about.

helmikuu 16, 2:31 pm

>77 Owltherian:. Go away, cold coming on! It’s a tough time of year for catching viruses, isn’t it.

I don’t know the author Erin Hunter. Did you like the book? School assignment or for fun?

helmikuu 16, 2:37 pm

>78 jnwelch: I love her books, its part of her Warrior Cats series and its just for fun, and yes it is a very tough time for catching viruses.

helmikuu 16, 4:18 pm

>78 jnwelch:
Warrior Cats This is a fantasy series written by Erin Hunter for middle grades. It is the new Harry Potter. All the kids are reading it. It is on the same order of book as the Guardians of Ga'hoole by Kathryn Laskey.

helmikuu 16, 4:45 pm

>80 benitastrnad: Speaking as a children's librarian, it's popular, but not anywhere near as popular as Harry Potter was at the height of the phenomenon. I agree with the Guardians of Ga'hoole comparison.

helmikuu 16, 7:37 pm

>80 benitastrnad: I dont like the author of Harry Potter she is transphobic

Muokkaaja: helmikuu 17, 2:46 pm

>82 Owltherian:. I remember the comments about JKR’s trans comments, Lily. She should’t have said them; she should have apologized.

>79 Owltherian:. Thanks for the heads up on the Warrior Cats series. I understand from Benita that they’re very popular. Have you looked at Fourth Wing and Iron Flame? In my mind, they’re not “adult” and they have a great female hero. If someone disagrees with me about the “adult” part please say so. I don’t want to get Lily in any trouble.

P. S. One of my favorite authors (Knut Hamsun) turned out to be a Nazi sympathizer. What do we do? Beautiful books, untenable authors. I haven’t read or recommended him since I found out.

P.P.S. From a “Cut” article by Claire Lampen:

“Yet when Rowling’s trans readers say, “What you said hurt me and here’s why,” she seems to skip over introspection and springs to self-defense. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, yes, but opinions can be offensive too. They can be bigoted. They can be factually unsupported. They can be damaging. They can do harm — intentionally or not.“

As Lampen points out, JKR’s biology-based arguments often are factually incorrect:

helmikuu 17, 2:48 pm

>81 foggidawn:. Hi, foggi. Gotcha. Do adults enjoy the series, do you know?

helmikuu 17, 4:02 pm

>83 jnwelch: I actually haven't read either, and i have plenty of 'Adult' books like Still Waters by Tami Hoag for example.

Muokkaaja: helmikuu 18, 3:12 pm

>85 Owltherian:. OK, good, Lily. This’ll be easier as I get to know you better. I just wanted to be cautious. They’re really fun books, IMO.

I read a different Tami Hoag years ago, Smilla’s Sense of Snow (wrong., sorry. As Paul points out below, it’s by Peter Hoeg) and liked it a lot.

helmikuu 17, 7:51 pm

>83 jnwelch: The main character in Fourth Wing is late teens or early 20s. There's a lot of language & violence through the whole book & a fair amount of sex in the last 120pp. The sex is less in Iron Flame because the main characters are in the same place less often.

The writing isn't perfect. There are a few word choices that drag you out of the fantasy world and back to this earth (balance beam, rubber-soled shoes, etc.). But the storytelling is great. That said, I will read all the books in this series but don't have any interest in reading the author's romances.

helmikuu 17, 10:49 pm

>86 jnwelch: Hm, that seems like an intresting book to me, i just got into Tami Hoag though so i don't really know her books that well.

helmikuu 18, 7:07 am

>86 jnwelch: That book is by Peter Hoeg, Joe, not Tami Hoag. I agree with you though that it is quite the read.

It may see a strange message for a Sunday but the testicles are almost A-OK in time for Hani's return tomorrow evening (Monday evening) - and I mean from a health point of view - the poor lady is not about to be pounced upon!

Hope all is good with you dear fellow.

helmikuu 18, 8:58 am

Morning, Joe!

I haven't read the Warriors series, but I do agree that they have been very popular for several years with the middle grade set. And there are tons of them, with more than one series going.

As far as Rowling goes, I'm very much of the opinion that once an author finishes a book, it's no longer theirs but becomes the reader's, so I don't have any trouble still loving HP. And if we were able to look closely at all the authors throughout history who have become famous and/or canon, you know we'd find that a fair amount of them had views or even actually did things that we wouldn't condone or that would make us not love 'em. Writers are people, and people can be absolute turds. They're just turds who can turn a phrase. Do we deprive ourselves of the worlds they build and we love just because they're shitty people? I don't, however, want to give Rowling and writers like her (*cough*Orson Scott Card*cough*) any more of my money if I can help it; it's one thing to love the books and another altogether actually to support the writer.

Muokkaaja: helmikuu 18, 3:14 pm

>88 Owltherian:. I enjoyed it, Lily. The library almost surely will have it. As Paul points out, it’s actually by Peter Hoeg, not your Tami.

>87 ReneeMarie:. Thanks, Renee. I’ve read both, and plan to read the third. The first one got my attention when it kept riding the top of the NYTimes bestseller list. Now they both do. Telepathic dragons? Really? But they’re both page-turners. Years ago a dragon book called Eragon did really well, but it’s unusual for that to happen.

Muokkaaja: helmikuu 18, 3:14 pm

>89 PaulCranswick:. Too right, Paul, thanks. I must be getting old. My super power as a bookseller was knowing all the authors. At least looking for Hoag on the bookshelf would’ve gotten me to Smilla. And at least I recommended quite the read to our Lily.

Good to hear the rosy (!) prognosis for your testicles. Say hi to Hani for us. Enjoy the reunion!

All is good with us. We just had an excellent breakfast with our expecting niece and her hubby, and last night shared a tasty bottle of wine with my godson . He’s an oenophile and can be counted on for delicious vino. LA is flush with relatives! We’re staying with one niece and supping with another one Tuesday night.

Take care, brother.

helmikuu 18, 3:33 pm

>90 scaifea:. Hiya, Amber. I wondered whether you had read any of the Warrior Cat books and could comment. Anything that gets our new generations reading makes me happy.

“Writers are people, and people can be absolute turds”. Wise words. And I love your way of looking at it, that once the book is out in the world it’s ours, not theirs. And you’re right, I’m sure finding out more about some book authors we take for granted would curl our toes.

Our poor son loved Orson scott Card’s books growing up, and now can’t read him. Likewise, Hamsun’s Nazi sympathizing is just too much for me to have anything to do with him. Even if my Chicago family wasn’t Jewish I’d feel that way. In fact, I found out well before I got married.

I sympathize with Lily’s feelings about JKR, and I’m frustrated that JKR doesn’t “get it”, that there are more thoughtful, inclusive and sensitive ways to talk about biological issues.

And yet I devour each new Comoran Strike and Robin novel she comes out with as Robert Galbraith. I need to give that some thought.

Muokkaaja: helmikuu 18, 6:03 pm

>73 jnwelch: Joe, I look forward to hearing your take on I Have Some Questions For You. I had to return it to the library before I ever got a chance to read it. I admit that I was put off by the size of the thing, having been disappointed in a couple of wordy novels lately.

Muokkaaja: helmikuu 18, 9:55 pm

>94 NarratorLady:.I Have Some Questions For You is really good, Anne, and worth your time. A group of college classmates years later try to sort out what really happened with a classmate’s perhaps accidental perhaps homicidal pool death, in hopes of helping another classmate imprisoned for it.. Makkai has a keen ear for dialogue, and sensitively portrays the insecurities and power plays of college life. I avoided comparing it to her Great Believers. I took it on its own terms, and really liked it.

P.S. So did wife and daughter.

helmikuu 19, 6:34 am

>93 jnwelch: I should clarify that just because I feel the way I do about the separation of books from their authors, I don't think your views or Lily's views on the subject aren't wholly valid as well. (*waves at Lily*) I definitely understand not being able to read something written by someone whom you feel is a bad person. Makes total sense, and I support you and Lily and everyone else who feels that way.

My Tuesday Teens will be reading Science Fiction for next month's book club meeting, and, as always, I've put together a list of suggestions for them, which includes canonical classics, popular titles, and some of my own favorites. I curate the lists with comments for each title, and I included OSC, because the Ender's Game series is phenomenal, but I absolutely warned them about the kind of person he is and encouraged library use for his books in place of giving him their money.

helmikuu 19, 7:26 am

Tämä käyttäjä on poistettu roskaamisen vuoksi.

helmikuu 19, 7:43 am

Happy new-ish thread, Joe! Glad to see the books are treating you well :)

helmikuu 19, 9:36 am

Hi Joe, how is your day going so far?

helmikuu 19, 12:32 pm

>96 scaifea:. Thanks for another thoughtful post, Amber. Your set up for your class sounds perfect. Would you mind sending me you reading list? (If there’s a reason not to, no worries). Adriana taught a sci- fi class and her list gave me one I liked a lot, The Emperor’s Soul by Brandon Sanderson, the follow-up to his best, IMO, Elantris, and one I disliked a lot, Pym by Mat Johnson.

Ender’s Game is just plain great sci-fi, and you’ve picked a good way to handle that.

Thanks for the support on not following turd authors.

Muokkaaja: helmikuu 19, 12:46 pm

>98 bell7:. Thanks, Mary! Good to see you! The books are indeed treating me well. Today I’m reading an Orphan X thriller called Lone Wolf.

>99 Owltherian:. So far so good, Lily, thanks. It’s a rainy day here, and I’m having my coffee and reading my thriller. Yesterday we went to the Getty Museum, which is a fair way up a mount with a spectacular view of LA. We were particularly impressed with photography exhibits of the work of Arthur Tress and Sheila Metzner. One tradition for us in museums is we pick at least one we’d like to have in our home. Debbi picked a very tall Giacometti sculpture. I’m not sure where we’ll put it, or how the heck we’ll sneak it out of the museum.

How are things today in your part of the world?

helmikuu 19, 12:45 pm

>101 jnwelch: Its quite sunny and i got blinded by the sun earlier but i hope the day gets better.

Muokkaaja: helmikuu 19, 12:47 pm

>101 jnwelch: I hope your day gets better and better, too.

helmikuu 19, 1:08 pm

Adriana just wrote a good review of a new biography of Tove Janssen (no touchstone yet?) by Boel Westin. TJ isthe Moomintroll creator.

Our daughter and I loved reading the Moomintroll books together. I can also confirm that TJ’s The Summer Book is a “minor” (or not so minor) classic.

helmikuu 19, 6:47 pm

Well, I can't say happy new thread because, 104.

But I can say that I now want to read The Paris Bookseller. And that I absolutely loved The Summer Book.

Hi Joe!

helmikuu 19, 11:37 pm

>105 EBT1002:. Hi, Ellen! Good to have a fellow fan of The Summer Book. She seems like a remarkable person, doesn’t she? I don’t read many biographies, but I’m tempted by this one.

I hope that retirement continues to be the cat’s pajamas, and that you enjoy The Paris Bookseller as much as I did.

helmikuu 20, 2:06 pm

>84 jnwelch: You asked it adults read the Warrior cats books; I don't think I've ever seen an adult checking them out for their own reading, though I'm sure that a few do. I tried a bit of the first one and it wasn't my thing.

helmikuu 20, 3:25 pm

>107 foggidawn:. Thanks, foggi. Yeah, so far I haven’t had the impression that the series plays well to higher ages. Which is A-OK. I don’t think that Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, for example, did either.

helmikuu 20, 5:16 pm

Today’s Bargain: Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead for $1.99 on e-readers. Already a classic.

helmikuu 20, 6:37 pm

>109 jnwelch: Yep, I bought it! I somehow missed it when it came out, but now I’ll be able to catch up.

Karen O

helmikuu 20, 7:25 pm

>110 klobrien2:. Perfect, Karen. Thanks for letting me know!

helmikuu 20, 7:38 pm

Has anyone here read Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore by Matthew Sullivan? It’s another $1.99 bargain today, and as Debbi says, I’m a pushover for books with Bookshop or bookstore in the title. (Is it okay to judge books by their title, not their cover?). I didn’t resist this time either.

helmikuu 21, 8:42 am

>112 jnwelch: I read it & remember "enjoying" (there's sad stuff in there) it, although it was darker than I expected and also not what I expected from the cover and title. I, too, am a sucker for books about books and bookstores.

helmikuu 21, 8:53 am

Cool Kismet Story: I had a new recruit last night at Teen Tuesday. One of my regulars brought her, and took me aside before it started to say that her friend was excited to be there, but always cripplingly shy, so I started the meeting with a general reminder that it's totally okay to sit back and absorb and there's never any pressure to speak out and contribute during book club weeks. New Teen was, indeed, very quiet, but braved speaking up to say that her favorite series of all time is...wait for it...Warrior Cats! To honor her bravery, I checked out the first book and brought it home. If she returns to TT, I want to be able to say that her recommendation prompted me to read it, and I want to be ready to chat about it with her if she would like.

helmikuu 21, 9:53 am

>113 ReneeMarie:. Thanks, Renee. Ha! Good to have a fellow pushover. And good to have the book thumbs up.

>114 scaifea:. Nice, Amber. The universe, and New Teen, and Lily, were bringing the Warrior Cats your way. Way to put NT (and others) at ease. What book was the book club discussing?

helmikuu 21, 10:00 am

Today’s Bargain: Passage to India by E.M. Forster for $1.99 on Kindle. One of the great novels, set in colonial India at the turn of the last century.

helmikuu 21, 10:09 am

>115 jnwelch: We've not been focusing on just one book, since I don't want to give them anything that feels like Yet Another School Assignment. So I've been presenting genres, and they can choose to read something new-to-them from that genre or they can come prepared to chat about something they've read previously. Last night was a chance for them to talk about their favorite reads of all time (so far). So not really a genre, but I knew it would be a good time. And it was.

helmikuu 21, 10:39 am

I'm up and almost done with my first cuppa. Got a lot of chores to wrestle into submission, so I should get started. But before I do, I just wanted to say hi. So. "Hi! Joe."

helmikuu 21, 11:45 am

>117 scaifea:. Great! I love your thoughtfulness and creativity with them. Any favorite memorable books? (Please forgive my curiosity- I don’t really know anybody in that age group these days).

helmikuu 21, 11:47 am

>118 weird_O:. Hi Bill! Thanks for stopping by. I need to grab a cup of joe meself. We’re at the airport, heading back to chilly Chicago today.

helmikuu 21, 1:08 pm

>119 jnwelch: Here's the list:

A Court of Thorns and Roses (the whole series)
Heartstopper (the whole series)
Solitare (can't find the proper touchstone, but it's also an Alice Oseman book)
A True Princess
Friends for Life
How to Be a Girl in the World
Warrior Cats: Into the Wild

helmikuu 21, 2:10 pm

>120 jnwelch: Safe (& healthy!) travels today, Joe! Not so chilly here today--60F--can't complain about that. Just wearing a sweatshirt & got the car washed, so mild indeed for February.

Muokkaaja: helmikuu 21, 7:43 pm

>121 scaifea:. Thanks, Amber! You and I know the Heartstoppers series, and Alice Osman are both great. I don’t know “Solitaire”, but I’ll take a look. We (Debbi, your BFF and me) all thought her Loveless was excellent.
Coraline - yes, but to me a surprising choice for “favorite” - I’d pick Neverwhere, The Graveyard Book or Ocean at End of the Lane.

I actually own the whopper Uzumaki - creepy genius level.

Sarah J. Maas - i’m a recently minted fan. I’ll have to look at the other listed books.

>122 kac522:. Thanks, Kathy. We’re home safe and sound. To 60 degree weather?!! What city is this again?

Of course we’re seeing folks wearing shorts - if they do it at 40 degrees, why not 60?

We sat on our front porch and caught up with neighbors. Nice to be back.

helmikuu 21, 7:42 pm

>123 jnwelch: The Graveyard Book is great! as well as Heartstopper and basically Amber's whole list is pretty good in my opinion.

helmikuu 21, 7:52 pm

>123 jnwelch:. Right, Lily? There’s actually a topnotch graphic version of The Graveyard Book that I enjoyed. Fun way to re-experience the story. Heartstoppers - agreed. It’s encouraging that the series is so successful. I like Amber’s list, although there are some I don’t know.

helmikuu 21, 7:55 pm

>125 jnwelch: Yeah, i am reading Heartstopper right now, same with Warrior cats

helmikuu 21, 9:06 pm

>126 Owltherian:. 👍. Enjoy!

helmikuu 21, 10:46 pm

I think my favorite YA series is by Liani Taylor. She wrote the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series and the Strange the Dreamer series and I will read anything by Ruta Sepetys

Muokkaaja: helmikuu 22, 8:21 am

>123 jnwelch: I suspect the Coraline fan hasn't branched out into other Gaiman just yet; Coraline was a childhood fav for them. Oseman can do no wrong - all her stuff is excellent. And I agree about Uzumaki - I was impressed that a teen had read it and loved it! I read it ages ago and loved the creep factor.

>124 Owltherian: Too bad you don't live in my town - you'd fit right in with my Tuesday Teens and I'd be happy to have you in the group.

helmikuu 22, 9:15 am

>129 scaifea: Danggg, i bet that would be nice too

helmikuu 22, 11:33 am

I gave The Graveyard Book to a friend who had liked a lot of other Gaiman and she gave it back, hard thumbs down.

No accounting for taste I guess.

helmikuu 22, 12:24 pm

>130 Owltherian: And I usually make cookies for the Tuesday Teens, too...

(Come to the dark side, we have cookies.)

helmikuu 22, 12:25 pm

>132 scaifea: Cookiesssssss- that sounds delishhhh

helmikuu 22, 6:43 pm

Sweet Thursday, Joe. Are you home yet? How are you both doing?

helmikuu 22, 7:13 pm

>128 benitastrnad: If you like Ruta Sepetys, have you tried Monica Hesse?

Muokkaaja: helmikuu 23, 5:41 pm

>135 ReneeMarie:. Hi, Renee. I like Ruta Sepytys, especially Salt to the Sea. I’ll have to check out Monica Hesse.

>134 msf59:. Happy Friday, Mark. We got back Wednesday. We’re groovy, and liking the mild temps, although I guss it drops tomorrow and bounces back Sunday. How did the Makkai turn out for you?

helmikuu 23, 5:50 pm

>128 benitastrnad:. I liked those Laini Taylor books, too, Benita. For favories I’d probably go to Neil Gaiman. I need yo resd more Ruta Sepetys; I loved Salt to the Sea.

>129 scaifea:. Hi, Amber. You’re probably right about Coraline. Agreed that Oseman can do no wrong- and she’s so young! I’m pretty sure she’s still in her 20s, and she probably had to hire someone to count all her money.

Uzumaki - yikes!

helmikuu 23, 5:53 pm

Heyo Joe

helmikuu 23, 5:56 pm

>129 scaifea:, >130 Owltherian:. Another sign that we need teleporters, and we need them now!

>131 magicians_nephew:. Jeesh, Jim! Sounds like something triggered her. That book is too good otherwise, especially for a Gaiman reader.

>132 scaifea:. I’ve seen photos of your cookies, Amber, and I want in. I’ll do my best to impersonate a teen if I have to.

>133 Owltherian:. Right, Lily?

helmikuu 23, 5:57 pm

>139 jnwelch: Yesss, we need it, i need those cookiessss

Muokkaaja: helmikuu 23, 6:28 pm

helmikuu 23, 7:03 pm

I need the cookies thoughhhhh, they sound goodddd

helmikuu 23, 7:13 pm

Welcome back! I am glad the trip went well. I have about 20-30 pages left in I Have Some Questions. It has taken me awhile to get through it but I am liking it. Maybe, a bit more editing?

Muokkaaja: helmikuu 24, 10:02 am

>143 msf59:. Thanks, Mark! Great trip. I may post a photo or two today.

I Have Some Questions For You is a long one for sure. A bit more editing might’ve been in order. My theory is that the publisher’ editors are more trusting of the author and less inclined to push after an author has had a big hit like Great Believers.

P.S. The one that sticks out for me is Robert Jordan’s 14 book Wheel of Time fantasy series. After the first ones were a success, the books started getting longer and longer, chock full of tangential stories and just begging for a strong editorial hand. The main story was so engrossing that I just kept plugging away while grumbling.

helmikuu 24, 10:05 am

Today’s Bargain: A Field Guide to Getting Lost by Rebecca Solnit for $1.99 on e-readers. Oh man, I loved this one. What a writer.

helmikuu 24, 12:04 pm

>145 jnwelch: I love Rebecca Solnit. She's so smart. Men Explain Things To Me was so good. So true.

helmikuu 24, 12:28 pm

>146 ReneeMarie:. Agreed, Renee. Men Explain Things to Me was an embarrassment for my gender, but fair and good reading. One of my favorite parts was the man at a party explaining her own book to her, and not wanting to hear anything from her, if I’m remembering right.

helmikuu 24, 1:31 pm

>144 jnwelch:
I agree with you about editing. It seems that most of the Fantasy series I like follow the Robert Jordan model. Get longer and longer as they go along. However, the last series I read Chorus of Dragons was an exception. The longest books were books 1 & 2. After that they stayed steady at about 450-500 pages per book. I thought about writing the publisher and congratulating them and the author Jenn Lyons. I also thought that the last book was a guide for how to end a series because it was done so well.

helmikuu 25, 10:43 am

Today’s Bargain: Snowcrash by Neal Stephenson for $1.99 on e-reader. Early and excellent sci-fi from this bestselling author.

helmikuu 25, 10:47 am

>148 benitastrnad:. Hi, Benita. I’m glad that yhe Chorus of Dragons series didn’t develop bloat. It feels so much better as a reader when they keep the discipline, doesn’t it.

helmikuu 25, 10:53 am

Hi Joe, how are you?

helmikuu 25, 10:58 am

>151 Owltherian:. Good morning, Lily. I’m doing well, thanks. How are you doing? I hope you’re having a good weekend.

helmikuu 25, 11:00 am

>152 jnwelch: My ending to Saturday wasn't that good, on this site specifically i was told to go to hell using the person I was named after....and i took that to heart because my uncle hung himself.

helmikuu 25, 12:36 pm

>153 Owltherian:. What?! That doesn’t sound like someone on this site of thoughtful, generally kind readers. Who said that?

helmikuu 25, 1:34 pm

>154 jnwelch: Someone who was banned multiple times for harassing me, but it wasn't on this group it was on a different one.

helmikuu 25, 1:42 pm

>155 Owltherian:. What a shame, Lily. I’m glad it was no one in this group. Sounds like theperson should be permanently banned. LT is meant to be an escape from the madness, seems to me, on which members can talk civilly about books and whatever else.

helmikuu 25, 1:46 pm

>156 jnwelch: Yeah, they should be but they are never banned, they just keep making new accs

helmikuu 25, 7:20 pm

>157 Owltherian:. Hmm. I thought they had a way to track it if it’s the same computer. There have been some bad ones on LT that were banned and as far as I know never made it back in. I hope they figure out how to block your harasser. I’m glad that the 75ers are a safe haven.

helmikuu 25, 7:22 pm

>158 jnwelch: Yeah im glad too

helmikuu 25, 8:21 pm

There are definitely ways to beat the ISP tracking. But, yeah, we try to be a safe place and I’m glad you’ve found friends here!

helmikuu 26, 8:56 am

>159 Owltherian:, >160 drneutron:. 👍. Thanks, Jim.

Muokkaaja: helmikuu 26, 2:31 pm

These are the kind folks we stayed with in LA: niece Meg, her husband Jeroen (pronounced yah-roon) and their son Sam

Debbi (walklover) and me at the Getty Museum

Muokkaaja: helmikuu 26, 2:36 pm

Lovely vistas! I'm hiding behind your left shoulder beyond the dark rectangles in the third photo!

helmikuu 26, 3:58 pm

>163 quondame:. Ha! Good hiding, Susan. We would’ve enjoyed seeing you there. The one bookstore I made it to sold comics and graphic novels, and it cost me dearly. So many good ones! Ah, I take it back; there was a really good bookstore in nearby Larchmont Village in LA, so that would be one excursion we’d do with you. Do folks here in the cafe have any LA bookstore recommendations?

helmikuu 26, 4:15 pm

I don't, but my daughter sometimes hangs out at The Ripped Bodice. I have never felt up to a visit to The Last Bookstore. We do have the marvelous Children's Book World not far from me, but it's been years now since we were in acquisition mode for children's lit. The comic store Mike and Becky go to is Pulp Fiction. Before the change of owner they went to Comix Ink, which is almost around the corner from us.

Let me know if you have some free time your next visit. I always have a restaurant suggestion or two or three.

helmikuu 26, 4:53 pm

We went to Golden Apple comics and Chevaliers Books, I just confirmed. I’ll have to take a peek at these others. We went to delicious but pricey French restaurant in a small street mall; I forget the name.

helmikuu 26, 6:50 pm

Love the LA pics! What a nice looking family. The older folks look pretty good too. 😁

helmikuu 27, 11:35 am

>167 msf59:. They are such nice folks, Mark. They were going to come to our vow renewal, and you would have met them, but some health issues intervened. Jeroen is Dutch, so Sam has dual citizenship.

Them older folks had a nice time there. We got to see just about everyone we wanted to. We may go back in April to the LA Book Festival; Adriana has some role in it (she’s done book reviews for the LA Times). Did you get to spend some time with her and Jesse at the vow renewal?

Muokkaaja: helmikuu 28, 11:39 am

Today’s Bargain: Mort by Terry Pratchett for $1.99 on e-readers. Death’s apprentice mishandles the job. Vintage Pratchett, and not a bad place to start on this author.

helmikuu 29, 11:01 am

A Field Guide to Getting Lost is still a $1.99 e-bargain on this Sweet Thursday.

helmikuu 29, 2:18 pm

>162 jnwelch: Lovely photos Joe.

helmikuu 29, 2:21 pm

Only 171 posts behind, Joe. Happy "new" thread - well, new to me anyway!

Hope all is well there!

helmikuu 29, 2:59 pm

>171 Caroline_McElwee:. Thanks, Caroline. We were just thinking of you. Any chance you’ll visit the states some day?

>172 alcottacre:. Thanks, Stasia. Whenever you can make it is fine by me. Good to see you! All is well here. We’re getting sneak peaks of Spring and loving it.

We’re up to Ep. 6 of True Detective with Jodie Foster - the finale - and looking forward to all the weirdness being pulled together and explained. She’s been excellent, as usual.

helmikuu 29, 3:00 pm

Hiya Joe! How are ya?

helmikuu 29, 5:20 pm

>174 Owltherian:. Hiya, Lily. I’m doing well, thanks. How’s about you?

We worked at our local food pantry this morning, stocking and bagging produce. I miss being as strong and resilient as I was at your age! But for an old codger I do all right. We got a whole lot done, and that feels good. (And we have Advil for what doesn’t feel so good). We did have one teen named “Linus” working with us; he was understandably shy. If I get to know him better I’d like to find out how it’s been going through life with that name. Back in my day he would’ve gotten some teasing.

maaliskuu 1, 12:02 pm

>171 Caroline_McElwee: I've only been to Boston some years ago. I nearly got to NY once, but a health issue kiboshed that. Who knows, when I retire in a couple of years...

maaliskuu 1, 12:41 pm

>176 Caroline_McElwee: sounds good, Caroline. We’d love to get you out here to Chicago!

Muokkaaja: maaliskuu 2, 12:13 pm

I’m enjoying Babel by R.F. Kuang (the author of Yellowface). A (unless the goings-on are viewed as science) fantasy featuring language translation at Oxford University. My other novel is Foster by Claire Keegan, recommended by Anne.

GN: Gene Luen Yang’s Lunar New Year Love Story. Loved his earlier ones. Poetry: I’m reluctantly pearl-ruling Richard Blanco’s new and selected poems and looking for another. I just couldn’t connect with it. Ongoing: The Iliad translated by Emily Wilson. I need to get back into a regular routine with it.

maaliskuu 3, 12:08 pm

Today’s Bargain: Lord Valentine’s Castle by Robert Silverberg for $1.99 on e-readers. An amnesiac drifter who may be more joins a traveling troupe of entertainers and begins to receive troubling messages. Great fun - a rollicking good tale with lots of high ratings.

maaliskuu 3, 12:20 pm

>179 jnwelch: Count me as someone who rates it highly. I loved it.

maaliskuu 3, 12:27 pm

A new bio of Keith Haring (a local guy) got a good review in this morning New York Times. Radiant: The Life and Line of Keith Haring by Brad Gooch. I'm definitely going to get a copy, and I'm thinking I should spring for it at The Firefly Bookstore, located mere blocks from Haring's boyhood home. The title brings this trivia to mind: The current owners of that house recently sold a piece of the wall from Haring's bedroom. The artist had drawn the iconic radiant baby above the light switch.

Muokkaaja: maaliskuu 3, 1:18 pm

>180 ReneeMarie:. Oh, good to hear, thanks, Renee. I don’t seem to have that many cafe patrons who know the older sci-fi and fantasy. That’s such a fun one. I loved it, too.

>181 weird_O:. Hiya, Bill. Wow, isn’t that something with the Haring radiant baby wall piece. Maybe we’re better off with it sold and in the public eye? Unless a private collector bought it. We were told this is why cities bolt plexiglas over high end street art - thieves were chopping the art out of walls and concrete, etc. and selling it.

It reminds me of a tour guide we had in England who took us to his home where he had an original Banksy war protest poster. (A family member (son?) had been at the protest). He swore us to secrecy so word didn’t get out. A different approach than the Haring seller.

I remember you’re a big Haring fan. Very cool. He managed to get so much life and energy into his art. We saw a beautiful outdoor wall mural of his in Barcelona.

Muokkaaja: maaliskuu 3, 4:13 pm

>179 jnwelch:
Well, that was a BB. Placed my order for a used copy of the mass market paperback. It is strange that I never heard of that "older" sci/fi series.

Muokkaaja: maaliskuu 3, 6:14 pm

>183 benitastrnad:. I’m glad it inspired you to try Lord Valentine’s Castle, Benita. If time permits, please let us know what you think of it.

I believe LVC is considered Silverberg’s best book. It was a popular one in my working - in- the-bookstores days.

Have you read Babel by R.F.Kuang? I think you’d appreciate it. I’m enjoying it almost halfway through.

maaliskuu 3, 6:49 pm

>184 jnwelch: Lord Valentine's Castle is a good read, and sort of broke Silverberg out of the new wave ghetto and back into more popular storytelling, but there are those who were more enthusiastic about some of his earlier works.

maaliskuu 3, 6:53 pm

>182 jnwelch: I have consumed much fantasy & some sf in my lifetime. After children's classics, it probably started with my older sister's copy of Dragonflight. I adore Anne McCaffrey. First woman (hello March) to win the Hugo and the Nebula.

My mom, seeing how much I was enjoying dragons, bought me Dragon on a Pedestal. Which cost me money since that was book -- 7? -- in a series.

And two of the first books I bought from my first bookstore job were Asimov's Foundation and the anthology A Dragon-Lover's Treasury of the Fantastic.

maaliskuu 3, 6:55 pm

>185 quondame:. I’m sure that’s right, Susan. I read a few of Silverberg’s other books (e.g. Downward to Earth), but the one I remember well all these years later is Lord Valentine’s Castle.

maaliskuu 3, 7:23 pm

>186 ReneeMarie:. Cool, Renee. Richard Derus is another one who read a lot of F&SF as a youngster.

I never got seduced by the McCaffrey dragon books. I was big on Roger Zelazny and Ursula Le Guin back then. I did love Asimov’s Foundation books. I wasn’t hip enough to like Philip K. Dick’s books, and I instead read a lot of his in later life.

maaliskuu 3, 7:35 pm

>188 jnwelch: My older sister also loved Le Guin. I'm not sure she reads much SF or F these days. Zelazny is on my read someday list. Haven't read Dick yet, but do want to at least read The Man in the High Castle.

maaliskuu 3, 9:24 pm

I did start out enamored of Anne McCaffrey, first with The Ship Who Sang and then with Dragonriders of Pern, until those just seemed to be more for the sake of more and finally one was a dead bore and a chore, so while I read a few of Todd McCaffrey's I wouldn't say I'm at all a fan anymore. By the 1980s and 90s there was just so much more interesting F&SF coming out and it hasn't slowed down the growth, the last 10 years have seen so many fabulous books by women. And there have even been some I liked by men!

maaliskuu 4, 11:35 am

>179 jnwelch: >182 jnwelch: Hmm, well maybe. Let's see if it's still on sale. I read it and the sequel decades ago but I don't think I finished the series.

>182 jnwelch: Re the poster, we won't tell anyone. 🤫

Muokkaaja: maaliskuu 4, 12:15 pm

Today’s Bargain: Flying Finish by Dick Francis for $1.99 on e-readers. A good horse-racing mystery from the dependable author.

maaliskuu 4, 12:22 pm

>190 quondame: I think the last book I bought in the series was Masterharper of Pern. The series fell off my radar due to what my life was like at the time. I think the son got okay reviews, but the daughter got panned. My two absolute favorites are Dragonsong and Dragonsinger. When I'm reading those, it doesn't even feel like reading. It feels like being in that world.

Latterly, I've enjoyed Naomi Novik's Temeraire series. And I dashed through Fourth Wing and Iron Flame -- though Rebecca Yarros is a better storyteller than writer.

maaliskuu 4, 4:23 pm

>189 ReneeMarie:. LeGuin is a standout, especially, IMO, Left Hand of Darkness, The Dispossessed and Lathe of Heaven. My sister has continued reading F&SF, and often recommends or gives me ones. She’s an Emily Wilde fan, which didn’t grab me as much as it did her.

Philip K. Dick: I heartily recommend Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, the inspiration for the Blade Runner movie, and his Selected Short Stories of Philip K. Dick. His short stories have repeatedly been adapted into movies, including Total Recall, Minority Report and a favorite of ours, The Adjustment Bureau. Don’t let The Man in High Castle discourage you if it’s not your cuppa.

Muokkaaja: maaliskuu 4, 4:53 pm

>190 quondame:. There are so many great “new” female SFS authors, Susan, aren’t there? N.K. Jemison, Becky Chambers, Anne Leckie, Naomi Novik, Susanna Clarke, Rebecca Roanhorse, Martha Wells, Mary Robinette Kowal and more. What a welcome sea change from the days when many struggled in a male-dominated genre!

P.S. i have to mention a personal favorite of mine , Sharon Lee, who writes the Liaden books with her partner, Steve Miller.

Muokkaaja: maaliskuu 4, 4:47 pm

>193 ReneeMarie:. I remember the popularity of the McCaffery books from my bookstore days, Renee, particularly the two you mention, Dragon Song and Dragonsinger. I liked the first couple of Naomi Novik dragon books, and then fell off the bandwagon. Like you, I dashed through Fourth Wing and Iron Flame, and I look forward to the next one.

maaliskuu 4, 4:49 pm

>191 humouress:. I hope you had good luck with the bargain Lord Valentine’s Castle, Nina.

Muokkaaja: maaliskuu 4, 9:06 pm

>194 jnwelch: >195 jnwelch: Actually, if I don't like TMitHC, I might not read any more PKD. I love history above most things. Which is why I also really like the Glamourist series by Mary Robinette Kowal.

maaliskuu 4, 5:01 pm

>197 jnwelch:. 👍*sigh*. I tried, PKD, I tried. However, sounds like there’s a good chance you’ll like High Castle more than I did.

maaliskuu 4, 5:44 pm

>195 jnwelch: I have good news and bad news. The good news: I have multiple Lee/Miller books on my TBR mountain range.

The bad news: I heard about this on "In Memoriam" here on LT --

maaliskuu 4, 5:55 pm

Nice obit, but that's a pity. Writing together must have been a wonderful, engrossing union of experience.

And anyone who dies younger than I am is too young to die.

maaliskuu 5, 9:53 am

Today’s Bargain: The Passenger by Cormac McCarthy for $1.99 on e-readers. One of his last books, with Stella Maris.

Muokkaaja: maaliskuu 5, 3:11 pm

>200 ReneeMarie:. Thanks, Renee. As Judy says, good obit. How Sharon Lee must miss him, and their working together on books. They must have had a lot of fun together over the years. May Steve rest in peace. I hope you enjoy their books as much as I have.

>201 ffortsa:. Well said, Judy. “Anyone who dies younger than I am is too young.” Ha! Amen.

maaliskuu 6, 10:55 am

Today’s Bargain: Trouble is My Business by Raymond Chandler for $1.99 on e-readers. Give yourself a noir adventure with this ever-influential author.

Muokkaaja: maaliskuu 6, 1:47 pm

>197 jnwelch: Ooh, thanks for the reminder Joe; I'd forgotten. It's still available for $1.99 (on - though it's £3.99 on Amazon UK.

Hang on - did you just con me into a book bullet? ;0)

Muokkaaja: maaliskuu 6, 5:03 pm

>205 humouress: 😂😂 I won’t say it’s beneath me, Nina. I’ve always loved talking people into buying books. It rarely comes back to bite me.

I had one customer come back to tell me that The Right Stuff wasn’t as good as I said it was. (Yes, it was/is). A cafe patron was unpersuaded by my recommendation of Shaun Tan’s The Arrival that graphic novels have sufficient value to be worth her time. ( My first strike out with GNs; maybe I should’ve tried Persepolis or Maus, but I think the cause was hopeless. And I’ve had trouble providing a good follow up to Maus; it’s so sui generis. At least with Persepolis I could’ve taken her further into graphic memoirs, which have been thriving in recent years, e.g. George Takei’s They Called Us Enemy. Actually, now that I think about it, that one would be a good follow-up to Maus, don’t you think?).

maaliskuu 6, 11:05 pm

>193 ReneeMarie: Masterharper of Pern was a total drag for me to read. I can't say it's the last one of Anne's that I read, but it sure lowered the average - and caused me to re-evaluate my late teen love of Dragonflight - I still like it and while elements of the story have been done better since they hadn't until then and it does play with a number of ideas that have quite held my interest.

Muokkaaja: maaliskuu 6, 11:17 pm

>195 jnwelch: I quite like those and am off venturing with some newer shinier (not really, but some are newer) women these days as well - you may have noticed my love for Victoria Goddard, Foz Meadows, Katherine Arden, and Shannon Chakraborty.

I was so sad when Sharon Lee announced Steve death last month. My father was the one who gave me a couple of omnibuses of their first Liaden™️ novels - I think they had got as far as Plan B by then. They were the sort of romantic adventures that he liked.

maaliskuu 6, 11:15 pm

Hiya Joe

Muokkaaja: maaliskuu 7, 5:35 am

>206 jnwelch: To be honest, I'm not one to ask for recommendations on GNs though I recently bought the Asterix set for nostalgia's sake and Paper Girls because we were watching Stranger Things and I borrowed the first one which convinced me. I'm also going to experiment with Tintin in French to help my son with the language - or that's the theory.

I have seen lots of love for those you mentioned on LT so - yes?

>207 quondame: Pern was, of course, one of the first series I read (back then) and I still like Anne's books. I can see that the direction has changed since the first published book but I decided to collect the ones I really liked for my shelves. I just managed to get the Harper Hall trilogy last year (published by Corgi) in covers that I like as well as one of the original trilogy which I didn't have.

Muokkaaja: maaliskuu 7, 10:22 am

Sweet Thursday, Joe. I hope the Welch clan is doing dandy. I have been somewhat busy keeping various balls in the air but no complaints. I want to recommend Mexikid, a fun graphic memoir that I am currently reading. I also have the new Brubaker waiting for me at the library. Did I mention to you that I am doing a reread of The Sparrow this month, with a few others. I first read it about 8 years ago, instantly falling in love with MDR's work.

I hope your books are treating you fine.

maaliskuu 7, 11:08 am

Today’s Bargain: The Book of Air and Shadows by Michael Gruber for $1.99 on e- readers. A rip-roaring literary thriller. “In this ingenious literary thriller . . . the murder of a Shakespearean scholar...and an unlikely romance . . . make for a gripping, satisfying read.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)

maaliskuu 7, 11:09 am

Hi Joe

maaliskuu 7, 12:20 pm

>207 quondame:👍

>208 quondame:. Thanks for posting the newer shinier authors you’ve fallen for, Susan. All new to me, so I’ll have fun checking them out. Any book by them that you particularly recommend?

I realized my list omitted Nnedi Okorafor, now a favorite of mine. Her Binti books are great, and I liked her Akata stories a lot, too.

Oh man, I need to meet your father. Those Liaden omnibuses are the perfect place to start. Has he continued to read the series?

maaliskuu 7, 12:28 pm

>209 Owltherian:, >213 Owltherian:. Hiya, Lily. How are you this Sweet Thursday? Do you have spring break coming up soon?

>210 humouress:. Hi, Nina. I loved Paper Girls! The GN and the TV adaptation. Asterix is a good idea; it always makes me think of Tin Tin.

I’m glad the GNs I mentioned piqued your interest. They’re all so good!

Muokkaaja: maaliskuu 7, 1:11 pm

>211 msf59:. Sweet Thursday, buddy. Thanks for the Mexikids rec; I just requested it at the library. They have 7 copies in the system, and I’m eighth in line for one.

You’ll like the new Brubaker - he and Phillips are so reliable! I just finished the new Gene Luan Yang, Lunar New Year Love story. Unfortunately, at 318 pages it’s, IMO, at least twice as long as it should be. The basic story and illustrations are fine, but not interesting enough to justify that page length.

Sparrow, of course, is excellent. It’s one of those that gets seared into your memory. I still think about it on occasion. Enjoy the re-read!

The books are treating me well. Babel is a long ‘un, but a good ‘un. Although otherwise they have little in common, the long engrossing story keeps making me think of Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell.

Remember the Aya GNs? Someone just reminded me how popular they are internationally. I’m reading the newest one of those - she’s grown into a young lady. I’m also reading monica Youn for poetry, and a sci-fi-er called Red Dust by the Cuban author Yoss.

maaliskuu 7, 7:25 pm

>214 jnwelch: While I enjoyed reading the Binti series I was totally put off by the cheating of removing the truly dire consequences of Binti's carelessness at, I think, the end of the second book. I don't currently consider Nnedi Okorafor as a favorite, but as one who is interesting enough to read more by. Perhaps if Binti hadn't so strongly echo'd a favorite book with a very similar start and the bit I mentioned above, I'd have rated her more highly.

maaliskuu 8, 1:15 pm

>217 quondame:. Hi, Susan. I wish I knew what you meant. Would you mind posting it under a spoiler cover or DM’ing me? I love the Binti series.

maaliskuu 8, 1:16 pm

Hi Joe.

maaliskuu 8, 8:01 pm

>218 jnwelch: In the second of the Binti books (I think) Binti's actions result in the bombing of her home compound and it is believed that her family is killed. Either at the end of that book or the beginning of the next, they turn out to be alive
In Kate Elliott's A Passage of Stars, a young woman leaves the undergound compound of her controlling family and follows the kidnappers of her sensei off-planet, causing some trouble for friends and family. APoS isn't much like Binti, but the beats and emotional notes of the starts are much the same.

Muokkaaja: maaliskuu 9, 10:05 am

>220 quondame:. Thanks, Susan. That is soap opera- esque, but I think your standards are more exacting than mine. I wasn’t troubled by that turn of events in Binti.

Thanks for the tip on A Passage of Stars. My sister enjoys Kate Elliot’s books.

>219 Owltherian:. Hi, Lily. You’ve been quiet lately. Everything okay?

maaliskuu 9, 10:10 am

>221 jnwelch: Yeah, parents yelled at me for my grades so i cant really be online and if anything bad thoughts keep going through my head.

Muokkaaja: maaliskuu 9, 12:22 pm

>222 Owltherian:. Ah, my sympathy, Lily. That’s the job of parents; I didn’t yell but I did get mad when ours weren’t giving their best effort. I’m glad you have a therapist to share the bad thoughts with. Everybody has them at one time or another, but I know they can be disruptive of your enjoying life.

P.S. it’s worth mentioning that at your age our son complained that we were always yelling at him. From our perspective we were making a concerted effort to stay calm and at a low volume. He’s now grown and has two kids of his own. I will say he’s extremely good at talking through issues with his kids; way better than I was - and I’ve told him so. At his more advanced age, he also appreciates us a lot more and how we raised him.

maaliskuu 9, 11:05 am

I unfortunately ended up respecting Babel by R.F. Kuang more than liking it. It’s a very well- crafted anti-colonialism fantasy with lots of interesting things to say about language and the nature and risks of protest. The heart is in the right place. I liked her more stream-lined Yellowface much more.

maaliskuu 9, 1:11 pm

>224 jnwelch:
My reaction to R. F. Kuang's books was the opposite. I liked Yellowface but did not love it and think highly of her fantasy, though I haven't yet read Babel. I suspect that is because her thesis in Yellowface is old hat to me, the librarian, and so my reaction to it is more along the lines of "OK, so finish the story. Find more authors of color." I didn't think it presented any new ideas and was more of a rehash of old problems. Plus, I thought it read too much like Other Black Girl. On-the-other-hand, I find her fantasy full of fresh takes and new directions. I guess that is why not every book is for every reader. Just as authors have different takes on old problems, so do readers.

maaliskuu 9, 1:30 pm

>223 jnwelch: Yeah, i guess so but it only seems that they yell a lot even if i only have a single piece of missing work

maaliskuu 9, 6:44 pm

>226 Owltherian:. Gotcha, Lily. Sorry to hear that. I hope it all improves for you.

maaliskuu 9, 6:45 pm

>227 jnwelch: I hope so, i got a few pieces of missing work finished and turned in as well.

maaliskuu 9, 7:46 pm

>228 Owltherian:. Nice. Well done. I’m sure that’s a load off your mind.

maaliskuu 9, 7:48 pm

>229 jnwelch: Heh, im trying to look more masc and i literally cant breathe rn- and yeah it is a big load off my mind.

maaliskuu 9, 9:21 pm

maaliskuu 9, 10:35 pm

In a totally other direction from fantasy - I finished reading Cider With Rosie and was struck by the beautiful descriptive prose. It was amazing reading and I had forgotten how beautifully he writes. I immediately requested Moment of War from the library as I want to know more about this person's life.

maaliskuu 10, 10:29 am

>232 benitastrnad: You would probably also enjoy As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning, which is the sequel to Cider with Rosie.

maaliskuu 10, 11:01 am

>224 jnwelch: >225 benitastrnad:, I was the other way around. Since I bought the books with my own United States dollars I will not be reviewing them, but the Kuang Worldcon debacle has caused me to feel a bit quavery in that old-time resolve. Still, I feel my duty to support her is satisfied by making the purchases.

Happy week-aheads reads, Joe.

Muokkaaja: maaliskuu 10, 12:54 pm

>225 benitastrnad:. Hi, Benita. Please let me know what you think once you’ve read Babel.

I didn’t find Yellowface “old hat”, and you’re the first person I’ve read or heard have that reaction. “Bestselling sensation Juniper Song is not who she says she is, she didn’t write the book she claims she wrote, and she is most certainly not Asian American”. I guess I can see where you’re coming from, with stories of black passing for white, and white for black, for example, but I never find those old hat either. Pretending to be a minority as an advantage? That fascinates me. You may remember the scandal with the white poet passing himself off as Asian to get his poems published. There was a good New Yorker article about it:

Anyway, it’s a shame the categorizing took away your enjoyment of an excellent book, one that I found thought-provoking.

P.S. i suppose “dragon stories”, and many other tropes, are old hat in the fantasy genre, but I’m glad the old hatness didn’t keep me from enjoying the heck out of Fourth Wing and Iron Flame.

>232 benitastrnad:. I loved Cider with Rosie, what a beaut of a book. I share your interest in Laurie Lee, but never read further. I’ll be interested to hear your reactions.

Muokkaaja: maaliskuu 10, 11:33 am

>234 richardderus:. Et tu, Richard? What was the Kuang Worldcon debacle?

P.S. Ah, the Hugo Award debacle. Two qualified authors, including Kuang, removed from consideration because of a China connection. Arrgh.

P.P.S. What was your take on Babel?

maaliskuu 10, 1:54 pm

Today’s Bargain: Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane for $1.99 on e-readers. Great psychological thriller.

maaliskuu 10, 5:46 pm

>236 jnwelch: An anticolonial allegory, and a good piece of plotting, but failed at the last hurdle to the greatness a lot farther in that space than the somewhat over-lubed-up YELLOWFACE, that slipped frictionlessly through my mind.

maaliskuu 10, 6:12 pm

>233 kac522:
I read As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning first - back in 2014. It and Joe's BB many years ago prompted my interest in this series of memoirs. I requested Moment of War from our library and will pick it up to take with me on the trip back to Kansas. It is the third book in the series.

maaliskuu 10, 6:26 pm

>238 richardderus:. Thanks, Richard. Sounds right re Babel, and unfortunate re Yellowface.

>233 kac522:. Good one , Kathy. Jeez, I did read that one and it is another reading joy, you’re right. I need more reading vitamins for my memory.

>239 benitastrnad:. Can’t wait to hear what you think of the third one, Benita.

maaliskuu 11, 12:40 am

>216 jnwelch: Mark got me with the Mexikid recommendation too, Joe. My hold is #2 on 12 copies. Shows the difference a border makes, I suppose. Enjoy your reads!

maaliskuu 11, 12:42 am

>240 jnwelch: Reading Vitamins--yes, indeedy--I need to add those to my daily pill box. I mostly remember "I liked it" or "Meh"--but beyond that most books are a blur (even the ones I read last week!)

maaliskuu 11, 11:20 am

Today’s Bargain: Motherless Brooklyn by Jonathan Lethem
For $1.99 on e-readers. A private detective with Tourette’s syndrome; an unusual tale from a gifted author.

maaliskuu 11, 11:29 am

>242 kac522:. I know what you mean, Kathy. We read so many they can blur together. Usually I’ll remember a few vivid scenes from the good ones, or characters that grabbed me, or revelations that surprised me, or the basics and, as you say, “I liked it” or “Meh”. For Laurie Lee, I collapsed that second one into the first one, but now it’s back with me.

maaliskuu 11, 11:33 am

>241 Familyhistorian:. Hi, Meg. Yeah, Mexikids hasn’t come in yet, but another one he recommended did: Wake: The Hidden History of Women-Led Slave Revolts. Currently I’m reading the newest Aya GN.

maaliskuu 11, 2:27 pm

>178 jnwelch: My daughter Beth has been urging me to try some of Kuang's other books - I have only read Yellowface by her thus far - so I will have to try Babel at some point.

>243 jnwelch: I enjoyed that one when I read it last year, the first of Lethem's books for me.

Have a marvelous Monday, Joe!

maaliskuu 11, 4:00 pm

>178 jnwelch:. Good for your daughter Beth, Stasia. You obviously raised an enthusiastic reader. I’m not drawn to RFK’s Poppy Trilogy at this point, but that could change.

As I’ve said here before, I loved Lethem’s early career skinnier, more bizarre books, like Gun with Occasional Music and As She Climbed Across the Table. If I had my druthers, i’d rather he never joined the mainstream with his longer novels.

maaliskuu 11, 4:23 pm

>248 jnwelch:
I thought Motherless Brooklyn was very good.

Muokkaaja: maaliskuu 11, 5:15 pm

>249 benitastrnad:. Agreed, Benita. I just have a special place in my heart for the kooky early ones.

maaliskuu 11, 6:43 pm

Hey, Joe. I hope your week is off to a good start. I will take a pass on Babel, although you initially stoked my interest. Since, I am not reading much fantasy these days, I want to make sure what I do read is special.

I agree with you on Lethem. I really enjoyed Motherless Brooklyn.

Muokkaaja: maaliskuu 11, 10:15 pm

Here’s one of mine that’ll be published in Shot Glass Journal, issue #42:

My Hummingbird

The hygienist chastises me for
Letting my teeth/gums go.
My mother was dying! I say.
She's not interested.
She sees my mouth, and can't hear it.
All the world is a mouth, and nothing more,
At least during the work day.

Hummingbird handlers probably
See nothing out there but hummingbirds.
Not caring that your
Mother slowed, unable to feed
Unable to move her wings
Finally asking only to lay down,
To let her beating feathers rest.

Muokkaaja: maaliskuu 11, 7:11 pm

>251 msf59:. The week is starting off well, thanks, Mark. I hope yours is, too. I started The Country of the Blind by Andrew Leland, the author’s memoir of losing his sight, and so far I like it very much.

I remember you enjoyed Lethem’s Gun with Occasional Music. I wish more folks would read that one.

I understand re Babel. I thought we’d get more posts about it, but it’s a long one to read based on respect, not love.

Here’s what son Jesse said about it: “ I have yellow faced queued up. And Babel was definitely on the slow side. I adored the method of magic, I just thought it was a genius core concept. “. I agree. Cleverly thought through and executed.

A fantasy book that’s special, IMO, is Piranesi, if you haven’t read it yet.

maaliskuu 12, 10:20 am

Today’s Bargain: The Complete Stories of Franz Kafka for $1.99 on e-readers. What an amazing short story writer he is! The hard copy is thick and weighty; this is quite the lightweight bargain.

Muokkaaja: maaliskuu 12, 11:51 am

I’m sorry if this one’s a bit dark, but to me this is one of the best poems ever written:

Good Bones


Life is short, though I keep this from my children.
Life is short, and I’ve shortened mine
in a thousand delicious, ill-advised ways,
a thousand deliciously ill-advised ways
I’ll keep from my children. The world is at least
fifty percent terrible, and that’s a conservative
estimate, though I keep this from my children.
For every bird there is a stone thrown at a bird.
For every loved child, a child broken, bagged,
sunk in a lake. Life is short and the world
is at least half terrible, and for every kind
stranger, there is one who would break you,
though I keep this from my children. I am trying
to sell them the world. Any decent realtor,
walking you through a real shithole, chirps on
about good bones: This place could be beautiful,
right? You could make this place beautiful.

maaliskuu 12, 12:04 pm

On a lighter note, here’s another published one of mine:

Dream Baby

Dream lightly, then glide
Wakefully through a loose-lipped life
Bang each drum brought your way
Apologize where necessary
When tossed a ball, toss it back
When planted in the ground, be sure to multiply
Given twenty, save ten, spend
Ten, make up ten, and dedicate ten
Dream lightly, but carry a big lipstick

When randomized, pour concrete
When straitjacketed, get Houdini
And apply your favorite decals.

Give everyone the time of day
When you can, or are grateful.
Trade membership in a high society
For inkwells and clarinets.
Donate all largesse to various
Open-eyed wanderers.
When left in front, consider the back.
If no car appears,
Dream lightly, and leave no prints.

If tomorrow will not come, split
Up today. If today convenes
At a special time, then
Give it a bump and a boot.
Triangles can add up, squares, too.
Give no quarter, but consider larger
Amounts, or more than one.
Dream lightly, and leave the prince behind.

Don’t buy the party line, but
Please consider the conga line.
If the shoes fit someone else,
Try on some sandals.
Dream lightly, and dance
Whenever asked, or not.

If you spot a star somewhere overhead
Imagine a life you think cannot be.
Dream lightly, then come to me.
I’m waiting serious/not serious
As can be.

Muokkaaja: maaliskuu 12, 12:22 pm

I’m reading The Rattle Bag by Seamus Heaney and Ted Hughes, and couldn’t resist posting this one from Mr. Nash:

'The Cow'

The cow is of the bovine ilk;
One end is moo, the other, milk

Ogden Nash

Muokkaaja: maaliskuu 12, 12:30 pm

My father was not much of a reader, but he loved Ogden Nash and read the poems to us as kids.
Being an apartment dweller, my favorite Ogden Nash poem is:

The People Upstairs

The people upstairs all practice ballet
Their living room is a bowling alley
Their bedroom is full of conducted tours.
Their radio is louder than yours,
They celebrate week-ends all the week.
When they take a shower, your ceilings leak.
They try to get their parties to mix
By supplying their guests with Pogo sticks,
And when their fun at last abates,
They go to the bathroom on roller skates.
I might love the people upstairs wondrous
If instead of above us, they just lived under us.

maaliskuu 12, 12:56 pm

>258 kac522:. Ha! Love it, Kathy. Kudos to your father. What a fun thing to do with kids. I may try it with the grandwees when they get older.

maaliskuu 12, 3:55 pm

Hi Joe - I've enjoyed (momentarily) catching up with you and all the good talk here in the cafe.

Thanks for all the poetry you've shared. I especially love >252 jnwelch: My Hummingbird

Of course, I didn't emerge unscathed. I enjoyed Yellowface, but your review of Babel didn't encourage me to give it a go, especially as I have not read Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. But the fact that she also writes fantasy is fascinating, so I've requested The Poppy Wars.

And then, of course, the International Booker list. Sigh. That one little post cost me several (happy) hours as I read descriptions, checked to see what might be available from my library system and checked them all against the list of countries for my world reading challenge. Only a bookophile could understand the joys of figuring out what to request! I settled on Undiscovered by Gabriela Wiener of Peru and The Silver Bone by Andrij Kurkow of Ukraine. It was a hard choice as Darryl commented that Jenny Erpenbeck is a favorite author of his - that will perhaps be next on the list for me as I have not read anything by her.

maaliskuu 12, 4:27 pm

>256 jnwelch: I love your poem! Thanks for sharing.

Karen O

Muokkaaja: maaliskuu 12, 5:04 pm

>261 klobrien2:. Thanks, Karen! Dream Baby or Hummingbird?

>260 streamsong:. Oh good, thanks, Karen. I’m glad you enjoyed My Hummingbird and the rest of the poetry. I was reading and writing in a cafe today and very much in a poetry mood.

A tip of the hat for being so thorough with the Booker international list. I’ve read Andrej Kurkow and got a big kick out of Death of a Penguin and Penguin Lost. Rib-tickling deadpan humor. Like you, I know that Jenny Erpenbeck is a favorite author of the esteemed Darryl. I haven’t found the right one to try yet. Please let me know if you do!

P.S. I hope some day you find time for Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. That one put me in a wonderful reading enchantment. The TV adaptation was okay, and quite good in parts.

maaliskuu 12, 5:12 pm

The new cafe is open! See you there!

maaliskuu 12, 5:14 pm

>256 jnwelch: Wow, Joe. I love that one.

maaliskuu 12, 6:52 pm

>264 ffortsa:. Great to hear, Judy. Thanks for letting me know!

maaliskuu 12, 6:59 pm

>256 jnwelch: That's some interesting advice.

maaliskuu 13, 4:54 pm

>252 jnwelch: Very moving Joe.

>256 jnwelch: Like that one too.

>257 jnwelch: Often drink at that well.
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