Constitution and Norms under Attack: Military, Judiciary, Administration, Congress, International 4

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Constitution and Norms under Attack: Military, Judiciary, Administration, Congress, International 4

huhtikuu 18, 6:29 am

CBS News poll: Most say congressional Republicans should let Trump investigations run their course
Anthony Salvanto, Kabir Khanna, Jennifer De Pinto, Fred Backus | April 17, 2023

...By two to one, Americans would prefer congressional Republicans to let the law enforcement investigations into Trump run their course, rather than try to stop them.

Differing sharply from the rest of the country, a 56% majority of Republicans say Republicans in Congress should try to stop these law enforcement investigations — a view driven by those who consider themselves part of the MAGA movement. That helps define a split within the party. It's notable that over four in 10 Republicans disagree, preferring the investigations run their course...

huhtikuu 18, 1:16 pm

What Could the Supreme Court Do on Abortion This Week?
And everything else you need to know about this mifepristone case.
Mark Joseph Stern | April 18, 2023

...Last question: I thought America being in a constitutional crisis would be more obvious, or feel like a bigger deal? What is going to happen next, and how much worse could it get?

Well first, it could get a lot worse! Republicans are increasingly seeking carceral solutions to the ongoing, widespread availability of medication abortion. One activist has filed a lawsuit attempting to bankrupt several Texas women who helped their friend obtain mifepristone. Conservatives will keep enlisting courts, prosecutors, and prisons to crack down on these pills even if their frontal assault on FDA approval fails.

The people fomenting this constitutional crisis are smart enough to push it forward step by step. It will not happen all at once, but instead unfurl slowly, so that most Americans don’t realize it’s happening until it threatens them directly. (One reason this case has gotten so much attention is that it has caused residents of blue states to understand the stakes here.) A bare-knuckled power struggle within the judiciary is an omen of more frighteningly anti-democratic maneuvers to come. By the time you feel this crisis yourself, it may be too late to stop.

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Alex Theodoridis @AGTheodoridis | 5:06 PM · Jun 22, 2023:
Political Junkie/Scientist Assoc Prof @UMassPolSci; Co-Director @UMassPoll; Opinion, Elections, Polarization, Causal Inf...

The vast majority of Democrats & a plurality of Republicans favor term limits for justices who serve on the U.S. Supreme Court. @UMassPoll
Poll results ( )

Americans are evenly split on expanding the number of justices on the U.S. Supreme Court, with Democrats in favor & Republicans opposed. @UMassPoll
Poll results ( )

heinäkuu 12, 9:09 am

Opinion: How DeSantis’s own lawyers accidentally exposed his anti-woke deceit
Greg Sargent Columnist | July 11, 2023

In recent weeks, plaintiffs who are suing to invalidate Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s “Stop Woke Act” have been confronting its defenders with a seemingly loaded question: Would the law, which restricts school discussion of race, prohibit a public university professor from endorsing affirmative action in a classroom setting?

Surprisingly, lawyers defending the DeSantis administration just answered this question with a qualified “yes.” Which exposes a core truth about his anti-woke directives: They really do constitute efforts at state censorship, not just of concepts he likes to call “woke indoctrination” but also of viewpoints that are contested yet remain squarely within mainstream academic discourse.

The bizarre admission comes in a new filing by lawyers defending the Stop Woke Act against a lawsuit from professors and free-speech advocates who argue that it violates the First Amendment and restricts academic freedom. (Last November, a federal judge agreed, temporarily blocking the law’s application to public universities.) The plaintiffs have objected that under the law, a professor might risk her job by uttering the phrase “I agree with affirmative action.”...

(free access?)

heinäkuu 16, 12:42 am

State guard set up by DeSantis is being trained as personal militia, veterans say (Guardian)

A Florida state guard established by the rightwing governor, Ron DeSantis, under the guise of a civilian disaster relief force is instead being trained as an armed, combat-ready militia under his personal command, according to military veteran recruits who have quit the program. Several veterans resigned after an encampment last month having become concerned at the “militaristic” training and “abuse” one disabled veteran suffered at the hands of instructors... Promoted by DeSantis as an “emergency focused, civilian defense force” when it was established in June 2022, the state guard has quickly morphed into something quite different, the report found. Volunteers have been trained for military combat, including the use of weapons; khaki polo shirts and pants were replaced by camouflage uniforms; and recruits were “barked at” by boot camp instructors at the joint training base who woke them before dawn and imposed lights-out by 10pm. Additionally, DeSantis’s compliant, Republican-led state legislature has contributed to the change of direction, this year approving a massive expansion in the force’s funding, size and equipment. Its budget increased from $10m to $107.5m, and its maximum size more than tripled from 400 recruits to 1,500. On the governor’s shopping list were helicopters, boats, police powers and reportedly even cellphone-hacking technology for a force outside of federal jurisdiction, and accountable directly to him. “The program got hijacked and turned into something that we were trying to stay away from: a militia,” Brian Newhouse, a retired navy veteran with 20 years’ experience, told the reporters...

elokuu 20, 7:44 am

Opinion: In this mean-spirited moral free-for-all, we need to put justice back in charge
Rosalie Silberman Abella | August 14, 2023

...Regrettably, that regressive climate {vituperative reaction in which progressive judgments were anathema} is where we find ourselves today, especially about the judiciary. Critics call the good news of an independent judiciary the bad news of judicial autocracy. They call women and minorities seeking the right to be free from discrimination special interest groups seeking to jump the queue. They call efforts to reverse discrimination “reverse discrimination.” They say courts should only interpret, not make, law, thereby ignoring the entire history of common law. They call the advocates for diversity “biased” and defenders of social stagnation “impartial.” They prefer ideology to ideas, replacing the exquisite democratic choreography of checks and balances with the myopic march of majoritarianism.

All this has put us at the edge of a global era unlike any I’ve seen in my lifetime. We’re in a mean-spirited moral free-for-all, a climate polluted by bombastic insensitivity, antisemitism, racism, sexism, islamophobia, homophobia and discrimination generally. Too often, law and justice are in a dysfunctional relationship. Too often, hate kills, truth is homeless and lives don’t matter.

We need to put justice back in charge, and to do that, we need to put compassion back in the service of law and law in the service of humanity. We need the rule of justice, not just the rule of law. Otherwise, what’s the point of law? Or lawyers? What good is the rule of law if there’s no justice? And to make justice happen, we can never forget how the world looks to those who are vulnerable. It’s what I consider to be the law’s majestic purpose and the legal profession’s noble mandate...

syyskuu 7, 10:05 am

David Frum @davidfrum | 7:15 PM · Sep 6, 2023:
Sr editor at The Atlantic

Suppose secretaries of state in 1 or more swing states succeeded in keeping Trump off the ballot. Then suppose President Biden wins re-election by winning the Electoral Votes of states that debarred Trump. What does this country look like afterward? Chaos.*

You may ask, "What's the harm in at least trying the Section 3 remedy, then seeing what the federal courts say?" Hear are some harms, I'm sure there are others I've overlooked: (THREAD TO FOLLOW)

Harm 1
Pursuing Section 3 switches the ballot issue in 2024 from issues that mobilize anti-Trump coalition (abortion rights, 10% tariff hike on consumer goods, chaos and criminality) to one that mobilizes the pro-Trump coalition: "elites" rigging the system against Trump.

Harm 2
Pursuing Section 3 potentially demobilizes the anti-Trump coalition by feeding them false hope that "somebody else" will do the job of defeating Trump. The anti-Trump coalition is big but unstable, and it faces a voter turnout challenge among the younger and poorer.

Harm 3
Section 3 remedy entrusts way too much power to the federal courts. Courts have thus far done a decent job rejecting Trump's most outrageous legal claims and applying justice to Trump's criminal subordinates and followers. But ...
But ask the courts a tougher question you may not like the answer. What happens eg if the Supreme Court rules that January 6 2021 was *not* a "rebellion" in the sense contemplated by the 14th Amendment. They well might do that, and Trump would claim vindication.

Harm 4
The Section 3 pipe-dream will rapidly become a huge fund-raising project. Every dollar raised for this project diverts money that should be used to beat pro-Trump candidates down the ballot. (And of course there are grifters in anti-Trump America too.)

Harm 5, finale.
Despite the vast damage he has done, Trump has also unwittingly conferred gifts on US society. The most important: inspiring Americans to participate in their self-government to defeat Trump. The Section 3 idea invites Americans to delegate the job instead.

A clause in the Constitution may disqualify Trump from returning to the White House?
September 6, 20235:09 AM ET
Transcript (7-Minute Listen)

syyskuu 11, 11:47 pm

Younger people more relaxed about alternatives to democracy, survey finds (Guardian)

Democracy remains popular across the world, but faced with a global array of challenges from inequality to the climate crisis, young people are far less likely than their elders to believe it can deliver on what concerns them. According to a major international survey of 30 countries published on Tuesday, 86% of respondents would prefer to live in a democratic state and only 20% believe authoritarian regimes are more capable of delivering “what citizens want”. However, only 57% of respondents aged 18 to 35 felt democracy was preferable to any other form of government, against 71% of those over 56, and 42% of younger people said they were supportive of military rule, against just 20% of older respondents... more than a third (35%) of young people felt a “strong leader” who did not hold elections or consult parliament was “a good way to run a country”.

“Our findings are both sobering and alarming,” said Mark Malloch Brown, OSF’s president and a former UN deputy secretary general. “People around the world still want to believe in democracy, but generation by generation that faith is fading as doubts grow about its ability to deliver concrete changes to their lives.” The polling revealed strong support for human rights, with majorities of between 85% and 95% in all regions and at every income level agreeing it was wrong for governments to violate individual rights on grounds of appearance, religion, sexual or gender orientation. At a time of multiplying national and international crises – respondents were most worried about poverty and inequality (20%), the climate crisis (20%) and corruption (18%) – more than half (53%) felt their country was heading in the wrong direction, and about a third said politicians were not working in their best interests... “Confidence in the foundational elements of democracy coexists with profound doubts about its real-world practice and impact”...

syyskuu 13, 11:07 am

About yesterday’s announcement by Kevin McCarthy:

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) summed up the day: “So let me get this straight: Republicans are threatening to remove their own Speaker, impeach the President, and shut down the government on September 30th—disrupting everyday people’s paychecks and general public operations. For what? I don’t think even they know.”

The center-right think tank American Action Forum’s vice president for economic policy, Gordon Gray, had an answer. Ever since the debt ceiling fight was resolved, he told Joan E. Greve of The Guardian, “there’s a big chunk of House Republicans who just want to break something. That’s just how some of these folks define governing. It’s how their constituents define success.”

syyskuu 14, 12:18 am

‘We’re facing another old enemy’: Rushdie warns against global authoritarianism (Guardian)

Speaking in Philadelphia on Wednesday, Rushdie said US Republicans are moving away from democratic values including free speech... “If you asked me 10 or 20 years ago, I would probably have said that the main problems facing freedom of expression emanate from religious extremism,” Rushdie said. “I think now we’re facing another old enemy, which is authoritarianism. I think there’s a real rise in authoritarian movements around the world, populist authoritarian demagoguery. Coupled with that, {there is} a willingness amongst at least some part of the population to cease to value the democratic values enshrined in the first amendment. So I think the problem is, I would now say, political more than primarily religious”... Asked about the state of free speech in the US, Rushdie said: “One of the problems is you have essentially only one major political party that seems to believe in democratic values. And you have another one that seems to be doing everything it can to undermine them. When you have the large majority of Republican voters believing that the last election was stolen – as they do every time they’re asked, a very large majority of Republican voters believe that Donald Trump won the last election and that he was cheated of his victory – if the assault on truth has reached that level of success, then we’re in real trouble”...

syyskuu 15, 4:49 am

David Frum @davidfrum | 10:13 PM · Sep 14, 2023:

If a president can pardon himself, he can commit any federal crime with impunity. He can counterfeit money, engage in piracy, murder the First Lady in the White House, then burn down the White House itself. If the legal outcome is absurd, the legal theory is wrong.

Some reply: Congress could impeach. But impeachment can impose no penalty beyond removal and disqualification. If the theory of self-pardon is true, a president who murdered the first lady on federal property and immediately pardoned himself would face no criminal penalty.

Impeachment as a remedy for presidential crime only works if the president can be prosecuted after he is removed. If a president can self-pardon, then the only penalty he'd face for murdering the first lady on federal property would be the loss of his job.

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MAGA threats:

From govt account, Rep Gosar calls for Gen Milley to be hanged.

Trump threatens Dr. Fauci, Gen Milley ("treason"), NBC/MSNBC, Cassidy Hutchinson, Mike Pence, Cassidy Hutchinson.

DeSantis promised to slit throats in the civil service.

etc.... :(

Kyle Cheney @kyledcheney | 11:42 PM · Sep 25, 2023:

JUST IN: Trump’s lawyers filed a response to Jack Smith’s proposed gag order that is largely a political broadside against Joe Biden — but they also contend the proposal is too sweeping and restricts Trump’s protected speech.

#60 in United States v. TRUMP (D.D.C., 1:23-cr-00257) –
Memorandum in Opposition by DONALD J. TRUMP re 57 Motion for Miscellaneous Relief, (Lauro, John) (Entered: 09/25/2023)

Lisa Rubin (MSNBC) @lawofruby | 11:10 PM · Sep 25, 2023

NEW: Trump has filed his opposition Jack Smith’s team’s motion for limits on what Trump and his lawyers can say about witnesses and participants in the federal election interference case. And it’s a doozy...

Trump Visits Shop That Sold AR-15 Used in Racist Mass Shooting
Palmetto State Armory has a checkered history.
Ron Filipkowski | 9/25/2023

syyskuu 26, 8:26 am

>12 margd: contd.

"To view each of Trump's calls to violence in isolation -- "he attacked Milley," or "he attacked NBC," or "he attacked the jury, the prosecutor, the judge " -- is to miss his overall plan to "introduce() violence as a natural extension of our democratic disagreement.""

"As Trump responds to the legal cases against him and his supporters with ever increasing threats of violence, it is a reminder that Trump's most enduring legacy is already known. Me from @theatlantic "

-- Juliette Kayyem @juliettekayyem | 9:02 AM · Sep 25, 2023:
Prof @Kennedy_School, CNN National Security Analyst, @TheAtlantic , Consultant, Author. Obama @DHSgov
. Read THE DEVIL NEVER SLEEPS. Pulitzer finalist.

Muokkaaja: syyskuu 27, 7:46 am

>13 margd: As I think most of us know one thing Donald is really good at is projection or projecting his crimes on others. The treason really happens on Jan. 6 when he badgers a crowd of his supporters into trying to stage a coup so as he could stay in power after he had lost the election. The Jan. 6 indictment really is a treason trial and so many of those who answered his call on Jan. 6 have been sentenced to prison some even to very long terms and all because he couldn't accept that he lost the Nov. 2020 election.

FWIW they should throw Trump's sorry ass into jail until he goes on trial. The main reason being his threats to judges, juries, witnesses, lawyers etc.etc. etc. No one else in this country would have gotten away with even a small fraction of what he's done since he's been indicted......and it's kind of proven his point of a two tiered justice system though he makes out like he's some kind of victim when over and over he's been the beneficiary. I don't get it really and it makes me wonder whether these justices have the guts to stick his ass away or even whether some kind of accommodation is going to be made for him if he's convicted.