What's your favorite anime/manga? Teens only 13-18

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What's your favorite anime/manga? Teens only 13-18

Muokkaaja: huhtikuu 4, 11:19 am

Hello everyone. Please feel free to talk about anything since it's my chat. I only have a few rules that I wanted to make clear.
1: No cussing at others or on this chat.
2: Please don't add any inappropriate sites for others unless pm.
3: Be at least 13-18 on this so it's not creepy or weird since it's for teens.
You may add gaming sites, youtube things, etc as long as it's appropriate. Have fun and enjoy talking to others about anime and many other things! it may be off-topic if you would like it to just be a nice chat with some friends. Please enjoy my chat.

huhtikuu 7, 4:19 pm

Eyo well its hard to pick an all time favorite. But personally the most enjoyment I've gotten out of an anime would be The Pet Girl of Sakurasou, and my second favorite was the movie I Want to Eat Your Pancreas. Others on my favorites list are Psycho-Pass, Summer Time Rendering, Chainsaw Man, Scissor Seven, Don't Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro and Fire Force.

huhtikuu 14, 1:23 am

anyone have any proxies?

huhtikuu 14, 9:54 am

i gotta answer that question- black clover,bleach,and the underrated anime that know body know of

huhtikuu 20, 2:58 pm

my personal favorites are Bananna fish, 86,One piece, chainsaw man, bleach,violet evergarden tokyo ghoul and overlord.

huhtikuu 24, 8:42 am

Astra, Op, Dbz, Naruto, Sao, any with comedy, or action, and slice of life, sometimes romance ig

huhtikuu 24, 12:22 pm

i only read romcoms and a few action ones here and there

huhtikuu 24, 12:36 pm

slice of life makes u feel better makes u emotional lol

huhtikuu 24, 1:33 pm

Fellow slice of life fan have you watched The Pet Girl of Sakurasou?

huhtikuu 24, 1:34 pm

What underrated anime? List them please I've watched several of those.

huhtikuu 24, 2:09 pm

ive watched sum of sakurasou, idk pet girl, but i have watched "3d kanojo", and "more than a married couple, but not lovers" to manga is great for both to, 3d kanojo got me and me ex crying ngl lol

huhtikuu 24, 2:33 pm

>11 AsuraZ: sakurasou is the same as pet girl of sakurasou. I guarantee youll cry at the end my favorite no question. 3d kanojo was great too that nearly made me cry, cant remember if i did or not.

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