OT: A Books About Books project

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OT: A Books About Books project

huhtikuu 29, 1:02 pm

A collective of bibliophiles and book professionals, is putting together a free and downloadable database of books about books in order to provide resources for collectors, booksellers, librarians, bookbinders, and anyone else who's involved in the management, care, and research of books and collections.

The database can be found here (updated often).

Our Facebook page

Our website will also serve as a repository of free online resources for conducting research on books and their various attributes. This is an ongoing multi-year project with much more to come!

I just recently joined the team which consists of: Noel Hart (book seller and author of "And that was only the front counter, working in the used book business in Los Angeles"), Brian Quast (collector of books about books), Todd Sommerfeld (miniature book expert and publisher), Art Kieres (bookseller & bookbinder), and Mark Coulbourne (Preservation Librarian).

We're looking forward in having meaningful interactions with the group, sharing resources, and to learn from you.