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Thread/Sewn Bindung

huhtikuu 15, 3:14 am

Does anyone know much about "book binding" ? For me personally, a thread-bound book is always a good sign of quality. I still have someone in mind there who does it by hand, but surely it is done by machine nowadays? I was recommended a book by Rosemary Sutcliff from Slightly Foxes. The book costs £18, is cloth bound and would be sewn bound.
I can't imagine that a machine wouldn't do it, i.e. mass production.

Are there extreme differences in thread binding? Even at Folio Society, where a book usually costs 6-9 times as much as a standard paperback or 2-3 times as much as a standard hardback, I can't imagine this being done by human hands.
Unless you pay people a pittance and even then it's inconceivable to me.
Maybe there are some experts here. As I said before, I always find it very difficult to find something like this on Google. I did find a video on thread binding, but that didn't really enlighten me either.
Best regards

huhtikuu 15, 3:40 am

All FS books are Smyth sewn by machine.
Hand sewn books are in the realm of expensive very limited editions of fine press books.

huhtikuu 15, 4:18 am

>2 wcarter:
Found a Video 🙂 (

So there is only Smyth Sewn binding and Sewn binding by hand for fine press ?

huhtikuu 15, 6:51 am

>1 AlexBookshelfFrog: Slightly Foxed books are all printed and bound by Smith Settle in Yorkshire. They have a video on their website about their printing and binding process and yep, it’s all done by a machine

huhtikuu 15, 7:05 am

>1 AlexBookshelfFrog: if you want to see how a real craftsman handles binding for some of those expensive books mentioned in >2 wcarter:, check out Roger Grech on Instagram.