Displaying leather books

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Displaying leather books

kesäkuu 4, 6:37 pm

Hi all - new to the forum and love the information here. I just started collecting Folio books. So far none of my Folios are leather bound, but I do have some older leather books and I’m wondering if you have any pointers on how to display them. It seems a shame to keep them hidden away in the dark - is there any potential damage to the leather by keeping them shelved in typical household room? The books will not contact direct sunlight but there will be indirect sunlight and normal room lighting. The books are in excellent condition but about 100 years old… nice but not super valuable; nevertheless I’d still like to preserve them as much as possible while also enjoying their company.

How are you all storing and displaying your Folio Society editions?

kesäkuu 4, 7:53 pm

I don’t have many Folio leathers, but I’ve collected Eastons and Franklins for more than 40 years, storing them in rooms with plenty of indirect sunlight, and have experienced no fading at all. It’s possible that dyes weren’t as good 100 years ago, though.

kesäkuu 4, 8:40 pm

No fading on any of my FS books with leather spines but I have seen minor fading on a few EP and Franklin books, particularly those bound in red leather.

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 5, 3:14 am

In my fairly modest collection of leather-bound volumes around 80-120 years old, green spines seem the most prone to having changed, sometimes to a paler grey-green and sometimes to plain brown. I've no special precautions beyond controlling humidity and ensuring that most books never suffer direct sunlight. Older volumes especially, that have already endured a century or three, don't seem likely to end up much the worse for my brief tenure of them.

kesäkuu 5, 2:31 am

>1 dtholloway28: You could buy some self-adhesive UV-blocking window film and install it either on the windows in the room or on the bookcase if it has glass doors. You could also add some polyester film covers to the book since polyester film also partially blocks the transmission of light in the UV spectrum.