Old white coots ~ America 2023

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Old white coots ~ America 2023

Muokkaaja: huhtikuu 20, 8:35 am

It appears that old white coots with guns are on the rampage. They will shoot anyone who knocks on their door, accidentally drives into their driveway or ??????????. What can we do to protect ourselves and our loved ones from getting nailed during this new Trump era phenomena???

Muokkaaja: huhtikuu 20, 8:46 am

>1 Molly3028: That's not quite right - what you have are good guys with guns doing some good shooting. I'm sure the NRA will feature them in their Good Guys With Guns hall of fame. Now if they had done some bad shooting - meaning they missed - then the NRA would disavow any connection with them....and yes, I'm being very sarcastic - the whole GGWG thing makes me furious.

huhtikuu 20, 8:50 am

Brings to mind a couple things. When my dad died in November 2012 I was on the verge of retiring from the Post Office. I was 55--they were getting rid of employess--I had the years and it was an early out. As part of the deal they were going to grandfather my retirement. My Mom was 90 and on her own My older sister was retired but had been dealing with ovarian cancer and quite often wasn't up to it----so my Mom was more often than not on her own and she had vision issues. Over the next several months we would take her up to the Flaum Institute in Rochester two hours away and she would have surgery that improved her eyesight quite a lot. She didn't have the reactions anymore to drive though. Pretty much every day around noon I would take her out. She had a favorite diner but---we would go to the grocery store, the pharmacy, the dentist, to the doctors. I did that for four years until she couldn't get up the stairs in her house anymore and she had to go into an assisted living home where I continued to visit her pretty much every day until she died.

Old people are quite often isolated in their own homes. Loads of people won't or aren't able to take care of their parents and when they're alone and can't do much for themselves they're kind of fucked. On my only ever and last ever trip to Florida around Daytona to visit my wife's uncle we arrived to this guy in his 80's who was cranky as all get out---had a loaded gun in every room of the house and wanted me to know where they were. I have never owned a gun. I don't give a fuck about them. He'd had someone hotwire his cable for him and was so proud that he didn't have to pay and wanted to let my dog run loose in the neighborhood and we got into a big fight over that one morning and he backed off because I was really pissed and we were going to go otherwise. Every other morning he'd be shouting at my wife how good Donald Trump was for America. Old people can be a trip and sometimes patience works and sometimes you need to get away if only for a little while but it's another one of those things about this country that kind of sucks because we let so many people younger and older fall through the cracks. Being old and isolated, broken down, no longer understanding or recognizing the world around you, obsessing over your possessions can create a paranoid bunker mentality. Pretty much I see two problems with the older shooters here----being isolated and having guns.

The guy in upstate New York was 65 and very functional. Not sure what his issue was but that does seem a bit different case to me.

Muokkaaja: huhtikuu 20, 5:29 pm

Man Who Shot Ralph Yarl Was Fueled By Racism and ‘Watching Fox News’, Grandson Tells Don Lemon

Elderly white guys locking themselves in their homes and viewing hour upon hour of FOX News appears to be a problem. Locking themselves in is standard, shooting people is a new scary wrinkle.

Muokkaaja: toukokuu 2, 12:21 pm

>1 Molly3028: "old White coots"

is a racist slur--and one calculated to offend. Personally, considering who stooped to its use here, I don't care. I'd use much uglier terms to describe my opponents and their tactics if this censorious site where only pseudo-free expression reigns would allow it. But I'm constrained not to do that and I chafe under that stupid constraint--but I abide by it. Here is a case which shows that, for those with the "right" ideological views behind their words, they can get away with such usage as "old White coots" But it does appear to be a flagrant violation of this Woke-ist site's claimed stances on using name-calling directed at members.

On the other hand, here, it shows that up for the hyprocritically applied double-standard bullshit that it is. Had I written "Old Black coots" or changed one of the letters in "coots", who denies that I'd be not only promptly denounced by the sanctimonious "'virtue'-signallers" here, I'd risk being bounced permanently from this site. My calculatingly provacative opponents, watching and waiting for any misstep on my part, would cheer that.

Muokkaaja: toukokuu 3, 10:20 pm

>5 proximity1:
coot; a foolish or eccentric person, typically an old man.

From Gammarphobia;Coots, feathered and otherwise
June 8, 2020
Q: Why is an old guy referred to as a “coot”? And what about “geezer”?

A: The use of “coot” for an old man, especially an oddball, seems to have evolved from the early use of “coot” as an informal name for various seabirds, at first apparently the common murre or guillemot (Uria aalge), and later the Eurasian coot (Fulica atra).

As the Oxford English Dictionary explains, the name “coot” was “originally given vaguely or generically to various swimming and diving birds. In many cases it seems to have been applied to the Guillemot.”

Afterward, the OED says, the term “coot” was given to the Eurasian coot “and generically extended to all the species of Fulica.” (A murre in the US is a guillemot in the UK, the latter borrowed from French in the 17th century.)

The dictionary notes that in Dutch, the common murre is Zeekoet or sea coot, and the Eurasian coot is Meerkoet or lake coot. It also mentions a similar “Low German word, the earlier history of which is unknown.”

So how did “coot” evolve in English from the name for a bird to a noun for an old person, especially an eccentric or crotchety old man?

The usage may have been influenced by the odd behavior of the common murre during its breeding season and the similarity in pronunciation of the Eurasian coot’s Latin genus, Fulica, to the English word “fool.”

The common murre has often been referred to as the “foolish guillemot,” a name the English naturalist Thomas Nuttall attributed to “their fatuity in the breeding season, in allowing themselves sometimes to be seized by the hand, or killed on the spot without flying from their favorite cliffs” (A Manual of the Ornithology of the United States and of Canada, Vol. 2, 1834).

In fact, “coot” originally referred to a foolish person when it showed up as a noun for a human being, a usage that the OED suggests may have been inspired by the foolish guillemot.

And Green’s Dictionary of Slang suggests the foolish usage may have originated as a “play on Lat. Fulica.” In classical Latin, fulica referred to a water bird believed to be a coot.
A coot, by this definition, can be of any race or color of course. Racist? Clearly not.