The Bidens Busted...

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The Bidens Busted...

Muokkaaja: toukokuu 7, 7:13 am

We already know what Biden's "Final Days" in the White House look like: they look like Richard Nixon's-- with the notable exception that the Spiro Agnew-figure is still on the scene. The full picture of Kamala Harris's part--the "what she knew and when she knew it" has not been made clear. But, where Biden is concerned, we're practically already in the "Twisting slowly, slowly in the wind"* phase--and, with pointed irony this time, the F.B.I as an institution is itself deeply implicated and a full partner in the twisting-in-the-wind phase. The known and soon-to-be-known facts surrounding Biden now stink so badly that Biden's own partisans are shamed into a long-overdue silence. Others are now openly raising the topic of the who, when and how of some Democrats going to Biden and "having the talk"--just as Nixon's partisans had done before he was allowed to stagger off the stage in a "deal" by which he escaped criminal prosecution in return for disgrace. That scenario must not be allowed a re-play.

There are far too many former highly-placed political operatives who are up to their necks in criminal complicity with Biden--and there is, of course, Biden's own son, part of the crime family, Hunter Biden, who, before leaving office, disgraced President Biden is certain to grant a pardon-- that seems inevitable. But for Biden to attempt to grant blanket pardons to his entire band of stinkingly corrupt cronies, a group which would have to include those 55 signatories of that infamous fraud, the intelligence-letter which tried to pass off the Hunter Biden latop as part of a Russian-planned Op., --that would be so outrageous a travesty that a Constitutional amendment to strip future presidents of any pardon-power should be the likely consequence. No Agnew-like plea-bargains by which the Vice-president, if complicit, escapes trial, prosecution, conviction and imprisonment, since, in this shit-show, unlike in that of the Nixon administration, the "Agnew-figure" is still on stage. By no means should "the-idiot-in-Blair-House" presidential-insurance-policy be honored and paid out.

No more of any of that. No more bullshit assertions that "the country couldn't bear the trauma." Fuck that. Trauma aplenty we have and have long had. This is the very set of circumstances I predicted just prior to the Nixon pardon. I wrote then that, if this is done and allowed, the country "goes over a cliff" and any recovery is an illusion. The country cannot bear not holding all those criminally complicit fully liable for their acts.

Indeed, one of the biggest of the Democrats' private-headaches is how to get rid of Kamala Harris before she could succeed Biden in the presidency. They've been grappling with that dilemma of their own making for at least the past several months. Now it has become a very urgent problem for them. Again, it must be made very clear to Biden that there'll be no deals for him by which he escapes trial and, if convicted, punishment--serious punishment. No, "as long as you promptly resign and take Harris with you--both of you 'leaving quietly'--you won't be prosecuted." Fuck that.

Try to imagine Biden's lasting another 17 months in office--let alone another 20 months to the next inauguration. You can't.


toukokuu 7, 8:11 am

If we want to talk about anybody being busted we can look at Trump and his deposition in the Jean Carroll case......he pretty much busts himself.

Muokkaaja: toukokuu 7, 8:21 am

>2 lriley:

LOL! There's a certain "proof-of-purchase"-- for as long as it lasts.

How do you propose the nation "welcome"/ survive or preclude a K. Harris presidency-by-succession to a resignation when Biden's farce at last is swept away--or under the national carpet with the rest of such skulduggery?

toukokuu 7, 10:02 am

The "crime family"...?






Pardons? Had President Biden made any indication to pardon people for his own gain the way his Republican predecessor did? President Trump officially pardoned business partners, national defense violators, and the worst known war criminals after saying he would—after publicly talking about pardons as if they're tools to avoid accountability in harmful business deals.

Currently, the presidential pardons are for petty drug users, like what people expect during national discussions of prison reform and the failing state of healthcare.

It's obvious who the crime family when talking about presidents. (Hint: The name no longer starts with B or ends with -ush.)

toukokuu 7, 1:42 pm

>1 proximity1: it must be made very clear to Biden that there'll be no deals for him by which he escapes trial and, if convicted, punishment--serious punishment

This confession-by-accusation thing is getting to be a reflex, I see.

Do right-wing propaganda shops offer classes in pre-emptive "I know you are but what am I"-ism now?

Keep it up, prox, it's always a blast to see what you can be induced to say.

toukokuu 10, 5:07 pm

Biden's resignation or impeachment, trial and conviction -- or both--are now a foregone conclusion. He'll be out of office before the end of the year. Hunter shall be under indictment and may plead out in return for a more favorable sentence.

How fitting that Biden and his shitty little son's jointly run corruption should have undone both of them at once.

toukokuu 10, 6:00 pm

Today it was George Santos's turn. Someone we can more than less all agree needs to be held to some kind of account.

Muokkaaja: toukokuu 10, 8:41 pm

>7 lriley:

Oh, Hell yes: Until today, the name "George Santos" meant absolutely nothing to me. Given that you mentioned him in this, a thread which concerns the Biden crime family, tells me everything I need to know about your "values"---as though, now, you're "all in" in a sordid game of national government by tit-for-tat criminal indictment, as though, if Biden and Son are two of the most corrupt people ever to have wielded power and influence for personal gain in American political life, this is somehow "cancelled out" by the example of the Republican U.S. Rep. from N.Y.'s third district.

If Santos is, indeed, a fraud, a chisler, an embezzler, money-launderer and perjuror, I am completely content to see that proved in court according to law and him sent away for the maximum term allowed.

The people of N.Y. district 3 don't deserve that--just as the American public doesn't deserve the insanely blind loyalty of the Democratic Party's elite to the Bidens in a last-ditch desperate attempt to hold together this unbelievably putrid corruption in the White House.

So far, the typical and nominally Democrat-party supporter seems content to, with folded arms, look across the aisle and say, "I don't give a shit if he is a creep and a shit--or they are creeps and shits-- they're our creeps and shits and that is all that matters."

You see, while this political downfall goes on, Democrats have no standing to utter the words, "truth", "justice", "fairness", "decency", or "honor". None. Peddlers of the "Steele dossier", defenders of serial perjurors in support of F.I.S.A.-warrants--and now, the direct and deliberate corrupt resort to the C.I.A. as a meddler in domestic political affairs. That is one of the lowest, most disgusting bars I have ever witnessed crossed in American political life. We now see much of official Washington--nearly the entire Democratic party apparatus-- fully on a moral par with Putin's F.S.B. regime.

Cast out the fucking beam in your eye before we place ahead of it all the miserable little shits of a thoroughly corrupt Washington, D.C. such as George Santos--one among 535 in a full Congress, when, in the Executive branch, the president and vice-president are two-of-only-two and the Justice Department itself is stained and disgraced-- a sewer-like federal protection-racket with the F.B.I. in the lead role.

I haven't claimed that Biden ought to have to resign because he's so corrupt; I've claimed that he shall have no alternative to resigning. That doesn't and shouldn't mean that, even upon his resignation, he won't or shouldn't be held criminally-liable for his acts--though not quite in the way that Donald Trump has been-- in his, Trump's, case, we have the target of sheer political vendetta--a scheme with no other object than to preempt his running once again for the office of president of the United States. That's his major "crime": groundlessly subjected to small-bore criminal indictment for nothing other than refusing to play nicely with corrupt Washington pols.

If the likes of the Bidens prevail, Americans shall seek refuge by clandestine border crossings into such havens of freedom and enlightenment as Mexico--land of drug cartels.

A century ago, no sane person could have imagined such a state of affairs as possible. The United States of America reduced and indifferent to the condition of a South American 19th-century tin-pot dictatorship.

toukokuu 10, 9:37 pm

>8 proximity1: Until today, the name "George Santos" meant absolutely nothing to me.

An interesting claim. Until now, I would have thought you were the sort of person who prided themselves on keeping up with the news particularly when it comes to issues of corruption in public office, and now you're trying to tell us that you've never heard a whisper about a story that has not been out of the national news since it came to light six months ago? Interesting.
I'm not saying I think you're lying, but in order for this to be true, you would have to be zealously maintaining a really impressive degree of ignorance.

If Santos is, indeed, a fraud, a chisler, an embezzler, money-launderer and perjuror, I am completely content to see that proved in court according to law and him sent away for the maximum term allowed.

Again, interesting. You seem to be trying very hard to avoid the much more obvious question of what his continuing presence in the House says about the Republican party, and particularly about the Squeaker of the House. After all, as anyone who's been paying attention will be aware, there is a paper trail a mile long showing that almost everything he said to the electorate in his campaign was a lie - his education, his work history, his charitable work, all are demonstrably false, as you are well aware from your review of the case this afternoon. In addition, there's the question of his campaign finances, which, again, you'd have to work pretty hard to be ignorant about.

So it seems a bit suspicious that your standard, confronted with this mountain of evidence, is the McCarthy dodge of "let's wait until the trial". On the other hand, when it comes to our duly elected and doing-pretty-damned-well president, you take a different approach. When it comes to Biden's supposed "corruption" - and let's recall that you've so far been unable to even name a single charge that you'd bring against the president, let alone supply any evidence - you've already got him tried, convicted, and sentenced.

I mean, a disinterested observer might be forgiven for thinking there's a bit of beam in your own eye that you might want to attend to.

And since we're talking about Biden's supposed corruption - any word on when you're going to find out what you think he did?
Keep us posted, please. I'm dying to know what it is you're going to end up thinking he's guilty of, since you've already decided he's guilty. And I'm going to be even more amused to see how long it takes for you to find out what it is you think. It's been a while, and it just keeps getting funnier and funnier the longer you're kept hanging.

toukokuu 11, 9:14 am

I'll be damned. Hadn't heard of George Santos? Kind of glad I brought him up. No time like the present to start educating yourself. The guy fucked over a homeless vet who only wanted to save his dog. Who does that? With all the attention that republicans give these days to hating on drag artists here's one denying his past that Kevin McCarthy absolutely depends upon to keep his majority. This guy's gone from one scam to the next. He even scammed the Republican powers that be in his own district into thinking he was for real. Unfortunately they were too lazy/dumb to check on any of his claims.

Muokkaaja: toukokuu 11, 11:06 am

>10 lriley:

Maybe you missed this thread's title-topic. This isn't the ' "George Santos is a two-bit low-life con-man and hustler--the archetype of moral reprobates who find their way into seats in the House of Representatives": Comment welcome' --thread; if you want that or are looking for it, go start it yourself. Your petty bullshit concerns--all purely partisan-driven, since, you don't, in principle, give a fucking shit about fraud or money-laundering or embezzlement except, that is, as an axe to grind, as a tool, solely when you can find your party's opponents' hands in it--are totally OT here and clearly calculated to provoke and infuriate--and, above all, distract time and attention from this thread's subject .

"Who does that?!"
You do!

I'm sincerely sorry about the homeless veteran and his poor pet dog. But they and their plight--and any disgusting part in Santos' shitty little con-man manipulation of it-- aren't our focus here. Save it for your fucking thread. As far as I'm concerned, Santos is a petty amateur at grift and graft. And the courts can and will do their business to bring his case to justice--but that task is complicated and frustrated by the long-standing and still-unfolding criminal conspiracies directed from the White House.

They defraud not just a random homeless vet with a poor dog and some extra bad luck to have come into the view of George Santos. They infect the entire national political culture and poison it and rob millions of Americans of their faith and confidence in the country's political institutions--since they've become so obviously and deeply corrupt through the unchecked scheming of Democrats and their bi-partisan-fellow-scumbag Republicans who share an interest in extending the weaponization of the "'Justice' (LOL!) Department" of the Executive branch.

I got run out of--with a warning--the Feminist group altogether for doing far, far less than the baiting you do here -- told that if I didn't cease offending their prejudices there, just by posing questions and presenting differing views, I'd be liable to be banned.

Yours reminds me a lot of what I've only recently read about the character of Congressman George Santos. Further mention of him here I'll not reply to except by flagging as a violation of this site's TOS and responsibilities to remain on topic.

toukokuu 11, 1:19 pm

>11 proximity1: Can I just point out that you've written more words about George Santos in this thread than anyone else?

I mean, if you don't want it to be about George Santos, stop talking about George Santos.

But if you want it to be about George Santos, keep talking about him, and keep not answering the simple question that you have never once managed to answer, no matter how often you're asked: what is it that you think Biden has done that is corrupt? We don't have to talk about whether you can come up with more charges than George Santos is facing, or whether the things you think Biden has done are worse than the things that George Santos is known to have done, and which you're absolutely uninterested in talking about, presumably not because he's a Republican and you're not allowed to attack Republicans, but for some other reason which you don't even have to share if you don't want to talk about it. For all I know, the reasons are very personal, and I could respect that, which is why I'm not asking you to talk about George Santos any more if you're not comfortable talking about him. You can just leave us to speculate on why you're unwilling to talk about George Santos' corruption, if you like, and we'll go back to the topic at hand, which, I'll remind you is "The Bidens Busted".

Which, I'll also remind you, is a thing that has not happened. And, funnily enough, the Republicans have decided that they don't think it's going to happen, or at least the Republicans trying to find something corrupt that Biden has done have announced that they haven't found anything.

So, go on then. The floor is yours. I understand if nobody's let you in on it yet, but can you maybe speculate on what you think you might end up believing Biden is guilty of, when you're finally told? I mean, you're utterly convinced that he's guilty. Surely you have some guesses about what you're going to end up thinking he's guilty of.

Or, if you'd rather, carry on some more about George Santos.

Muokkaaja: toukokuu 11, 7:08 pm

>12 kiparsky:

(Amended. See below)
OT. (innocently) Flagged (because I wasn't aware there was a media-distraction-Op going on). Topic dropped.

(I of course wasn't privy to such a media-blitz distraction Op; perhaps others were given some helpful guidance on how to "aid the (theirs, not mine) 'cause'" (Run media-interference for "the Big Guy")?.

toukokuu 11, 4:30 pm

LOL. Mind telling me what the TOS violation was?

toukokuu 11, 6:59 pm

Well, what the Hell? There is, it seems, after all a discernably quite plausible direct link between the emerging evidence of the Bidens' corrupt schemes so spectacularly falling apart recently and, on the other hand, what was first apparently the supposedly coincidental but perhaps not-at-all-innocently-coincidental-timing in the chosen circumstances of (once again!) the F.B.I.'s mediatized arrest of N.Y. U.S. House Dist. 3 Rep. George Santos: a perhaps "classic" case of a vilely deceitful and underhandedly timed distraction-- designed to overwhelm and distract to the maximum degree possible the public attention to coverage of House proceedings related to the "Hunter Biden laptop" family scandal!

See the reports referenced here:

"Feds Started a Dangerous Game With Biden Laptop" | by Margot Cleveland | The Federalist | Commentary


The Department of Justice coincidentally decided to arrest New York GOP Rep. George Santos on money laundering and other charges on Wednesday at the same time House Republicans held a press conference revealing damaging evidence about the Biden family’s corrupt, foreign business ventures. ( by Shawn Fleetwood | The Federalist (Washington, D.C.) )

On Tuesday, the DOJ filed charges against Santos in the Eastern District of New York. While originally under seal, the 13-count indictment unveiled Wednesday morning shows the DOJ charging Santos with “seven counts of wire fraud, three counts of money laundering, one count of theft of public funds, and two counts of making materially false statements to the House of Representatives.”

According to the unsealed indictment, Santos allegedly lied on his 2020 and 2022 House Disclosure forms by overstating...."

Muokkaaja: toukokuu 12, 11:09 am

What press conference? I looked for it.

"House Republicans ramp up claims Biden family received money from foreign contacts" |

So this is an attempt at a distraction. (This line edited because it's hard to believe the boring fixation on Biden's son being paid by someone who was paid by someone remotely interesting—almost as much as several of Trump's children's direct contacts, who are ignored in these discussions—can capture the attention of actual Americans living within the country, where so many more interesting events are happening.)

Is the purpose behind the Republicans presenting nothing but disproven talking points really was about George Santos? Or is something new about one of Trump's offspring about to be released to the public by federal investigators?

toukokuu 11, 9:35 pm

Or it's about the CNN show Molly3028 mentioned today in this group....

"'He is confessing on live TV': Legal experts say Trump’s CNN town hall could badly backfire in court" | Salon (links to Twitter)

toukokuu 11, 10:06 pm

I don't know if Donald pays any real attention to these court proceedings or not.......or even if he listens to his own lawyers. It's also like he completely dismisses anything that doesn't skew towards his own viewpoint and he shoots his mouth off all the time without thinking as well as not taking to account all these separate legal issues he's on or going to trial for. His lawyers deserve him and he is their worst nightmare.

toukokuu 12, 2:59 pm

>17 aspirit:

So much junk "expert"-opinion.

I'd bet that "" would have trafficked in or did so traffick in the touting of that scurrilous "Intelligence letter" signed off on by 51 formerly serving (and then self-serving) Intelligence "community" "experts" solicited and cooked up by nine still-undisclosed others of the type.

Muokkaaja: toukokuu 12, 7:44 pm

I might remind Prox that I blocked him about a month ago so I'm not reading his posts. Sometimes I might guess at them and comment therefrom. But that he often posts something right after my comment it strikes me that he thinks of them as provocations and feels the need to respond to them anyway. If so all this reaction on his part for naught. If he's thinking of them that way then he might want to think about whether he really needs to respond since I'm not reading them anyway.

Muokkaaja: toukokuu 13, 5:04 pm

>20 lriley: the response was directed at me this time.

And by looking at it, we can determine what likely triggered the attempted distraction. How convenient.

spelling corrected

Muokkaaja: toukokuu 13, 1:15 pm

So anyway this Comer character--congressman from Kentucky goes on Fox a few days ago and kind of gets owned by Steven Doocy of all people with not having any facts about Biden's corruption and he tells Doocy they've only just started a five year investigation.....which is frankly fucking laughable. I mean Biden was born in the end of five years he'll be 86 years old and probably finishing up his second term (if he's still amongst the living)......and really who can say what congress or the Senate are going to look like at the end of that time frame. Basically Comer is just throwing shit at the wall that's so liquidly it's not going to stick. He later the same day goes to see Maria Bartiromo who is a huge Trump ally and tells her that they might have to go to plan B. Since he so confidently brought it up 'what's plan B?' she asks. 'Just wait, you'll be the first to know' which is straight out of the Giuliani/Lindell playbook of waving papers around and claiming all kinds of bullshit that they never deliver on.

toukokuu 13, 1:20 pm

>21 aspirit: If you're able to figure out what Prox thinks about any of this, you're better at this game than I am.

Apparently, the complete collapse of the House investigation wasn't enough to shake them, and as far as I can tell they still have no idea what the charges are that they're so adamantly convinced Biden is utterly guilty of. At least they're flexible on one thing - they know Biden's guilty, for sure, but it seems they're keeping an open mind about exactly what the charges will be.

Muokkaaja: toukokuu 14, 8:45 pm
‘Just Stunning!’ Maria Bartiromo Blown Away by James Comer Saying His Committee Lost Biden Investigation Informant

The witness this joker is talking about was likely some type of an AI dude.

Muokkaaja: toukokuu 15, 1:31 pm


Mike Morell can’t clean up this ‘dirty’ letter that was meant to secure Biden’s 2020 win | The New York Post| By Miranda Devine | May 14, 2023

Now we know that the CIA conspired with former acting director Mike Morell and the Biden campaign to produce a letter falsely claiming that emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop were Russian disinformation — and solicited signatures from at least one former intelligence official.

But there is much more to come from the House Intelligence and Judiciary committees on the origins of that “Dirty 51” letter cooked up by five former CIA directors and 46 fellow spooks to discredit The Post’s reporting on the laptop.

John Brennan, the Obama-era CIA chief, admitted to House investigators in a four-hour closed-door deposition last week that the letter was “political.”

James Clapper, the former director of national intelligence, is slated to appear next week.

Brennan and Clapper also were involved in the Hillary Clinton campaign’s Russia hoax against Donald Trump and have lied to Congress previously without sanction, but it is unlikely the new breed of Republicans conducting these investigations will be as lenient as their predecessors.

Why does the letter matter? Because it was crucial to saving Biden’s skin to deny that he had met with his son Hunter’s Ukrainian paymaster Vadym Pozharskyi while he was VP, as The Post reported on Oct. 14, 2020, citing evidence from the laptop.

The Biden campaign knew that the laptop was a serious political liability.

Every sentence is false or misleading, so here goes a partial fact-check:

Dems: Former CIA director Michael Morell drafted the letter because he had serious concerns about the Russians apparently once again interfering in our elections. NOPE. Morell testified to the committees that he had no intention of drafting the statement until then-Biden campaign adviser Antony Blinken, now secretary of state, called him on Oct. 17, 2020, to discuss The Post’s story and later emailed him a USA Today article alleging the FBI was “potentially” investigating if it was Russian disinformation. Morell testified that Blinken’s call “absolutely” triggered his decision to draft the letter.

Dems: Morell testified that he was the sole person in contact with the CIA’s Prepublication Classification Review Board (PCRB) about getting the letter approved. If others working on the letter had contacted the PCRB, he would have known. RED HERRING. Nobody said “others working on the letter” had contacted the PCRB. Former CIA analyst David Cariens told the committees that a CIA employee from the PCRB had contacted him about his own memoir and, during the call, had solicited his signature for Morell’s letter. Former CIA Director Mike Pompeo said last week that “If there was one (active duty CIA employee involved), there are likely to be others too …

Dems: Cariens says he heard about the letter via a phone call with the PCRB. But there is substantial reason to question Cariens’ recollection of what happened. For example, Polymeropoulos testified that, based on his “70 or 80” interactions with the PCRB, he has never known it to communicate anything via phone. DECEPTIVE. Cariens has not withdrawn his testimony, and there is no reason to question his recollection. “When the person in charge of reviewing the book called to say it was approved with no changes, I was told about the draft letter,” he told the committees. “The person asked me if I would be willing to sign.”

Dems: Former CIA officer Kristin Wood produced the email in which Cariens agreed to join the letter. Cariens received the same email as every other signatory and signed on eight minutes later. His response says nothing about the PCRB. IRRELEVANT. Even if Cariens also was approached by others to sign the letter, that does not negate the fact that a serving CIA employee asked him to sign it first. Morell also told Wood, who was helping garner signatures: “The more former intelligence officers the better. Campaign will be thrilled.”

Every one of those 51 intelligence officials knew the laptop was real and was not Russian disinformation.

Brennan and others in the CIA must also have known about Hunter’s risky behavior overseas while his father was VP.

They surely knew the FBI had had his laptop since December 2019.
Joe Biden knew, too

Not just the 51, but Joe Biden knew he was lying to the American public. He knew it was his son’s laptop and he knew The Post was reporting the truth.

That’s why he went into hiding the day we published and sent out his campaign spokespeople to lie on his behalf.

The next day, Morell wrote an email to his co-signatories to congratulate them for getting the letter published.

“I just want to thank everyone for signing the letter on the Hunter Biden emails,” he wrote. “I think this is the most important election since 1860 and 1864 when the very existence of the country was on the ballot. Now, it is our democracy and the Constitution that are on the ballot. We all, of course, took an oath to ‘preserve, protect, and defend’ the Constitution. I think all of you did that yesterday by signing this letter.”

This was the most dangerous delusion of all.

toukokuu 15, 12:41 pm

We don't know what Biden did but we know he did something. That's just the way he is. He does things.

toukokuu 16, 5:34 am


toukokuu 16, 1:29 pm

You want to be careful of those ticks, a tick bite can be a real problem.

heinäkuu 11, 8:55 am

>24 Molly3028: Is this the guy their looking for?

Gal Luft

“The “missing” witness long-touted by Republicans in Congress as the missing link to their probe into alleged Biden family corruption was accused Monday of being an unregistered foreign agent for China and an international arms trafficker while violating U.S. sanctions on Iran and lying to investigators, among a laundry list of other federal charges.”

heinäkuu 11, 9:27 am

>30 2wonderY:

This appears to be Comer's missing dude. This is the kind of witness people like Prox believe are American heroes. The Trump era has emptied bat caves throughout the country.

Muokkaaja: heinäkuu 11, 10:53 am

At the time it wasn't just the missing whistleblower Comer didn't seem to have a clue even about the corruption by the Biden's he was talking about. Comer called this mystery witness 'credible' and I guess someone's going to need to prove Mr. Luft is 'credible' and not a criminal (arms/oil dealer) himself. That he's brokering deals with the Chinese, the Iranians etc. doesn't really strike me as exactly innocent activity.

heinäkuu 11, 7:25 pm

FWIW the charges against Luft are from a recently unsealed indictment against him that goes back to 2018 long before Biden entered the 2020 presidential race. The charges against Luft aren't retaliatory or made up and the reason he's been running has been to evade prosecution for the crimes he's been investigated for and charged with. That Comer and other republicans like Ron Johnson are willing to let this grifter muddy water for them speaks to how far the Republican Party have fallen. We might add that having found their not at all very credible 'whistleblower' they haven't at least so far supplied any for real evidence---accusations aren't evidence--or anyone so far to corroborate the statements of their star witness. Maybe that's too much except for those who have already gone down the MAGA/Qanon rabbit hole.