spread positivity here almost 24/7 (bcuz it is greatly needed n benefical for all) (off-topic again)

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spread positivity here almost 24/7 (bcuz it is greatly needed n benefical for all) (off-topic again)

huhtikuu 27, 12:45 am

go on and spread positivity don't be shy even if its a few words just do it, you'll make a difference trust me (it may be cringe but thats okay) compliment each other, give advice or just say something nice in general to all, whether you know them or not (this is basically a positive and safe environment so ppl can have another source of resource)

huhtikuu 27, 1:01 am

stay strong that's all i gotta say, oh and dont let anyone get u down

huhtikuu 27, 1:01 am

okayy so I'll start it off, y'all have potential to literally reach the stars don't let people tell you otherwise bcuz anything is possible and just keep being you don't ever lose your identity or change it for someone else its not worth it at all and love yourself you have flaws but thats okay everyone does, learn little by little to embrace it, it may seem like a weakness but it can actually be your greatest strength and youre an amazing individual whether you know it or not but now you know it bcuz I am telling you, keep being you don't ever be sorry for being you

huhtikuu 27, 1:03 am

>3 ruby_x1: remind me of an old friend who said stuff like that always trynna cheer ppl up wen they down

huhtikuu 27, 3:50 pm

>2 AsuraZ: good one def live by that

Muokkaaja: huhtikuu 27, 3:58 pm

>4 AsuraZ: saying positive stuff like this is a really good thing the best thing you can do for others, lift them up not down

huhtikuu 27, 4:04 pm

pt.2 : do the best you can in everything and remember failure isn't something you should settle for you go for succees, learn from youre mistakes and from others to get there (put effort too) don't give up its a long journey but youll make it

huhtikuu 27, 4:11 pm

>7 ruby_x1: definitely agree witht that

huhtikuu 27, 4:30 pm

>8 AsuraZ: oooo gtk

huhtikuu 27, 4:32 pm

cant come up with any rn

Muokkaaja: huhtikuu 27, 4:39 pm

dw its alright no rush

huhtikuu 27, 4:44 pm

im sure u got plenty to say

huhtikuu 27, 5:18 pm

ofc I do

huhtikuu 27, 5:50 pm


huhtikuu 28, 6:12 pm

pt.3: don't lose hope on anything it may seem hopeless but its just the negativity that interfers most of the time, there's always a solution to anything and everything so do whatever you can in youre power to make the situation better, some take more time and more effort but nothing is truly hopeless put youre mind to it

huhtikuu 28, 7:36 pm


huhtikuu 29, 5:02 pm

pt.4: people may tell you can't do it but those type of people dk what theyre talking abt theyre most likely jealous of what you have so don't belive them, they want to see youre downfall and you won't give them that. believe in yourself do the good and unimaginable w/the help of people who support n care about you too ofc, not the ones preying on you

huhtikuu 30, 2:54 pm


huhtikuu 30, 5:30 pm

if they wanna see my downfall, i'll be hysterically laughing when i see theirs.

huhtikuu 30, 9:55 pm

I'd wanna do the same too tbh but I'll let silence speak for itself

huhtikuu 30, 10:42 pm

toukokuu 1, 7:41 pm

my turn..? I think this was already said but dont care!!
pt. 5: PLEASE be yourself. what you think is cool is cool, and what u think is bullshit stays bullshit. Opinions can change, ofc, but don't let anyone change what u think is right, because YOUR opinion is right (to you), not theirs. And if they try to do that, tell em to fuck off and say they have jaundice. (well, thats a bit agressive but ykwim)

toukokuu 1, 7:59 pm

pt. 6: Someone being a hypocrite? cut the line, NOW. It's okay to feel like someone, maybe your friend or bf/gf is being bitchy to you or others, and you CAN call them out for it. But that doesn't mean it's an excuse to talk shit about them either. Tell the damn truth! Say you wanna break up/stop talking/etc., maybe even talk it out. And if they keep on pissing you off, ignore it. Let their ass think about their actions and let them ask themselves "What did i do wrong to deserve this."

toukokuu 1, 8:22 pm

>22 kxtty_fangzz: anyone is welcome to say what they want (positive) even if it was already said thats fine :)
definetly agree with what you said youve got some hella good advice here, thank you for that its beyond amazing

toukokuu 1, 8:27 pm

>23 kxtty_fangzz: oooo speaking facts fr loving the total honesty, another great piece of advice

toukokuu 2, 11:40 am

pt.7: believe in yourself whether ur taking a test,doing an intreview, presenting something,etc. the best thing to do is tell yourself you can do it repeatedly you may have doubts but either fix them or ignore them don't stress sm just strive to do ur best, think abt all the work youve done in the past to get this far don't give up now keep pushing through ofc it'll be hard ofc it'll drain tf out of you but at the end of the day you'll win and get what youve always wanted, so work at it and believe

toukokuu 2, 1:32 pm

pt. 8: be a nice person. im not saying that ur bad person, but maybe u need to improve some things w/ ur behavior. maybe u yell too much or are too loud, (like me lmao) and need to quiet down a bit. or maybe ur too agressive (also like me.. am i a bad person 😰😰) and need to calm down. the point is, be the best person u can be. oh yeah, that doesn't mean that ur gonna change urself for other people. remember what i told u in pt. 5/>22 kxtty_fangzz:?? listen to URSELF, not anyone else

toukokuu 2, 1:59 pm

You are capable of anything, and that is nonfiction.

toukokuu 2, 10:07 pm

thanks for contributing here it really helps for people who jst take a sneak peek I believe that all that was said here was really inspirational n meaningful and ofc appericated positivity makes a difference no matter the size, hopefully it stays alive for years to come.

toukokuu 2, 10:17 pm

>27 kxtty_fangzz: You Need to Calm Down - Taylor Swift when u said " need to calm down" I immediately thought of this song 😭

toukokuu 2, 10:19 pm

>28 MrBiggs: grrreat thats perfect

toukokuu 3, 5:57 pm

toukokuu 3, 10:11 pm

nah these r kinda funny lmao

Muokkaaja: heinäkuu 14, 9:19 pm

Viestin kirjoittaja on poistanut viestin.

toukokuu 5, 6:31 pm

pt.9: don't stress and ovethink so much over little things it may be hard but just don't sometimes it leads to confusion and misunderstandings, take it one step at a time identify the problem and find multiple ways to solve it and choose 1 out of all of them if that doesn't work try the 2nd option, there's always a problem and solution to it.

toukokuu 9, 7:38 pm

pt.10: have confidence in yourself, youve probably heard this million of times but I'm telling you again, have confidence in yourself. If you don't ur limiting ur full potential, you could be writing the most successful book or movie or discovering the cure for disease's that have never been found or even making history in whatever it is youre intrested in. just don't limit it, don't stop it you know better, you'll find the confidence within at least I hope you find it because you have it. once you do, "Oh the places you'll go!" :)

toukokuu 10, 9:12 am

"I can’t do anything like this. I’m broken. I’m literally broken.”
Iko settled a hand on Cinder’s shoulder. “Yeah, but broken isn’t the same as unfixable.”

>Book four of Lunar Chronicles, by Marissa Meyer

toukokuu 10, 9:27 am

When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on
Franklin D. Roosevelt

toukokuu 10, 9:30 am

You can scream, you can yell. You can hit me, you can push me. But know that I will never succumb to you, I am stronger than you and you can't control me. I am a river, which currents drown out your voice inside my head, so just give up on trying to control me.

toukokuu 10, 11:10 am

thank youu for these theyre really good :0

toukokuu 10, 11:16 am


toukokuu 10, 11:16 am

and thank you for the compliment ╹▽╹

toukokuu 10, 11:46 am

youre welcomeee

Muokkaaja: heinäkuu 14, 9:41 pm

pt.11: don't let anyone make you feel or belive that you are inferior, cz youre not. Unless, you give them your consent to do so. People will always throw rocks at things that shine bright.People will throw insults your way, in attempt to destroy you.you are more than what they say about you and what they see. don't be intimidated by people who are "superior".

heinäkuu 16, 3:45 am

wow this is so wholesome

Muokkaaja: heinäkuu 19, 8:47 pm

everyone go kys honestly.. (keep yourself safe 💕)

heinäkuu 31, 5:57 pm

>45 1hope: made to be wholesome

heinäkuu 31, 5:58 pm

syyskuu 18, 10:07 am

You're made to think life is about working to survive. It's not. It's an experience. Touch grass, kiss that person you like, play a sport, go on a hike, listen to that song on repeat, play that extra overwatch match, do what makes you happy, because a day that you didn't is a waste.

syyskuu 18, 9:48 pm

you're so real for that,wonderful advice

syyskuu 19, 6:36 pm

>49 ReikiTsubetai: haha I did not expect overwatch, but hey if the shoe fits, as a lot of older people say.

syyskuu 20, 8:05 am

>51 Mars_frfr: Lol i figured overwatch would be more relatable

Muokkaaja: syyskuu 21, 8:38 am

if life gives you lemons, eat the lemons with the skin on them and then shove the remains up your ex's (or anyone u hate really) asshole 🥰😍😝😝 cause u dont need those bitches in ur life. let them go to hell and burn cuz they fuckin deserve it after what they did to u 😍😍 ur too special to be hurt by anyone /gen

syyskuu 20, 9:00 pm

hahaha this has me deadd spitting facts

syyskuu 21, 10:41 pm

i hate myself

syyskuu 22, 9:27 am

syyskuu 22, 11:32 am


syyskuu 22, 2:27 pm

>55 1hope: me too pookie bear

syyskuu 22, 2:35 pm

syyskuu 23, 3:01 pm


syyskuu 26, 8:38 am

You can do it! It will all be ok at the end of the day so don't push yourself too hard! Remember to drink water, eat some good food, and find something nice to focus on! You are doing amazing and we're proud of you.

syyskuu 26, 4:24 pm

A Lotus for you, a Buddha to be🪷

syyskuu 27, 5:24 pm

>61 OliverOil: another great piece of advice, greatly comforting!!

syyskuu 27, 6:05 pm

>61 OliverOil: That's actually the perfect advice for me, I just got back from cross-country practice and I need to do those exact things, thx

Eilen, 10:49 pm

xc is so much fun

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