Reproduction trend continues... Winnie-the-Pooh DLE (Item#3903; $228)

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Reproduction trend continues... Winnie-the-Pooh DLE (Item#3903; $228)

huhtikuu 20, 7:57 pm

A single miniature book reproduction in a custom-crafted cloth-bound clamshell (if continued in the same fashion, it will cost ~$1,000 for all four miniature volumes...):

huhtikuu 20, 8:23 pm

>1 EPsonNY: Yup! That’s expensive. I think you can still find the old 4 volume set EP published years ago for cheaper than that on eBay. I wonder what makes this edition extra special other than being limited?

huhtikuu 22, 4:36 pm

>2 Neil_Luvs_Books: Lithography by Pulp Printhouse? I assume it refers to illustrations. There is of course the "amazing" clamshell box with the same enclosed design and ribbon to pull the book out. My preference is for an open spine tray design, which eliminates the need for the ribbon...

huhtikuu 23, 12:07 am

>3 EPsonNY: "which eliminates the need for the ribbon..."

Sorry...all can think of is this:

huhtikuu 23, 12:33 am

huhtikuu 23, 9:42 am

huhtikuu 23, 10:54 am

>6 EPsonNY:

Pure comedic genius! I wonder how many takes it took them to nail that scene to get everyone’s timing right.

toukokuu 1, 5:43 pm

thank you folks for the info

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