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Vintage Magazines

heinäkuu 26, 4:00 pm

When I was growing up in the 60s and 70s, middlebrow magazines were all over our home, thanks to my mom: National Geographic, Smithsonian (premiering in 1970), Audubon, American Heritage. I read them cover to cover! A HUGE part of my education.

I can trace my interest in many topics to specific articles in these magazines. For example, the muckraking turn-of-the-20th-Century journalist, Ida Tarbell, written up in the April 1970 issue of American Heritage. This made a huge impact on me, and I have always made a point of teaching about Tarbell in my American and World History classes, which my girl students often found inspiring. One in Mexico told me it made her want to become a journalist, to which I said OK, but in the United States or elsewhere, please, journalists in Mexico get KILLED.

“Haunted Sands of Laysan” in Audubon Magazine in March 1970, aroused an interest in endangered Hawaiian birdlife which I later followed up at Yale. I wrote a long paper on the subject for an environmental studies class, basically living in the Yale Ornithology Library during spring break to research it. In the same building there were endless cabinets with bird specimens, so I could actually look at all the species I was writing about!! And the library had EVERY obscure ornithological magazine listed in any bibliography I consulted.

An article about St. Pierre and Miquelon in the September 1967 National Geographic got me very interested in this tiny remaining outpost of France in North America, which the vast majority of people don’t even know exists.

Now Fraser Sutherland’s The Monthly Epic: A History of Canadian Magazines has got me interested in obscure old Canadian magazines (probably all Canadian magazines are obscure outside Canada 🙂 ).

There are periodicals I would love to have at least an example of in my collection - Pacific Islands Monthly, for example - but affordable copies can be hard to come by.