David & Bonnie's late night reading

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David & Bonnie's late night reading

huhtikuu 28, 8:53 pm

I'm new here, I'm retired from US Steel and live in Pittsburgh PA. I read to my wife for an hour+ before bedtime. We like fiction, if we find an author we particularly enjoy we will read all of their offerings. This is what we've read since January...
1.September - Rosamunde Pilcher
2.Coming Home - Rosamunde Pilcher
3.A Land Remembered - Patrick Smith
4.Winter Solstice -Rosamunde Pilcher

huhtikuu 28, 9:02 pm

Welcome! I really enjoy Rosamunde Pilcher’s novels as well, especially the longer ones. She spins a good yarn.

huhtikuu 29, 9:12 am

Welcome to Club Read, David and Bonnie! I'm glad you found us. I love reading aloud—what a lovely ritual you have.

If you would like, you can stop by our Introductions thread and tell us a little more about yourselves and what you like to read, as well as learn about other members. At the top of the thread is a list of members, their real names, and where they are from, which can be helpful. A couple of fun threads are What are You Reading? and Questions for the Avid Reader.

I hope you enjoy sharing your reading here in Club Read, and I look forward to following along on your reading journey.