Early Reviewer: if it's arrived, I have it

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Early Reviewer: if it's arrived, I have it

huhtikuu 7, 1:01 pm


Something I find mildly frustrating is that when I click on the button to tell ER a book has arrived, it doesn't immediately show up in my collection. Instead, there are a number of clicks and a copy and a paste before I can add it. Why not automate that? I said it arrived, therefore it is in my collection.

Muokkaaja: huhtikuu 7, 3:08 pm

>1 thmazing: Because LT is not a source of data and you need to either import that data from some source or add it manually if it isn't yet available in sources

huhtikuu 7, 4:27 pm

Some people only add books to their catalogue when they’ve read them - they’d presumably not appreciate automatic adding like you describe.