2023 Easton Press Summer Sale email invite

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2023 Easton Press Summer Sale email invite

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 1, 5:33 pm

Just received an email from Easton Press customer service for an Easton Press Summer Sale; the first of which I have ever seen. A total of 57 books listed with up to 40% off regular price, however the email does not appear to have a "this sale ends by" date attached.

As an addendum, entering "summer sale" in the search bar allows access to the 10%, 20% and 40% off selections.

kesäkuu 1, 5:32 pm

start date? link?

kesäkuu 1, 5:54 pm

Link as follows:


I haven't logged into this forum in ages. Much stuff to read and catch up on.

kesäkuu 1, 9:21 pm

I ordered 'The Story Of The Life And Adventures Of Kit Carson' two days ago. It had not yet shipped so I canceled that order and reordered at 20% off. I also ordered 'The Wild West In Color' at 40% off. (I would not have paid full price, but I can live with it at this price.)

kesäkuu 3, 9:41 am

thank you for the link

kesäkuu 3, 3:04 pm

I second the 'thank you for the link'

kesäkuu 8, 2:17 pm

Received another email invite for the Easton Summer Sale. As per email, the sale ends July 4th.

kesäkuu 19, 2:18 pm

Is any of it worth buying if you weren’t itching to buy it prior?

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