OT: The Magus/The Collector by John Fowles

Original topic subject: The Magus/The Collector by John Fowles

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OT: The Magus/The Collector by John Fowles

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toukokuu 7, 5:08 am

I suggest asking the Suntup thread on the Fine Press forum:

toukokuu 7, 7:15 am

>2 A.Godhelm: Fowles was a major author using innovative techniques; he rarely used a single narrative point of view. The Collector was a relatively short early work of no particular difficulty, made into a movie with Terence Stamp and Samantha Eggar. The Magus was originally written earlier, but published later and then revised and republished in 1977. The revised version ran to 656 pages. It has a plot that requires the attention of the reader, but repays the effort, though it assumes a basic knowledge of classical themes. He is probably best known for The French Lieutenant's Woman.

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toukokuu 7, 8:05 am

When Suntup announced The Magus, I checked out an ebook version from the library to see if I was into it. I didn't like it. It was too long with a plot that seemed to be spinning in circles for hundreds of pages. It involves an improbable conspiracy by a rich guy to mess with the young protagonist and I found the scheme itself to be silly and unfocused and the ultimate motivation behind the scheme to be sort of dumb and self-indulgent.

But hey, there are lots of fans of this book so results may vary. In all honesty I ended up skimming the last couple hundred pages and resorted to a condensed audiobook version on youtube to get through it when I had exhausted my interest but was close enough to the end that I was determined to see if the solution to the mystery somehow redeemed it (nope!). I'm glad I didn't drop the money on the Suntup because I would have regretted it.

I haven't read The Collector.

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>4 AlexBookshelfFrog: You’re in a forum devoted to a company that has never published the books, and think it silly that someone directs your question to a hundreds-long thread devoted to the company that actually has published the books?

It’s likely you’d get a much better answer there.

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