Graph for books by purchased date

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Graph for books by purchased date

toukokuu 20, 4:49 am

The current graph for entry date is of limited use if you are transferring your library into LT. It would be much more useful to see Purchased Date.

Muokkaaja: toukokuu 20, 6:02 am

Having a record of how many books were in LT over time seems very important to me. It certainly should not be replaced. Also seeing publication dates and reading dates seem much more important to me than purchase date. (If you know the purchase dates you bought before joining LT, I suspect that you are in a very small minority.)

If you want to see your dates acquired almost as easily, you can sort Your Books by it.

toukokuu 20, 9:57 am

Since book data includes 'date acquired' field, this is essentially a request to make that data also analyzed in charts and graphs. I'm not sure why it isn't already

toukokuu 20, 11:29 am

I'd second this. I'm in the process of adding dates acquired for purchased ebooks from various sources, and this would be a useful tracker to see how my purchases have changed over time. Filtering the graph by collection and source would be useful as well. I was planning an export and dump into Excel or Google Sheets to pull this data.

As I am in the process of switching ebook purchases from Amazon to Kobo (mostly 99p backlist to replace paper copies with occasional new titles), seeing how many books I purchase per year would be very useful. I was chatting to Kobo support recently and when I mentioned I had over 2000 titles in my Kindle collection, she was very startled - and even more staggered when I said I had over 5500 titles loaded on my Forma.