Free Delivery until May 8

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Free Delivery until May 8

toukokuu 4, 7:20 am

To celebrate the Coronation, Free worldwide delivery until Monday May 8th. There's a minimum spend that varies by country, for the US it's $200.

Muokkaaja: toukokuu 4, 8:07 am

Viestin kirjoittaja on poistanut viestin.

toukokuu 4, 8:08 am

>2 red_guy:

That list just looks like a marketing jape - free delivery applies to all standard editions.

toukokuu 4, 8:15 am

Free shipping to the US is not inconsequential, though the rates have improved recently. Was perusing some possible titles, and this stark contrast jumped out at me again. I know it's been thrashed about before, but it still remains boggling.

Shackleton’s Antarctica - $310.00
The Peloponnesian War (Limited Edition) - $580.00
The Turn of the Screw (Limited Edition) - $725.00

Again, what the heck?

toukokuu 4, 8:21 am

This works together with the 10% off codes. It also expires the day before the new collection (as you might expect).

toukokuu 4, 8:38 am

>3 terebinth: Yes, just a little hard of thinking today ...

toukokuu 4, 9:56 am

Definitely going to take advantage of this, living in Germany as I do. Seems like a good opportunity to ask for helpful recommendations! What are some books you would definitely buy again if you lost your collection in (for example) an unfortunate library fire?

toukokuu 4, 10:11 am

Exclusive of LEs as expected :(

toukokuu 4, 11:05 am

>7 stopsurfing: Most of my favorite FS titles are out of print, but of the ones I have that I would buy again from the store, the top three are Outlaws of the Marsh, Mythical Beasts, and Japanese Tales.

toukokuu 4, 11:16 am

>7 stopsurfing: I'm very fond of the Folio designs for The Dispossessed and The Left Hand of Darkness.

toukokuu 4, 11:28 am

As I can only avail of Express postage, this is a genuine overall saving. Convinced me to go for the Earthsea trilogy from my wishlist. I read my first Le Guin recently (as an eBook) and was impressed, so glad to get these.

toukokuu 4, 11:33 am

>7 stopsurfing: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is a bargain - lots of great Ralph Steadman illustrations (tastefully colorized for this edition), nice cloth binding, thick paper and at the lower end of Folio's pricing. Overall a quality production.

toukokuu 4, 11:40 am

Well... I took the opportunity to order the Wyndham boxed set, using the Easter coupon. First time I use the standard shipping option to the country I recently moved to. Fingers crossed everything goes well

toukokuu 4, 12:05 pm

>7 stopsurfing:
Jurassic Park
Game of Thrones
Iam Legend

toukokuu 4, 12:36 pm

>7 stopsurfing: Definitely Japanese Tales, SPQR, the Wyndham set, the Tom Holland and Philip K Dick titles: I'm sure these will prove to become expensive regrets on the secondary market once they're sold out.

toukokuu 4, 1:36 pm

Just ordered (and saved $32 on shipping and an additional $20 voucher)!

This forum is addicting :)

Muokkaaja: toukokuu 4, 3:29 pm

The additional 10% off applies to Spring releases so I am considering Origins of Totalitarianism and the recent Theroux book - just scoots me over the $300 threshold for two titles that interest me. Edited to note that with the TNUR5D code, I get $50 off plus free shipping on these two books.

toukokuu 4, 2:56 pm

Since when do they charge additional Tax to US orders?

Seems like Folio always finds a way to undo their "sales" price.

toukokuu 4, 3:18 pm

>18 Inceptic:

My first (U.S.) order on which Folio charged sales tax was from May 2021.

toukokuu 4, 3:45 pm

I ordered:

Syria: The Desert and the Sown - Gertrude Bell
Kafka on the Shore - Haruki Murakami
Roadside Picnic - Arkady and Boris Strugatsky

Got a $30 discount, added another $20 with voucher code TNUR5D, got free shipping, and since I live in South Dakota I managed to pay no sales tax as well!

toukokuu 6, 6:31 am

With only express shipping being available to Germany, this has been a really nice deal, especially in connection with a voucher. I got four books as a result.

toukokuu 6, 8:17 am

Is the spend $300 (or whatever) and get $30 (or whatever) discount expired? If so, I really should have done my checkout yesterday...

toukokuu 6, 9:44 am

For better or worse I ended up purchasing what I actually felt like reading:
Jaws (a reread, but what a cover);
Jane Eyre (also a reread, I’ve got the green silk version, so maybe I shouldn’t have, but hey, the illustrations look great);
Turn of the Screw (never read but looks like a lovely volume)

I took Fear and Loathing and Roadside Picnic out of my basket. They look lovely but don’t feel like reading them at the moment (and financial constraints)
Danke >9 Shadekeep: >10 ambyrglow: >12 NoBueno: >14 AlexBookshelfFrog: >15 cronshaw: for your suggestions. One that I’d add that’s currently available is The Living Mountain - it’s a weighty small volume, beautifully written and illustrated. In my opinion a must for devotees and…still available and at a good price too

toukokuu 6, 9:53 am

>21 SF-72: Same for me as express shipping is my only delivery option. Finally ordered Japanese Tales and Monkey with a voucher. I would have added some more but I have been busy recently on the secondary market.