FS Colophon and “First printing 2019”

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FS Colophon and “First printing 2019”

toukokuu 20, 8:21 pm

I must confess it had been quite some time since I purchased a volume new from Folio, and so the most recent years I have about me are 2015’s ‘The Man in the High Castle,’ 2017’s ‘Atonement,’ and 2018’s ‘Middlemarch,’ but I was curious when the emendation “First printing 2019” began to make an appearance in the colophon.

A non-exhaustive search of Folios on AbeBooks and eBay, taking titles from the four releases (where a listing carries an image of the colophon page):

Spring: ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes,’ ‘Life in the English Country House’ – X
Summer: ‘The Prophet,’ Deluxe Ed., ‘The Murder of Roger Ackroyd’ – X
Autumn: ‘The Clicking of Cuthbert,’ ‘To Love and Be Wise,’ ‘Joan of Arc’ – X
‘Kindred,’ ‘Oryx and Crake,’ ‘A Game of Thrones’ – “First printing 2019”
Christmas: ‘The Diversity of Life,’ ‘A Hero Born’ – “First printing 2019”

I attempted to find the colophon page of each 2019 Autumn release, but could not find listings with a photograph of said page for: ‘Great Short Stories,’ ‘Mask of Command,’ ‘The Aztecs,’ ‘The Velveteen Rabbit,’ and ‘Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.’ As such, I cannot say either way which is the exception for the Autumn release: to have the line, or not to.

Would it be fair then to state that it arrived with the 2019 Autumn collection (partly at least), being included in every new volume and reprinted older volume since that release, or are there releases since then that do not carry it?

toukokuu 22, 2:01 pm

I have Mask of Command and The Aztecs. Neither of them has a 'first printing' line. I don't know about the other three titles you mention. And I haven't gone exploring beyond that although my OCD might get the better of me if I have a few hours to kill one day :-)