Keskustelu2023 ROOT CHALLENGE

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toukokuu 28, 9:30 pm

If we have gone over our goal- can we set another (separate) challenge goal?

toukokuu 29, 1:58 pm

Most people 'donate' them to the grand total. But you can up your goal if you want or downsize your goal if needed. You have to adjust your ticker and let Cyderri know (Chèli).

toukokuu 29, 1:59 pm

You could either change your ticker with the new goal, and let cyderry know in the monthly ROOT total thread, or you can keep your goal the same and 'donate' the extra books you read to the overall group goal. I usually do the second, but the first is also fine.

toukokuu 29, 4:34 pm

thank you. i guess i'll leave it as is. i keep tracking. i just feel sort of bad being over so much.