List of paper types used by FS

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List of paper types used by FS

toukokuu 18, 12:45 pm

Do you know if in the wiki there is a list of all the paper types used by Folio throughout the years? These are the ones I can think of right now.

- Gorgeous Wove
- Caxton Wove
- Abbey Wove
- Fineblade Cartridge - used for glossy printings such as Peter Pan
- Abbey Pure / Abbey Pure Rough
- Abbey Lynx
- Modigliani (used in covers, but in some cases for the text itself. famously, in The Wind in the Willows)
- Yu Long Pure

Which (especially the older ones) I'm missing?

Muokkaaja: toukokuu 18, 1:29 pm

Some pulled from Folio 75:

- Zerkall mould-made paper
- Arnold mould-made paper
- Magnani mould-made paper
- Van Gelder mould-made paper
- Mohawk
- Grosvenor Chater’s ‘Basingwerk Parchment’
- pale brown Basingwerk ‘Suede’ paper
- pale pink ‘Silurian’ paper
- sheepskin parchment
- vellum

EDIT: And "Hollingworth Turkey Mill cartridge"

Muokkaaja: toukokuu 18, 1:51 pm

Viestin kirjoittaja on poistanut viestin.

toukokuu 18, 1:57 pm

Some more

- Balmoral Wove Paper
- Archive Long Life Paper
- Monument Wove Paper
- Voluprint Paper
- Buhl Wove Paper
- Enterprise Matt Art Paper
- Arctic Silk Paper
- Inveresk Wove Paper
- Ibis White Wove Paper
- Hamilton Wove Paper
- Gardapatt Kiara Paper
- Coronet Wove Paper
- Rodney Antique Wove Paper
- St Pauls Wove Paper
- Abbey Polar Paper
- Arctic Volume Paper

More to follow

Muokkaaja: toukokuu 18, 2:10 pm

Here's a list of all paper types in the spreadsheet that I use to track my library (which I also use to track colophon info) alongside an example volume that uses it.

One thing I noticed after I amassed a number of older Folio books is they do not mention what paper is used in the colophon. It wasn't until the mid 70s that it seems to become a normal practice to mention: 1974 to be precise; Moby Dick is one of two volumes I own that were published that year and it does have paper listed unlike Folly.

toukokuu 18, 2:07 pm

>2 Shadekeep: I wanted to see which books were on Arnold's paper to compare them to some of my Golden Cockerel books on the same paper. But Folio 75 only seems to list one book on that paper: The Earliest Chemical Industry. That book seems quite expensive despite the obscure topic, does anyone know why?

toukokuu 18, 2:43 pm

>6 ubiquitousuk: I believe (on very little actual knowledge) that title was a commissioned job for a company and thus many copies likely did not make it to broader circulation. Its exclusiveness probably plays into the price, if so. Though it does sound like a somewhat extravagant volume as well, given the subject matter.

toukokuu 18, 3:57 pm

>6 ubiquitousuk:
>7 Shadekeep:
Plus I think (and Warwick may confirm) it was the first Folio Limited Edition.

toukokuu 18, 4:38 pm

Some colophons aren't particularly helpful. The Poems of Catullus (first printing), which happens to be under my nose, is on "special cream printing paper," while Odes of Horace is Folio Cream Wove (first printing.)

toukokuu 18, 5:01 pm

And more, as promised (please note that some of the earlier FS volumes identify the paper at the end of the text block)

- Eagle Laid Paper
- Lumimatt Paper
- Ibis White Paper
- Fineblade Smooth Paper
- Corvo Laid Paper
- Furioso Paper
- Tintoretto Neve Paper
- Guard Bridge Silver City Paper
- Natural Evolution Ivory Paper
- Stucco Old Mill Paper
- Fynewhite 7 Cartridge Paper
- Elamenta Wove Paper
- Munken Pure Paper
- Klippan Book Design Coated Paper
- Sandringham Wove Paper
- Trekbrook Wove Paper
- Schleipen Wove Paper
- Virginia Wove Paper

Hope this helps

Muokkaaja: toukokuu 18, 5:40 pm

I have followed the example of >5 wongie: from my own spread sheet, trying to avoid duplicates and omitting mere descriptions eg 'special white'

Abbey Polar Everest
Albatross Wove The rime of the ancient mariner
Alderley Laid The portrait of a lady
Alderley Wove I, Claudius : from the autobiography of Tiberius Claudius Emperor of the Romans, born 10 BC murdered and deified AD 54
Archive Long Life A lady’s life in the Rocky Mountains
Beverley Wove Symposium
Bewick Wove The first colonists
Brunswick Wove The tragical history of Dr Faustus
Cai Yun Waiting for Godot
Clan Book Extra Twelve stories
Clan Book Wove Satyrica
Corolla Classic The Canterbury tales
Corvo White Laid The scarlet letter
Creator Silk The Folio Society book of the 100 greatest portraits
Dalmore Laid Poems
Dalmore Smooth The Charterhouse of Parma
Delamere laid La dame aux camelias
Eagle Wove Claudius the god and his wife Messalina : the troublesome reign of Tiberius Claudius Caesar, Emperor of the Romans (born
Edinburgh Antique Laid Out of Africa
Elan Cream Wove The Canterbury tales
Enterprise Landscape into art
Enterprise matt Crusader castles
Essential Silk The making of the English landscape
Fabriano Ingres Laid Fifty Folio love poems
Favini Wove Bleak House
Fineblade Cartridge Venice : the most triumphant city
Fineblade Coated The universal spider; the life of Louis XI of France
Fineblade Smooth Shakespeare's life and world
Fly Natural The book of psalms
Folio Wove The source of the Nile : the Lake Regions of Central Africa : a picture of exploration
Fortuna cartridge Praise of folly
Fynewhyte 7 Cartridge The pillow book of Sei ShÅnagon
Gardapat Scott’s last expedition
Gardapat Kiara The holy land, Syria, Idumea and Arabia
Gardapat Klassica The natural history of Selborne
Guard Bridge Wove The Exeter riddle book
Hebrides Laid A visit to Don Otavio
Inveresk Wove The Maltese Falcon
Japanese Laid The raven
Lumimatt Wonders of the world
Luxosamt Three men in a boat
Magnani De profundis
Magno Satin The Folio Society book of the 100 greatest photographs
Makin’s Book Wove Memoirs of an infantry officer
Medium Laid Bird poems
Milton Book Cartridge Shackleton's boat journey
Mohawk Superfine Poems of war
Monument Wove Wessex tales
Munken Pure Micrographia
Natural Evolution Birds drawn for John Gould
Nimrod Matt Art A tour through the whole island of Great Britain
Old Mill Stucco The golden ass
R.H. Antique Wove The leopard
Rapier Matt Cartridge Shades of the Alhambra
Rigoletto Panna Troilus & Criseyde
Rivoli The Eclogues
Salzer Wove The war with Hannibal
Silver Opaque Laxdaela saga
Sommerville Dalmore The rainbow
Sommerville low wove The Europeans
Stow Book Wove The truce : a survivor's journey home from Auschwitz
Tintoretto Neve Winnie the Pooh
Trojan Wove Paradise lost : a poem in twelve books
Unicorn Cartridge Bestiary : being an English version of the Bodleian Library, Oxford M.S.
Van Gelder Antique Wove These things also are Spring’s
Van Gelder Old Dutch Lays of ancient Rome
Veltique Ivory The toilers of the sea
Virginia Wove Sakuntala
Voluprint I shall bear witness
Voluprint Wove A is for ox : a short history of the alphabet
Woodstock Betulla Riddley Walker
Zerkal Mould-made Othello
Zerkall Rough Antique On the morning of Christ’s nativity

I apologise for the rubbish layout. Note that the first two in the list and Unicorn are examples of Folio's sly jokes.

Edited to remove a duplicate of one of wongie's list. There may well be more.

And edited again to point out that the line 'Delamere laid La dame aux camelias' is a joke trouvé

toukokuu 18, 6:07 pm

>6 ubiquitousuk: >8 folio_books:
It was indeed a special commission and the first FS limited edition. It is reviewed at

toukokuu 18, 6:47 pm

>1 dyhtstriyk:
Link to this thread placed in the FS wiki under "Online Resources".

syyskuu 10, 7:42 am

Is the Ibis wove paper supposed to be yellow? Or is it not acid free? A few of the secondhand books I recently bought have this paper and their pages are clearly more yellow than the others. Same thing for Gorgeous wove.

Muokkaaja: syyskuu 10, 6:54 pm

One more. FS used Cordier Wove for the Rubaiyat LE. I assume they probably used it for that entire series of 20th century gift edition style limited editions bound in quarter-vellum (Wind in the Willows, Just So Stories, etc.).