Attempted genocide of transgender people

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Attempted genocide of transgender people

Muokkaaja: huhtikuu 6, 6:16 am

I just have to post about this, somewhere, because the silence is deafening. Trans people in the United States are under a full-on assault, both legislative and cultural. We are being called pedophiles and groomers and accused of being a threat to children, and prominent right-wing figures are pouring millions into propaganda targeting us. Anti-trans laws and policies have swept the country, making people into internal refugees, fleeing to states that they hope will be safer. I'm sitting here worrying everyday that I'll have to move across the country to be able to access my medical care, and I'm not alone. We are scared. It doesn't feel like anybody cares.

This map will give you a sense of the scope of the legislative assault:

Yesterday, the governor of Idaho signed a ban on trans healthcare for minors into law. It is a felony ban. Even dispensing puberty blockers to a 17-year-old could be punished with 10 years in prison. Today, North Dakota became the 14th state to pass a trans healthcare for minors ban as part of a flurry of anti-trans legislation.

The 14 states banning trans care.

These bans on medical care for minors are extremely serious. Every credible medical organization agrees that the research shows these treatments lower rates of suicidality and mental illness, and many of them are fully reversible. Like many trans people, I can personally attest that I would have benefited enormously from these treatments as an adolescent, and in fact began them shortly after. Every trans adult was once a trans kid.

But these bans are just the tip of the iceberg. States are enacting all sorts of hideous attacks on trans people, including:
  • Banning Medicaid and other state funds from going to anyone who provides trans healthcare (at any age)
  • Banning referrals to trans healthcare or "aiding and abetting"
  • Threatening parents of trans children with Child Protective Services and removal of custody
  • Requiring teachers to out trans children to their parents, misgender them, and use their birthname
  • Requiring trans people to use the wrong bathroom, both for kids in schools and adults out in the world
  • Banning gender marker changes on identification
  • Banning drag, often open-ended enough to apply to trans people who aren't drag performers
  • Constantly lying that trans healthcare is experimental/dangerous or that most patients change their mind, in law and policy documents
  • Requiring written consent to trans healthcare including the above lies, and banning Nurse Practitioners from providing it (a page from the anti-abortion playbook)
  • Blanket banning trans people from sports

They are coming up with too many creative ways to hurt us that I couldn't possibly enumerate them all. (I didn't feel like finding links for every entry, but if you want to know more about specific ones I can do that.)

On the cultural front, rhetoric has been continually ramping up. At CPAC, the main conservative political convention, right-wing blowhard Michael Knowles said "transgenderism must be eradicated from public life entirely." Matt Walsh produced an entire propaganda film called "What Is A Woman?" to attack trans women. Various right-wing figures like Ben Shapiro have taken to personally attacking Dylan Mulvaney, a trans TikTok personality and total sweetheart who posts saccharine content about makeup and documents her gender transition. Social media figure LibsOfTikTok directs harassment at random private individuals and institutions for the crime of being LGBT or LGBT-friendly, routinely resulting in bomb threats. LOTT, Matt Walsh, and other right-wingers have published anti-trans children's books. A recent mass shooting by a trans man was used to incite further transphobia.

This is an organized hate movement. Emails recently leaked showing anti-trans hate groups coordinating with each other and with legislators. They even work together to publish pseudoscientific anti-trans research.

I could go on for hours, but I think I'll wrap up here. The point I want to get across is this: there is a serious, powerful, organized movement that has the eradication of transgender people as its goal, and it's proceeding almost entirely unchecked. It is as physically impossible to eliminate us as it is to eliminate gay people, but they can get a lot of people killed. The fact is that there aren't very many trans people. We need others to care about this and to speak up and to fight back. Right now only our enemies care about us as much as we do.

Thanks for reading. Perhaps in the style of existing Pro and Con threads, I'll post news articles about this subject when they happen.

huhtikuu 5, 3:25 pm

Every fascist state needs scapegoats. The unfortunate thing here in the United States a lot of states are or are flirting with fascism. The Republican Party pretty much are fully on board with this. As much as they talk up individual rights the individual pretty much has to fall within the purviewed standards they've created. So much for really being an individual.

Muokkaaja: huhtikuu 6, 5:57 am

>2 lriley:

After three years, Kansas Republicans have managed to override their governor's veto and ban trans women and girls from competing in sports. From what I can tell, the bill's language will also make it harder for trans men and boys to participate.

A trans teen has spoken out after their story was misrepresented by their mother in an anti-trans propaganda piece.

Muokkaaja: huhtikuu 7, 10:57 am

The Biden admin has reversed course and endorsed trans sports bans, including genital exams.

This is a perfect illustration of my point that liberals don't care about us. Unfortunately, they are as likely to collaborate with fascism as to fight it.

The story is the same across the pond, where Labour has united with the Tories against trans people's basic dignity:

huhtikuu 7, 1:19 pm

>4 pnppl: In that respect it seems to me that the further to the right the Republican Party goes they drag the Democratic Party at least some distance rightward with them. That's on foreign, domestic and economic policy. To me the United States is very much a conservative nation and that IMO we pretty much have two conservative major parties---one of them on the far right.

At least in part the issues with the Democratic party come from the leadership groups in both the House and Senate and they do not welcome critiques from within.

Muokkaaja: huhtikuu 7, 2:35 pm

>5 lriley:
I totally agree. One of the very frustrating things about this is that the Democrats constantly tacking right isn't even a winning strategy. They still fail to win votes from the frothing far-right and lose votes from their base, who are mostly to their left. It seems like they think voters to their left will just keep voting for them anyway, but voter enthusiasm and hence turnout seems a lot more important for them to actually win elections. Like sure almost everyone to their left who actually turns out will vote for them, but so many won't bother.

Muokkaaja: huhtikuu 7, 2:42 pm

On that note, this article gives a very extensive look at how transphobia is a bad electoral strategy:

Sports bans are far and away the most popular anti-trans policy, though, AFAIK.

huhtikuu 9, 11:50 am

The Orange County, Va., Board of Supervisors last week released its proposed fiscal year 2024 budget that removes $9,000 in funding it approved last year for the nonprofit Arts Center In Orange in response to plans by the center to host a design class taught by a local drag performer.
The newspaper quoted the individual who wrote to Johnson asking that the funds be revoked as telling Johnson the revocation was needed to “protect children from adults who prey on them with sexually explicit agendas.” The newspaper reported, “Johnson said that he agreed with the individual’s comments and outlined the board’s plans to defund the center through the county’s budget process.”

huhtikuu 10, 8:58 pm

A Florida Republican has come out as an X-Men villain. He called trans people "mutants", along with "demons and imps", during debate over a bill to ban trans people from public restrooms.

Muokkaaja: huhtikuu 12, 6:22 pm

Equality Florida, The Florida Immigrant Coalition, and NAACP Florida have issued travel advisories warning that travel to the state is unsafe:
Taken in their totality, Florida’s slate of laws and policies targeting basic freedoms and rights pose a serious risk to the health and safety of those traveling to the state. We regret that these attacks have already led many to flee the state and are driving others to consider relocation. And, in a state whose economy is fueled by visitors from around the world, it is with great sadness that Equality Florida has had to take the extraordinary step of responding to inquiries by issuing an official advisory warning about the risks of travel to the state.
Travel to all areas of Florida should be done with extreme caution as it can be unsafe for people of color, individuals who speak with an accent, and international travelers. Due to unconstitutional legislation supported by Governor Ron DeSantis and introduced by Legislative Leadership, every county in Florida poses a heightened risk of harassment, possible detainment, and potential family separation based on racial profiling.
The NAACP Florida State Conference voted unanimously in favor of asking the NAACP Board of Directors to issue a travel advisory for the state of Florida. If issued, the advisory from NAACP National would urge the Black community to avoid visiting or moving to the state of Florida.

Muokkaaja: huhtikuu 13, 6:19 pm

The AG of Missouri has released "emergency regulations" limiting trans healthcare (most limits are for everyone, though it says minors).

It requires the patient to:

  • Give written consent to a bunch of lies
  • Be out as trans to doctors for 3 years before starting treatment (actually, might need 3 years of a diagnosis, unclear)
  • Have 15 hours of therapy over 18 months
  • Not have any mental illness
  • Be screened for autism (I guess autistic people don't get to transition)
  • Be screened annually for "social media addiction" (this is part of their propaganda effort to say social media makes you trans)
  • Be screened for "social contagion", which is either the same as the social media one or an attempt to ban trans people from being friends with each other
  • Be tracked for adverse effects for 15 years

Here is a timeline showing how this ghastly outcome started with an anti-trans propaganda piece published in February:

That's where we're at. Two months between lies published in Der Sturmer and legal action to harm trans people. Note that this is a de facto complete ban, since trans people who can't access care are almost guaranteed to exhibit mental illness.

More info:
Collectively, these provisions aim to bring gender affirming care back to the way it was done in the 1970s, when transgender people had to go through things such as “real life experience” and years of assessments before they could access their care. These standards caused intense trauma for transgender people who would socially transition but could not access care for years.

She also points out the therapy provision is actually conversion torture — "exploring" why people are trans. See the excellent film But I'm A Cheerleader for a look at how this works.

huhtikuu 13, 10:51 pm

To some degree all these Republicans are political creatures who don't particularly really believe in anything but getting enough votes to win in their next election. They'll say what they have to say to their base to get themselves reelected and their biggest fear is that their base will find someone else if they don't. They're mirroring the desires of a more and more whacked out worldview. The further they go down their roads of no return, the more these politicos find that they won't be held accountable for anything....they find their hypocrisy and lies actually being rewarded. There are regions of this country where this kind of shit is what the electorate want or at least what they think they want and they're getting it......things that might make their lives actually better they're not getting but so many people are off on their fucked up tangents and these same shitbag politicos keep on lowering the taxes of the super wealthy and taking money from the NRA and spreading all kinds of windy bullshit about socialism, gender rights, on the climate, CRT etc. etc. It's dangerous no question. Quite a lot of American voters are about as dumbed down as it's possible to be. I have some in my own family and I find it almost impossible to reason with them on anything political at all.

Muokkaaja: huhtikuu 14, 6:30 pm

>12 lriley:
Yeah, some of them are full throated transphobes but most of them are only casually bigoted and happy to go along with whatever they can get away with I think. I'm sorry you have magats in your family, I do too.

Leaked Emails Reveal Just How Powerful the Anti-Trans Movement Has Become
A leaked cache of emails from 2019 and 2020 reveals how the anti-trans lobby in the U.S. was playing the long game when it came to targeting trans people—and is now able to push for anti-trans policies more publicly than before.

The emails, which are available online for journalists and others to read and were first reported on by Mother Jones, reveal conversations about anti-trans policies between South Dakota GOP Rep. Fred Deutsch, anti-trans lobbyists, and other state lawmakers. They include revelations about some of the ways that anti-trans lobbyists—and elected Republicans like Deutsch and Idaho Rep. Julianne Young—collaborate and strategize to write and endorse policies that directly target trans people on a national scale.

Now, what was said in private is said publicly—online, in the media, and on the floors of state houses—suggesting that in the last few years, the strategy that was being hashed out in those emails has come to fruition, and the movement that created it is emboldened.

At the time the emails were written, the anti-trans lobby was somewhat underground; anti-trans hate wasn’t new, but the people pushing for anti-trans policymaking, including members of the American College of Pediatricians, classified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group, didn’t have the mainstream momentum they have today. That’s perhaps one of the biggest takeaways from the emails, experts say.

huhtikuu 14, 6:48 pm
Former President Donald Trump said he would use the government to investigate and potentially curtail transgender health care if he’s reelected.

“Upon my inauguration, I will direct the FDA to convene an independent outside panel to investigate whether transgender hormone treatments and ideology increase the risk of extreme depression, aggression and even violence,” Trump said during a speech at the National Rifle Association’s conference in Indianapolis on Friday.

“I think most of us already know the answer,” Trump added.

Muokkaaja: huhtikuu 15, 1:40 am

>14 pnppl: “I think most of us already know the answer,” Trump added.

So that's going to be a really independent investigation, isn't it, if the person instigating it is already sure that he knows the answer in advance. And one wonders why he is speaking about transgender issues to the National Rifle Association - unless, of course, they are not really concerned about guns but are just part of the network of extreme right wing culture war ideology in general.

huhtikuu 15, 5:52 pm

>15 John5918:
Believe me folks, when I tell you this, it's gonna be tremendous. We're gonna have the best investigation, nobody's ever seen anything like it. It's gonna be so impartial, so independent, you won't even believe it.

huhtikuu 15, 6:05 pm

Latest legislative report from Erin:
Several legislatures passed gender-affirming care bans, bringing the total to 15 states with hormone therapy bans backed by veto-proof majorities including Missouri’s new AG policy banning many trans adults from care. Drag bans continue to advance but face obstacles from court challenges and amendments that weaken them. There is a rise in laws that define sex in ways excluding transgender people from rights, threatening restroom access and identity documents. Other bills moving include total bathroom bans and those targeting adult insurance coverage. On a positive note, 10 states now protect transgender individuals and abortion patients fleeing criminalization in other states.

There are over 472 bills moving through the United States that target transgender people, and many of these defy the previously mentioned categories. Some of the most harmful new pieces of legislation target transgender people’s bathroom rights in Florida, adult health insurance coverage in several sates, and expand on “Don’t Say Gay” bills that ban books, classroom discussion, and more.

latest healthcare ban map

huhtikuu 15, 6:48 pm

Budweiser Factory​ In Van Nuys Targeted With Bomb Threat
An Anheuser-Busch employee confirmed to Patch that several Budweiser facilities across the nation were targeted with bomb threats as the company faces massive backlash for an advertising partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

Muokkaaja: huhtikuu 16, 5:33 pm

Schools to be forced to out trans and non-binary children to parents under dangerous new Tory guidance
New guidance from the UK’s Conservative government will see teachers forced to ‘out’ trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming pupils to their parents, and ban trans children from using changing and shower facilities that align with gender identity.
According to a report in The Sunday Times on Sunday (16 April), the government will also ban trans girls from taking part in contact and competitive school sports on girls’ teams. However, sources briefed on the discussions say the rules on non-contact sports will be “more relaxed”.

The guidance, which is currently being drawn up by the Department for Education, will apply to all state and independent schools in England.
The Tories appear to be taking cues from the wave of right-wing anti-LGBTQ+ sentiment sweeping the US, where trans young people are repeatedly targeted by harmful and oppressive legislative proposals.

huhtikuu 17, 5:17 pm

Ron DeSantis’s Director Is Literally Cheering on LGBTQ Parents Fleeing Florida
Team Ron DeSantis continues to demonize everyday Americans, this time targeting his own state’s residents. On Saturday, Christina Pushaw, rapid response director for the Florida governor and potential 2024 presidential candidate, celebrated the idea of people fleeing Florida and the measures DeSantis has supported with the explicit goal of making their lives worse.

In response to a headline that a majority of Florida LGBTQ parents are considering leaving the state in response to the repressive “Don’t Say Gay” bill, the DeSantis right hand had one simple reaction: Bye!

huhtikuu 17, 7:07 pm

>15 John5918: So that's going to be a really independent investigation, isn't it, if the person instigating it is already sure that he knows the answer in advance.

There's no doubt many ways that Trump could mess with this whole topic. Just yelling about it, drumming up hysteria and partisan hostility toward trans people, is probably the most important. But asking the FDA to investigate is probably not a winning idea for him. The FDA, like other government agencies, is stocked with career civil servants. He already tried to mess with it in the last administration, and his efforts were mixed at best.

huhtikuu 18, 1:34 pm

>20 pnppl: I sometimes wonder if that's the actual point of all of this "woke" stuff - to consolidate right-wing power in a few states by making like intolerable for people who are unlikely to vote Republican, sort of a stealth secession.
I mean, it may or may not be intentional, but it seems to be working all the same.

Muokkaaja: huhtikuu 19, 6:14 pm

The Sunshine Reich has expanded their law censoring LGBT-related speech in school. Someone on Twitter pointed out that after Russia's "gay propaganda" law, it only took four more years before they started putting gay people in concentration camps.
Florida's state education board voted Wednesday to ban teaching students about sexual orientation and gender identity through high school, expanding the scope of a contentious state law that last year thrust Gov. Ron DeSantis to the forefront of the cultural clash over classrooms.
"Gender ideology has no place in our K through 12 school system," DeSantis said from South Carolina on Wednesday. "It's wrong for a teacher to tell a student that they may have been born in the wrong body or that their gender is a choice and so we don't let that happen in Florida."

They also passed a drag crackdown and advanced SB254 and HB1412. These are some of the worst pieces of anti-trans legislation I've heard of. They would allow the state to take custody of trans children, ban trans healthcare for minors, make it extremely difficult for trans adults to get healthcare by banning all state funding and insurance coverage, ban gender marker changes, and various other evil shit. Couldn't find any decent coverage but the bill language is straightforward.

Oh, and they also advanced a bathroom ban.

Montana has also advanced a healthcare ban for minors. They are threatening their only trans state rep with censure for her response to it (and misgendering her in the process, of course).
Montana Republicans have demanded transgender house representative Zooey Zephyr be reprimanded by the state house for “inappropriate and uncalled-for language”.
She said: “If you disallow the use of the medical care that is accepted by every major medical association… the only therapy left is either meaningless, or conversion therapy, which is torture.”
In its letter, the Montana Freedom Caucus Republican coalition wrote that it believed the legislature must condemn the speech to uphold “a commitment to civil discourse”.

It went on to claim: “This bill already passed the Montana house and senate, and the debate was over amendments requested by the governor. This kind of hateful rhetoric from an elected official is exactly why tragedies such as the Covenant School shooting, in Nashville, occurred.”
Prior to the final vote on the bill, Zephyr said: “I will say that those who vote in this amendment, next time this legislative body bows their head to pray, I hope you see the blood on your hands.”

Almost forgot to mention — the AG of Missouri, who recently banned essentially all trans healthcare, set up a snitch website.
Complete this form to submit a complaint or concern about gender transition intervention you have experienced or observed in Missouri. The Attorney General is not a private attorney, but enforces the laws of the State of Missouri as written.

huhtikuu 19, 7:53 pm

Florida writeup:
On Thursday, the Florida Board of Medicine’s ban on transgender youth health care for new patients will go into effect after a monthslong rulemaking process that largely excluded the voices of trans Floridians and relied on science outside the mainstream.
A bill sponsored by Reps. Randy Fine and Ralph Massullo would go further than the Board of Medicine ban, prohibiting gender-affirming care for both new and current patients. It also bans insurance coverage of the treatment for trans adults.
A similar bill in the Senate, sponsored by Sen. Clay Yarborough, would largely stick with the Board of Medicine ban, allowing current patients to continue treatment under rules established by the Board.

The bills, House Bill 1421 and Senate Bill 254, also add steps for adults to receive such care. Both bills require a physician to administer medical care in person, effectively banning appointments via telehealth or with other health care providers, such as nurse practitioners or physician's assistants.
That portion of the bill would shut down the LGBTQ clinic SPEKTRUM Health in Orlando, where nurse practitioners provide all of the gender-affirming care, CEO Joey Knoll said.

“We serve about 5,000 patients who will lose access to care in a snap of a finger,” Knoll said. “It's causing massive panic and chaos in the transgender community.”

Finally, the bills propose a ban on state and local government spending on gender-affirming care, which could restrict insurance coverage for trans public employees and further restrict access to care for children, said Alejandra Caraballo, a lawyer and trans rights advocate who helps run a national LGBTQ legislation tracker.
Another pair of bills would require an employer who covers transition-related medical care to also cover health care associated with reversing their transition should they regret it later — whether they’re still with the company or not. Bill sponsors Rep. Taylor Yarkosky and Sen. Blaise Ingoglia titled it the “Reverse Woke Act.”

Regret associated with transitioning is rare, studies show, but transgender advocates worry the requirement would lead employers to scrap coverage altogether.

Another set of bills, filed by Rep. Dr. Joel Rudman and Sen. Jay Trumbull, would allow medical providers to refuse to participate in services if they have “an objection based on a sincerely held religious, moral or ethical belief.”

Along with the health care restrictions in Yarborough’s Senate bill is a provision that would make transition-related care a child custody issue.

Senate Bill 254 grants a pathway for a parent who doesn’t support medical care for their child’s transition to challenge a custody agreement with a parent who does. The related House bill, filed by Fine and Massullo, does not include such a provision.
Critics of Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law, which restricts classroom instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity in grades K-3, worried that lawmakers would seek to expand it to more grade levels. A pair of bills filed by Yarborough and Rep. Adam Anderson aims to do just that.

House Bill 1223 and Senate Bill 1320 would apply the restrictions from prekindergarten through eighth grade. The House bill would also apply the rules to charter schools.

The bills would bar teachers and school contractors from referring to someone by a pronoun that doesn’t correspond to their sex assigned at birth. They also provide protections to students who don’t want to refer to a fellow student by their desired pronouns.
The legislation passed along party lines.

Those proposals and a third bill would define “sex” as either male or female depending on reproductive characteristics. House Bill 1069, filed by Rep. Stan McClain, would require schools to teach that definition and that “these reproductive roles are binary, stable, and unchangeable.” That language could restrict students from learning about transgender and non-binary identities.

House Bill 999, filed by Rep. Alex Andrade, would do the same thing at the college level by eliminating gender studies as a major or minor.

That bill passed through a House subcommittee Monday.
Under Senate Bill 1438, filed by Yarborough, and an identical House Bill 1423, filed by Fine, children would be barred from attending drag shows.

Fine’s trans health care bill, House Bill 1421, also seeks to prevent trans people from changing the sex on their birth certificate.

House Bill 1521 and its identical companion, Senate Bill 1674, takes the school bathroom debate to restaurants, health care facilities and other public places. The bills would prohibit trans people from using the bathroom that corresponds with their gender and require certain businesses and public places to have male, female and unisex restrooms.

I'm always frustrated that nobody points out that misgendering and misnaming of trans people is straight up sexual harassment. I'm pretty sure people would recognize it as such if it was done to a cis kid. States that pass these laws are ensuring that schools are hostile environments for trans kids, where the sexual harassment they face is abetted and enforced by the state.

Muokkaaja: huhtikuu 20, 7:08 pm

Trans Adults Officially Being Detransitioned In Missouri: "I'm Scared And Don't Know What To Do"
The Missouri ban outlines numerous stipulations for clinics offering care, effectively making it illegal or too legally precarious to provide such services. One particularly troublesome requirement mandates that transgender individuals must have depression and anxiety resolved prior to receiving gender-affirming care. Coupled with another condition stating that dysphoria must be "intense," clinics that successfully address depression and anxiety to comply with the first stipulation may then be informed that their patients' dysphoria was not "intense" enough. This creates a clear Catch-22, particularly since gender-affirming care often alleviates depression and anxiety on its own.
For transgender adults already receiving care, a questionable "grandfather" clause purportedly allows them to continue treatment. However, in practice, this is not the case. Clinics must still retroactively adhere to all other regulations, even for transgender adults who have been grandfathered into their care. Compliance with some of these regulations is unattainable, such as evaluating "transgender social contagion," an unproven pseudoscientific concept that clinics have no means to assess.

Additionally, the mandate requires clinics to maintain 15-year follow-up records, distribute misleading informational pamphlets, ensure that patients are evaluated by a psychologist for unspecified developmental psychology concerns, and maintain extensive paperwork detailing compliance with these regulations. Ultimately, the directive imposes sudden and strict infrastructure requirements, similar to Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers (TRAP) laws used to close abortion clinics. As a result, transgender individuals' access to medication is effectively restricted or eliminated at all levels.
Harvard Clinical Instructor Alejandra Caraballo stated of the regulations, “This policy effectively bans all gender affirming care by creating a kafkaesque set of regulations no one can meet.”

There's a really heartbreaking video in the article of a trans 18-year-old affected by this law, forced to give up a dream of attending art school if they were to leave Missouri.

huhtikuu 20, 9:20 pm

Montana GOP has silenced MT's only trans rep in retaliation for her speaking out against their genocidal legislation.
Rep. Zooey Zephyr, the first openly transgender woman in the Montana Legislature, will likely not be allowed to speak about bills on the House floor for the remainder of the 2023 session after Republicans took issue with comments she made this week about a bill restricting gender-affirming health care for trans minors.

Zephyr, a freshman Missoula Democrat and vocal opponent of GOP legislation concerning trans Montanans, attempted to participate in a debate on the House floor Thursday about Senate Bill 458, sweeping legislation that would insert a binary definition of sex into state law, but was not recognized to speak by House Speaker Matt Regier, R-Kalispell. When House Minority Leader Kim Abbott, D-Helena, asked the speaker why Zephyr wasn’t recognized, Regier pointed to legislative rules giving him the prerogative to allow — or disallow — lawmakers to speak on the floor.

The bill she was not allowed to speak on defines trans and intersex people out of the law.
Zephyr has previously pointed out that these attempts to legislate a binary are like trying to legislate the earth into being flat.

Muokkaaja: huhtikuu 22, 9:49 am

Meanwhile in England :)

0:48 ( )

Barry Humphries: Dame Edna Everage comedian dies at 89
22 April 2023

huhtikuu 22, 10:23 am

Erin Reed @ErinInTheMorn | 12:03 PM · Apr 21, 2023:
This is where we are heading.

Ben Shapiro is now advocating for local communities to pass laws stopping "men from wearing women's clothes in public," although he says "pants on women might be ok."

This regressive anti-trans ideology harms us all.

Just so y'all know, I report on anti-trans legislation moving throughout the United States. I may cover Shapiro this weekend, though there's a lot going on. He's not the only one pushing this...

0:53 ( )
From Jason Campbell

In comments, everything from men's kilts to Franciscan robes.
Obi Wan-Kenobe?

In 1960s high school girls in Manitoba were forbidden to wear pants in school. Winter temps were typically -20F and occasionally -50F: frostbitten was not unknown. I remember that frozen blood is a coral colour... If one sensibly wore pants under one's skirt, had to remove them--we're talking half the school crammed into girls' bathroom before bell rang. Heck, far more recently, Hillary Clinton broke tradition in Senate with her pantsuits. Just a couple years ago, Trump required women to wear skirts in WH...

Amazing the problems that crop up when one attempts to turn back the clock with simplistic social engineering...

huhtikuu 22, 8:20 pm

>28 margd:
>Ben Shapiro is now advocating for local communities to pass laws stopping "men from wearing women's clothes in public," although he says "pants on women might be ok."

These laws were once common in the United States. In this era forcing people to strip and spend the night in jail naked was common. As far as I'm aware, the laws as written were vague enough that it was up to police how and when to enforce them, so it doesn't really make a difference that a man cosplaying as a Jedi would technically break the law — the police will only target the minorities they have it out for.

huhtikuu 22, 8:49 pm

Two cisgender staff members fired from Christian college for having pronouns in email signature

They've put up a video about their experience here:

huhtikuu 23, 1:02 am

Missouri trans ‘snitch form’ down after people spammed it with the ‘Bee Movie’ script
A Missouri government tip site for submitting complaints and concerns about gender-affirming care is down after people flooded it with fanfiction, rambling anecdotes and the “Bee Movie” script.

The Missouri Attorney General’s office launched an online form for “Transgender Center Concerns” in late March, inviting those who’ve witnessed “troubling practices” at clinics that provide gender-affirming care to submit tips. The site didn’t ask users to name patients or healthcare providers, but encouraged users to complete the form “in as much detail as possible.”

But after days of TikTok and Twitter users spamming the site with gibberish, the tip line has been removed from the Missouri government site entirely. Instead of the online form, the link to the tip line now says that the page no longer exists.

Muokkaaja: huhtikuu 23, 11:51 pm

Health care access for trans youth is crumbling — and not just in red states
Boston Children’s Hospital has received several bomb threats.

The gender clinic at Seattle Children’s Hospital has installed panic buttons and hired a full-time security guard.

Doctors who treat transgender children are receiving death threats, debating whether to buy guns, scouring the internet to see if they’ve been doxxed and trying to get their addresses removed from property records.

The impact of gender-affirming care bans — inflamed by the rhetoric on the right about “child grooming” — is rippling beyond Republican-controlled states, making it harder everywhere for transgender youth to receive care and physicians to provide it ...

Even in states without bans, providers said death threats, harassment, fears of litigation and, in some cases, a lack of support from institutions have created a chilling effect that undermines their ability to provide care.
Physicians in states where gender-affirming care remains legal said they now spend significant chunks of patient visits either batting down misinformation from parents or talking through kids’ mental health concerns related to the new laws. The bans outlawing therapies in nearly a third of the country threaten to overwhelm clinics in blue states, like Minnesota, that already have waiting lists of anywhere from several months to more than a year and have left red-state providers grappling with how to care for their young transgender patients under the bans.

Highlights one of the cruel ironies of this crusade — they allege trans healthcare is too accessible, when in fact it's much too hard to access and only getting harder.

huhtikuu 24, 1:20 pm

Texas Department of Agriculture adopts transphobic (and illegal) dress code
Transgender and gender nonconforming employees of the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) received an unwelcome surprise last Monday: a new dress code that continues Governor Greg Abbott’s campaign of anti-LGBTQ+ oppression. The Observer obtained a copy of the policy on Friday.

The opening sentences of the memorandum, titled “Texas Department of Agriculture Dress Code and Grooming Policy,” include the following language: “Employees are expected to comply with this dress code in a manner consistent with their biological gender.” Running afoul of the new rule could carry serious consequences. The memo also reads, “Violation of this agency policy includes remedies up to and including termination.” While provided without context, it is clear that the new policy is intended to single out queer and trans employees for censure.

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Montana transgender lawmaker silenced again, backers protest
Montana Republicans persisted in forbidding Democratic transgender lawmaker Zooey Zephyr from participating in debate for a second week and her supporters brought the House session to a halt Monday — chanting “Let her speak!” from the gallery before they were escorted out.

Zephyr defiantly hoisted her microphone into the air as her supporters interrupted proceedings for nearly half an hour in protest of Republicans denying her requests to speak on a proposal that would restrict when children can change the names and pronouns they use in school and require parental consent.

The interruption — hours after supporters rallied on the Capitol steps — was the latest development in a standoff over Zephyr’s remarks against lawmakers who support a ban on gender-affirming care for minors. Zephyr, a first-term Democrat from Missoula, hasn’t spoken on the Statehouse floor since last Tuesday when she told Republican colleagues they would have “blood on their hands” if they banned gender-affirming medical care for transgender youth.

Republican lies have become surreal in their audacity:
“Today’s riot by far-left agitators damages our discourse and endangered legislators and staff. Their actions did not represent Montana values,” House Speaker Matt Regier, Speaker pro tempore Rhonda Knudsen and Majority Leader Sue Vinton said in the statement.

Protesters chant while Zooey holds up her silenced mic

Zooey is so cool. Here she is being interviewed right after she left the floor with the arrested protesters:
What you heard today is people standing for democracy. People standing to let their voices be heard in that floor. And what you're watching here, is you're watching people who do not want to see democracy in action. They want to strip us of our rights, and it's not enough for them to get the harmful bills through. When someone stands up and calls out their bills for the harm they cause, for the deaths they cause, they want silence. And we will not be complicit in our eradication.

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>34 pnppl:

And this is the same party which complains about so-called "cancel culture" whenever a right winger has difficulty finding a platform.

huhtikuu 25, 12:51 am

>35 John5918:
Yeah. The party of willful projection.

huhtikuu 25, 1:14 pm

It's a wonder how all these conservatives feel in some way harmed by transgender people. The best that one of our commenters here could come up with was being angry about pronouns as if that's good enough reason to throw all these people under the bus. Can they really explain why? I don't think they can. Pretty much in Montana as in other states the legislature is moving to institutionalize the targeting and bullying of a minority. Whoever is good with that is pretty fucked up.

It's also a wonder how hurt some right wingers are when you call out their fascism when plenty of people on their side of the fence are as happy as all get out being called fascists or Nazi's----sport emblems, flags, tattoos etc. etc. It makes you wonder do they ever look at who's with them?

huhtikuu 25, 2:31 pm

>37 lriley:
>It's a wonder how all these conservatives feel in some way harmed by transgender people.

I think a lot of them genuinely see social acceptance of trans people as heralding the end of the world as they know it. They're heavily invested in a worldview where your life is dictated by the circumstances of your birth. They're still reeling from having to see gay people, who dare to deviate from the prescribed sexual role. Now they're being asked to respect people they previously regarded as little more than myths or subhuman monsters when they thought of them at all, and they feel the whole world is crumbling around them. I see a lot of posts that are like "if society can believe that a man is a woman, they'll believe anything! 2+2=5! Next they'll have litter boxes in school and marry their dog!" It's also clear that they are deathly afraid of their kids transitioning, which in their mind is literally the worst thing that could happen to them.

huhtikuu 25, 3:49 pm

I don't think that the rank-and-file conservative voter cares one way or another about transgender people, any more than they ever cared that much about whether a person fancied people of the approved gender. Likewise, all of the polling tells us that conservative voters support abortion rights, and there's nothing to suggest that ordinary conservative voters bear any animosity towards people coming to this country to work.

All of these "culture war issues" are driven by a need for an other to demonize, in order to distract from their obvious lack of any positive agenda. If conservatives had something useful to say, they would say it. If they had policies that they were proud of, they would present them. Instead, they use groundless attacks on convenient "others" to distract their base. Sadly, this works far too well, far too often.

Muokkaaja: huhtikuu 25, 6:39 pm

>39 kiparsky: The comment might be flinging out my personal take but there are still lots of conservatives that believe all kinds of shit like Biden stole the election.....quite a number of them even attacked the Capitol Building on Jan. 6, 2021---which is 1) spending a lot of $'s to get to DC in the middle of winter (not what I'd consider a good idea for a vacation at that time of year) and 2) sitting outside listening to speeches half the day in the cold and 3) then marching more than a mile to storm a building, quite a number of these back the blue people fighting with police for hours and then a lot of them got their asses arrested. Those people seemed to run the gamut of conservatism from older to younger.....from just standard conservative to far right to open racist. And Fox News is by far still the most watched television 'news' out there......not that the others are a lot to write home about but Fox is also easily the worst as far as spreading bullshit and lies and a large (if not the larger) part of their audience aren't watching anything else and locked into the views disseminated by that channel.

I read Prox's posts (well not lately) and you can see how far down the rabbit hole he's gone. He's hardly by himself. There are plenty of people living around me including family who believe much the same. My mother-in-law who is around 90 living in northern Pa. is maybe the only one on her road of I don't know a couple hundred people who votes democratic ever. She's pretty much shunned now whenever she goes to some community function in her area by the other older people not that she can't handle it. Her expectations were already kind of low.

huhtikuu 25, 9:16 pm

>40 lriley: I think "there are" is true, but I think that most people who habitually vote Republican are not particularly committed to the whack-job nutbaggery of the Tucker Carlsons of the world, just as most people who habitually vote Democratic are not particularly committed to all of the finer points of Democratic Socialism. Most people are relatively moderate, and just want to get on with their day.

Muokkaaja: huhtikuu 25, 9:43 pm

>41 kiparsky:
This is definitely true, but I think the far right is constantly expanding the size of the nutbag population by recruiting average conservatives (and others).

huhtikuu 26, 9:34 am

Brynn Tannehill responds to Jake Shields, a UFC guy, advocating the public execution of trans allies
These proposed executions would presumably include any parents who support their trans kids. Note that it's mostly blue checks in the comments supporting this.

I need people to understand: the calls for government sponsored mass murder are coming from inside the house.

This is NOT normal. This is not good. This is not unserious: this is the GOP base riled into a frenzy and they are going to look to Republicans to step up to meet their demands for death to transgender "gr**mers" and those they see as enablers.

This is the sort of language you see right before really, really bad things happen. Like the Khmer Rouge killing all the "bourgeoise", Rwanda, or Kristallnacht. GOP legislatures aren't there yet, but only because they still worry SCOTUS might overturn them for "animus".

But this is absolutely a mob inciting each other toward violence, like what happened to Dr. George Tiller. Except, this is even more blatant, more out in the open. And Republican Governors like Abbott are dropping big hints there's a pardon waiting for any would be assassins.

Stop for a moment. Let's say some deranged person hunts down and sh**ts some therapist, teacher, or doctor that's been singled out by Walsh or Libs of TikTok. The entire right wing ecosystem will rise up to angrily and loudly demand, 24/7, that they be pardoned preemptively.

Most of these states have already banned health care for trans youth, true. But they could just as easily target the parent, a drag artist, or the gender variant kid themselves for "spreading the contagion" to prove "we don't tolerate that here in Texas."

My over-arching point is that there is a huge, pent-up demand by the GOP base for lethal violence against trans people and there allies right now. If politicians aren't quick enough in providing it for them, they seem poised to provide it themselves.

If it happens in a GOP controlled state, there's going to be immense, almost irresistable, pressure for a pardon. Once that happens, the floodgates will open, and God help any trans people, drag artists, parents of trans kids, or trans allies still in those states.

All that's holding these folks back now is the fear of spending the rest of their lives in an 8x8 cell. If that goes away... It also seems nearly inevitable that someone, soon, is going to test this theory. Far too many insanely angry, violent people with guns.

They're getting angrier, more deranged, with more guns at an alarming rate. It's the monkeys with typewriters problem: eventually something very bad WILL inevitably happen, it's mostly a matter of when, where, and who.

Where it goes from there will largely depend on the reactions commentators like Walsh, and of the local governor to see if it remains a one-off or sets off a wave of terror

We're on a precipice and no one outside the trans community and a few SMEs on genocide seem to get it

In other news, the Montana house is voting today on censure or expulsion of Rep. Zephyr.

Muokkaaja: huhtikuu 28, 1:00 pm

Quick news roundup:

The Montana house voted along party lines to ban Rep. Zephyr from the floor for the rest of the session. They are trying to silence her any way they can, and ludicrously described her as inciting a riot since she stood in solidarity with the peaceful protesters in the gallery. As far as I'm aware, this is unprecedented. They have also closed the gallery for the rest of the session, so the only way the public can watch the House is via a very flaky livestream; no idea if this is legal. Zooey is posted up in the hallway:

They actually let her speak to defend herself before the vote, and it's worth watching. I'm an anarchist and I still find myself swelling with civic pride when I hear her talk.

Also from the Montana House, a video from March has surfaced of Rep. Kerri Seekins-Crowe admitting in a rare moment of honesty that she would not let her child access transition care to save their life from suicide.

Missouri's healthcare ban was set to go into effect today, but it was challenged in court and stayed until May 1 pending further argumentation. Hopefully a restraining order will be granted before then. The additional few days will be useful to Missourians who are scrambling to stock up on hormones or begin treatment with hopes of being grandfathered in.

The DoJ is finally suing Tennessee over their healthcare ban. It's a disgrace that they haven't aggressively pursued the myriad states passing blatantly unconstitutional anti-trans legislation.

Megan Hunt, one of the Democratic legislators in Nebraska filibustering to stop a trans healthcare ban, is facing an ethics complaint on the basis that having a trans child creates a conflict of interest.

Weeks later, the right is still screaming their heads off about a paid promotion Bud Light did with a trans woman, and the company has put two executives on leave over it. This is so fucking stupid I can't even process it. I will be boycotting their terrible beer with the fascists since they caved to a hate mob. The whole thing is a stark illustration that transphobia isn't a legitimate concern but a total hostility to trans people being allowed to be part of public life at all.

I almost forgot — The American College of Pediatricians, a hate group that masquerades as the American Academy of Pediatrics, got owned by hacktivists. Their website was mostly wiped out, and an ancillary site advocating conversion therapy for LGBT youth was replaced with a message containing a link to a torrent of two videos of board meetings and 13GB of emails.

That's all for now, folks. Remember, as the hacktivists put it: make sure to be gay on the computer or alan turing died for nothing!

huhtikuu 27, 2:10 pm

>44 pnppl: Anarchists can have civic pride, nothing wrong with that. Also, nothing wrong with taking some joy in seeing someone stand up for themselves and others.

As for the Republicans banning a member and closing their sessions, I think they're probably not doing themselves any favors here. This is pretty good material for activists to work with - "what are the Republicans afraid of? why won't they let the people in the room? if the government is supposed to be for 'we the people', why won't they let the people in the room?".
Montana has a lot of cranky people who have a certain suspicion of government, and the government has just given those people a lot of reasons to be cranky. I hope Zephyr's community is able to take advantage of this effectively.

huhtikuu 27, 2:23 pm

Conservatives have become past masters at conflating any kind of protest they don't like into calling it a riot. And then.......January 6, 2021 is just a bit of tourism.

Muokkaaja: huhtikuu 27, 2:55 pm

>45 kiparsky:
>As for the Republicans banning a member and closing their sessions, I think they're probably not doing themselves any favors here. This is pretty good material for activists to work with

Yeah, I think you're right, but I think she would have been better off being expelled. Her best bet is media attention and she'll have to be creative to keep getting it without the benefit of floor debates or expulsion.

>46 lriley:

Right? They really live on another planet. I was in DC during the coup, glued to live coverage and wondering if they were going to be executing people on live TV. Republican attempts to compare peaceful protests to that is just so out of touch with reality, it has to be alienating everyone who hasn't drank the koolaid. I wonder what the rank and file Republicans make of it. They were in denial about Jan. 6 last time I looked at polling.

Muokkaaja: huhtikuu 27, 3:27 pm

Viestin kirjoittaja on poistanut viestin.

toukokuu 14, 12:12 am

The transgender Indonesian Muslims trying to secure their future (BBC)

The future of Indonesia's only Islamic community centre for transgender women is in jeopardy after its leader, Shinta Ratri, died in February - and the government says it cannot support it. There are 63 trans women who regularly attend the Al-Fatah community centre, which provides a space for them to pray, learn the Quran, learn skills or simply socialise without being judged for who they are... "It's a safe place where we can pray"... "Many Islamic centres do not accept transgender people"...

Muokkaaja: toukokuu 22, 1:01 pm

The Australian drag performers and ‘rainbow angels’ fighting back against far-right vitriol (Guardian)

As queer artists increasingly become political targets, volunteers wielding large wings are swooping in to their defence...

toukokuu 22, 2:29 pm

Jason Graber, a “Christian” pastor:

Christian pastor Jason Graber just called for the execution of all LGBTQ people as well as the parents of transgender people: “They just need to be shot in the back of the head and then we can string them up above a bridge.”

I’m about to vomit.

Muokkaaja: toukokuu 22, 5:12 pm

Hi everyone, I've been taking a little mental health break from the internet. Here's a news roundup for the last few weeks.

>49 John5918:
>The transgender Indonesian Muslims trying to secure their future (BBC)

Thanks for sharing this. Any idea if they're collecting donations somewhere? This story reminds me of Talented Youth Community Fellowship in Uganda, a small church that doubles as a home for queer/trans youth, who got evicted from their location for being gay.

>51 2wonderY:
>Christian pastor Jason Graber just called for the execution of all LGBTQ people as well as the parents of transgender people

I'm seeing this rhetoric more and it's pretty alarming. My parents are outspoken supporters of trans rights. I used to think they would be safe, and I only needed to worry about myself, but I've become increasingly worried for their safety, particularly with the prominence of the groomer libel and targeting of allies as vectors of the trans disease.

Erin has added an entirely new category to her Anti-Trans Legislative Risk Map for May '23 to accommodate Florida. Among other things, Florida has managed to ban most adult trans healthcare and passed a bill that makes it illegal for a trans person to be in a public bathroom if a cis person asks them to leave.

Bathroom bans are back with a vengeance after seeming to disappear shortly after they debuted circa 2016. I actually have personal experience here; my girlfriend left NC due to their historic bathroom ban. Among the states to adopt them:
Kansas: Before ban goes into effect, lawyer urges trans Kansans to change gender markers
North Dakota: North Dakota limits bathroom, locker room use for transgender people

Sweeping civil rights rollbacks via redefinition of "sex" in law are spreading.
Kansas will legally define gender as sex at birth. What that means for transgender rights
Tennessee Enacts Law Rolling Back Trans Rights, ID Changes, And Regressively Defines Sex

Montana's governor signed the healthcare ban Zooey Zephyr was expelled for fighting, over the objections of his own nonbinary child.

Armed neo-nazis harassed a drag brunch in Columbus, Ohio. This group was among several far-right groups who previously harassed a family-friendly drag event in a public park in the small town of Wadsworth, Ohio. Their chants included "Weimar problems! Weimar solutions!" The organization targeted in Ohio made hay of the attention and raised $65,000 for a Columbus youth center. This all a few months after Proud Boys got a huge family-friendly Christmas drag event in Columbus canceled.

Also in Ohio, a trans woman who was the subject of a political prosecution for using the YMCA was found not guilty.

Missouri gave up on their AG's "emergency rule" banning trans healthcare but the victory is short-lived as they work to ban it through the legislature.

Zooey Zephyr and the ACLU unsuccessfully challenged her ban in court.

One of the biggest legal developments at the moment is in Nebraska, where a ban on healthcare for trans minors was rammed through by adding a ban on abortion following a long and passionate filibuster effort by state senators Machaela Cavanaugh and Megan Hunt. I have been deeply moved by their allyship, including this moment shortly before final passage where Sen. Cavanaugh chants along with protesters. Many commentators have pointed out how this bill illustrates that women's and trans rights are the same fight.

Musician Hayley Kiyoko was threatened by and defied an undercover Tennessee cop who told her not to let drag queens perform. Another musician, Lizzo, is also using her platform to speak out and performing with drag queens in Tennessee.

Dylan Mulvaney broke her silence and posted a new video on TikTok discussing the personal impact of the attacks against her.
I've been having crazy deja vu because I'm an adult, I'm 26, and throughout childhood I was called "too feminine" and "over-the-top", and here I am now being called all those same things, but this time it's from other adults.

NYT published an article about the cis people fired by a Christian university for having pronouns in their email signatures. They also published a rare good story about detransitioners. ran a study on anti-trans bias by the NYT and Washington Post.

Biologist and foundational trans feminist Julia Serano published an extensive post on the history of trans healthcare for minors, debunking the lies about it being new and experimental.

The far-right law firm Alliance Defending Freedom offered a Florida anti-trans hate group $15,000 to “refute” the WPATH Standards of Care “for use in litigation”.

"I attended a secretive anti-trans dinner in San Francisco. And then I puked." A trans journalist undercover.

Gillian Brandstetter has an excellent article reflecting on trans visibility in the wake of Jerry Springer's death: What Are Trans Women For? The purpose of trans humiliation
Among the many contradictions posed by the liberal story of transgender visibility is the myth that we were ever invisible. Transgender people, for better and for worse, have been a feature of the mass media landscape for as long as there has been mass media. Trans women especially have long been trotted out as villains, deviants, honeypots, mutants, harpies, scolds, charlatans, and bitches in works of fiction and nonfiction alike, and few stewards of these stereotypes were as eager to indulge in them as Jerry Springer.
Unlike the last decade of trans visibility, the depictions within these narrow and exploitative tropes didn’t challenge what society thought about trans people—they merely reflected back at them the transphobia and misogyny they already believed. It’s why public narratives about us before the 2010s didn’t inspire the level of organized political backlash we’re now experiencing—trans women had a role in public life and were restrained to it. It was only once the culture began to show us outside of that role that we became the main character in the nightmares of revanchists, demagogues, and politicians currently trying to banish our health care.

Something she said really sat with me as I try to figure out how to best advocate for my community:
Nearly a year ago, I wrote that Mulvaney’s popularity held promise as an example of the power of transgender joy in dispelling the myths that suggest we lead, as sociologist Laurel Westbrook puts, “unlivable lives.” When the only thing cis people hear about trans people is our misery and suffering, it reinforces the notion that the current gendered order is inevitable and any lives pursued outside of it doomed to fail.

And on that note, I'd like to highlight a couple trans elders who have been bringing me calm, inspiration, and a great deal of entertainment. @mardipantz on TikTok is a 61-year-old who transitioned in the 70s. Yes, we can live long enough to have grey hair! She has many harrowing and hilarious stories about life as a survival sex worker as a teenager in Vancouver. @transeldersophia on TikTok transitioned around the same time and has a great deal of wisdom to share.

Another little fun thing: stickers! (from )

toukokuu 23, 10:49 am

apparently the Bud lite boycotts have torn a real layer of skin off of Budweiser's profit margins. Right wingers like to quaff Bud Lite. Go figure. Pretty much the worse beer on the planet was their go to. It's the kind of shit if there's nothing else I turn it down anyway. Coors is another that's awful and is another target of theirs. Maybe they're going dry this summer.

toukokuu 23, 12:39 pm

>53 lriley:
Quitting my daily habit of 17 Natty Lites to own the libs

Muokkaaja: toukokuu 25, 2:22 am

Target removing some Pride merchandise after anti-LGBTQ threats against staff
The company told the Wall Street Journal that people have confronted workers in stores, knocked down Pride merchandise displays and put threatening posts on social media with video from inside stores.

Well I'm off to knock over some merch displays since apparently that's all the terrorists had to do to get them to do what they wanted.

Edit: apparently a great deal of ire was directed at Target over a designer they hired:
Trans designer targeted by right-wing mob over ‘satanic’ Target-Pride collection says he’s getting death threats

The merch that pissed them off is sold on his Etsy, and oh my gosh it is AWESOME stuff. I ended up spending like $70. Turns out I am getting some pride merch this year after all! Thanks to the fascists who advertised the shop, since I wouldn't have known about it otherwise!

Muokkaaja: toukokuu 26, 4:04 am

Infographic on Florida's care ban, by Zinnia Jones. From

toukokuu 26, 8:53 pm

Zinnia and Health Liberation Now have released an in-depth report on Women's Declaration International and their attempt to use the United Nations to stoke trans genocide.
Rights For Me, Not For Thee: How Anti-Trans Feminists Took Their Advocacy to the United Nations
On May 22nd 2023, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women released a Special Procedures statement calling for police protection of anti-trans feminists and other activists targeting trans people. This statement spread like wildfire within an international network: Women's Declaration International (WDI), a global campaign led by white academics of the Global North to undermine trans people's rights to live freely in society.

Meanwhile, in the United States, United Kingdom, Latin America and Eastern Europe, trans and gender diverse people face widespread suppression by the media and state. We are being barred from restrooms, our access to gender affirming care is being gutted, Pride events are being banned or are targeted by anti-LGBTQ+ supremacists, and if we dare protest we face violence from police.

The fight for trans rights is the first beachhead in the global fight for human rights. Trans and gender diverse people are under attack by highly coordinated, international networks. We are in every community dating back to the dawn of humanity. The attacks on us are already bleeding over into attacks on other vulnerable groups because our rights as human beings are inherently linked. The opposition aims to enforce an outdated and abusive hierarchy and if we don't stop them now it will spread fast. A threat to trans people is a threat to us all.

Muokkaaja: toukokuu 30, 5:25 pm

What started with Bud Lite. Anyway now some right wingers want to punish Chick-fil-a (sp?). Those people apparently have hired a diversity person. WTF!. Anathema or apostasy or fucking heresy or something of that nature. Personally I was already boycotting them because of all their christian nonsense but that wasn't hard to do because they're not around the neighborhood anyway. Maybe you can tell an area's made it by the fast food restaurants they have? I don't know. We don't have one of those though. It's also kind of a southern thing anyway but I digress........I mean it's a whatever for me. You don't miss what you don't give a fuck about. Stop slaughtering chickens. But I'm pretty sure there are plenty of conservatives suffering without their Bud Lite and now without their fried chicken too. What the hell! They think they're making a point and they kind of are. The point I'm getting is they're proving once again they're a bunch of assclowns.

Muokkaaja: toukokuu 31, 8:08 am

31 May 2023 is last day for almost-free Budweiser beer:

(Now free Disney entry--THAT would be something!)

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 6, 9:03 pm

Florida care ban blocked in court

Trump appointee blocks Tennessee drag ban

Louisiana passes care ban

Montana anti-drag law got its first use. "it is too much of a legal risk to have a transgendered person in the library"

Nikki Haley says fake conflict between trans and women's rights is "the women's issue of our time", slanders trans girls as causing cis girls to kill themselves; cisiety doesn't bat an eye

Oxfam bends over backwards for transphobes while pretending to allyship

Elon Musk officially joins trans genocide effort against own daughter

UK, US at bottom of list in trans rights poll
It appears that the majority of Americans somehow simultaneously believe that: medical transition should be illegal for those under 18 and always exclusively out of pocket, social transition should be illegal... and trans people should be legally protected from discrimination. Lol. I hate this country

kesäkuu 7, 12:04 am

LGBTQ+ Americans living in state of emergency, human rights group warns (Guardian)

Human Rights Campaign says emergency stems from ‘unprecedented and dangerous spike in anti-LGBTQ+ legislative assaults’...

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 7, 10:27 pm

Protesters brawl over LGBTQ curriculum outside Calif. school board meeting (WaPo)
A brawl broke out Tuesday as hundreds of protesters supporting and opposing LGBTQ rights gathered outside a Southern California school district headquarters where board members were deciding whether to recognize June as Pride Month.

Historians are learning more about how the Nazis targeted trans people
In the fall of 2022, a German court heard an unusual case.

It was a civil lawsuit that grew out of a feud on Twitter about whether transgender people were victims of the Holocaust. Though there is no longer much debate about whether gay men and lesbians were persecuted, there’s been very little scholarship on trans people during this period.

The court took expert statements from historians, including myself, before finding that the historical evidence shows that trans people were, indeed, persecuted by the Nazi regime.

Missouri governor signs bill banning gender-affirming care for transgender minors, some adults
Beginning Aug. 28, Missouri health care providers won't be able to prescribe those gender-affirming treatments for teens and children. Most adults will still have access to transgender health care under the law, but Medicaid won't cover it.

Gender-affirming surgeries for inmates and prisoners will be outlawed.
Gov. Mike Parson also on Wednesday signed legislation that would ban transgender girls and women from playing on female sports teams from kindergarten through college. Both public and private schools face losing all state funding for violating the law.

Worth noting that prisoners have an established constitutional right to this healthcare as withholding it is cruel and unusual punishment. Also worth emphasizing that the medicaid ban means this legislation will harm far more trans adults than the trans minors they feign concern for.

‘It’s been a total witch-hunt. It takes its toll’: the LGBTQ+ families fleeing red states (Guardian)
Rodriguez has spent over $15,000 on legal fees defending herself against these claims. During the latest period of investigation against her, she was also doxxed; her address spread online after she spoke out in the press against the worsening climate of transphobia in Texas. Campaigners showed up at her home picketing with signs accusing her of child abuse and posted flyers through her neighbors’ mailboxes picturing her face with a target over it. Strangers carrying guns have followed her to work. The police were unable to intervene due to Texas’s constitutional carry laws, until one of her tailgaters was arrested for carrying a weapon as a convicted felon.

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 8, 2:50 pm

Follow the money!
Conservative Mega-Donors and the Making of a Moral Panic
Do you remember, way back in 2021, when American conservatives were still obsessed with critical race theory? As a moral panic, it was all encompassing but also frustratingly vague because exactly what CRT meant could feel a little slippery. Critical race theory is a real academic discipline, but that was never exactly what conservatives meant when they attacked it. Instead, their complaints had something to do with teaching young people about racism, the Civil Rights era, and slavery in America. Numerous laws were proposed to reshape school curricula, whole organizations were formed with this as their founding purpose, and then, quite suddenly, all the CRT talk faded.

Within a few months it seemed like every conservative group had re-tooled to make anti-trans policies their top priority. How did that happen? A reporter for the New Yorker seems to have stumbled, reluctantly, over the answer.

Maryland Governor Declares Maryland A Trans Sanctuary State
Maryland is the 12th state to enact policies that refuse compliance with out of state laws that target transgender people.

This bullshit is spreading to Canada:
Higgs government faces caucus revolt over changes to LGBTQ school policy in N.B.
New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs, facing a revolt from eight members of his caucus over changes made to the province's policy on sexual orientation in schools, said Thursday he is willing to call an election on the issue.
One major change is that students under 16 who identify as Trans and nonbinary won't be able to officially change their names or pronouns in school without parental consent.

kesäkuu 8, 6:57 pm

>63 pnppl: I don't think it's any accident how conservative republican politicians have gotten to where they are now. The base of the party has been moving further and further right like a runaway train. Donald Trump empowered those at the right extremes to go whole hog on their objectives and those who kept their congressional or Senate seats either followed them, were forced to retire or were primaried by grifters like MTG or Boebert. At least in some of their eyes this is how they can be personally successfully even if their agendas are not supported at all by the bulk of the United States electorate. It's either get with this destructive program or get out.

kesäkuu 8, 10:37 pm

We're moving onto Cracker Barrel restaurants now. They've now run afoul of the MAGA right. They're selling Pride rocking chairs of all things.

I wonder what corporation is going to take the side of the Nazi/Ku Klux Klan/Patriot Front/Oathkeepers right?..... and all the 2nd amendment/antiabortion/antigay nuts? Is Kid Rock going to shoot up a Cracker Barrel now with his AK47? Ted Nugent as his getaway driver? Are they going to get real about Coors beer? who are not who they think they are. I'm great with them taking away their own personal happiness options over their stupid and drivelish beliefs. All these self owns. Maybe Hobby Lobby and Lindell's Pillow Heaven but foam, duck feathers and yarn take an awful lot of chewing and are pretty hard to swallow.

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 8, 11:51 pm

>64 lriley:
Absolutely. They are completely out of control. The GOP fanned the flames of fascism and now it's all they can do to keep ahead of them. They have mostly abandoned any pretense of democracy and embrace minority rule where they are unable to foment mob rule.

>65 lriley:
Cracker Barrel, lmao... That restaurant is actually legally required to have a big sign by the door saying discrimination is wrong and they won't do it because they were so flagrantly racist for so many years. They also used to be so anti-lgbt that they put out a memo saying insufficiently straight employees would be fired. At least near me, though, it's changed a lot; always staffed by queers and attended by racially diverse clientele. Still creeps me out but I go sometimes to buy Cheerwine.

Edit: "We take no pleasure in reporting that @CrackerBarrel has fallen." LMAO! American theocrats really need to get some real problems

kesäkuu 8, 11:53 pm

>66 pnppl: After my dad died in November 2012 my mom was in a real funk so having just retired from USPS I started taking her around. She was about 90 and her reflexes and eyesight (in the aftermath we kind of bullied her into getting Lazar surgery and all of a sudden she had 20/30 vision go figure) were shit and she was severely depressed. Anyway it was a way of getting her over some of these issues. But I swear when it came to restaurants her first (unspoken) rule was they were good if they didn't serve alcohol and her second was the cheaper the better and Cracker Barrel might not have been her go to but it was always in the running if she wanted something different.

kesäkuu 8, 11:58 pm

>67 lriley:
I actually never realized they didn't serve alcohol! That's great that the eye surgery worked so well for her.

kesäkuu 9, 8:29 am

>68 pnppl: The alcohol use to be a lot more important to me. Since my battle with myeloma started it's been cut back drastically. My mom died in 2017 on Christmas Eve. She had a very long life though and she wanted to meet up with Dad in the spiritual world----however that works. That had been an ongoing subject from the day he died.

Medical science though is working wonders these days in all kinds of fields. When you can take a 90 year old who is practically blind and with a couple kind of close to benign operations---(she had to wear patches for a couple/three weeks, take mild pain killers for a little while, eye drops for a couple/three months) and then to 20/30 vision it's a good deal.It's also a huge gift to be able to see again. From being severely depressed---that and the family looking in on her all the time moved that to a much milder depression. There is a lot to be angry about but there's also a lot of good if someone wants to look for it.

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 13, 12:36 am

>69 lriley:
That really is amazing that laser can do that. I'm glad she got to experience it.

NHS England: New restrictions for the prescription of puberty blockers
“Outside of a research setting, puberty–suppressing hormones should not be routinely commissioned for children and adolescents who have gender incongruence/dysphoria,” the NHS said regarding its new “interim policy.”

Instead, puberty blockers will only be made available to children who take part in clinical trials or under specific circumstances – including those who had a history of treatment “outside NHS protocols.”
IOW: the UK is throwing ethics to the wind and making access to treatment contingent on being mined for research, and they've made it clear they will be gatekeeping most people from even being a research subject. This is a significant escalation in the war on trans people since it enshrines anti-trans ideology as policy and implements unethical, biased research to generate cooked data supporting further control of trans patients. It's really not far off from what Florida did — commission hate groups to generate pseudoscience, then appoint them to the board of medicine where they rubberstamp and implement said pseudoscience.

Drag show ban complicates Pride celebrations at US bases in Japan
President Joe Biden’s administration banned drag shows on U.S. military bases on June 1, the start of Pride Month, following criticism from Republican lawmakers amid a general campaign against LGBTQ+ events, The Associated Press reported

LGBTQ+ Adults Do Not Feel Safe and Do Not Think the Democratic Party Is Doing Enough to Protect Their Rights
Recent polling from Data for Progress shows that LGBTQ+ adults nationally are greatly impacted by anti-LGBTQ+ legislation and rhetoric in the U.S. Particularly, LGBTQ+ adults feel unheard and unprotected by the Democratic Party, which is the party that the community strongly prefers
A MAJORITY of trans adults have either moved or are considering it. The 8% of trans adults who have already moved account for about 128k people (per Alejandra Caraballo).

DeSantis' Anti-Transgender Extremism Is a National Crisis
While those fleeing states like Florida are justifiably seeking safety across state lines, the aspirations of the far-right to enshrine hateful policy at the national level means that none of us are truly safe. Already, these politicians demonstrated their capacity to punish any who get in their way to amass power—children and families included. This is not a Florida problem, this is a national crisis.
Good piece by the Equality Florida director, but mostly just sharing it because it's so rare for Newsweek to publish something that isn't rightwing garbage.

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 13, 4:37 pm

Starbucks Denies Union Allegations of a Ban on Pride Decorations
Starbucks has banned Pride decorations in stores halfway through Pride Month, the company’s workers union claimed Tuesday. If true, it would be a stunning cave to far-right anti-LGBTQ fury—but the coffee chain denies that any such policy is in place.
Starbucks Corporate is denying any change to their policies on Pride this year - but if that were true, why are there countless stories where workers are claiming the opposite? (Union's Twitter)

Lombardo, bucking party, signs insurance coverage for gender-affirming care bill
Nevada – Republican Gov. Joe Lombardo has signed a bill requiring health insurers cover gender-affirming care for transgender minors and adults, bucking expectations as other GOP-led states across the country advance anti-LGBTQ legislation.

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 14, 1:51 pm

Presented without comment...

Conservatives call for Kellogg's boycott after Tony the Tiger poses with Dylan Mulvaney at Tony Awards (Washington Examiner)

Starbucks middle managers are banning Pride decorations in defiance of pro-LGBTQ policy
The coffee giant’s HQ in Seattle insists that policies have not changed amid anti-LGBTQ backlash, but messages viewed by Fast Company say otherwise.

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 16, 1:10 am

US bishops to consider banning transgender care at all American Catholic hospitals (National Catholic Reporter)
If approved, the measure would authorize the bishops' doctrine committee to begin the process of revising the Religious and Ethical Directives for Catholic Health Care, which are described as the "authoritative guidance" for U.S. Catholic health care institutions. The revision would change the directives to align with a doctrinal note the bishops released in March, which focused on what the prelates called the "moral limits to technological manipulation of the human body."
"Jesus saves... everyone else roll for damage." I could have sworn the ERDs were already explicitly transphobic, but digging into it I realized the anti-trans language — which includes the claim that it's wrong to give maintenance HRT to a post-op trans woman in the ER for an unrelated injury — is in other documents by the National Catholic Bioethics Center (talk about a misnomer). Helpful infodump by Zinnia Jones here.

Documents show how conservative doctors influenced abortion, trans rights (WaPo)
A small group of conservative doctors has sought to shape the nation’s most contentious policies on abortion and transgender rights by promoting views rejected by the medical establishment as scientific fact, according to documents reviewed by The Washington Post that describe the group’s internal strategies.
ACPeds leak reporting by Taylor Lorenz.

Man Who Questioned 9-Year-Old Athlete’s Gender Spurs Outrage (NYT)
Heidi Starr said that her daughter was taking part in a shot-put competition in Kelowna, British Columbia, last week, when Josef Tesar, the grandfather of another student, suddenly insisted that her daughter was either a boy or transgender and should be disqualified from the competition
More of the anti-trans panic spreading to Canada. I hope readers appreciate that this incident would be no better if the girl were actually trans.

In further blow to Russian LGBTQ+ community, lawmakers move to ban gender transitioning procedures (LA Times)
Russian lawmakers gave initial approval Wednesday to a bill that would outlaw gender transitioning procedures in yet another blow to the country’s beleaguered LGBTQ+ community.
Senior lawmaker Pyotr Tolstoy, who is among the bill’s sponsors, has said it is intended to “protect Russia with its cultural and family values and traditions and to stop the infiltration of the Western anti-family ideology.”
Russia’s LGBTQ+ community has been under growing pressure for a decade as President Vladimir Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church embarked on a campaign to preserve what they deem the country’s “traditional values.”
The bill bans any “medical interventions aimed at changing the sex of a person,” as well as changing one’s gender in official documents and public records.

The Right Boosted Trans Hate — And Ran Up Their Follower Counts
Across social media, prominent conservative stars are gaining clout through transphobic content — and more and more are following suit

Ohio Trans Ban Progresses: Nonexistent "Causes" Like Autism, ADHD To Be Screened
Even when these so-called "causes" are screened for and no underlying reasons for a person's gender identity are found, treatment remains banned. Essentially, these screenings don't provide access to gender-affirming care for trans youth; rather, they erect a formidable barrier to even obtaining mental healthcare for transgender youth.

kesäkuu 16, 12:25 pm

Overheating: Leaving My Home State of Florida
A summer day in the Florida panhandle coats your body. Wraps sticky tendrils across your skin and into your crevices and pulls the sweat out of you within moments of stepping outside. The first day this happens after the too brief winter is the worst. But soon you know no difference. It’s the way it’s always been. It’s not comfortable, but it’s familiar. And besides, you’re adaptable. You have air conditioning and iced tea. Being trans in Florida was like one perpetual north Florida summer, until recently. Until the thermometer rose every day, every year, relentlessly. Until the power went out and the air conditioner shuddered off and the ice melted.

Y'all, this is a beautifully written personal essay. You might cry. It's so good.

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 16, 1:26 pm

It has to be traumatic--feeling settled and then all this other nonsense happens. Personally I don't think I would cope well south of the Mason/Dixon.

I live in one of the more conservative regions of NYS and there's always bitching about high taxes. To me that's a big whatever. I kind of look at it this way---we don't really have culture war laws, there's sanity on guns and though upstate you don't get the beach don't get the hurricanes either. We do have some nice lakes.....wineries and breweries. We had one tornado in our neck of the woods about a dozen years ago. No fracking either. No massive forest fires. The biggest climate disaster that I can remember was the flood back in 1972. Nothing since has come close to that. We do get a blizzard or two in the winter but the snowfall around here ain't anything like it use to be back in the 1970's, 80's and 90's. Nothing is perfect but at least the state government we have isn't targeting groups right and left. No doubt there are some here that would like that but they're definitely in the minority. The New England states for the most part are pretty much like New York as far as people and the state and local governments. Some of the local governments are worse than others mind you but the state governments kind of keep them on the right side of sanity.

kesäkuu 16, 1:59 pm

>75 lriley:
Oh, if only my neighbors were bitching about taxes! That feels so nostalgic, hahaha.

I do worry places like New York and New England wouldn't defy the federal government on trans people's behalf. I hope they stay safe.

kesäkuu 18, 12:32 pm


Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 20, 6:35 pm

>77 mrkraabs:


I want to highlight two really alarming recent developments, along with a reason for optimism:

Schools to be banned from letting pupils change gender if their parents oppose it in new guidance from Rishi Sunak (The Sun)
Under the new plans, heads in England will be told that parents must always be consulted if a child wants to be called another name, or wear a different gender uniform.
And the school will not be able to use the child’s new preferred pronouns until parents give consent.
Teachers will be ordered not to recognise a transition within the school gates if the parents do not agree with it.
And neither students nor teachers will have to call another pupil by their preferred pronouns if they do not want to.
Even if parents do give the move the green light, heads must also consider the mental effects on other children before approving the gender change, following a long period of consideration.
This would implement the worst of US anti-trans school legislation nationwide in the UK, with the notable addition of that very creative last point. I find that last very disturbing, since it makes trans students' rights subordinate to the comfort of cis students in the guise of therapeutic concern. Reminds me of how Florida's bathroom ban works by granting cis women the power to order trans women to leave.

Vanderbilt turns over transgender patient records to state in attorney general probe
Vanderbilt University Medical Center has turned over transgender patient medical records to the Tennessee Attorney General's office, which confirmed Tuesday it is conducting an investigation into potential medical billing fraud.
This is not only a blatant violation of these patients' privacy rights by a corrupt AG, but also a betrayal by the hospital who should have refused, and of course an ominous portent of list-making.

Judge strikes down Arkansas ban on transition care for minors
U.S. District Judge James Moody Jr. of the Eastern District of Arkansas overturned and permanently blocked the law from taking effect, writing that it violates the First Amendment and the equal protection and due process clauses of the 14th Amendment.
We've had a lot of legal victories lately, but this one is pretty big since it comes from a federal judge and permanently blocks the law as unconstitutional.

kesäkuu 28, 12:44 pm

Kansas, Other States Threaten To Undo Legal Gender Changes
In a shocking announcement, Attorney General Kris Kobach of Kansas released an official opinion on Monday that will threaten transgender people’s legal documents in the state. If Kobach’s opinion is enforced, transgender individuals who had moved ahead and legally corrected their birth certificates and driver’s licenses now may have their corrections reversed. The wrong gender marker may be placed on all legal documents provided by the state.
I've been afraid this was coming for a while. Glad I bought 3 copies of my BC.

Exclusive: The Truth About the Far Right Attack on Honor Oak
On Saturday morning, the far right violently attacked members of the Lewisham community who had gathered to protect children attending a Drag Queen Story Hour event in Honor Oak Pub.
Concerning escalation by UK brownshirts.

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 30, 3:06 pm

“Scared for my life”: University of Waterloo student who witnessed stabbings speaks out
Really difficult to watch interview with a student who is clearly traumatized after the anti-lgbt terrorist attack in Canada.

He’s The Trans Son Of An Anti-Trans Influencer. It’s His Turn To Speak.
When Renton Sinclair texted his mom to say that he was transgender, she summoned a curse on the testosterone he was taking.
Really excellent piece. Must-read, imo.

Muokkaaja: heinäkuu 13, 12:30 am

Leaked Document Exposes Transphobic Draft Guidelines for UK Civil Servants
New draft policies for the UK’s 500,000 civil servants would block some trans staff from using single-sex spaces such as toilets, and force staff to accept transphobic views in the workplace, VICE News can reveal.

The UK situation is fascinating and instructive. The transphobes there often make up their own ideas about how the law works, and one common lie is that trans people need a special certificate to use the bathroom, which these guidelines echo. They are working on making their misinformation into reality. Actually, it also reminds me of a situation I faced, where my state forced me to use male facilities on the basis of my genitals — they often implied or outright stated that it was the law (not true).

heinäkuu 13, 6:33 pm

Two Cisgender People Were Killed in Separate Attacks Motivated by Transphobia
Trans people have long maintained that transphobia does not just affect us. That’s been proven true in the worst way, with reports of two cis people being murdered for allegedly misdirected anti-trans hostility.

Muokkaaja: heinäkuu 15, 4:49 pm

Russia’s Duma votes for law to ban gender reassignment surgery, in further crackdown on LGBTQ rights
The Russian State Duma, or lower house of parliament, has voted in favor of a new law banning nearly all medical help for transgender people including gender reassignment surgery, in a raft of new anti-LGBTQ laws in Russia.
It also restricts registry offices from amending official documents based on medical certificates of gender change.
Coming soon to a legislature near you. Does it worry anybody else that Russia's fascists and our fascists are 100% on the same page?

Muokkaaja: heinäkuu 25, 2:18 pm

Leaked chats reveal influential gender-critical* group’s plan to use children to push for bans on transitioning

“None of us would ever recommend transition for anyone,” Gunn said. “The key point here is: eyes on the prize! We have to stop child transitions. On those over 25 we say little, because it’s not in YOUR interests to mention this. We have to break through to the policymakers who are left of center, and the way to do that is to focus relentlessly on the problem of transition for under 25s.”
*sic. This is a euphemism for anti-trans that transphobes use as a self-descriptor.

Amid threats, Colorado hospital ends gender-affirming surgeries for adults
Children’s Hospital Colorado will no longer provide gender-affirming surgeries for adults and has “largely scrubbed references to gender-affirming care from its website,” The Denver Post reports.
Slow-motion murder. Not sure if people are aware of how difficult it is to access care already.

Labour will lead on reform of transgender rights (Guardian)
In which UK's Labour Party comes out in opposition to trans rights, which several people have noted were supported by the Tories (rightwing party) scant years ago. JK Rowling should never know peace.

heinäkuu 25, 4:22 pm

These people who are determined to do their culture wars aren't reaching anyone that's actually left of center. It doesn't matter how relentlessly focused on the 'prize' that they are. There are some democratic politicians that they might reach but those are the Manchin kind--they're not left of anything.

All this culture war shit they do is easily see throughable. Their real hope is to get at independent voters who walk the margins between the two parties. I don't think they have the majority of the population seeing it their way for any of it.....they probably do have majorities in some states. They do have legislative majorities for some of their aims in those and other states. I think the Kansas referendum on abortion is something to keep in mind. Kansas has very much been a red state for a long time. After the Dobbs decision last year they thought it would be a slam dunk for some draconian abortion legislation but it was law they couldn't just enact that they had to do a referendum and they got clobbered by about 20 points.

We'll see what 2024 brings but it wouldn't shock me at all if there is some for real and unexpected pushback coming their way.

Muokkaaja: heinäkuu 25, 4:23 pm

Tämä käyttäjä on poistettu roskaamisen vuoksi.

heinäkuu 25, 11:52 pm

How US Evangelicals and the Russian Orthodox Church have helped fuel anti-LGBTQ+ agenda in Europe (euronews)

Foreign interference and growing anti-LGBTQ+ movements are threatening the European Union membership prospects of Western Balkan countries. A growing network of foreign organisations are pouring hundreds of millions of euros into "culture war" groups campaigning to roll back LGBTQ+ rights across Europe, European lawmakers have warned. In a resolution published earlier this month, the European Parliament raised the alarm about foreign interference in all democratic processes in Europe, pointing out that most of the foreign funding originates from Russia and the US. This foreign interference, coupled with disinformation and numerous attacks perpetrated by malicious foreign actors, is predicted to increase in the lead-up to the European Parliament elections in 2024, becoming more sophisticated in nature. MEPs flagged that at least 50 organisations now fund anti-gender activities — opposing what they call gender ideology. “Europe is seeing a growing number of anti-gender movements, specifically targeting sexual and reproductive health, women’s rights and LGBTIQ+ people,” the EU parliamentary report read. “Such movements proliferate disinformation in order to reverse progress in women’s rights and gender equality. These movements have been reported to receive millions of euros in foreign funding, either public or private, including from Russia and the US”...

Muokkaaja: heinäkuu 26, 7:31 am

>85 lriley:
>We'll see what 2024 brings but it wouldn't shock me at all if there is some for real and unexpected pushback coming their way.

God, I hope so. I don't think I posted anything about it yet but with the GOP now passing federal anti-trans legislation with basically zero pushback I'm pessimistic ( I think it's true most people aren't hardcore into this stuff but all they have to do is nothing and the fascists win.

>87 John5918:
Great article!

Muokkaaja: heinäkuu 26, 10:45 am

Suit: Skrmetti Had Target List of Transgender Patients
When Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti’s office informed Vanderbilt University Medical Center that it was under investigation, it reportedly produced something ominous — a list of 106 transgender patients who had received care from the hospital.

Skrmetti wanted all of the patients’ records. And VUMC gave the documents to the state.
The suit alleges that Vanderbilt turned over some of the most sensitive information possible, including pictures of genitalia, gender identity unknown to others, private communication with clinicians, sexual history, identity of intimate partners and more.
The rights violations were already frightening, but finding out the state already had a list of trans people to target is terrifying. I assume they got that from gender marker change applications? I've worried forever about my own paper trail in that regard, but I thought I was being paranoid.

The family of a 13-year-old trans boy say he took his own life because of the bullying he endured at school after adopting he/him pronouns.
Lambert alleged that there was an incident last year when a group of girls “tried bashing him” in the toilets, and the bullying then continued online.

The school said it would “handle it”, she said. “But there’s never been any consequences for the pack of girls.”
But sure, being trans is so trendy and and the teachers encourage it.

heinäkuu 26, 11:19 am

>88 pnppl: In 2022 three red states (Kansas, Kentucky, Montana) put up anti-abortion referendums before their populations and they lost all three. In Michigan which has been a purple state---abortion rights were enshrined into law. Same happened in blue states Vermont and California. I don't think a lot of voters appreciated the Supreme Court's rulings last year. Conservatives tried to use those rulings to push their anti-abortion agendas and so far have pretty much lost every time a vote has gone to a referendum. They win when they have legislative control and don't have to go to their own populations for approval through a referendum. Their voters can vote them out next time around---I'm a little skeptical how much that will happen but it's clear to me that the silent majority these days are not conservatives.

To go on---the Republican Party is about as underhanded as it gets when it comes to the real will of the people. So much of their ability to hang on to power depends on voter suppression, drawing unfair districts and finding ways to get around majority opinion/rule. The former president is just an example of that from the top but it's something that's permeated throughout the party and has become a main part of their shtick. It might take a while but what I'm looking for in the relative future for them is a lot of crash and burn. What there is of a political agenda that I see from that party is just the targeting whoever they conceive as enemies---they have almost no ideas but a lot of denial about things such as climate, health care, infrastructure etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. They are a party without ideas but with lots of enemies.

Muokkaaja: heinäkuu 26, 12:04 pm

>90 lriley:
>it's clear to me that the silent majority these days are not conservatives.

Never were!

>So much of their ability to hang on to power depends on voter suppression, drawing unfair districts and finding ways to get around majority opinion/rule.

Yes, exactly. Right now in Ohio they are trying to preempt a ballot initiative adding abortion rights to the constitution with a special election for an initiative that raises the threshold for an amendment to succeed.

>It might take a while but what I'm looking for in the relative future for them is a lot of crash and burn.

That would be great. I just hope it happens before they've killed off my community.

>they have almost no ideas but a lot of denial about things such as climate, health care, infrastructure etc. etc. etc. etc. etc

I mean, they do have ideas. Their idea for how to respond to climate change is to keep causing it.

The abortion connection is interesting, because on the one hand it and trans rights are both about basic bodily autonomy, and many laws that protect one protect the other. On the other hand, Democrats seem likely to compromise. They let the Hyde Amendment be and now they have an opportunity to do the same 'compromise' on trans rights.

Anyway, I guess my point is that I'm seeing a ton of complacency. People seem convinced we can just wait the GOP out. They've been saying that the entire time I've been alive! They weren't full on fascist the entire time*, but the trend was obvious. And history is replete with examples of why waiting for fascism to go away is a losing strategy.

*i guess this is arguable but like, they didn't have a literal neo-nazi celebrity governor

heinäkuu 27, 12:25 pm

A bit of moral support from the pope, although sadly his institutional Church is slow to respond, and there is fierce opposition from some members, particularly in the USA, so there is less practical progress than he (and many of us Catholics) would like.

Pope tells transgender person: 'God loves us as we are' (Reuters)

Pope Francis has told a young transgender person that "God loves us as we are", his latest outreach gesture towards the LGBT community... One of the young people was Giona, an Italian in their early 20s who said they were "torn by the dichotomy between (their Catholic) faith and transgender identity". Francis replied that "the Lord always walks with us ... Even if we are sinners, he draws near to help us. The Lord loves us as we are, this is God's crazy love." The Catholic Church teaches that members of the LGBT community should be treated with respect, compassion and sensitivity, and their human rights respected. Whether the Church can and should be more welcoming towards LGBT people, for example by offering blessings for same-sex unions, is a particularly sensitive topic. Francis has famously said "who am I to judge" in an answer to a question specifically about homosexuals, and has condemned laws criminalising members of the LGBT community as a sin and an injustice...

Muokkaaja: heinäkuu 27, 12:50 pm

>92 John5918:
That's encouraging! If he means it, he should do something about the National Catholic Bioethics Center, which distributes extremist anti-LGBT content by Paul Hruz. Also, maybe do something about the Catholic Conference of Ohio, one of the most dedicated groups advocating for the elimination of our rights. Or perhaps most alarmingly, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops which formally instructs Catholic hospitals to abuse trans patients.

Or you know, for that matter, he could flap his lips for a minute or two about his organization helping criminalize LGBT existence in Uganda.

Muokkaaja: heinäkuu 27, 1:05 pm

In other news... god, I'm tired. US House republicans are holding a hearing claiming that trans healthcare is a due process violation (?????) as part of a larger national trans ban effort. I'm avoiding it.

Here's an interesting story though, that does not at first seem to have anything to do with trans genocide:
Swimmer Katie Ledecky ties Michael Phelps' record, breaks others at World Championships
This absolutely infuriates me, though not because of anything Ledecky did. It infuriates me because of Lia Thomas. She is a trans woman who had some success at swimming. She was targeted with harassment for this. The organization regulating swimming passed a trans ban designed specifically to end her career.

Her former teammate is now a right-wing media figure whose entire shtick is lying about Lia somehow taking medals from her (despite placing like fifth or some shit). The rationalization for all this abuse is a baseless lie that trans women have an immutable biological advantage in sports. Ledecky has demonstrated the absurdity of this conspiracy theory.

The response on the right, of course, is to claim Ledecky, a cis woman, is actually a man.

heinäkuu 27, 1:14 pm

Catholics bishops and Cardinals in the United States are pretty damned horrific. With all the problems they have finding new clergy and all the hollowing out of their congregations for the past few decades it's like they still ldo everything they can to drive people away.....and then they have all the issues with their clergy that they try to hide and bury and it doesn't work. Their anti-gay agenda just comes across as rank hypocrisy but when you have blinders on.........

Muokkaaja: heinäkuu 29, 3:13 pm

‘I don’t know how long I can do this’: adult trans healthcare is under attack in Florida (Guardian)
Update on trans Floridians still not being able to access healthcare or enjoy basic dignities like using the bathroom or being referred to correctly. Probably worth mentioning for trans readers that gray market/DIY is not actually that dangerous and lots of us do it, more info at: and

Muokkaaja: heinäkuu 30, 9:26 pm

Armed Nazi Group Protests Pride Event Featuring Drag Show

Watertown, Wisconsin. I feel like people sometimes see these neo-nazis and think, well they're extremists nobody agrees with. But all the more conventionally acceptable anti-trans groups agree with and work alongside them.


heinäkuu 30, 11:02 pm

Today, somebody snapped the flag pole holding our trans pride flag off in its holder and stole our trans rights are human rights yard sign.

elokuu 1, 9:14 am

Putin’s Crackdown Leaves Transgender Russians Bracing for Worse (NYT)
Jan Dvorkin had raised and nurtured his adopted son in Moscow for seven years until, one day in May, the Russian authorities notified him they were revoking custody. A woman Mr. Dvorkin knew had filed an official complaint, saying that because he was transgender and gay, he was an unfit parent.

Every single outrage Putin is visiting on Russian trans people is also being visited on trans Americans or is on the table. Russia is a preview of our possible future.

elokuu 2, 1:47 pm

Florida deviated from standard practices for key report regarding transgender care
Florida paid $300k+ to hate groups as part of this effort to kill trans people.

Federal Judge Denies A "Right To Bully" Trans Students In Ohio
Ghouls who brought this case made life hell for one kid.

elokuu 3, 11:53 pm

Top US doctors’ group backs gender-affirming care amid rightwing attacks (Guardian)

The American Academy of Pediatrics has reaffirmed its support for gender-affirming medical care for transgender children, even as the treatments face a growing push for bans and restrictions from Republican lawmakers across the US. The board of directors for the group, which represents 67,000 pediatricians, unanimously voted to reaffirm its 2018 position on the treatments... "the board is concerned about restrictions to accessing evidence-based health care for young people who need it,” Mark Del Monte, the academy’s chief executive, said in a statement released by the group, calling the restrictions enacted by states “unprecedented government intrusion”...

Muokkaaja: elokuu 4, 1:21 am

>93 pnppl:

That's all fair criticism of a global institution, some parts of which are very unwieldy when it comes to trying to change entrenched attitudes, just as in some parts of the wider society. But for what it's worth, the pope has reinforced his message with a speech in Lisbon to half a million youth from all over the world: "There is room for everyone in the church and, whenever there is not, then, please, we must make room" (link). The article continues, "The pope's emphasis on openness is simple and has come to define much of his 10-year papacy as he has continually tried to preach a message of welcome to historically marginalized groups in the church, including women, the divorced and remarried, and LGBTQ Catholics. But it has been met with fierce resistance, including inside the church", and gives the example of one well known US Catholic bishop who is already dismissing it.

elokuu 4, 7:57 am

The United States Catholic Church hierarchy are at least for the much greater part all in on the Trump train. There are Cardinals and Bishops spreading all kinds of conspiracy shit and lies and like many evangelicals have no problem using their pulpits to extol Trump and to excuse his bullying and his crimes.

elokuu 4, 10:12 am

>103 lriley:

Sadly that's true. They are currently the most vocal and visible part of the US Catholic Church, but I doubt that they're a majority. In both humanitarian and peacebuilding fields I know and work with many US Catholics, from cardinals down to ordinary layfolk, who are supporting Pope Francis' position rather than Trump and the right wing culture war.

elokuu 4, 11:02 am

>104 John5918: What I get from it all is it's not the same in most European and South American countries......probably African too. It seems in places where the Church works with poorer people more it is far more open to being constructive than destructive. There are pretty big issues that go back to Rome though with some upper heirarchy, with the Vatican Bank, with the covering up of predatory sexual behavior among even very highly placed Cardinals and Bishops. Personally I think the Church should have opened up to Women priests and allowing marriage a long long time ago. That probably would have tamped down that last issue considerably. It is a church that seems in a lot of ways still to be back in the 18th/19th/maybe early 20th centuries. Just looking at the writers Brone cites in another thread that's pretty much where he seems to be too.

elokuu 4, 11:16 am

>105 lriley:

Again, I can't really disagree with you, and certainly brone is a prime example of that type of US Catholic. All I can say is there is also a lot of other Catholic literature around, which is cited from time to time in the Catholic Tradition and Christianity groups here on LT. But I don't want to derail this trans thread with a discussion of the Catholic Church, merely to point out that there are significant actors within the Church, led by the pope, who just want to see everybody treated as an equal human being regardless of colour, sex, gender, race, nationality, creed, class or whatever.

Muokkaaja: elokuu 4, 12:57 pm

>106 John5918: I think you yourself are a prime example of one of those who want people to be treated fairly. To me it's not my job to judge others. There are certainly things I don't like. I don't like the idea of people murdering other people. Occasionally there can be some context to that for instance in that someone who has been abused for a long time flips out against their abuser. I don't like people physically, sexually or psychologically harming others. To me consent between people is important. On the trans issue I look at is as people trying to find and at least most of the time finding more happiness in their lives and there's nothing wrong with that. Happiness is a very elusive thing though. People chase after it and there are moments but then it's on to the next chase (or at least for most people). I also think there is not enough separation between a lot of people and their sense of property. For instance a TV, a computer, a car is a's not something I would want to harm someone over. Property is valued but pretty much values are always arbitrary. A life should be worth much more than that.

elokuu 7, 8:46 am

Pope doubles down on message that church is open to all, including LGBTQ people and women (National Catholic Reporter)

After driving home a message to young people for several days in a row that the church is open to everyone, Pope Francis on Aug. 6 reiterated that such a message includes LGBTQ people and all marginalized groups. "The Lord is clear," the pope said in reflecting on who is welcome in the church: "The sick, the elderly, the young, old, ugly, beautiful, good and bad"... Throughout the visit, the pope continued to repeat the message that everyone is welcome in the Catholic Church — at one point getting young people to repeat after him "todos, todos, todos" ("everyone, everyone, everyone”). Yet on the same day of those remarks, a Mass for LGBTQ pilgrims in Lisbon was interrupted by traditionalist protestors who believed the event to be sacrilegious. Organizers said the protest underscored the challenges gay and lesbian Catholics face in the church today. "The church is a mother," he said...

Muokkaaja: elokuu 12, 4:37 pm

Tennessee hospital faces civil rights investigation over release of transgender health records
Vanderbilt University Medical Center is facing a federal civil rights investigation after turning the medical records of transgender patients over to Tennessee’s attorney general, hospital officials have confirmed.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ investigation comes just weeks after two patients sued VUMC for releasing their records to Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti late last year.

School board president Sonja Shaw linked to lobbyists who support state executions for gays
Chino Valley Unified School District President Sonja Shaw has rapidly become a rising star— both in the California Republican Party and the national right-wing movement opposing LGBTQ+ rights. The firebrand politician’s crusade against her district’s LGBTQ+ students has garnered significant media attention, and for good reason. In July, Shaw and her school board ruled in a 4-1 vote that Chino Valley Unified School District would now mandate teachers to force transgender and non-binary students out of the closet to potentially bigoted family members— a move that experts say will increase the likelihood for abuse, bullying, and self harm amongst impacted students. This comes after the same school board already banned LGBTQ+ Pride flags from district schools.

Second California school district votes to illegally out trans and non-binary students
On Thursday, the Murrieta Valley School Board voted 3-2 to approve almost exactly the same policy passed in Chino Valley Unified School District: the forced outing of transgender and non-binary students to bigoted family members. The meeting was, yet again, filled with Leave Our Kids Alone supporters— who publicly tell LGBTQ+ youth activists that they should hang themselves and die in the closet.

elokuu 14, 9:39 am

Speaking of genocide, 82 years ago today, the worst of all punishments handed out by the Nazis in Auschwitz was endured by St. Maximillian Kolbe a Polish Franciscan priest, on 7/31/41 a prisoner attempted to escape the terror camp. As punishment 10 men were to die of starvation in a 3ft high concrete hut entombed without water or light, toilets, or food. After two weeks the comandant hoping to find Madness and Cannibalism, found only calmness among those still alive. Furiously he ordered Carbolic acid injected into them immediatly. Kolbe's death was in place of another man who had pleaded for his life. Today Kolbe is the patron Saint of addicts and represents the over 205 million men, women, and children, murdered by their governments in the 20th century and continuing in this century because each and every one of them were an unrepeatable center of dignity and freedom, made in the image of Christ and made for eternity, not the whim of governor, bureaucrat, commandant or ideolgue....16670 pray for us....

elokuu 14, 11:23 am

>110 brone:
Sad anecdote but please keep it to a relevant thread.

elokuu 16, 3:49 pm

International Chess Org: Trans Women Have "No Right To Participate" In Women's Chess
International Chess Federation, FIDE, has released new guidelines targeting transgender players. The guidelines would strip trans men's titles, and potentially bar trans women from playing.

elokuu 16, 6:25 pm

>112 pnppl: Having separate gender categories in chess seems outdated.

Muokkaaja: elokuu 16, 9:48 pm

>113 2wonderY:
Oh, agreed. The only justification I can think of is if chess players are overwhelmingly male and create a hostile environment. The idea that testosterone creates an advantage is sexist bullshit.

North Carolina legislature overrides governor’s vetoes to enact 3 bills targeting transgender youth
The House’s and Senate’s override votes, which passed largely along party lines, mean bills that ban gender-affirming care for minors, restrict how gender identity can be discussed in schools, and prohibit transgender athletes from competing on girls’ sports teams are now law in the state.

Don't think they could have pulled this off without entryism. Someone ran as a Democrat then switched parties.

Also, I haven't updated the original post in a while. I think I'll leave it be. Here's the most recent map of states that, among other laws aiming to eliminate transgender people, ban trans healthcare. It hasn't been updated to include North Carolina yet. Glad I don't need to travel coast to coast anytime soon.

Muokkaaja: elokuu 17, 6:47 pm

U.S. exempts Baylor University from Title IX sexual harassment rules (WaPo)
The U.S. Education Department accepted Baylor University’s request for exemption from Title IX’s sexual harassment provision after the private Baptist school asked to dismiss discrimination complaints filed by LGBTQ+ students that the university said were “inconsistent” with the institution’s religious values.

“For the first time in Title IX’s history, a federally-funded university has been given special permission, by the Biden Administration no less, to allow its LGBTQIA+ students to be sexually harassed,” wrote Paul Southwick, director of the Religious Exemption Accountability Project, in a statement.

elokuu 20, 11:51 pm

Man kills shopkeeper in US state of California after disparaging Pride flag
A US shop owner was shot dead after a dispute over a Pride flag displayed outside her business, police say.

Laura Ann Carleton, 66, was found with a bullet wound at her Mag Pi shop in Cedar Glen, California, on Friday.

A suspect - who fled the scene on foot - was killed by police when found nearby, allegedly still armed.

Muokkaaja: elokuu 22, 1:25 am

Guy who murdered a woman for flying a pride flag was a fan of anti-trans propagandist/christofascist Matt Walsh. It's very obvious that people like Walsh are attempting to orchestrate genocide with plausible deniability, a strategy known as stochastic terrorism.

Man who fatally shot woman for having a Pride flag is a far-right religious zealot and son of a cop
It's not a coincidence that this shooter favorably interacted with and often promoted content from James O'Keefe, Jordan Peterson, Matt Walsh of The Daily Wire, Andy Ngô of The Post Millenial, Rogan O'Handley of Turning Poing USA, Alex Rosen, Ethan Schmidt, OANN, Fox News, The Babylon Bee, The Gateway Pundit, and other similar right-wing provocateur pages.

Appeals court upholds Alabama's felony ban on minors' gender-affirming care
Three Trump appointees reversed an injunction blocking the law, allowing the ban to go into effect. Florida and Georgia rulings now in jeopardy.

Muokkaaja: elokuu 25, 11:44 am

Let Them Play
We believe that children deserve the right to experience the wide-reaching benefits of organized sports in a fun, safe, and nurturing environment, without having to compromise who they are. We believe that is what is right and fair, from both a scientific and a moral perspective—and in this package we explore exactly why and how. We hope this collection of stories will help people who are new to this issue see that trans kids are simply kids, and will equip you to advocate for them in your own community.
This magazine released a whole series of articles about this yesterday!

Jamie Reed’s Allegations Are Not Even Partially Confirmed
Earlier this week the New York Times published a biased and misleading story by Azeen Ghorayshi on the allegations of Jamie Reed, a former employee of the Washington University Pediatric Transgender Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital.
Accusing the NYT of not accurately representing what their reporting found is a big swing, and something we know many people will find difficult to believe. That’s why Assigned Media went through every claim made by Reed and coded them as either corroborated, uncorroborated, or refuted by reporting in either the NYT or other outlets. We believe this shows, conclusively, that none of Reed’s allegations of wrongdoing at the Center have been confirmed, and that the NYT misled readers by implying that they had.

elokuu 28, 3:39 pm

First Ugandan is charged with ‘aggravated homosexuality’ punishable by death
The country enacted one of the world's harshest anti-LGBTQ laws in May, prescribing life in prison for same-sex intercourse and the death penalty in certain cases.
Reuters | 28 Aug 2023

KAMPALA — A 20-year-old man has become the first Ugandan to be charged with “aggravated homosexuality,” an offense punishable by death under the country’s recently enacted anti-gay law...

It prescribes life in prison for same-sex intercourse. The death penalty can apply in cases deemed “aggravated”, which include repeat offenses, gay sex that transmits terminal illness, or same-sex intercourse with a minor, an elderly person or a person with disabilities.

According to a charge sheet seen by Reuters, the defendant was charged on Aug. 18 with aggravated homosexuality after he “performed unlawful sexual intercourse” with a 41-year-old man. It did not specify why the act was considered aggravated...

elokuu 29, 3:33 pm

Everywhere the world is dominated by mistrust and filled with hate. Worst of all is the pervasive indifference to truth. Men and women embrace fictions with which to silence their opponents and even create slogans which justify killing them. Such language is either innocent or harmless. We have already suffered bloodshed and mayhem such fictions have caused. Not everyone however has surrended to these falsities but there can be no doubt that those who traffic in delusions and folly today speak with authority and continue to gather enthusiatic disciples....JMJ....

elokuu 29, 7:00 pm

California sues school district over transgender 'outing' policy
Vishal Singh has been covering this, and how the so-called parental rights supporters are Proud Boys, advocate youth suicide at their protests, etc. but the news doesn't cover it. I think another CA school district has passed this illegal policy as well. It's endemic in red states already and clearly designed to kill children.

elokuu 30, 9:15 am

Iowa Schools Demand Parental Permission If Kids Want To Use Nicknames
The law, known as Senate File 496, includes a section barring teachers from using “a name or pronoun that is different than the name or pronoun assigned to the student in the school district’s registration forms or records” unless a parent has been notified and has approved the change.

Muokkaaja: elokuu 31, 12:19 pm

Tennessee Prosecutor Threatens To Arrest Pride Organizers, Court Fight Begins
A prosecutor in Blount County, Tennessee has threatened Pride organizers with an anti-drag law found unconstitutional. In a court filing, leaders at Maryville College were threatened with arrest.

syyskuu 2, 4:07 am

Reportedly, doctors are telling recruiters 'no red states'.
Not very pro-life to drive away people who save kids born with Congenital Heart Disease...

One of Louisiana’s only pediatric cardiologists has left the state over anti-LGBTQ legislation
Nicquel Terry Ellis | September 1, 2023

...In 2023, more than 525 anti-LGBTQ bills were passed in 41 states, according to the Human Rights Campaign, an organization that advocates for the LGBTQ community. Of those bills, more than 220 explicitly targeted transgender people. As of June, 77 anti-LGBTQ bills had been signed into law.

syyskuu 3, 9:38 pm

Senator Admits "Kids Online Safety Act" Will Target Trans Content Online
The lead sponsor of the "Kids Online Safety Act," otherwise known as KOSA, has stated over the weekend that it will be used to "protect minor children from the transgender in our culture."
The bill boasts broad bipartisan backing, with 43 co-sponsors listed, including 21 Democratic Senators. Even President Biden has endorsed the legislation, emphatically stating, "Pass it. Pass it. Pass it."

syyskuu 7, 3:42 pm

New Randomized Trial Shows Trans Care Lowers Suicidality
For the first time, a randomized controlled trial has been completed on gender affirming care and the results are stunning: 55% of those on care saw reduction of suicidality vs 5% of control.
Kind of amazed some psychopathic IRB approved this. Debunks a common anti-trans disinfo talking point.

syyskuu 13, 4:32 pm

Florida Judge Allows Trans Adult Ban For Large Swaths Of Care
... Although neither the Florida ruling nor the 11th Circuit's decision are conclusive, they've taken shape as preliminary benchmarks, potentially paving the way for even stricter measures. Globally, authoritarian regimes, as seen in Russia and Hungary, have intensified their clampdown on transgender adults. Alarmingly, the United States stands at the precipice of treading a similar trajectory. What began merely as a dialogue on transgender youth in sports just a few years ago has spiraled, revealing there is no bottom to which anti-trans policymakers might go to further restrict trans people in every way imaginable.
Pretty sure the meds that make me not wanna die are gonna be illegal soon and my preferred black market source is perpetually out of stock. Fuck me I guess.