Best places to look for out-of-stock EP titles?

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Best places to look for out-of-stock EP titles?

toukokuu 3, 12:45 am

Hello! Where should one look for out-of-stock EP titles?

Muokkaaja: toukokuu 3, 3:52 am

There’s a Facebook group for Easton Press collectors called Easton Press Collecting Buy/Sell/Trade. Link below.

And another called Easton Press Book Collectors. Link below.

Other than that, the usual suspects - eBay, AbeBooks, Biblio, Amazon, used bookstores etc.

toukokuu 4, 9:59 am

Hi Inceptic, used book stores in my area typically take in EP books for resale.

I have purchased a lot of my collection on eBay of course, over the years. Many (most) never been read, but you do need to look at the photos.

abebooks if you are looking for a particulare title, which is a place where used book stores sell nationally. I know my local used book store also sells on abebooks.

Muokkaaja: toukokuu 4, 2:20 pm

And bookfinder widens the net considerably.

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