Birth and Death Dates

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Birth and Death Dates

Muokkaaja: huhtikuu 5, 1:31 pm

At 'On This Day' module at the homescreen I wish that in the graphic of the birth and death dates the authors would be in a closer context.
So that the people who were born or died in the same year are directly opposite each other.
In the order of presentation, I would prefer Newer>Older. So that would have to be scrolled for longer back dates.
Of course it would be best if the order could be chosen by the user.

I have created a mockup of the "approximate" view.
The details of the display should be decided by those who know more about graphics and programming than I do.

ETA: "At 'On This Day' module at the homescreen"

huhtikuu 5, 11:16 am

To be clear, you're referring to 'On This Day' module

huhtikuu 5, 1:32 pm

>2 SandraArdnas:
Thank you.
Edited in original message.

huhtikuu 5, 1:55 pm

>1 birder4106:
I can potentially see this on the page that you click through to from the module on the home page, but I don't see this being something they could do in the module itself and maintain the space constraints. Or if they did, the print would go so small one couldn't read it without a magnifier.

huhtikuu 5, 5:06 pm

>4 gilroy:

I can understand your fears.

With the "original", the programmers also managed to create a solution for narrow screens.
I can imagine that they will find a solution for my proposal as well.
If that is not possible, you can fall back on the current display below a certain width.